Sunday, 2020-01-12

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khemthis does not yet have mips fixes05:06
khemI have yet to figure out whats going on05:06
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bluelotushello everyone.13:22
bluelotusi have rather a couple of questions if somebody is available from the project.13:27
LetoThe2ndbluelotus: its sunday, so things are rather quiet. so go ahead and ask, but please stick around for at least some hours.13:28
LetoThe2nd(actually its pure coincidence i had a peek just right now)13:29
bluelotusyeah i know but i-m rather excited about a project of mine13:29
bluelotusi have a unused nokia n900 that i bought and i wanted to ask about installing poky linux on the n90013:29
bluelotusif that is possible and about the package management system13:30
bluelotusi know it's a lot of question but i m patient13:30
LetoThe2ndanyting is possible, its only software13:30
LetoThe2ndbut the first problem is probably kernel source13:30
LetoThe2nde.g. do you hae a known good working state and configuration?13:31
LetoThe2ndplus, do you have a working procedure to boot anything other than what is already on the phone?13:31
bluelotuscurrently it's running maemo but i find it obsolete and i was considering going with another distro with some up-to-date repos13:32
LetoThe2ndthats no answer to none of my questions.13:32
bluelotusit's plainly running maemo . just that.13:33
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LetoThe2ndAFAIK the n9xx were mostly on 2.6.32, which is like ancient. so getting that build together with a reasonably recent userland is like, super bummer13:33
bluelotusstates the uname command.13:34
LetoThe2ndplus, yocto/openembedded uses a package management mechanism to create the images, but we do not offer package repositories. so if you want something like a distro where you can add things at will, then you are ill-served with poky anyways.13:35
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bluelotussorry for not being precise with the question , the real question was if i could use yocto as a distro and use the n900 for a example as a web-server , but now it s more clearer to me.13:36
bluelotussorry for the noob questions.13:36
LetoThe2ndtechnically you could.13:36
LetoThe2ndpractically, you are about 100 times better off putting your time to good use if you just get yourself a raspi13:37
LetoThe2ndi'd roughly estimate 4-6 weeks senior engineer dev time until you got something booting on the n900.13:37
LetoThe2ndwhereas a poky image for the raspi you can get in a couple of hours, depending on your build machine. and a raspbian install in like 10 minutes13:38
bluelotusi've seen some videos with guys installing kali and postmarketOS on the N900 but i dont need that much bloat . just something minimal13:38
LetoThe2nd(i gotta run again. back in 6hr or so, but i think i conveyed the essence)13:39
bluelotusthanks anyways13:39
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dev1990_is there a common MACHINE_OVERRIDE for arm and armeb ?13:48
dev1990_or even for aarch64 and arm  and armeb, I'm searching for something like FOO_append_armfamillycpus = " bar"13:50
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RPdev1990_: there is an arm override and an armeb override14:34
dev1990_RP: yes there is :)14:52
dev1990_I decided to add arm_familly and arm32 and arm64 overrides for my package set14:53
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dev1990_Is there a reason why Yocto passing --sysroot and other machine flags via CXX/CC?17:02
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LetoThe2nddev1990_: hum, because we're crosscompiling?17:58
dev1990_take a look if you have time18:04
LetoThe2nddev1990_: ah so the question was about the *way* being passed, not they *why*18:05
LetoThe2ndno idea then :(18:08
LetoThe2ndmaybe khem can comment?18:08
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dev1990_LetoThe2nd: the question is why :)18:14
dev1990_I'll introduce the problem properly18:18
dev1990_I'm porting RetroArch project to Yocto. RetroArch using buildsystem that mimic autotools.18:20
dev1990_ok recipe is ready, go... and fail... ./configure script failed on checking if CXX and CC is valid compiler by trying to compile simple program18:21
dev1990_I patched this script to use $CXX and $CC unquoted18:22
dev1990_it worked, so I pushed merge request and patch was accepted18:23
dev1990_but after sometime, there was a revert on my patch bacause using $CC and $CXX in plain script is unacceptable and there is user fault and --sysroot should be passed via CXXFLAGS CFLAGS18:25
dev1990_and I show this not user error and Yocto is acctualy passing parameters via $CXX $CC18:26
dev1990_I take argument that I should fix that in Yocto Project18:27
dev1990_s/I take argument that I should fix that in Yocto Project/they told me to fix that in Yocto/g18:27
* dev1990_ story of my daily life18:27
dev1990_I dunno18:28
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kergothdev1990_: they're wrong, multi-word CC is extremely common, even just for use of ccache without symlinks (CC="ccache gcc")18:55
kergothjust patch it in the recipe and leave the patch in the layer18:55
kergothrather than pushing it upstream18:55
khemdev1990_: there is no base override for arm like we have for mips called mipsarch19:07
khemperhaps arm and aarch64 are as basic as possible19:08
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khemI will be fine if we had one for arm as well given the subarch families arm has19:13
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kovalevskyThis probably is a really piece of cake answer, I have a distro image that contains several layers. In one of those layers I have a recipe. If I already issue "bitbake <distroname>". What would be the command to issue if I change something in the recipe and want to build again the distro?19:53
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LetoThe2ndkovalevsky: i guess you mean an image?19:54
LetoThe2nd(not a distro)19:54
kovalevskyTo be more accurate, since I know the whole architecture is quite of complex. The change that I made to my recipe was within a local file.19:54
kovalevskyI m not quite good when it come to use the right words since I am just getting started. When I exec bitbake <distroname> I mean, I grab this name from my conf/local.conf in the variable: DISTRO = "distroname"19:56
LetoThe2ndkovalevsky: if the image depends in some form on the recipe, then just rebuild the images.19:57
kovalevskyIn that case, I am not sure if that's the proper name.19:57
LetoThe2ndthat "distroname" there is a DISTRO config. its not something you can build19:57
kovalevsky@LetoThe2nd, what do you mean that I can not build?19:58
LetoThe2ndbitbake distroname is not gonna work.19:58
LetoThe2nd(to my knowledge, and if you don't have anything else in there that happens to be buildable and bear the same name)19:59
LetoThe2ndkovalevsky: you can build images and packages, but not distributions.19:59
kovalevskySo, I guess there may be an image name that match the distro name and that's why I am missing the right concept.20:00
LetoThe2ndkovalevsky: yes, thats probably the case.20:00
kovalevskyWhat I am trying to in a nutshell is generate a linux / gnu embedded distribution to be able to flash into an sd car and load into my embedded device.20:00
LetoThe2ndkovalevsky: thats why its a good practise for images to have "image" in their name :)20:01
kovalevsky@LetoThe2nd, I will bear that in mind and let the developer know about it. Hahaha.20:02
kovalevskySince it may be understood, I got the point.20:02
LetoThe2ndbuilding an image to flash into an embedded device is such a common usecase that we take it as given unless stated otherwise :)20:02
kovalevskyIn that sense, If I want to change the local file of a custom recipe that lives within a custom layer inside an image, then my options are rebuild the image and that's it?20:03
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LetoThe2ndkovalevsky: should be, yes.20:03
LetoThe2ndkovalevsky: let me suggest for you to invest some time in
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kovalevsky@LetoThe2nd, all right then. I fell like my first years diving into the nitty-gritties when I was just starting off in Linux / GNU flavors desktop distros.20:04
kovalevsky@LetoThe2nd, thanks a lot. I've already pass a couple of days this week watching the first three episodes.20:05
kovalevskyAnd it's so knolwedgeable and fun at the same time watching Josef with the beers20:06
kovalevskyOk, well, thanks for your help I will check this out and see if the results are as I expected.20:06
LetoThe2ndhave fun20:06
kovalevsky@LetoThe2nd, it works.20:22
kovalevskyI will keep having playing with it. Thanks.20:22
LetoThe2ndand remember to follow on twitch, respectively youtube :)20:23
kovalevskyFor sure I will.20:24
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RPkhem: we already have an arm override23:25
RPdev1990_: the ccache gcc is the obvious reason CC needs to support multiple things23:26
RPdev1990_: as kergoth mentioned. We put sysroot there as it if goes missing, bad things used to happen23:26
RPIt was more obvious if CC wasn't being used23:27
dev1990_RP: please consider maintion it there:
khemRP: yes as I said arm and aarch64, but I was mentioning was something thats common to all arm23:46
khemlike mipsarch is for all mips ( including 32 and 64 bit)23:46
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