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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Confugiure Linux IP Setting (IP address, netmask, gateway, dhcp[enabled, disabled], DNS Server,.....) with Python <>08:08
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Configure Linux IP Setting (IP address, netmask, gateway, dhcp[enabled, disabled], DNS Server,.....) with Python <>08:38
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Configure Linux IP Setting (IP address, netmask, gateway, dhcp[enabled, disabled], DNS Server,.....) with Python [closed] <>09:08
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yann(while updating a setup from sumo to warrior) I'm getting an error on do_rootfs, but can't really see what's amiss from the output: - what tools do we have to deal with this ?  looks like others hit this in the past but the Mighty Internet is clueless : or
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develonepi3ZipCPU Good morning. What ver of verialtor are you using.13:03
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beratiksHi everybody, I have problems with bitbake for a long time. Can i ask and write my problems here for get any help?13:18
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto Bitbake fsl-image-qt5-validaiton-imx always error <>13:39
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paulbarkerberatiks: Don't ask to ask - just ask14:10
nemgti-ogpaulbarker is right14:12
paulbarkerIf you're new to Yocto I'd recommend following the quick start guide first to confirm you can successfully build an image before you try to use any third-party BSP or distro14:12
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beratiksi could build core-image-minimal already without errors.14:36
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paulbarkerberatiks: Could you post the bitbake command you execute and the full output via a pastebin?14:42
beratikspaulbarker: of course. i prepare14:44
beratikspaulbarker: This is my maybe 3rd try. I remove /build/tmp before every bitbake :
LetoThe2ndtheres a lot of stuff going crazy.14:58
LetoThe2ndcan't get the tesseract sources, have you checked that the url/access is valid? line 4314:58
LetoThe2ndand tensorflow breaks too.14:58
LetoThe2ndbut, you're all on master. maybe try a more stabilized release? like zeus? there can always be "funny" things happening when you're using the latest and coolest suff14:59
paulbarkerWhat LetoThe2nd said. Try the latest stable branch. I'd also recommend trying a simpler image with those layers first15:01
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paulbarker"Killed" on line 375 is a bit weird though - maybe check dmesg to see if the OOM killer did something15:02
beratiksLetoThe2nd: I saw do_fetch error. It was internet problem. now i rebuild it will dissappear.15:02
LetoThe2ndpaulbarker: yeah i saw that too but undecided on what to conclude15:02
paulbarker"Killed" is what bash prints when a child process got SIGKILL if I remember rightly15:03
beratikspaulbarker: There is a lot of message on my dmesg like that : [27640.598932] nouveau 0000:01:00.0: fifo: SCHED_ERROR 08 []15:05
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paulbarkerDo you see different tasks fail each time you run the build?15:07
LetoThe2ndpaulbarker: i'm still undecided, but might be heat/bad ram. what do ou think?15:08
beratikspaulbarker: yes, first times started with vulkan and qt. But now i am at 5th build. now problem at tenserflow.15:09
paulbarkerBad RAM or not enough of it. Set `BB_NUMBER_THREADS = "1"` and `PARALLEL_MAKE = "4"`, see if a slow build works15:10
beratikspaulbarker: Ok I am going to try with these after remove tmp dir.15:11
paulbarkerI usually want at least 2GB per thread, more when building QT or a browser15:11
LetoThe2ndon SO you stated 16GB, which is usually enough. but yeah, qt or tensorflow might give you headaches. just as webkit, vulkan or arcane shader stuff.15:13
beratiksLetoThe2nd: You are right. When build packages which you said, my pc goes slow.15:15
paulbarkerThe other possibility is bad RAM. If possible I'd recommend trying the same build on different hardware.15:16
paulbarkerYocto builds are an excellent stress test of a machine15:16
khemUnable to look up (port 9418) (Name or service not known)15:23
khemperhaps this src_uri should use https protocol instead of git protocol15:24
khembad RAM while possible highly unlikey, system would act up even without building yocto15:26
LetoThe2ndkhem: depends on the utilization. but yes, its not exactly likely15:26
khemI would also recommend to rein in xz15:27
khemXZ_DEFAULTS = "--threads=4" or some thing otherwise it goes amok on large files15:28
khemI have seen a mem use of 67G on machines during packaging ( of course with 128G RAM machines )15:29
yanndoes my "none of the providers can be installed" do_rootfs issue above talks to anyone ?15:31
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* khem cant scroll -ENOCOFFEEYET15:34
yann (while updating a setup from sumo to warrior) I'm getting an error on do_rootfs, but can't really see what's amiss from the output: - what tools do we have to deal with this ?15:34
LetoThe2ndyann: well that message indicates that you want to build something that depends on syscinit, but that is not about to be installed.15:37
khemwell, it could be terse I agree, but its showing the problem15:38
khemperhaps try bitbake sysvinit and see if it builds or not15:38
khemperhaps some distro features are coming in way or its being masked somehow15:38
yann"bitbake sysvinit" completes fine, I see no clue why it is refused15:39
yannthere must be a reason for the "cannot be installed" condition, we could get more details in some way ?15:41
LetoThe2ndyann: are you building for systemd?15:43
khemshadow_ghost that seems unfamiliar, what customizations are in place?15:43
yannLetoThe2nd: no, just sysvinit15:44
khemLetoThe2nd: you asked about Timezone other day, :) I am in UTC15:44
LetoThe2ndkhem: wheee15:44
LetoThe2ndyann: i'd say, bitbake -e that image and grep for sysvinit15:45
yannkhem: we have our own layer with quite some package customisations15:45
LetoThe2ndto get some pointers what might be happening.15:45
LetoThe2ndyann: and vice versa, take a good look at the release and migration notes15:45
khemyann: so I would suggest, first disable that layer, and see if it works15:45
khemlocalise the problem15:45
yannmake sense to bisect - just that would be bisecting inside a bisect here :)  As context, I have that layer working with sumo and a (fixed) meta-rockchip, and an updated version of that layer for warrior and the new-gen meta-rockchip, both of which "working enough but with problems", and as part of bisecting one of those problems, I'm trying to build the original layer with the new-gen meta-rockchip15:50
khemyann: I understand, but I think since you are the best person to know your customization, usually its best to first isolate it to specific areas preferably cutomized one since then you know what can be the issue15:51
khemit seems that customized layers are adding fair bit to core packagegroups and you might have hard deps on init system etc15:52
khemI am just guessing15:53
yannjust I was thinking this "none of the providers can be installed" issue can surely be tracked down to a specific reason15:53
LetoThe2ndkhem: yet a guess by you is often worth more than a "statement" by most of us :)15:53
yannI tried to locate where the message comes from but could not find it yet15:54
liambeguin[m]Hi, I'm trying to get a wic image to depend on another imagetype and I can't seem to set the dependencies properly. Is that something I can do?15:55
khemLetoThe2nd: not really but I try, I learn a lot from reading the channel whenever I have time15:55
khemyann: the message is too late and I think packager pours its gut out on errors, that could be improved but in your case its doing ok and message is clear15:56
khemlook for shadow_ghost15:57
khemwhere is this being built ?15:57
khemthat will be a good point of insertion for debugging15:57
khemliambeguin[m]: perhaps try to use task[depends] = "recipe:task"16:04
beratikskhem: your recommend to rein xz is so logical. I will also try. Maybe my build tries xz on 12 threads although "BB_NUMBER_THREADS = 3". Is it like that?16:10
khemyeah it does not respect thst16:12
khemsince it has mind of its own16:12
khemit looks at available cpu/memory and decides how many threads to spawn16:12
khemand that hurts when you are packaging large packages e.g. qt, webkit, llvm etc16:13
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liambeguin[m]khem: I tried using task[depends] with no luck.. My first imagetype generates a file in  IMGDEPLOYDIR and the documentation for IMAGE_BOOT_FILES says it looks for files in DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE. Should I edit my first imagetype to not use IMGDEPLOYDIR?16:14
beratikskhem: thanks I added in my notes.16:14
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yannkhem: shadow-ghost is the MACHINE_NAME16:16
yannI guess it appears in packagegroup-core-boot's PR because of a MACHINE_EXTRA_RDEPENDS in machine/shadow-ghost.conf, would that make sense ?16:18
khemyann: yes16:18
khemliambeguin[m]: hmm depends should have worked16:18
liambeguin[m]khem: okay, I'll investigate more. Thanks16:20
khembtw. first image should define do_deploy where it copies it to DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE16:21
liambeguin[m]khem: I probably forgot that. I'll give it a try16:22
liambeguin[m]khem: can I just copy my output file to DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE at the end of my IMAGE_CMD function?16:27
yannI'm still baffled that you find the message clear - all I see is pointing a problem with sysvinit, whereas I am between 2 stable commits A and B, and I can see nothing impacking sysvinit between either of those commits and the one I'm on.  There must be a reason why opkg thinks it's not installable, but I'd like it to spit that to my face :)16:27
paulbarkerTry `OPKG_ARGS_append = " -v"` or `-vv`, that might get you some extra noise16:29
yannI find this message quite akin to a C compiler just telling me "I did not produce you exe, because foo.c does not compile", in some way :)16:29
yannthx paulbarker16:30
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jwwI'm using poky rocko with meta raspberrypi,on start boot messages are hidden I only see 'please wait:booting' .can somebody tell me how to show those boot messages please ?17:33
yannjww: you probably have a boot partition on your sdcard image, you can mount it from a PC and remove the "quiet" boot option - or find out where the "quiet" option is added and arrange to remove it17:56
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khemyann what is your DISTRO and MACHINE setting18:40
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yannkhem: they are likely not to help, in-house stuff :) MACHINE is shadow-ghost, an rk3399 platform, and DISTRO is ShadowOS, poky-based with not much changes.  We have plans to publish this, but there is a bit of layer-splitting to be done first20:37
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto Bitbake fsl-image-qt5-validaiton-imx always error (SOLVED) <>20:41
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beratikspaulbarker: LetoThe2nd: khem: I could finally build fsl-imx-wayland distro. Thanks for your helps. I want to say all problems about PC hardware. I trust my machine to build speedly but not enough for that. Reduced build speed and rebuild at every fail led me to success.20:46
LetoThe2ndberatiks: thanks for reporting back20:47
LetoThe2ndberatiks: another reason why people usually only build images tailored to what they actually need.20:48
beratiksLetoThe2nd: yes, totally true.20:49
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khemyann: I was interested in just name shadow is also a package and I was wondering if that could be conflicting21:21
yannI took care to avoid that :)21:44
yannSo I've tried with OPKG_ARGS_append=" -V3", but unfortunately that does not give much information I can use21:44
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Marexso, AUH fails again on U-Boot :/22:25
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