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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: A20-OLinuXino-LIME-4GB yocto image <>07:12
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: A20-OLinuXino-LIME-4GB yocto image [closed] <>10:13
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yannwhere do those "Solver encountered %d problem(s)" come, in fact ?  I don't find them in bitbake, nor in opkg11:28
paulbarkeryann: Possible the dependency resolver library used by opkg11:36
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yannpaulbarker: good catch - I missed it in the .bb because it's conditionned by PACKAGECONFIG :|11:51
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RPkhem: sorry!13:59
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beratiksHi, I create a new layer and added new machine and u-boot. I added to fix some machine errors " COMPATIBLE_MACHINE = "|machine_name"" but i got an error. Is there anyone any idea? .ERROR: imx-sc-firmware-0.9-r0 do_fetch: The recipe LICENSE should include Proprietary but is MIT.ERROR: imx-sc-firmware-0.9-r0 do_fetch: ERROR: imx-sc-firmware-0.9-r014:36
beratiksdo_fetch: Function failed: do_fetchERROR: Logfile of failure stored in: /home/berat/imx-yocto-bsp/build/tmp/work/tqma8xqp_mba8xx-poky-linux/imx-sc-firmware/0.9-r0/temp/log.do_fetch.19573ERROR: Task (/home/berat/imx-yocto-bsp/sources/meta-freescale/recipes-bsp/imx-sc-firmware/ failed with exit code '1'14:36
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paulbarkerberatiks: Maybe search your layers for what is printing that phrase - I've never seen that one before. Could be something in the Freescale BSP14:38
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to set environment variable in bitbake? <>16:44
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yannanyone around familiar with libsolv ?  I've started to dig into how to improve opkg diags for my problem, and found that opkg uses solver_findproblemrule(), which is documented as "Actually a pretty hopeless task that may leave the user puzzled. To get all of the needed information use solver_findallproblemrules() instead."17:40
yannif anyone could shade light on libsolv's usage of a single Id type for all its object types, it might speed up my conversion of those ideas into hopefully intelligible hints17:41
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khemRP: didnt get it20:46
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khemRP: perhaps it was better to wait to merge py2 removal atleast until it showed up in meta-py2, its broken all distros downstream21:41
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khemlosing precious CI time21:42
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto recipe to update /etc/fstab <>22:15
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nemgti-ogHello. Is there a way to 1) create a file structure under the ${WORKDIR} directory and 2) package that file structure in a tar file? Could anybody point me to the sources where I can find out?22:25
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yannkhem: finally got my neurons back and finalized my opkg patch.  The output becomes which indeed points me to the real problem (openssl11 was a hack I hadded in sumo, which poluted my first warrior builds, as there were 2 providers of this libssl soversion).22:41
RPkhem: the trouble is nobody is doing anything until they have to :(22:44
yannwhere do we go from now ?  I'd argue libsolv selects the wrong message, but its doc does say this API asks for the impossible.  Is it reasonable to include the full list of reasons, maybe flagging those that solver_findproblemrule() think are the most relevant22:44
RPyann: You should talk to Alejandro (opkg maintainer)22:45
yannor should this be seen as "extended diag" and conditionned by a new opkg flag, maybe for backward-compatibility of some sort ?22:45
yannRP: ok will do that22:45
yanncc: oe-core maybe ?22:47
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RPyann: sure23:43

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