Monday, 2020-01-20

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to upgrade opkg packages from 2014.12 to 2018.12 when postinst script returns status 1 and opkg fails? <>06:16
aehs29The python2 removal commit really got to me :(06:26
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kroonIs anyone successfully using meta-java and openjre-8 in either warrior, zeus or master ?06:39
stuom1is it possible to apply bbappend somehow conditionally? If package X, depending on Y, is excluded from image, don't apply Y.bbappend07:17
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kroonstuom1, sounds problematic to change behavior of a recipe build depending on whether a package is included in an image or not07:20
kroonsince a package can be installed later on07:21
stuom1what about based on machine type? I tried to add COMPATIBLE_MACHINE but it of course just fails to build07:24
stuom1is only way to manually delete the bbappend when i dont want it, sounds tedious07:24
kroonstuom1, there is a mask you can play with07:25
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stuom1ok, I'll look into it, thanks07:29
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mckoangood morning07:53
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: glibc is failing while doing bitbake[SUMO version] <>08:47
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kriiveHi guys, my board has support for sumo branch only. Does it make sense to build a product out of it, even if sumo is out of official support?09:20
qschulzHi all, I'm trying to add an entry to but I want to be sure to know where to put our company name. What does "OSV" stand for? Non-native here, have never seen that one before and a quick googling => /me shrug09:20
kriiveOSV = operating system vendor09:21
qschulzkriive: thanks, will add that to the wiki :)09:21
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LetoThe2ndkriive: it makes sense to forward port the BSP09:23
kriiveShould I do it by myself? Is it feasible to port to a newer Yocto release?09:23
kriiveport it*09:24
LetoThe2ndkriive: it depends a bit, but usually a BSP needs little more than bootloader and kernel to be functional. and this is really no magic09:24
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LetoThe2ndkriive: unless its super custom HW, jsut name the board respectively show the BSP layer, then we can make proper statements.09:25
kriiveIt's the up-board,
LetoThe2ndkriive: looks highly unproblematic09:29
LetoThe2ndkriive: maybe the firmware needs a bit of fine-tuning, but getting the board up and running shouldn't be much of a problem on warrior/zeus09:30
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kriiveLetoThe2nd: thank you, forking it right now09:32
paulbarkerkriive: I'm using the meta-intel layer and the 'intel-corei7-64' machine to support the Up Squared I've got here09:34
paulbarkerIt should also work with 'genericx86' and 'genericx86-64' from meta-yocto-bsp09:35
paulbarkerI'm wondering if that layer is needed09:36
LetoThe2ndpaulbarker: "special sauce"09:36
kriiveYeah, I guess it's needed to have the GPIOs and onboard LEDs working09:37
paulbarkerAh ok09:37
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kriiveUnfortunately I need those three little blinky bastards c:09:37
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paulbarkerLooks like it just adds a few things on top of the BSP provided by meta-intel. The readme could be a bit clearer09:37
paulbarker"little blinky bastards" - I'm stealing that09:38
* LetoThe2nd blinks09:38
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kriivepaulbarker: haha it's all yours09:39
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shan1LetoThe2nd any updates on the GitHub Repository with the Yocto Cheatsheet?09:40
LetoThe2ndshan1: not yet, sorry. i have to admit i totally forgot about it.09:41
shan1also your personal `meta-heavymetal` repo can be of much help if you pushed some code onto it?09:42
LetoThe2ndshan1: it can be once i get around to push stuff, yes. unfortunately i'm the kind of guy who habitually tinkers a lot of stuff simultaneously and only finishes urgent things.09:43
LetoThe2ndlike the preparations for todays session :)09:44
shan1:D  Like a true engineer!09:44
LetoThe2ndshan1: even more, my spare allocatable time does not seem to improve soon.09:46
qschulzSorry for the small spamming on the Wiki, was hesitating between ways to present the company's solutions and products :/09:46
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qschulzLetoThe2nd: thanks for the heads-up with meta-gplv209:54
LetoThe2ndqschulz: :)09:55
LetoThe2ndi feel very influence-ish lately.09:55
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qschulzLetoThe2nd: you can't call yourself an influencer if you don't have an instagram. Work on that first if not already ;)10:04
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LetoThe2ndqschulz: i've been told that nowadays i need somethink called "tuk-tuk", or simliar?10:09
qschulztik-tok, I think we might be already a little bit above the age target though :)10:11
shan1List of Influences for Influencers: Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok and a whole lot of Narcissism. LetoThe2nd you always forget to say "Like Share and Subscribe to the Yocto Project" at the end of the twitch sessions10:11
qschulzshan1: he's a beginner don't judge10:12
LetoThe2ndi think my narcissm levels are ok. after all, god emperor the known universe.10:13
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How should the sstate-cache directory be deleted in Yocto? <>10:17
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paulbarkerWhere can we report issues with yocti? It's digging up old issues again which leads to me just ignoring it and defeats the purpose10:26
LetoThe2ndpaulbarker: actually its not really a bug, its usually that somebody changes the formatting or such on SO10:27
LetoThe2ndbut i agree, it would be good if we could filter that out. yet its probably non-trivial to distinguish unimportant formatting edits from those actually modifying the content10:29
paulbarkerYes but it means yocti is just spamming the channel. I don't bother checking the links often as they're most often old questions which have been edited slightly and were already answered10:29
paulbarkerIt just needs to ignore any questions over ~3 months old. A change on a 2 month old question may still be relevant but a 2 year old question isn't10:30
LetoThe2ndpaulbarker: good point.10:30
LetoThe2ndpaulbarker: maybe poke mr.admin in the afternoon?10:31
paulbarkerWill do10:31
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kriiveGuys, are there are any important differences between linux-yocto and linux-intel?11:04
kriiveBecause I see that linux-yocto dropped 4.14 in 2.7, but I still found 4.14 in linux-intel and I was wondering if it's the same11:07
mckoankriive: we already used and supported such board11:09
mckoankriive: you should be able to get the proper support from Up community forum11:09
kriiveYeah, but Up board support is frozen to Yocto 2.5.3 and I would like to have the latest patches available11:11
kriiveBtw they are pretty unresponsive lol. But I use this opportunity to learn a bit more about Yocto internals! Win-win c:11:13
paulbarkerkriive: Unless you need any out-of-tree kernel modules which only support 4.14 you should be able to use a later kernel11:14
rburtonkriive: linux-intel is the kernel provided by meta-intel.  its based on the Intel LTS kernel, which is a fork of mainline.  if you're using a x86 then use linux-intel for sure as its full of IA-fixes and improvements11:15
kriiveThank you very very much guys!11:16
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Use llvmpipe instead of softpipe in yocto <>11:17
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: yocto-bsp command not found <>11:47
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mcfriskdoes "bitbake -g" output in list full recipe dependencies for each recipe? Also transient ones where x depends on y depends on z depends on ö?11:50
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LetoThe2ndmcfrisk: i think bitbake -g does only output the full expanded task-depends these days. for everything else, use buildhistory.12:17
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dev1990I'm little confused about KERNEL_FEATURES, how is it respected? In manual I found how to turn on sound on qemux86 and other examples. Where can I search for full list of respected options or I just missing the point?12:31
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LetoThe2nddev1990: basically this means "if you use a yocto-style kernel, it should work. otherwise, not."12:33
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mcfriskLetoThe2nd: yep, it looks very much like expanded dependency list and that's just what I need..12:53
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dev1990LetoThe2nd: thanks, I found that before, but I'm not sure how to take adventage of it. For example statement "cfg/sound" will enable every module that is in kernel-source-dir/sound/ ? or it just expand to CONFIG_SND=y? or it will be searching for sound.cfg kernel fragment?13:09
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LetoThe2nddev1990: it will enable whats stated in cfg/sound.scc file.13:10
dev1990but I get empty results with: find poky/ -iname 'sound.scc'13:12
dev1990I checked master branch and zeus branch, sound.scc is not to be found there13:16
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dev1990LetoThe2nd: ah ok, now "yocto-style kernel" makes to me more sense :)13:27
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zeddiiRP: I’m not quite sure the best way to go with my 5.4 series. I fixed a couple of problems that showed up on my first AB run, and triggered it again last night.  mips64 wont’ boot under sysvinit (I’ve been testing under systemd and it works fine for minimal/sato). and qemux64-musl is throwing protection faults on some commands. everything else was green.13:34
zeddiiI have to put this down for the next few days, so I’m not sure if it would be best for me to send it, or to just let it sit longer.13:35
RPzeddii: Best to let it sit I think, we can't afford red builds13:36
zeddiiunless we find someone who know mips13:36
zeddiiI don’t think I can fix that problem.13:37
zeddiiso to be completely honest, it’s after FOSDEM13:37
zeddiiand x86 musl gpf. I have zero idea what to do about that.13:37
creichhi there, i am currently learning some basics about yocto and use the bootlin documents for that. so far the material is very helpful (so if anyone from bootlin is here: thx guys :)13:37
zeddiiso I’m mainly wondering about how I can get some people who care about those arches to help.13:37
RPzeddii: khem has hacked on those things, it may be worth asking him13:38
LetoThe2ndzeddii: approach that usually works: "throwing money"13:38
RPzeddii: not sure what else we can do, we're struggling for help in various areas atm13:38
RPLetoThe2nd: who's money? :)13:38
creichi added a new recipe to the recipe-etended folder within poky (i know that's not the clean way... just for testing) which can be built, but for some reason fails to be included within a core-image-minimal13:38
zeddiiyah. I’ve pushed all my other things last week, and I need to do them this week, or I’ll be the one looking for $$ and a job13:39
creichis there anything necessary besides adding it to IMAGE_INSTALL_append in my local.conf?13:39
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LetoThe2ndRP: do i care, as long as its not mine?13:39
RPzeddii: I understand. Do we want to add what you have but not make it the default?13:39
zeddiithe mips64 issue on sysvinit is related to the clock stuff I pinged mainline about. hwclock seems to be hanging the boot.13:39
RPzeddii: that way people could reproduce more easily13:39
zeddiibut systemd can deal with it.13:40
LetoThe2ndcreich: for quick tests, its CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL13:40
creichLetoThe2nd: thank you!13:40
zeddiiRP: that’s possible. I’ll see if I can detangle the parts, I can’t say 100% it isn’t the libc-headers, but I’ll spend some background cycles today trying to sort that out.13:40
LetoThe2ndcreich: but if you already know that both the recipe placement AND the inclusion mechanisms are hacky and wrong, why do you stick to them? a layer setup costs you roughly 2 minutes.13:41
RPzeddii: happy to run a build to test the headers in isolation13:41
creichLetoThe2nd: just walking through the course material.. thought it might bring some insights.. so to be honest, not sure ^^13:42
creichjust wanted to understand it. and since that _append worked for other packages i thought there might be another 'hidden mechanism' but i guess it's only some typo somewhere on my side13:42
creichmaybe i just skip that wrong path and continue with the layer stuff, since that's the way to go anyway :)13:43
creichyou're right :)13:43
LetoThe2ndcreich: do you happen to know our outright *AWESOME* and *EXCELLENT* live coding sessions?
LetoThe2ndcreich: #2 is just exactly about what you are learning at the moemnt.13:44
creichLetoThe2nd: nope, i didn't know them. i'll have a look. Thank you again!13:46
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qschulzcreich: I taught that one training (ex-employee). If you've got questions, you can ask here. It's an introduction so anybody here should be able to answer you if I'm not here anyway.13:54
qschulzcreich: quick and dumb question: you didn't forget to add a space at the beginning of you string in the content of _append right? (otherwise, what LetoThe2nd said ;) )13:55
qschulzcreich: and remember put as little as possible in conf/local.conf. So fine for debugging but you want most in an image recipe/machine conf/distro conf/SW recipe/layer, etc. :)13:55
dev1990Is it important to drink beer during live coding session?14:02
LetoThe2nddev1990: it is.14:03
qschulzdev1990: but if you don't, you're welcome anyway.14:05
LetoThe2ndqschulz: are you sure?14:06
* LetoThe2nd gives the undecided look.14:06
qschulzLetoThe2nd: are you actually starting a sect?14:07
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LetoThe2ndqschulz: probably :)14:15
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dev1990LetoThe2nd: Anyway, thanks for great content :-)14:19
LetoThe2nddev1990: YW.14:20
dev1990sadly I cannot drink since I broke my leg (well probably I'll do small exception in near feature)14:20
LetoThe2ndas usual, remember to follow, everybody, and join us later. next session is in about 100minutes.14:20
dev1990but I can spend more time with hobby project and yocto :)14:20
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RPzeddii: want me to try a cherry-pick of just the headers?14:51
zeddiisounds good. that'll help me with the 32bit x86 case and narrowing down where it may be.14:52
RPzeddii: running14:53
PinkSnakeHello, really basic question : I have 2 custom boards and one application (inherit autotools)  linked to opencv. For one board I have to use opencv2, opencv4 for the other one. How can I write a recipe to pass correct include path ( /usr/include/opencv4/opencv2/core/core.hpp vs /usr/include/opencv2/core/core.hpp) ? Or I have to manage that at14:59
PinkSnakeAutotools level ? Thx.14:59
LetoThe2ndPinkSnake: autotools level15:01
LetoThe2ndpkg-config or whatever opencv supports.15:01
PinkSnakeLetoThe2nd Ok thx ;)15:01
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PinkSnakeLetoThe2nd Yocto will be smart to choose the correct lib to install on sysroot ?15:02
LetoThe2ndPinkSnake: it will install whatever you tell it to. usually different boards run different MACHINEs at least, so you could easily switch via PREFERRED_PROVIDER there. its not exactly super clean, DISTRP would be better, but.. it depends, in the end.15:04
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stacktrustWhat's the best way to perform syntax checks (e.g. shellcheck/shfmt) on bash snippets in OE recipes?15:17
qschulzstacktrust: If I'm not mistaken, it should't be bash first of :)15:19
qschulzstacktrust: rburton (I think?) told me to use scripts/verify-bashisms to check the scritps are not using some bashism15:20
millonihow can i add a task to run before all the other tasks?15:21
qschulzmilloni: depends exactly what you want to do15:22
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paulbarkermilloni: Is that before all tasks in a single recipe? Or before any task from any recipe?15:22
qschulzmilloni: anonymous tasks can be run at parse time. Otherwise you addtask maybe before do_fetch? (is there something run even before?)15:22
milloniqschulz: i want a recipe to error (fatal error) every time someone wants to run it (but not yet when parsed)15:22
creichqschulz: thank you for the hints :)15:23
qschulzmilloni: I'm failing to see the usecase?15:23
millonipaulbarker: before all tasks in a single recipe15:23
creichno, i didn't forget the space ;)15:23
paulbarkermilloni: Raise a SkipRecipe exception during parsing15:23
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milloniqschulz: there's an edge case where this class removes do_fetch from the list of tasks to be run15:24
milloniso that's why im trying to be more general15:24
qschulzmilloni: and this edge case is based on what?15:24
qschulze.g. machine? distro?15:25
millonistate of a local filesystem15:25
qschulzmilloni: what exactly are you trying to perform, you've tickled my curiosity now :)15:26
millonithere's a class that's utterly broken, we've ported a few recipes that were previously using this class to a different class that we wrote15:27
millonithat should cover us, however there's multiple recipes that we don't use that i didnt bother to port15:27
millonii want them to error hard in case anyone tries to build them15:28
zeddiiis anyone else seeing a missing in ross's python2 -> meta-python2 patch. I must be missing something.15:28
qschulzmilloni: then I guess paulbarker's solution is nice enough for you?15:30
qschulzyou could then override this class in your own layer (if your layer is before the layer introducing this class) with that anonymous function (provided it's not your class, otherwise trivial change)15:31
millonii was just going to say, thanks for the tip, but this will result in a "NOTE: recipe being skipped" somewhere up in our huuge build log, and then a "no recipe for: <recipename>"15:31
paulbarkerThe blacklist bbclass is another possibility15:31
millonipaulbarker: how does that work?15:32
paulbarkerI just looked. It raises SkipRecipe haha. Sorry15:33
millonioops :)15:33
millonithanks for the suggestions anyway15:34
qschulzmilloni: but... if there's no other provider for that recipe/package, the build will fail15:34
millonihm, is there a guaranteed order to tasks added using ?15:35
qschulzmilloni: I guess you could use BBMASK also if ever, but you need to maintain the list15:35
millonii.e addtask("A"); addtask("B"); does "B" depend on "A"?15:35
milloniqschulz: that's exactly what i dont want to do15:35
qschulzAFAIK, no15:35
RPmilloni: isn't there a parameter to addtask to request A after B or vice versa?15:36
milloniqschulz: yes, it will fail, it's more about being user friendly - upon seeing this, one would have to scroll up to see the "NOTE:" up in the log to know why it failed15:36
qschulzmilloni: BUT, takes 4 parameters15:36
qschulzmilloni: def addtask(task, before, after, d):15:37
milloniand our build log is full of NOTE's and warnings15:37
qschulzmilloni: clean the warnings :D15:37
*** armpit <armpit!~armpit@2601:202:4180:a5c0:450d:e003:9142:f492> has quit IRC15:37
milloniRP: sure, i can do "addtask whatever before whichever"15:38
millonii was wondering if there's an easy way to add my task before all the other tasks15:38
millonibecause the class in question is adding/removing tasks from the list based on complicated logic so it's not entirely clear which task goes first15:39
qschulzmilloni: dumb question but why can't you fail in the anonymous function run at parsing time?15:39
RPmilloni: we don't have such an API since then two people would want this and both would want to be first15:40
milloniqschulz: if it fails when parsing, i'd have to bbmask all offending recipes (otherwise the entire build will fail)15:41
qschulzmilloni: duh.15:41
qschulz(to myself)15:41
millonibut if'm going to bbmask all offending recipes, that takes care of it (i dont to do anything more than that)15:41
milloniRP: ack, makes sense15:41
qschulzmilloni: COMPATIBLE_MACHINE with an non-existing machine? (COMPATIBLE_MACHINE = "youshouldreallynotbebuildingthisrecipe")?15:42
milloniqschulz: hm, :D15:42
qschulzmilloni: or a non-existing license and then put INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSES = "brokenrecipeneedsthisdumblicense"?15:43
qschulzmilloni: I can find plenty of ways to not do it the proper way, just ask :D15:43
millonii think i'm going to stick it "before" some reasonable tasks15:44
milloniis it legal to addtask before more than one task?15:45
milloniaddtask asdf before do_fetch15:45
milloniaddtask asdf before do_somethingelse15:45
kergothofcourse, but addtask asdf before do_fetch do_somethingelse is fine too15:45
milloniperfect, thanks15:46
qschulzkergoth: ooooh I didn't know this one :)15:47
*** stacktrust <stacktrust!> has quit IRC15:47
kergothor you could grep oe-core for addtask, pretty sure examples of that are there already :)15:47
qschulzmilloni: you're basically creating a tree of dependencies with addtask. It's fine if your task appears in different "branches" of that tree (that visual example helps me remembering how things are working, maybe not perfect but seems ok in my mind)15:48
*** armpit <armpit!~armpit@2601:202:4180:a5c0:b5ff:6d3b:2415:6395> has joined #yocto15:50
qschulzis there an ML for doc patches? I figured this would be an interesting ML to follow?15:55
*** JaMa <JaMa!~martin@> has joined #yocto15:56
rburtonqschulz: just the general yocto list15:57
RPI do wonder if we should create one?15:59
tgamblinI think that makes sense16:00
tgamblinGeneral Yocto ML seems to be where many people asking for more high-level and/or beginner help send their emails16:00
qschulzWhile we're talking about docs in general, I find the ref-manual/dev-manual/mega-manual split/meaning very non-straightforward. I don't know where to look at generally. Is there any tip you have?16:02
RPqschulz: meta-manual contains all the separate manuals16:04
RPer, mega-manual16:04
RPI can't seem to type mega it seems :)16:05
qschulzRP: fingers wired to cd-ing into layers I guess :)16:05
qschulzRP: is mega-manual a concatenation of all the other things or is it a doc on its own (i.e. same content but duplicated or an include from dev-manual in mega-manual?)16:06
RPqschulz: its a concatenation16:07
qschulzRP: ok thanks. I was confused at one point because I didn't find what I wanted in one doc but in another. So it might just have been a brain fart after all..16:08
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: avoid to use 'use_scm_version' in python-jsonchema <>16:18
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hpsyLetoThe2nd: echo $USER16:49
hpsyYou're welcome :)16:53
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armpitLetoThe2nd, thanks for hosting the twich session17:44
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kergothso... setuptools.bbclass isn't in meta-python2, or oe-core? i'm confused.17:47
kergothprobably should've made sure meta-python2 actually works before removing the files from oe-core17:47
rburtonkergoth: blame RP :)  patch on the list for meta-py217:48
kergothHmm, any objection to trying to make examples/samples more consistent? thinking along the lines of manpages.bbclass. use 'examples' packageconfig everywhere, split into ${PN}-examples, possibly be more consistent in the paths on disk too17:50
khemzeddii: its mips or mips64, secondly, on musl/x86 crash is interesting perhaps its better to see if its API issue of kernel problem issue17:57
zeddiinothing points to the kernel. but as I was saying to RP, I have to put this down until after FOSDEM, I’ve done all I can for the past two weeks.17:58
zeddiimips64 is what is busted for clocks, I asked upstream. no help there.17:58
zeddiiso I need to find someone that cares about mips64, otherwise, I’m out of ideas.17:58
zeddiioh, and mips64 issues are only with sysvinit, systemd is fine.17:59
*** tprrt <tprrt!~tprrt@> has quit IRC18:00
khemthat sounds perhaps syscall related, and if its clock_gettime etc. then 64bit time_t changes in kernel might have some changes not propagated to mips64 just a wild guess18:01
RPkhem: sounds quite likely18:01
RPkhem: build running atm with the libc headers change only18:01
zeddiiyup. they broke VDSO related to gettime, but I wasn’t able to sort it out.18:01
RPzeddii: I assume if the libc piece builds we can merge that?18:02
khemmusl/x86 I doubt, since alpine/docker guys would notice it too if its a generic problem18:02
khemzeddii: try with glibc 2.31-rc that we added to core/master lately18:02
zeddiiRP: yup. it’s tested here.18:02
zeddiikhem: I’m fully up to daqte18:02
khemI see18:03
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away18:03
khemVDSO on mips64 would be needed since folks do run 32bit binaries there18:03
zeddiimips-kernel was zero help, I’ve debugged it and logged the details in a commit, but it’s just not something I’ll get back to for several weeks unfortunately.18:04
zeddiiI was not happy with the answer upstream, since it has always worked before. I reverted their garbage and it worked again. so the bisect shows what broke it.18:05
khemI see18:05
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armpitzeddii, maybe  a YP bug should be opened so details can be include so anyone who wants to help can19:30
*** beratiks <beratiks!b0e9c643@> has joined #yocto19:39
LetoThe2ndarmpit: heh, yw @ twitch19:42
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GrimSleeplessHey guys, is there a way to run a qemu built with Yocto using more than 1 core of my CPU ?19:47
LetoThe2ndGrimSleepless: it depends (TM)19:48
GrimSleeplessLetoThe2nd: I think I found the solution using runqemu. I need to add -qemuparams="-smp 2,maxcpus=2"19:49
LetoThe2ndGrimSleepless: that should emulate more than one cpu19:50
LetoThe2ndGrimSleepless: however running one more than one thread should be
GrimSleeplessLetoThe2nd: oh great! Thank you!19:50
*** vmeson <vmeson!> has joined #yocto19:50
LetoThe2nd(thats at least my understanding)19:51
GrimSleeplessLetoThe2nd: It is more than enough for my current needs!19:51
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nemgti-ogHello my hard-rocking Amigos! I am trying to add some files to my image's rootfs (I am starting with one single file). What I am doing: modifying this receipe so that I get locally this -> (artifacts.xml is one of the files contained in the .zip file, which I20:16
nemgti-ogcan find already decompressed in $7WORKDIR})20:16
*** WillMiles <WillMiles!~Will@> has joined #yocto20:17
LetoThe2ndnemgti-og: without knowing that capic thing, the cp is misplaced.20:17
nemgti-ogStill my file is not included in my final build... could anybody please point me in the right direction to get this file in my rootfs? I have already spent a couple of days going through the documentation but havent been able to figure it out20:17
nemgti-oghey LetoThe2nd, you mean the copy command inside the do_install_append function?20:18
LetoThe2ndnemgti-og: 1) install instead of cp 2) extend FILES_${PN}, although you should get a install-but-not-shipped warning, theoretically20:18
LetoThe2ndhum is there another cp? :P20:18
nemgti-oghehehe.... no there isn't20:19
*** beratiks <beratiks!b0e9c643@> has quit IRC20:19
neverpanicWouldn't everything in ${bindir} be packaged anyway, so extending FILES_${PN} wouldn't be necessary – it's uncommon to put non-executable files into /usr/bin, though.20:19
LetoThe2ndneverpanic: yup, you're right. my bad.20:20
nemgti-ogI thought everything would be included as neverpanic said... but then do you think the problem is that I am trying to move an xml file instead of an executable?20:20
neverpanicI'd write this to read install -m0644 ${WORKDIR}/artifacts.xml ${D}${bindir}/testing_jah.xml, but other than that, the approach of using do_install_append() looks fine to me20:20
nemgti-ogok.... I think I will try that20:21
neverpanicAlthough you might want to check ${WORKDIR}/temp/run.do_install for surprises, like somebody doing do_install_append() { exit 0 }20:21
nemgti-ogok. I will do that first then :) Thanks a lot!20:21
neverpanicAren't there available recipes for the CommonAPI generators already?20:22
nemgti-ogthe problem i am facing, is that i want to have the generator in the final image and this is normally not the case20:24
neverpanicRight, normally you'd have the generator in the SDK associated with the image.20:24
nemgti-ogWell, the generator is also not part of the SDK20:24
neverpanicBut even if you want the generator in the final image, wouldn't the appropriate solution to use IMAGE_INSTALL += "capicxx-core" and ensure that there is a non-native version of the recipe?20:26
kriiveCan I apply patches from a 4.14 kernel to a later kernel?20:26
LetoThe2ndkriive: depends (TM)20:26
neverpanicUnfortunately I'm not an expert of adding things to the Yocto SDK, you would have to consult the documentation on how to do that.20:26
neverpanicI believe TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK += "nativesdk-capicxx-core" may be what you're looking for, though.20:27
nemgti-ogneverpanic: ok i get it. I started with yocto last week so I really have almost null idea of what i am trying to do....20:27
nemgti-ogi tried that last one without success20:27
neverpanic.oO( we should really have open sourced our version of those recipes, too )20:27
neverpanicWell, that's probably because there is no nativesdk version of capicxx-core, so that's something you'd have to provide20:27
nemgti-ogthat is also right, there is no nativesdk-capicxx-core20:28
nemgti-ogyocto is painfull20:28
neverpanicAt times, yes.20:28
kriiveLetoThe2nd: I'd file for a registration20:29
LetoThe2ndkriive: go ahead. my claims are 30%20:29
kriivewe have an agreement20:30
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nemgti-ogjsut found out my ${D} variable points to a /../../blahblah/iamge directory which does not exist.... is this normal?20:56
nemgti-ogand varaible bindir seems to be unexistent20:57
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neverpanic should create ${D} before do_install runs21:04
*** comptroller <comptroller!> has joined #yocto21:05
neverpanicand ${bindir} is defined at
LetoThe2ndthat sounds highly obscure, yes21:05
nemgti-ogcould it be that i dont find this directory do to a difference between the poky tag i checkout out and the docs?21:05
nemgti-ogi found out i have variables binddir_{cross, crossscripts, native, nativesdk} but not plain bindir21:06
neverpanicThe ${D} directory always gets created while the build runs. It's normal that it doesn't exist before the build, especially if you have rm_work enabled.21:06
neverpanicAnd ${bindir} I think never gets redefined from the value it has in bitbake.conf; it's components, however, do change, for example ${exec_prefix} (used in the definition of bindir) gets redefined in nativesdk.bbclass at
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nemgti-ogthanks guys. I need to stop and rest now. Have a good night you all.21:28
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RPIts sad when you think oh, I made changes to this last year? Oh 2009, not 2019 :/21:57
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RPzeddii: that headers build was ok22:57
RPbluelightning: the headers build did show our mystery failure :(22:58
RPand the locked sigs one twice22:58
RPwhich seems excessive22:58
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bcranI'd like to have the uwsgi recipe in the meta-openstack layer updated - it's currently using a pretty old version from 2016. Is the only way to learn how to contribute and send a patch? Or is there a maintainer I can ask to update it?23:13
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