Thursday, 2020-01-23

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kiwi_29creich thanks . I added IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " psplash" and it is building psplash now01:12
kiwi_29now I have to get a psplash recipe that supports systemd as the one that I have supports sysvinit01:13
kiwi_29or will have to write one myself01:13
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khemthere is a proposal for systemd support in psplash lately, please check mailing lists04:23
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Start an Electron app at boot on Raspberry Pi 3 with yocto <>08:31
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stuom1What do these setscene errors "No suitable staging package found" that started coming with multiconfig build? Followed by "WARNING: Setscene task failed with exit code '1' - real task will be run instead"09:44
stuom1everything succeeds so should i ignore them or do something?09:44
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alexb3600HI! I have a problem building qtbase for raspberry pi, the error is Nothing PROVIDES 'virtual/libgbm'. Does anyone have an idea?10:57
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LetoThe2ndalexb3600: which release are you on?11:32
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alexb3600<LetoThe2nd> Warrior11:58
LetoThe2ndalexb3600: coherently? e.g., all layers?12:00
dev1990alexb3600: are you going for kms / eglfs, what is your desired graphical backend ?12:01
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alexb3600LetoThe2nd: yes all layers12:03
LetoThe2ndalexb3600: ok. which would that be?12:03
alexb3600dev1990: I don't want graphical backend, I just need the libQt5 for my application12:04
dev1990ah ok, so make sure to erase all graphical backend from PACKAGECONFIG that is used in qtbase12:05
dev1990meta-raspberrypi append some parameters to by bbappend take a look to it12:05
LetoThe2ndexactly. also have a look at
dev1990MACHINE="your-raspberry" bitbake -e qtbase | grep "^PACKAGECONFIG"12:06
dev1990to see what is on12:07
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alexb3600Hum, I check that and I'll tell you, thanlks a lot :)12:09
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alexb3600ok so I commented these parameters in qtbase_git.bb12:35
alexb3600dev1990: then I performed your command but I got these kind of errors: ERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'virtual/egl' (but /workdir/poky/meta-qt5/recipes-qt/qt5/ DEPENDS on or otherwise requires it)12:37
alexb3600vc-graphics-hardfp PROVIDES virtual/egl but was skipped: PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/libgles2 set to mesa, not vc-graphics-hardfp12:37
dev1990alexb3600: you can set PACKAGECONFIG_GL, ... empty from your local.conf12:38
dev1990for example: PACKAGECONFIG_GL = ""12:38
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dev1990to remove egl you can go with that12:39
alexb3600In fact, I just want to add my application binary into the rootfs but yocto detect errors with libqt (Which is normal because I planned to add a folder into the rootfs as well wich contain the libs)12:39
* dev1990 sec12:39
dev1990PACKAGECONFIG_remove_pn-qtbase = "egl"12:40
dev1990PACKAGECONFIG_remove_pn-qtbase = "gles2"12:40
dev1990alexb3600: take a look
dev1990there is many PACAKGECONFIG flags that are used, those that are used pulling depedencies12:42
LetoThe2ndstill i think the problem is somewhere different12:42
LetoThe2ndbecause "i just want" and "binary" sounds like you are trying to do somthing that screams for problems.12:42
dev1990LetoThe2nd: PACKAGECONFIG[gles2] = "-opengl es2,,virtual/libgles2 virtual/egl"12:42
dev1990gles2 pulling virtual/egl12:43
dev1990there is high probability that gles2 is active then12:43
alexb3600dev1990: ok I check12:43
alexb3600LetoThe2nd: yes ahah, I have a binary and a folder wich contain .so for my binary. The only thing a want is to copy them into the rootfs12:44
stuom1anyone know a example recipe that just pulls a git repo and copies it as-is to rootfs? Somehow im struggling with this12:44
dev1990alexb3600: try to modify those parameters from local.conf (or your own distro file - if exists), because you don't want to commit that comments upstream12:44
LetoThe2ndalexb3600: that sonds like the generic desciption of "problematic"12:46
milloni_alexb3600: i have a similar use case and i used
milloni_as inspiration12:46
alexb3600LetoThe2nd: I don't use yocto very often so I'm not a specialist but it surprise me that copying a file and a folder into the rootfs is problematic12:47
milloni_(sorry i dont really know the context, i just saw your message about copying binaries)12:47
*** milloni_ is now known as milloni12:47
dev1990alexb3600: are you sure you want to copy already compiled binary? architecture is same? some librariers maybe incompatible? etc?12:52
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alexb3600dev1990: 100% sure12:53
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LetoThe2ndalexb3600: why don't you just automate building the app/library in a recipe?13:01
LetoThe2ndalexb3600: i mean, the slightest variation in the ABI that you are copying to, and boom.13:02
dev1990for small qt project recipe can be super short, just inherit qmake and set path13:04
dev1990for cmake qt also13:05
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dev1990is there a script or program to format bb recipes according to guidelines ?13:12
tgamblinRP: I realized while looking at the logrotate bug after previous results that the tests as written still didn't make a lot of sense - checking the rotation path for a rotated log isn't all that useful, so I've resubmitted the patch with a change to include the output of logrotate -vf instead13:13
tgamblinThat should actually tell us what it gets hung-up on13:13
mcfriskstuom1: yocto we usually don't install files to image rootfs directly. instead we create recipes to build binary packages which are then installed to images. a trivial recipe would include a repo SRC_URI and just do_install task to install the files using "install". then add the binary package with the files to an image via IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL etc.13:14
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stuom1mcfrisk yeah I figured it out, it was just confusion with what directory shorthands to use in do_install and in FILES etc... there wasnt anything to build, just bunch of .py files for testing13:17
mcfriskstuom1: good, happens to me all the time. bitbake -e output and buildhistory help in debugging details, and mega manual..13:18
RPtgamblin: thanks, I'll try and include in a new set of builds soon13:19
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alexb3600dev1990: it's a big applmication but thanks, I think I will do that13:21
alexb3600LetoThe2nd: thanks too :)13:22
alexb3600milloni_: the link is very interesting13:22
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: remove systemd service in yocto? <>13:32
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Read-only file-system on yocto <>14:02
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qschulzOK, time for a question worth a million, how difficult would it be to backport glibc version from thud to krogoth (clients...........)?14:27
LetoThe2ndqschulz: go ahead and jsut give it a spin.14:31
rburtonqschulz: a bit annoying, new glibc introduces changes that means a fair bit of software might not build14:35
rburtonits *not* a trivial backport14:35
rburtonprobably easier than backporting gcc though14:35
RPqschulz: I'd agree, probably can be done...14:38
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qschulzOh, I expected much more pessimism actually :)14:44
qschulzrburton: any issue you're foreseeing already?14:45
rburtonusually people ask for a newer gcc so i'm not sure exactly what will fail with a new glibc14:45
rburtonheaders have moved around a bit, new glibc is more 'correct'14:45
rburtonso you'll get problems like functions not being available anymore as the includes are bad14:46
qschulzthanks folks!14:47
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Ad0can I put PREFERRED_VERSION_linux-yocto at image level?, or does i have to be on distro? or even local.conf is required?16:10
qschulzAd0: why not in the machine conf file?16:11
Ad0I guess I have to override it ?16:12
qschulzI don't think you can, that's a conf file and not a recipe16:13
Ad0thanks. well the machine config is not mine, it is forinstance qemux8616:15
qschulzDepending on how many changes you want to operate, having a custom machine could make sense at one point16:16
Ad0hm maybe16:17
Ad0there are 4 "dimensions" here. local.conf / bblayers, machine, distro, image16:17
qschulzI'm not sure PREFERRED_VERSION are supposed to be in image. My thinking is that we have separate workdirs for different distros, different machines and local.conf shouldn't change much across builds. But there isn't a workdir for images, hence images only impact which packages are put into an image16:23
qschulzBut that's a guess16:23
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JPEWtlwoerner, I have the Rock Pi 4 booting and running weston :)16:38
tlwoernerJPEW: cool!16:38
* tlwoerner checks yocto-patches.... :-)16:41
LetoThe2ndqschulz: i'm proud of you, finally you get the chant16:41
JPEWtlwoerner, I CC'd you on all but one I think: "Remove u-boot-rockchip"16:41
LetoThe2ndAd0: it totally belongs into the MACHINE16:41
tlwoernerJPEW: sweet! i had been looking for an excuse to drop u-boot-rockchip ;-)16:44
JPEWtlwoerner, Not parsing is a good excuse :)16:44
tlwoernerJPEW: hmm... it doesn't look like any MACHINE was using it, i thought veyron-speedy had been using it16:45
* JPEW checks16:45
tlwoernerJPEW: wrt the MACHINE name, we could just use "rock-pi-4". the reason the other MACHINE names include the SoC is because the official names of the boards from the manufacturers included the SoC in the official names16:46
JPEWtlwoerner, OK, works for me. We have an internal policy to always name our machines with the SOC to keep ourselves sane :)16:47
tlwoernerJPEW: okay, i'm trying to use the official name from the manufacturer, which, i guess, technically, should be: "ROCK-Pi-4"16:48
JPEWI'll rename to "rock-pi-4".... I seem to have a bad feeling about uppercase machine names...16:50
JPEWtlwoerner, Should we rename the tinker-rk3288 also?16:50
JPEW"tinker-board" probably16:50
tlwoernerJPEW: huh, yes (i hadn't noticed)16:51
JPEWOk, I'll do that16:52
tlwoernerawesome, thanks :-)16:52
tlwoerneri'll do a test build and on-board test :-D16:53
tlwoernerby the way, i missed this week's yptm but i looked over the notes, what's the entry regarding "Several: University courses for YP?"?16:54
RPtlwoerner: people were wondering if anyone had explored that possibility16:54
tlwoerneri know someone here in Toronto who introduces OE/Yocto in a college-level course he teaches16:55
tlwoerneri'm not 100% if he is still teaching that course, or if the curriculum has changed16:56
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RPtgamblin: any comments on this? ^^^16:58
* RP has limited geographic knowledge here16:59
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tgamblinRP: tlwoerner: Do you have that professor's name and/or a link to their course page? I was thinking that with the right pitch, the universities here in Ottawa could potentially turn learning/contributing to Yocto into something akin to a capstone project17:02
tlwoernertgamblin: yes, and we could get their students going on GSoC projects... hehehe17:03
tgamblinRP: we're about 4 hours' drive from there (or worse, given typical traffic)17:03
tlwoerneri've emailed the professor in question to poke him for more info, i'll share it here if/when i hear back17:04
tgamblintlwoerner: sounds good to me17:04
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tgamblinCompared to some of the money they spend on hardware for things like CubeSat capstone projects, I'm sure buying a few Pi4s/Intel boards would be a viable alternative!17:11
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tgamblinRP: aha, interesting. So it doesn't see the wtmp log18:15
*** goliath <goliath!> has joined #yocto18:15
RPtgamblin: that could be musl specific, not sure18:15
tgamblinRP: yeah, if you could keep it onboard for some more builds that would be helpful18:16
RPtgamblin: right, its in all of that -next build and I'll keep it around18:16
RPmusl builds faster so fails first18:16
* RP is stepping afk for a bit but feel free to watch it18:16
RP is the link to watch18:17
tgamblinRP: will do, cheers18:17
fullstopwhen using DEPENDS_${PN} = "foo (>= 1.2)" I see both foo (>= 1.2) and foo (>= 1.2.5) in the pkgdata.  Is this expected?18:24
fullstopthe package was built against 1.2.518:24
fullstopbut I only require >= 1.218:24
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tgamblinRP: also caught the logrotate failure18:37
kergothfullstop: DEPENDS != RDEPENDS. DEPENDS_${PN} does nothing at all18:44
fullstopSorry that was a typo.  I do have RDEPENDS_${PN}18:44
fullstopI feel like I'm doing the same as what usb-modeswitch-data does18:45
fullstopbut I end up with two entries in the package instead of just the one.18:45
*** otavio <otavio!~otavio@debian/developer/otavio> has joined #yocto18:45
zeddiiRP: so odd. I'm now seeing the qemumips64 boot stumble all the way through. and I didn't do anything but rebase.18:46
zeddiitime to root cause ..18:46
*** pharaon2502 <pharaon2502!> has joined #yocto18:54
fullstopI wonder if this has to do with soname stuff.18:56
fullstopmy rdepends is a library but the modeswitch stuff is a package version.18:56
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has joined #yocto19:08
rburtonfullstop: the 1.2.5 entry i because of the magic soname deps19:25
rburtondoes it really matter?19:25
fullstoprburton: that would force me to install 1.2.5 even if it is not technically required, yes?19:26
rburtonfullstop: correct, but you've just built 1.2.5 so is that a problem19:26
fullstopin my case, yes.19:26
fullstopThese packages are distributed over a cell network, some of the data plans are only a few megabytes / month.19:27
rburtoni'd be looking at an alternative updater that doesn't care for package versions so much, using reproducible builds to reduce the changes etc.19:28
rburtonso the solution would be to override the shlibs so you can tell it explicitly not to need 1.2.5 but 1.2 is fine19:28
rburtoniirc, package.bbclass can't actually read from an override file, but it should be easy to add19:29
rburtonbasically the design is the same as debian's19:29
fullstopI can add EXCLUDE_FROM_SHLIBS = "1" to the libraries in question and use RPROVIDES_${PN} to specify my own ABI information I guess.19:31
rburtonyeah, that's the hack19:31
rburtonthe proper solution is neater, but needs more effort19:31
fullstopI'll poke around.  There's not many libraries that I want to do this with.19:32
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khemugh anyone seeing ssh: Could not resolve hostname Temporary failure in name resolution19:37
JaMakhem: works here, shows all good as well19:38
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: improve deployment time of yocto based development <>20:03
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beratiksHi. I have worked can0 with can1 on my yocto image. But every boot I have init cans with :  ($ifconfig can0 up$ip link set can1 up type can bitrate 500000 sample-point 0.75 dbitrate 4000000dsample-point 0.8 fd on). How can I configure that can0 and can1 up and start automatically with these settings after every boot?20:50
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denixJPEW: ping20:56
JPEWdenix: Ya, OE-core would be good. Probably needs an entry in
*** blauskaerm <blauskaerm!Fever@gateway/vpn/mullvad/blauskaerm> has quit IRC21:06
denixJPEW: ah, keep forgetting about that... do you want to maintain it? :) what about SoB line - do you want it?21:09
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*** zkrx <zkrx!> has joined #yocto21:11
JPEWdenix: No need21:11
JPEWI can maintain it21:11
denixJPEW: can there be 2 maintainers?21:12
JPEWdenix, not sure...21:12
denixJPEW: hmm, I guess I can do it for now, as it's been low-maintenance once we added our platforms upstream. I can always give it up, if I don't have time any more... :)21:17
JPEWdenix, Sounds good :)21:17
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denixJPEW: as I noticed you've already been doing a lot of stuff lately, so at least with this one I can help and take it off your plate...21:23
*** vmeson <vmeson!> has joined #yocto21:24
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JPEWdenix, thanks!21:25
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Crofton|roadPeopleof the Pi3 and Yocto Linux why does gqrx complain when I start it21:29
Crofton|roadpaulbarker: any hints, this is the fosdem demo :)21:33
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zeddiiRP: looks like mips64 with the latest updates in core is actually working. I wonder if the clock thing was related to glibc as well as the vdso kernel issues. anyway, I'm now only seeing one failure on my AB build. I'll send the queue for consideration tomorrow.21:47
beratiksHi. I have worked can0 with can1 on my yocto image. But every boot I have init cans with :  ($ifconfig can0 up$ip link set can1 up type can bitrate 500000 sample-point 0.75 dbitrate 4000000dsample-point 0.8 fd on). How can I configure that can0 and can1 up and start automatically with these settings after every boot?21:51
JPEWberatiks: Add them to /etc/network/interfaces21:52
beratiksJPEW: you mean add to builded rootfs?21:55
JPEWberatiks: Ya, you can write a recipe to do that if you want it to come up that way every time21:56
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armpitzeddii, that failure is a known issue so don't worry about it22:32
armpitif you are referring to the the selftest.22:32
armpitreproducible.ReproducibleTests.test_reproducible_builds: FAILED (3155.78s)22:33
tlwoernernice! i'm happy to see other layer maintainers chiming in regarding multiple toolchains for one "MACHINE", and ATF things22:50
tlwoerner"it's SoCs all the way down...."22:50
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denixtlwoerner: it's been a pain point for a while. multiconfig is promising - there were few discussions already in recent months...23:04
zeddiiarmpit. yah. cool. so that just leaves me with one issue that I mentioned before. I'll send my series.23:05
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khemdenix:whats missing with multiconfig ?23:41
khemSoC might have many compute units, and we should have capability to build software for anyone of them if desired23:41
denixkhem: why do you say something is missing?23:43
khemso we could have SoCs like  Dual CPU X86 + ARM application processor + 3 RISC-V MCUs + 1 MIPS FPGA23:43
denixkhem: it's just relatively new, that's all23:43
khemyou mentioned discussions23:43
mischiefwhy is it a warning to have a architecture-specific recipe contain a machine-specific package?23:43
khemah ok23:43
khembtw. above SOC is something that exists :)23:44
khemmischief: architecture recipe can run on multiple kind of CPUs of that architecture, while machine is specific23:45
mischiefi know that23:45
mischief${PN} is a architecture package, a python program, but there's also a machine specific conf file23:45
mischiefso i made ${PN}-conf and make it ${MACHINE_ARCH}23:46
mischiefbut i don't understand why the warning says i should make ${PN} also ${MACHINE_ARCH}23:46
khembecause granularity is at recipe level not package level23:46
*** tgamblin <tgamblin!> has joined #yocto23:48
khemits best to divide it into two recipes, one which is allarch ( scripting stuff ) and one be machine_arch23:48
khemwith appripriate rrecommends23:48
mischiefhm. well, the conf files and the python program come from the same repo23:49
mischiefwhat are the drawbacks of having two recipes point at the same git repo?23:50
khemrepo is not the unit23:50
khemno drawbacks just that it will build another recipe so will duplicate source unpacks/pack23:50
mischiefslightly annoying, but okay23:51
khemyes it asks one to toe the line but there is a reason for that23:53
khemkeeps package view sane, one can start abstracting on these lines and made components portable23:54
khemthere are many advantages23:55
*** kiwi_29 <kiwi_29!43cf6f8a@gateway/web/cgi-irc/> has joined #yocto23:55
denixmischief: as khem said, PACKAGE_ARCH is for the entire recipe, unfortunately23:56
RPzeddii: glibc would be my best guess on that23:56
kiwi_29Hello. How do I changes to actual recipe 'bb' file23:56
kiwi_29*How do I make changes to actual recipe 'bb' file*23:57
kiwi_29I used devtool modify command on recipe name23:57
kiwi_29however it did not put the bb file for the recipe in the workspace for me to modify23:57
RPzeddii: good its resolved though!23:58

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