Friday, 2020-01-24

khemRP: hush hush, the bug might hear you talk00:01
khemkiwi_29: devtool edit-recipe00:02
khemRP: now that we have extended buildtools changes in, would it be possible to generate a 2.2 tarball and 1.6 tarball ? so we can build these releases on ubuntu 18.0400:04
kiwi_29khem : thanks !00:04
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* khem finally seeing green builds for meta-openembedded after py2 expulsion00:13
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RPkhem: we'd need to backport but maybe00:22
armpitto a branch or layer ?00:23
* armpit backport has too many meanings00:23
khemarmpit: first all the changes RP did need to be in that branch00:24
khemthen we can use them to generate buildtools tarballs, which we can then use on ubuntu 18.0400:24
armpitKhem, what i saw is "finally seeing green builds for meta-openembedded after py2 expulsion" then RP saying we need to backport00:30
armpitso I am trying to clarify00:30
armpitmaybe missing context in reading00:31
khemarmpit: your jump back loop is smaller :)00:33
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armpitno, just a small brain00:49
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khemarmpit: I suggest to not use PIE/PIC code00:55
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aehs29guys, does the AB publishes any of the images?05:55
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How can i remove linker problem faced while cross-compiling <>07:07
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mckoangood morning08:04
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LetoThe2nderbo: good lck with that SO guy.08:19
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erboLetoThe2nd: yeah I was a bit unsure if I wanted to touch that issue :)08:26
LetoThe2nderbo: i've tried to help him at least 5 times now. i am through.08:27
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LetoThe2nderbo: a.k.a. "i cannot even compile anything more complicated than a 'hello world' manually, i wanna do embedded"08:28
LetoThe2ndcouple of days back he actually asked "what is a linker flag"08:28
LetoThe2ndand by now obviously understood "a linker flag is something you add to the compiler call to make things magically happen. hopefully"08:29
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* LetoThe2nd gets really angry. sorry. need to vent for all the time i've wasted.08:30
erboOh, looking at the SO history now I can see clean patterns of a help vampire :)08:32
LetoThe2ndnah, i think he's just a clueless idiot.08:33
LetoThe2ndhe even removes all the old threads that clearly led to the conclusion that he just has no idea and should do his homework.08:34
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qschulzLetoThe2nd: everyone starts from somewhere and take the time they need to acquire the same level of knowledge. I hate people asking questions before even documenting themselves a little beforehand as well but there are such people, just ignore them if you don't want to talk with them and let other people make their own opinions08:42
LetoThe2ndqschulz: yeah. i know.08:42
LetoThe2ndsorry. i just really needed to vent.08:42
qschulzLetoThe2nd: yeah I know. Try to not insult people that's it. Just critic the way they're doing things without making it personal or offensive to the person.08:44
qschulzLetoThe2nd: that's actually something surprisingly hard. For example in code reviews.08:45
qschulzLetoThe2nd: TGIF for you I guess :)08:45
LetoThe2ndqschulz: i just want my wasted time back.08:45
qschulzLetoThe2nd: ask for beers from the adepts of your sect to forget about it :)08:46
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto build error: Building image with debian package management <>09:07
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stuom1I added ptest to distro features as per wiki, now how can I selectively add -ptest packages in image recipe? With IMAGE_INSTALL i just get nothing provides package-ptest error09:33
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mcfriskhi, can anyone recall why sqlite3 is using the bundled source format in yocto? Is it to avoid tcl, tk etc build time dependencies? applying CVE etch patches is much tricker though since other distros don't use the bundled format and upstream doesn't provide patches for bundled format either..09:57
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MeanEngi(got disconnected, not 100% sure what was my last msg :p)10:04
MeanEngiAnyways, the issue of bb.plain not showing in stdout ( doesn't seem to be related to `bitbake-layers` as it happens when the layer is added fully manually10:05
MeanEngiAlso the example seems to work fine when copying the `bitbake` directory from poky and creating a bare minimal conf/bb structure10:06
MeanEngiThat means no `meta` no `meta-poky`...10:08
MeanEngiSo I'm not currently clear if this (putting `bb.plain()` in a recipe and not seeing it during the build in stdout) is a bug or a feature10:09
MeanEngiPerhaps that's the core question to solve first. Should `bb.plain()` in a recipe task show during build in a vanilla setting poky?10:11
LetoThe2ndMeanEngi: as the recipe gets created by bitbake-layers that way, and we intentionally ship bitbake-layers plus advocate it as the preferred way to create a new layer, it should be considered a bug. so, please file your findings. the worst that can happen is a "won't fix because..."10:11
MeanEngiLetoThe2nd: Fair :)  Will create the issue10:12
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crazy_impis it possible to change the interpreter for a _append function?10:29
LetoThe2ndcrazy_imp: hum, like what?10:31
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crazy_impproblem is, my do_rootfs_append fails with syntax error - i highly suspect the cause is: ./meta/classes/image.bbclass:197:fakeroot python do_rootfs ()10:32
crazy_impso the do_rootfs() is initially a python function10:33
crazy_impand my (old) do_rootfs_append is bash10:33
crazy_impand if bash code gets append to the python code....10:33
LetoThe2ndcrazy_imp: hmh10:34
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bluelightning_crazy_imp: rather than _append you probably want to use ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND or IMAGE_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND depending on when you want it to run10:39
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rburtonRP: sent a revised dosfstools patch, can you drop the one in next please11:07
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RPrburton: the packagegroup one?11:26
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rburtonRP: ues11:31
RPrburton: gone11:34
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stuom1how do I include an additional kernel module? The sources for the module exist but .ko is not on image12:24
stuom1(total kernel noob)12:25
LetoThe2ndstuom1: is the module being built (e.g., kernel config enables it)12:25
stuom1probably not, I guess that is what I would like to do12:26
stuom1is there some yocto-magic for it or should I just go and learn how that is done in general in linux12:27
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LetoThe2nddepends a bit on your usecase12:30
LetoThe2ndi personally prefer to nail my defconfig down, but other options exist.12:30
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stuom1I found this
stuom1maybe i try the quick and dirty way first ;)12:33
stuom1Is this at all the right place to start?12:34
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MeanEngiLetoThe2nd: Made the issue:  Is it common practice to make a "test case" also?12:36
yoctiBug 13749: normal, Undecided, ---, richard.purdie, NEW , Example recipe created with bitbake-layers create-layer doesn't print to stdout12:36
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LetoThe2ndMeanEngi: the easier it is to reproduce for somebody looking, the better. Thank you, looks absolutely fine for me.12:39
MeanEngiLetoThe2nd: Thanks :)12:43
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Ad0"Value requested for CONFIG_AUFS_FS not in final .config" what causes that?13:24
*** andycooper is now known as andycooper_home13:27
qschulzAd0: I think we need a tad bit more info :) Which recipe? Did you do anything special with it? (bbappend, overriding files, etc.)?13:27
Ad0yes. I have my own entire defconfig . recipes-kernel[dir] -> linux[dir] -> linux-raspberrypi_%.bbappend, linux-raspberrypi[dir] -> defconfig13:29
Ad0so I know my defconfig makes it's way into there13:29
Ad0kernel is 4.19.71 so it should support AUFS5.13:30
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qschulzAd0: I don't know exactly honestly. How did you create your defconfig?13:31
Ad0I dumped it from a device and enabled my own stuff13:31
Ad0using the /proc method13:31
qschulzUsing the proc method?13:33
qschulzI do not understand what you did :)13:33
Ad0cat /proc/config.gz | gunzip > running.config13:33
qschulzok, then?13:33
fullstopI just wanted to mention that using EXCLUDE_FROM_SHLIBS was exactly what I needed in my case to maintain my own ABI information for a few select libraries.13:34
Ad0then renaming that to defconfig and enabling AUFS13:34
Ad0is there some intelligent config merging / mish mashing?13:35
Ad0should I perhaps use config fragments or do something else? I want to tweak the entire config myself and totally replace it, should be possible13:35
qschulzhow did you do "enabling AUFS"?13:36
qschulzyeah no13:37
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Ad0it's not really a yocto problem I think -
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dv|2I am running Toaster inside Build Appliance. after "bitbake myrecipe" it parses recipes and stops at 85-95% and remain unfinished. What may be wrong?13:40
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dv|2Is there are any new documentation how to run Toaster? Hob is outdated.13:42
dv|2Is there test toaster version in the web?13:42
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dv|2why Toster WebInterface may show "ToasterSetting object" instead or variable name in Django admin page/ Toaster settings?13:45
LetoThe2nddv|2: poky ships the corresponding, current toaster version13:46
dv|2LetoThe2nd, is it usable inside Build Appliance image?13:47
qschulzAd0: you get the sources (or use devshell or devtool or whatever) if your kernel, then put your running.config at the root and rename it .config. Then you run menuconfig, from there you select the options you want, you save when you exit. Then you run savedefconfig. The defconfig is at the root. You take this one. That's how one creates a defconfig13:50
qschulzAd0: you can use fragments yes, that's encouraged for kernel-yocto recipes (linux-raspebrry is one). It's honestly a little bit more complex but not too much. You take the .config after your kernel recipe has built. With that one, you run savedefconfig. You backup the defconfig. Then you run menuconfig, from there you select the options you want, you save when you exit. Then you run savedefconfig.13:51
qschulzfrom there, you do a diff of the backed-up defconfig and the new one. You put it in a .scc file and add it to your SRC_URI13:52
Ad0maybe that's the way to go13:52
qschulzYou're the second or third people to ask the same question in a few days. We're missing some docs or tools for sure then.13:52
Ad0but I still want to know the reason why a mismatch is created, a mismatch between what?13:53
Ad0 so doing this one ?13:53
Ad0 bitbake -c menuconfig virtual/kernel13:53
Ad0the biggest problem for me is where the files are modified and how I am sure they are saved etc13:54
qschulzOK, that's one wiki we could expand. There's much more to say and I'm surprised there is a tool to concatenate fragments but not create them13:54
qschulzAd0: anything done by bitbake is temporary let's say. If you don't modify something in the Yocto sources or recipes, it's wrong basically.13:55
Ad0when I do  bitbake -c menuconfig virtual/kernel, what defconfig does it read from as a base?13:55
qschulzmenuconfig is nice for debugging purposes but it won't save anything13:55
qschulzit takes whatever the recipe said it should take13:55
tgamblinRP: I'm thinking patch v3 from last night should solve the logrotate issue. It's a relatively simple fix, but if the test is only meant to test that logrotate works then I think it's a sufficient fix13:56
qschulzit's per recipe, so you would need a bit of digging in the recipe to know exactly what;s going on13:56
qschulzmost likely some default defconfig plus fragments for your case13:56
Ad0maybe raspberrypi3 doesn't like me replacing the entire defconfig and creates a mismatch because it doesn't expect it or something13:56
* qschulz shrugs13:57
qschulzwait wtf... there's a diffconfig tasks /o\14:00
qschulzmaybe you could try menuconfig, select your things and right after a diffconfig14:01
qschulzthat should be way better. Hopefully that works. I'm so pissed I didn't know :/14:02
qschulzAd0: ^14:03
Ad0thanks :)14:04
Ad0yeah well I want to base it off an existing device's config tho14:04
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Ad0a mismatch is because the option probably depends on something that is not enabled, so yeah I would use menuconfig I think.14:07
Ad0or trawl through the defconfig to see what I have to enable by hand14:08
qschulzYes, try with menuconfig and then diffconfig. This should output a config fragments14:08
qschulzNo. You do not edit a defconfig by hand14:08
qschulzsame for .config14:08
Ad0thing is that a lot of documentation define the variable name, but it's hard to see in menuconfig what option which only has a description corresponds to the variable name14:13
qschulzUse the "/" Luke :)14:14
qschulzthere is a search in menuconfig, use the name of the config without CONFIG_ in front14:14
Ad0thanks a lot14:15
Ad0that would solve a bunch of issues14:15
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qschulzlet us know what's the outcome :)14:16
qschulz(i.e. if it works or not. My English seems broken again :) )14:16
*** radsquirrel <radsquirrel!> has joined #yocto14:17
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Ad0AUFS is nowhere to be found14:25
Crofton|roadany pi3 and/or alsa people arond, workign on FOSDEM demo :)14:25
qschulzAd0: how do you know this is supported for this kernel?14:28
Ad0I have to check further14:29
dv|2Is there any working Toaster demo?14:29
*** tolszak <tolszak!> has joined #yocto14:30
qschulzAd0: I mean where did you get this specific Kconfig options?14:32
Ad0maybe AUFS support was ditched14:33
Ad0weird that it works fine in one ARM vexpress kernel but not in raspberrypi's .14:34
Ad0I think AUFS is dead and is replaced by overlayfs214:34
tolszakHello, I stuck, I created closed package (let's call it A) with commercial license using bin_package. Now I want to use it as dependency of final package (let's call it B) adding DEPENDS += "A". Recipe is parsed correctly, package A is found but not installed in B recipe-sysroot?14:34
tolszakAny idea why?14:34
paulbarkerCrofton|road: I expect the table is now full with Beth's disco-in-a-box and Alex's demo hardware14:35
qschulztolszak: How do you know if package A is found?14:35
Crofton|roadWell, any hint on sound, glad I got this going again, should finish it :)14:35
qschulztolszak: also, not all sources are installed in a sysroot so it might depend where your file is installed in packageB to be able to see it in sysroots14:36
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tolszakqschulz: If I change it to DEPENDS += "Afoo" bitbake fails because it can14:36
tolszakit can't find Afoo package14:36
paulbarkerCrofton|road: I like my boards silent haha, not done any work with sound on the Pi 3 or other hw for several years14:36
tolszakAnd with DEPENDS += "A" fails on compilation14:36
Crofton|roadgqrx tries to bring up some alsa stuff and dies14:36
Crofton|roadjsut need to get past the error, and possible something needs updating in bsp14:37
qschulztolszak: what's the error at compile time? Have you checked in the sysroot that the file needed (header or lib) is present *somewhere*?14:38
qschulzAd0: from what I could gather, AUFS is a set of patches. It's not in mainline14:40
Ad0ok thanks.14:40
tolszakqschulz: That's the point, I can see those files in "A" build dir: tmw/work/.../A/...14:40
Ad0I don't need it I found out but now I am more educated on menu config14:40
Ad0and you found about diff :)14:40
tolszakqschulz: but it is not present in tmp/work/.../B/.../recipe-sysroot14:40
qschulzAd0: yup, one always learn :)14:40
qschulztolszak: what's the path to the missing file in packageA?14:41
tolszakqschulz: /usr/locale/include14:42
tolszakqschulz: /usr/local/include/A/header.h14:43
tolszakqschulz: Does it make a difference?14:43
tolszakqschulz: and libs in /usr/local/lib/A/libname.so14:44
qschulzyeah, I don't think /usr/local is part of the sources put into a sysroot14:44
tolszakqschulz: Is it documented somewhere?14:44
tolszakI wonder if I can enforce and mark A to be considered as proper build dependency14:46
qschulztolszak: I don't know, try quickly to put the library from packageA in /usr/lib and see if that helps14:46
tolszakqschulz: FYI I started to learn yocto  a week ago and I'm close to finalizing my own distro, so far I love it and I was a bit scared reading in docs about steep learning curve14:47
tolszakWill try that and let know14:47
*** sstiller <sstiller!> has quit IRC14:47
tolszakqschulz: Yeah it works14:50
tolszakthe /usr/local/ was the issue14:50
qschulzthe issue is that I never remember where this thing is done in code so I can't check quickly14:51
qschulzwhich sources are taken in a DEPENDS => /me shrugs14:51
dv|2may I set Preffered_version of the package in file?14:55
tolszakqschulz: !!!! SYSROOT_DIRS need to be set in A recipe14:56
tolszakqschulz: Many, many thanks!14:56
qschulztolszak: yes. The question now is why do you think libs in /usr/local is correct?14:57
qschulzI meant why do you put it here14:57
tolszakqschulz: It isn't, it is just 3rd party library that my software depends on, and probably have hardcoded rpath14:57
qschulzBecause I don't think the libs will be found without you adding LD_LIBRARY_PATH to your environment14:57
tolszakqschulz: there is custom detection of A paths in my B configuration file14:58
tolszakqschulz: Damn, it compiled!14:58
qschulztolszak: then install it in /usr/lib (${D}${libdir} to be exact), less pain in the future :)14:59
qschulztolszak: great :)14:59
tolszakqschulz: if libs provided as binaries have hardcoded rpath to /usr/include/lib .. then I don't want to struggle with it15:00
*** ericch <ericch!> has joined #yocto15:01
tolszakqschulz: But still, I'm astounded how consistent yocto is15:01
qschulzugh... we patchelf those sometimes. Pre-built binaries are the worst15:02
Crofton|roadWe try hard to make it that way :)15:04
*** yacar_ <yacar_!> has joined #yocto15:07
tolszakqschulz: I think, for me it will be safest to just not do it, those are also used on ubuntu etc, so I'm ok with just adding those paths in configurations files15:07
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arkverHi. I have a question re: dnf on the target with an image built including package-management in the IMAGE_FEATURES. I'm using latest thud branch. Problem is that "dnf list installed" on the host comes back empty. I'm wondering if the database that dnf uses is split off into another package that I'm not including in the image? This used to work on pyro.18:01
arkverdnf list installed on the target, I mean.18:02
*** rob_gries <rob_gries!~rob@> has joined #yocto18:02
RobertBerger@arkver: Do you mean running dnf on the host or the target?18:03
arkver@RobertBerger: the target, sorry for confusion18:04
rob_griesHello does anyone know the reason why qualcomm insists on using old versions of yocto in their BSP distributions? I'm working on something for the APQ8053 and it seems like the latest BSP available still uses Yocto Jethro with terribly broken multilib support.18:04
RobertBerger@arkver: Did you create a package feed on the host and tell the target where to find it?18:05
arkveryes, that's working OK and dnf can see updated packages OK, but won't update anything since nothing is installed18:05
arkver(it thinks)18:05
RobertBerger@arkver: I am a bit in the dark with dnf, since I usually use ipk/opk.18:06
RobertBerger@arkver: Would it be easy to switch pkg manager for a test and see if it works with another pkg manager?18:07
arkverok. With those, is including package-management (with the correct PACKAGE_CLASSES) enough?18:09
RobertBergerHere is what I do:18:09
RobertBerger1) IMAGE_FEATURES_append = " package-management"18:10
RobertBerger2) build core-image-minimal18:11
RobertBerger3) bitbake package-index18:11
RobertBerger4) expose the package feed via a web server e.g. in /var/www/html/imx6q-phytec-mira-rdk-nand/core-image-minimal-package-repo/3.0.1 a symlink like this: core-image-minimal-package-ipk -> /workdir/build/multi-v7-ml-debug-training-pkgs/tmp/deploy/ipk18:14
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RobertBerger5) on target add to /etc/opkg/base-feeds.conf your feeds18:15
arkverok, I'm doing that, sort of. My image recipe has IMAGE_FEATURES += " package-management". I wonder if it really needs to be in the build's local.conf18:16
arkverI'm using PACKAGE_FEED_[URIS|BASE_PATHS|ARCHS] which means that the conf file is included in the image automatically.18:17
RobertBerger5) the base feeds.conf looks like that: src/gz all
RobertBergersrc/gz armv7a-neon
RobertBergersrc/gz multi-v7-ml
RobertBerger@arkver if you have a package manager in your image chances are it took it ;)18:18
arkverAnd yeah, it has suitable lines for the package server. That part is OK. It's the initial list of installed packages that should imho have been generated during do_rootfs that's missing.18:18
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RobertBerger@Maybe you need to do some kind of update/upgrade?18:20
RobertBerger@arkver: I usually do on the target opkg update and then the party starts18:21
RobertBerger@arkver: You could also try to build a new package, which is not in the rootfs and try to install that18:22
arkver@RobertBerger: DNF syncs the with the package repo using: dnf distro-sync --refresh    but fails to notice an updated version of a package that's already installed since it doesn't think it's installed. Will try adding a new one. I'll dig deeper to see what might have changed since pyro (which worked).18:25
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RobertBerger@arkver: I remember something weird with rpms, let me check a bit18:26
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away18:27
RobertBerger@arkver: I guess you have a /etc/yum.repos.d file or so?18:28
arkverI do indeed18:28
arkverand it looks ok18:28
RobertBergerdnf --nogpgcheck makecache18:29
RobertBerger@arkver: I guess you don't sign your packages18:30
arkverI sign the packages, but not the feed. gpgcheck isn't mentioned in the repo config file. makecache didn't magically restore the list of installed packages (sadly)18:32
RobertBergerdnf clean all18:33
RobertBergerdnf update -v18:33
arkverthat pulls down the metadata from the repo again (though there are some missing bits? deltainfo, updateinfo)18:35
arkverlist installed is still empty18:35
arkverthis will be something missing from the rootfs. dnf should know what's installed regardless of whether it can connect to a server.18:35
RobertBerger@arkver: I am afraid I am not much of a help here, since I rarely use dnf ;)18:36
arkverYeah. I recall I had some "fun" getting it to work right before (also for an imx6q incidentally). Thanks for the help anyway Robert.18:37
RobertBerger@arkver: Anyhow, I don't see anything obviously wrong in what you are doing. Maybe it's really a bug in this specific version of dnf.18:38
RobertBerger@arkver: I would just try with another package manager. If that works, you can dig into dnf. If that does not work, maybe something more fundamental is broken.18:39
arkverIndeed, will give that a whirl too.18:39
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tlwoernerJPEW: the last time i tried using bmaptool (following the instructions in the manual) it didn't work. i'm happy to see the manual has been updated with new instructions, and it now works :-D19:01
tlwoernertgamblin: i haven't heard back yet, sorry, i'll ping him again on monday if i haven't heard from him by then (college course)19:02
kiwi_29Hi, I get this error when using devtool.   "ERROR: Something went wrong with source extraction - the devtool-source class was not active or did not function correctly:"19:02
JPEWtlwoerner: Good... was that with a Rock Pi 4 then?19:02
tlwoernerJPEW: yes, i was just testing if calling the tool from a build environment (oe-run-native) worked19:03
kiwi_29 "[Errno 2] No such file or directory:  <PATH>/poky/build/tmp/work/<arch>/<recipename>/0.1+gitAUTOINC+2015F7073er15/devtooltmp-zc312g2f/initial_rev"19:04
kiwi_29I had deleted all the files inside workspace folder by mistake. Could that be causing this problems19:04
tgamblintlwoerner: no worries!19:04
kiwi_29How can I reset whole devtool to restart19:05
kiwi_29and regenerate stuff inside workspace folder19:05
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arkver@RobertBerger: I reflashed the system from the image and dnf list installed now shows the correct list. I assume the database had simply been trashed somehow previously. Sorry for the false alarm, and thanks again.19:06
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tlwoernerJPEW: (ps i'm actually testing bmap on the tinker board since that patch comes before the rock pi 4 stuff, and i'm testing sequentially)19:36
JPEWtlwoerner: ok19:51
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RobertBerger@arkver: good to hear that it was just a glitch in the matrix ;)20:12
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Linus_SWEHi! Im working on a distro for a customer to use on a custom board. They want systemd which was no problem but they also want /usr/sbin/service and /usr/sbin/invoke-rc.d for a bunch of old stuff. Is there an easy way to add them?20:58
radsquirrelhello!  poll for anyone that uses Yocto for embedded firmware - how long do you support your firmware releases?21:01
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fullstopI've been supporting firmware built with buildroot for nearly a decade now.21:08
fullstopyocto is still new to me, though21:08
JPEWWe have typical product lifetimes of 7-10 years21:09
radsquirrelfullstop JPEW thanks!21:10
radsquirrelwhich industry?21:11
JPEWConsumer Electronics21:11
fullstopautomotive telemetry / fleet management21:11
radsquirrelJPEW in those 7-10 years do you maintain a snapshot of Yocto and back-port fixes all that time?21:12
radsquirrelor do you roll from one release of yocto to the next?21:13
JPEWradsquirrel: It depends. We have a wide number of product to support; some of them are fixed on a specific version, some roll forward to newer versions21:13
JPEWradsquirrel: Rolling forward is what we prefer; we only stick on older versions when we have to (which is more than we'd like ;)21:14
radsquirrelI also have to support a given version for upwards of 10 years...was just curious if there are a bunch of people out there maintaining old yocto snapshots21:15
radsquirrelthere doesn't seem to be much activity in the older releases.21:15
JPEWradsquirrel: I'd guess most people do the maintenance on a fork21:15
radsquirrelok.  bummer.21:16
JPEWradsquirrel: It it21:16
JPEWradsquirrel: It is :)21:16
fullstopI've backported a ton of stuff to a very old kernel, unfortunately.21:20
radsquirrelI was hoping everyone would tell me I'm crazy to do that.21:21
radsquirrelthx again for answering the poll!21:22
fullstopYou assume that we are all sane.  ;-)21:22
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RPradsquirrel: I'll say you're crazy. I'd also like people to start sharing work...22:05
RPradsquirrel: I'm trying to make it easier for the core project to test older things22:05
radsquirrelRP: thanks! (for the former and the latter)22:06
khemRP: I wanted to add  /usr/bin/core_perl to PATH in eSDK during install it need to find HOSTTOOLS which are in  /usr/bin/core_perl22:17
khembut it does not respect the shell envs. So I think eSDK installer has its own settings for PATH if I knew I could stick it there22:17
frayeSDK installer core is the regular SDK installer22:21
frayso it's part of the populate_sdk stuff, embedded in all of that22:21
*** Linus_SWE <Linus_SWE!> has quit IRC22:21
khemthats fine, I am looking for place where its setting it22:23
khemit doesnt matter where it does that22:23
khemit can look for things in /usr/local/bin e.g. and /usr/bin22:24
khemwhere is that logic22:24
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tgamblinOpenSorceress: nice nickname23:32
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