Saturday, 2020-01-25

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sveinseIs there a way to tell toaster which python to use, i.e. to be able to a virtual environment? Installing globla packages (system or user) is 2019. Or 2017 even.00:39
sveinseI can do it the old way, activating the virtual environment before calling any of toaster and bitbake. This way the python executable points to my venv and not the system00:42
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to load image in sama5d27-som1-ek kit using SDcard <>05:41
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Crofton|roadhmmm, I ahve a vendor how sets defconfig in the linux-ycoto bbappend09:47
Crofton|roadDoes that mean it ignore all attempts to modify behavior with config fragments?09:47
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LetoThe2ndCrofton|road: i think so, yes10:03
Crofton|roadhmm mega manual is suggesting otherwise, but imperical test suggest sdefconfig rules10:05
LetoThe2ndimperial test?10:07
* LetoThe2nd cues the Imperial March10:07
Crofton|roaddo not understand what I am seeing, maybe order in SRC_URI depenednet10:16
LetoThe2ndwelcome to my life10:25
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Crofton|roadOK so it does use the fragments, but it is wise to enable the required CONFIG DEps10:46
Crofton|roadeven though they end up on in th efinal .config10:46
Crofton|roadJust listing CONFIG_USB_SERIAL failed10:47
Crofton|roadadding the three listed depends fixed it10:48
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crazy_impbluelightning: thanks for the hint yesterday, it worked :)11:14
bluelightningcrazy_imp: no worries :)11:14
bluelightningglad to be able to help11:14
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RobertBerger@Crofton|road: I would assume that first defconfig is used than the defconfig bbappend is applied over it and then the config fragments kick in11:49
Crofton|roadit is11:49
Crofton|roadwas just confusing until I added options needed to turn on USB_SERIAL11:50
LetoThe2ndCrofton|road: but thats always true, that fragments have to take care of configureation dependencies.11:50
Crofton|roadjust annoying when a file that worked once, doesn't work the next time :)11:51
Crofton|roaddue to different intil conditions11:51
LetoThe2ndCrofton|road: you can now take an elaborated guess why i avoid config fragments.11:51
RobertBerger@Crofton|road: Ah I see. Did you generate the fragment via menuconfig/diffconfig? Then additional dependencies should be in the fragment automagically.11:51
Crofton|roadthat sound like something I need to try11:51
Crofton|roadis there a good guide to working with frgaments?11:52
LetoThe2ndCrofton|road: the kernel manual11:52
LetoThe2nd(the YP one)11:52
Crofton|roadwho reads those?11:52
LetoThe2ndCrofton|road: and once you've figured out, get a hair cut and in front of a webcam!11:52
Crofton|roadI jsut had a haircut, but onyl the NSA sees my webcam11:53
LetoThe2ndwe need more streamers!11:53
LetoThe2ndincentive: the uploaded episode of tuesday already has 120+ views on youtube.11:54
RobertBerger@LetoThe2nd 120+ views due to all those buzzwords. Just add Iot, AI as well and it will go crazy ;)11:57
LetoThe2ndRobertBerger: go ahead.11:58
RobertBerger@LetoThe2nd  Once they reach 120K ;)11:59
LetoThe2ndRobertBerger: if you got something to show on those buzzwords, i'll happily assist in getting it out to the public.11:59
RobertBerger@LetoThe2nd: I might have at some point in time, but until the Embedded World I am 1 week in the office, where i'll prep equipment for EW. Otherwise I'm on the road training companies. Lack of time.12:01
LetoThe2ndjust do it in the evening when you would be drinking anyways. thats what i do.12:02
RobertBerger@LetoThe2nd: As a self employed either you drink with customers or you don't drink a lot in the evening. Also a lot of prep time is required so examples actually work and slides are prepared, which should not be under the influence of "substances" like alc.12:07
* LetoThe2nd take due note.12:08
RobertBerger@LetoThe2nd: oci, Kubernetes, Iot, Grafana, Influx, Python3,... maybe AI,... the question is more when I will have some prototype with my current schedule (and I was not much different the last couple of years)12:13
RobertBergerand it was12:13
RobertBerger@LeoThe2nd: Ah and instead of drinking in the evening also I need to do some kind of training maintenance. Only on the YP training the last couple of weeks: 853 files changed, 60455 insertions(+), 2894 deletions(-)12:17
* LetoThe2nd takes more due notes. :)12:17
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beratiksHi, I try to up and init can0 after boot automatically with systemd. Althought eth0,eth1 up, can0 and can1 not up after boot. It is my systemd bbappend and can0.service files :   Can you help me?14:34
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dv|2I have multiconfig. Why do I see "Layer version information not found; Check if the bitbake server was configured to inherit toaster.bbclass" message in Toaster ?14:42
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smurrayarmpit: the recipes-kernel/linux/linux-%_5.%.bbappend in meta-security seems problematic, I believe bitbake is treating that as linux-%.bbappend, as I'm seeing it picked when parsing (breaking compilation)...14:54
LetoThe2ndsmurray: security is problematic, generally....14:54
smurrayLetoThe2nd: heh14:54
smurrayarmpit: also recipes-kernel/linux/linux-yocto-dev.bbappend has a line starting with a '+', seems like a patch cut-and-paste14:57
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armpitsmurray, thanks. I will look into it18:07
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smurrayarmpit: thanks18:08
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khemRP: I have another glibc upgrade three things 1. Bump to latest 2. Drop long standing ppc cacheline patch 3_ Drop fortify patch18:18
khemRP: I will post it today and also update it on kraj/pu on poky-contrib final glibc releaase then will be a lot smaller18:19
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armpitkhem, need that built ?18:33
khemarmpit: sure give me a minute to update it18:36
khemarmpit: its ready now
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RPkhem: I'll get it into the queue, thanks18:57
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khemthank you19:13
khemRP: I have got most of gcc10 issues reported and fixed in upstream gcc as well, right now gcc trunk can build world cleanly and core-image-sato/testimage works too19:14
khembut gcc10 wont release in time for 3.1 I think19:14
khemit aligns with fedora release19:15
khemnot surprisingly, thats where most of gcc dev work19:15
khemreal kicker will be -fcommon defaults change which I have disabled but I will let other distros chime in we have around 130 apps which needs fixing with -fno-common19:19
beratiksHi. Can somebody help me?
RPkhem: sounds like good work, thanks19:23
RPkhem: the fun just keeps coming...19:23
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khemyeah it never ends does it19:38
khemberatiks: you have a typo FILES_${PN} += "{sysconfdir}/systemd/system/* "19:40
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khem{sysconfdir} should be ${sysconfdir}19:40
tgamblinkhem: if someone opens a defect on missing RDEPENDS for a package and they're using zeus, is there anything that'd block me from submitting a patch to fix it? Specifically, which is actually a problem with python-twisted being missing RDEPENDS19:41
yoctiBug 13741: normal, Undecided, ---, unassigned, NEW , python-twisted declares PyHamcrest>=1.9.0 in requirements.txt but it is not in RDEPENDS (not even needed?)19:41
tgamblinI've already submitted the patch for master, but the user's backtrace suggests they're using zeus19:42
khemtgamblin: it flows via master, so if its fixed in master indirectly then mention that and it can be proposed for zeus19:42
beratikskhem: Is mistakes at "systemd-machine-units_1.0.bbappend" ?19:42
tgamblinkhem: alright, thanks19:42
khemberatiks: yes19:43
khemactually systemd_%.bbappend19:44
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: yocto systemd can service not start after boot <>19:44
khemactually it should be FILES_${PN} += "${systemd_unitdir}/system/"19:46
beratikskhem: I added to "systemd-machine-units_1.0.bbappend"    FILES_${PN} += "${sysconfdir}/systemd/system/* ". But nothing change.19:52
beratikskhem: I have seen now. I add and try19:53
beratikskhem: It seems nothing change. There is not can0.service at target's /lib/systemd/system19:59
khemis same bbappend adding can0.service too ?20:00
beratiksIf you mean , added "FILES_${PN} += "${systemd_unitdir}/system/" to can0.service, yes same20:06
beratiksAlso for  be sure recipe is work, I check :20:08
beratiksbitbake-layers show-appends|grep  /home/berat/meta-tq/ci-meta-tq/sources/meta-tq/recipes-core/systemd/systemd-machine-units_1.0.bbappend20:08
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khemdo you see can0.service anywhere in rootfs ?20:42
khemand ensure that systemd-machine-units is added to image perhaps via IMAGE_INSTALL20:42
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beratikskhem: I havent seen in rootfs. (I search with find -name "*can0*" at / )20:51
khemhmm then its not adding to your rootfd20:51
beratikskhem: Now i build with systemd_%.bbappend. Now I think can0.service will be add.20:52
khemso please ensure the relevant package is added via IMAGE_INSTALL for testing20:52
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beratikskhem: I finished the build. systemd_%.append add can0.service to /lib/systemd/system as I expected but :   $systemctl status can0 says that :21:57
beratiks��● can0.service - can0 interface setup   Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/can0.service; disabled; vendor preset: enabled)   Active: inactive (dead)Jan 25 21:56:55 tqma8xqp-mba8xx systemd[1]: [[0;1;39m[[0;1;31m[[0;1;39m/lib/systemd/system/can0.service:16: Unknown lvalue 'FILES_${PN} +' in section 'Install'[[0m21:57
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