Monday, 2020-02-03

cmtptrcreich, i type "something bake some-recipes" where i think "something" is a script to set up some environment variables and who knows what else.  i'm not going to look at it now because i'm so fed up with developing in this environment i'd rather bother the guy who wrote it - make him have to suffer at least some of my grief00:06
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dv|2how to exclude qemu and qemu-native from the image dependencies?06:29
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stuom1OpenCV recipe has the line PACKAGECONFIG[v4l] = "-DWITH_V4L=ON,-DWITH_V4L=OFF,v4l-utils," does it mean if I add v4l-utils to DEPENDS, it will be built with -DWITH_V4L=ON?07:31
stuom1(because it does not...)07:32
erbostuom1: No it means that if you set PACKAGECONFIG += "v4l" it will add v4l-utils to DEPENDS and build with -DWITH_V4L=ON07:37
stuom1hmm ok, it is already in PACKAGECONFIG ??= by default, but it is not build with v4l07:41
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erbostuom1: So ??= is a lazy default value, so if something else modifies PACKAGECONFIG it will not be used. Could you verify it actually ends up in PACKAGECONFIG using "bitbake -e opencv | grep ^PACKAGECONFIG" ?07:45
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stuom1there is PACKAGECONFIG="  libv4l" but grepping the do_configure lo gives me "libv4l/libv4l2: NO"07:49
stuom1libv4l is actually the one i want07:50
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mckoangood morning08:09
erbostuom1: No you do not want "libv4l" in PACKAGECONFIG, you want "v4l" in PACKAGECONFIG.08:12
erbomckoan: good morning08:12
stuom1there is PACKAGECONFIG[libv4l] = "-DWITH_LIBV4L=ON,-DWITH_LIBV4L=OFF,v4l-utils,"08:13
stuom1at least i think i want libv4l instead of v4l08:13
erbooh, there's two?08:13
stuom1or atleast it still should show YES in config log for libv4l08:14
erboThen I don't know what's going on. I would look in log.do_configure to try to see if the -DWITH_LIBV4L=ON option got passed ok, and see why it still didn't get enabled.08:17
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dv|2if ssh asks for new key confirmation bitbake fail to load the repo. How can I prevent it?09:54
creichdv|2: maybe try to clone the repo manually once and make the key confirmation permanent09:56
creichnot that clean sollution, but should work i guess09:57
dv|2creich, I did. But it is annoying to clients who will use my layers09:57
creichok, in that case it depends on your infrastructure09:58
creichthat key confirmation is not related to bitbake. it should be a setting inside your ssh client09:59
creichi don't know if you're using more than one repo server09:59
creichbut you should make the key of your repo server(s) available to your ssh clients on the developer machines10:00
qschulzdv|2: make it part of your setup process so it's added to known_hosts before bitbake is called10:01
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dv|2creich, I shared. I am talking about normal ssh configuration: "... are you shure?<yes> - Permanently added '' to the list of known hosts"10:04
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dv|2oh, sorry, did not get your message. Oh, possibly it couldd be a better idea to just add to known_hosts. But if key will be changed?10:05
rburtonRP: if we're dropping pod2man from hosttools then the pod fix class i wrote can be dropped right?10:05
dv|2It will also ask then. I'm using several different repo servers10:05
qschulzdv|2: key shouldn't change. If it does, this is a major security issue or a fuck-up on your part. Both ways need manual verification and process.10:05
qschulzdv|2: you *want* to be notified the key has changed10:06
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RPrburton: probably, yes10:10
RPrburton: I basically concluded we were fighting a losing battle :(10:10
RPrburton: limited people mean we can't afford to do it10:10
rburtonyeah, fair10:11
RPrburton: perl still isn't reproducible it seems :(10:14
rburtonany idea what's changing now?10:15
RPrburton: have an rsync running to then allow debug10:15
RPrburton: the collection of breakage is at least much cleaner now10:15
rburtonhm did i post the fix for modules that disappear10:16
rburtoni got it fixed upstream but now cant recall if i backported it10:16
rburtonah i worked around it, good10:17
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rburtonnot convinced we should be relying on opkg-utils to pull perl-native into recipes10:19
RPrburton: no, I'm not either10:20
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RPrburton: I'm at the stage were I wanted to get fixes in and try and sort the builds though10:21
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RPrburton: it gets the patch queue back to something manageable too (since pod2man and my makeinfo changes conflicted)10:23
RPrburton: I'm probably going to merge Alex's patches from -next10:23
RPrburton: have run clean on the AB now10:23
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rburtoni can have a glance over next in a second10:23
RPrburton: thank10:26
rburtonalso fired a world on the other machine with the goal of chasing all the pod2man missing deps in the background10:29
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rburtonworld build on a fast machine sits for a very long time in webkit and piglit11:16
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rburton(i'm sure that's not a surprise for anyone)11:16
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: About the wrong URI in in Poky <>11:22
RPrburton: I'm shocked! (not) :)11:23
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RPrburton: openssl ptest shows ·​perl_archname·​=>·​"x86_64-​linux-​thread-​multi",​68 ·​·​perl_archname·​=>·​"x86_64-​linux-​gnu-​thread-​multi",​11:41
rburtonsuch fun11:42
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RPrburton: the dilemma is to patch or just use perlnative :/11:49
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rburtonfun fact!11:54
rburtonpseudo-native calls pod2man11:54
RPrburton: it does? :/11:54
RPrburton: how does anything work then? :/11:54
rburtonhm actuallllly, where is that coming from11:55
rburtonfun fact! i cant read11:57
LetoThe2ndi can't read too. you don't have to feel alone.11:57
RPrburton: you're starting to worry me11:57
rburtonso i've a horrible hack that emits a warning when pod2man is ran11:57
rburton(quilt checks for presence)11:59
rburtonRP: alex's patches in next get my seal of approval12:00
RPrburton: thanks, will merge those and it at least keeps some patches moving12:03
RPrburton: need to make decisions on the others :/12:03
RPIgnoring mine12:03
rburtonso maybe we can speed up piglit builds by not shuffling 2GB of files into the sysroot12:03
RPrburton: nice12:09
RPhmm, host leakage into target perl :/12:09
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dv|2how can I see why my bitbake freezing parsing recipes?12:28
qschulzdv|2: I don't know but you can turn the debug on and then you get tons of note messages12:29
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qschulzI think it's -D(D)*12:29
rburtondv|2: freezes suggests timing out somewhere12:29
RPBugs to 13777 files for reproducibility issues12:29
yoctiBug 13770: normal, Undecided, ---, unassigned, NEW , openssl records perl arch in ptest configdata.pm12:29
qschulzI usually type as many D as I can until I get bored pressing D :)12:29
rburtondv|2: (network timeouts, that is)12:30
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RPqschulz: Two is usually enough12:30
dv|2qschulz, I did. It prints out alot of messages and then freezes at about 92% of parsed recipes.12:30
dv|2then all subprocesses exit and only 1 is running in the background taking 0.3% of cpu.12:31
qschulzthen check what this subprocess is doing? what are the messages printed just before? (tail /proc/<pid subprocess>/fd/2 could help maybe)12:33
dv|2the process is Cooker. It just polls the descritor and do nothing. all other subprocess are stopped12:33
qschulzRP: thanks12:33
creichdv|2: can you tell which recipe the Cokker is working on?12:35
dv|2creich, the last one was alsa-state. it parsed it several times and freezed:
qschulzrburton: re: your piglit patch. I remember RP saying we should avoid _remove because it slows down the build. Would it make sense to add it to SYSROOT_DIRS_BLACKLIST instead?12:38
qschulz(by it I mean libdir)12:39
rburtonqschulz: no, because blacklist is implemented by deleting after the copy12:39
rburtonif speed is a concern we canjust set SYSROOT_DIRS to ""12:39
qschulzrburton: indeed.12:41
creichdv|2: did you modify the recipe in any way?12:41
creichdo you use poky? and if so, which version/branch?12:42
* clementp[m] sent a long message: < >12:44
clementp[m]The grpc_cpp_plugin is available locally12:45
clementp[m]But not when i install the SDK :(12:45
qschulzclementp[m]: just write your message in here without having matrix make a snippet12:45
qschulzclementp[m]: That's outside of my knowledge area but from the path of your file, the plugin makes it to nativesdk-grpc-dbg which isn't the default package right? I can't help further, just a hint12:46
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clementpqschulz sorry bad copy/paste12:50
clementpfind -name grpc_cpp_plugin./iwg27-release-bsp/build_imx8qm/tmp/work/x86_64-linux/grpc-native/1.14.1-r0/image/home/outsight/iwg27-build-script/iwg27-release-bsp/build_imx8qm/tmp/work/x86_64-linux/grpc-native/1.14.1-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/grpc_cpp_plugin./iwg27-release-bsp/build_imx8qm/tmp/work/x86_64-linux/grpc-native/1.14.1-r0/sysroot-des12:50
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dv|2creich, yes, I add simple .bbappend file. but it builds on my host successfully12:52
qschulzdv|2: and if you remove your bbappend?12:53
qschulzclementp: I suspect /opt/fsl-imx-wayland/L4.14.98-2.0.0_GA/sysroots/x86_64-pokysdk-linux/usr/bin/grpc_cpp_plugin isn't really a path expected to end in the "normal" nativesdk package. If you build the same thing but for a target image (not a nativesdk), do you still not have grpc_cpp_plugin in your image?12:55
qschulzclementp: maybe a missing FILES_${PN} += "/opt/fsl-imx-wayland/L4.14.98-2.0.0_GA/sysroots/x86_64-pokysdk-linux/usr/bin/grpc_cpp_plugin" ? but i doubt it, I'm most likely talking garbage now and so I'm going to let room for experienced people to chime in12:56
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clementpqschulz: thanks for the reply, I'm quite new with Yocto (more familiar with Buildroot), I was hopping I missed an obivious thing in my conf... But maybe there is a bug with the SDK generation and gRPC.13:04
JaMathis doesn't look correct NOTE: Running setscene task 13536 of 3008 (...)13:09
LetoThe2ndJaMa: more is more.13:09
LetoThe2nd</yngwie malmsteen>13:09
JaMaas long as it finishes eventually :)13:10
Crofton|roadtlwoerner: pidge just said you are fixing u-boot for Marex13:14
dv|2qschulz, I deleted my bbappend and the result is same13:15
rburtonanyone know how to drive perf?13:17
zeddiirm -rf perf13:17
rburtoni want to trace all exec()s and log when a specific binary is executed13:17
zeddiirburton, in all seriousness, I serach it up everytime13:18
rburtoni'm sure this is actually fairly simple but i've only ever used perf to get profiling data and not to trace syscals13:18
zeddiiyah. i've done something similar before, but the syntax escapes me every time.13:19
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Integrating Python monorepo application into Yocto <>13:23
tlwoernerCrofton|road: of course! i'm enjoying U-Boot quite a bit :-)13:26
Crofton|roadmarex-cloud: is very excited to review your work13:26
Crofton|roadI might have to muzzle him :)13:26
rburtonzeddii: close enough, i can post-process13:27
rburtonzeddii: apart from the fact that tracing a bitbake results in pages of process disappeared before notification messages13:31
rburtonso that's mostly useless13:31
rburtonwhat bit of 'trace' wasn't understood13:31
rburtoni didn't ask for a sample13:31
Crofton|roadcan we bbappend a new config for u-boot?13:32
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Crofton|roadmeta-bug is possibly hrw?13:34
rburtonRP: arhg i swore i fixed the libidb2 reprod thing already once13:35
RPrburton: clearly not :(13:36
RPrburton: there are a few of these that are surprising/painful :(13:36
RPdoes anyone have a sysvinit image booted handy?13:37
* RP wonders if /dev/shm is a tmpfs?13:37
LetoThe2ndRP: it usually is, AFAIK13:38
zeddiirburton, that has often been my experience as well. way to much data from perf. until I find some cryptic way to make it more selective.13:38
rburtonyah usually is13:39
qschulzRP: all dev is a devtmpfs on mine13:39
qschulz /dev13:39
LetoThe2ndqschulz: yes, but on the systems i know a tmpfs is addtionally mounted into /dev/shm13:40
marex-cloudCrofton|road: you should use kconfig fragments13:45
RPrburton: the biggest overhead in our builds is fork overhead of processes13:45
rburtonyeah, thus why autoconf die die die13:45
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RPI think autotools may have figured out how to remove itself from the ecosystem :/13:56
* tlwoerner prefers the good ol' days of 10 years ago where everyone only hated autotools rather than the case today where every hacker and their dog thinks they can write a better build system ("i just created the next language fad... and the 2 build systems you need to use it")14:03
clementp[m]qschulz: in gRPC FILES_${PN}-dev += "${bindir}"14:07
clementp[m]does that mean I need to add nativesdk-grpc-dev to toolchain_host ?14:07
clementp[m]YEAH !14:15
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JPEWRP: Why is forking so expensive?14:31
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rburtonpaulbarker: have a cookie for your 'trash on fire' comment re NPM in the license compliance presentation you did at ELCE14:33
rburtonmade me lol14:33
rburtonJPEW: configure is a fork bomb14:33
JPEWrburton: Ah so not something we have control over14:33
rburtonJPEW: fun fact: on my machine i can make gettext configure several times faster by explicitly pinning it to a single CPU (as by default it was round-robining across 20 cores at lowest speed, instead of staying on one fast core)14:34
rburtoni should replicate that and see if the behaviour still happens14:34
tgamblinRP: since my logrotate patch ended up not being the culprit for those failures, do you think it's worth trying the v3 patch again?14:34
JPEWrburton: Hah, that's fantastic!14:34
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JPEWWe should make that behavior a task flag ;)14:36
JPEWrburton: You should try running configure on Windows... still gives me nightmares14:36
*** creich <creich!> has joined #yocto14:36
rburtonoh god yes thats a whole new level of pain14:37
fullstopfork is significantly more expensive on that platform14:37
rburtonJPEW: i have a patch for the task flag thing, oddly didn't seem to help.  interactions were odd.14:37
rburton0: gettext-0.20.1-r0 do_configure - 1m10s (pid 19512)14:39
* rburton yans14:39
rburtonerm, yawns14:39
rburton0: gettext-0.20.1-r0 do_configure - 2m0s (pid 19512)14:40
* rburton has a nap14:40
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rburtonright ~2 minutes 1014:40
fullstopI have the same feeling when bitbake parses all of the recipes.. ;-)14:40
JPEWfullstop: lots of layers, lots of multiconfig, or both?14:41
fullstopa fair number of layers14:41
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rburtonJPEW: htop says configure is using 10 cores, all at ~20% usage14:41
rburtonoddly flipping between what 10 of my 20 it uses14:42
rburton1-10 for a bit, then 11-2014:42
JPEWrburton: Hmm. So many forks confuses the kernel scheduler perhaps?14:42
rburtonthats the guess14:43
rburtontrying taskset -c 0 now14:44
rburtonso yeah still terrible14:44
rburtondebian 5.3 kernel14:45
rburtonoutside of bitbake, gettext configure takes 110 seconds14:45
rburtonwith taskset -c0 to pin to cpu 0, 60 seconds14:45
JPEWrburton: So it takes twice as long and doesn't get faster when pinned if running in bitbake?14:46
rburtontrying in bitbake again, just rebasing my branch14:46
RPrburton: I did try and replicate that issue again with a modern kernel and couldn't14:47
RPJPEW: basically configure is a fork bomb and pinning it to the same cpu meant hotter caches (I think)14:47
rburtonRP: if you can try again (my testcase is gettext) and if you can't replicate then we should try to identify if its the scheduler or something14:48
* RP suspects spectre/meltdown stuff means the cache effect isn't visivle any more14:48
RPrburton: I was actually talking the tglx about it, then couldn't replicate :/14:48
RPJPEW: I have patches which did the taskset pinning to cores!14:48
fullstopDoes one need elevated privs to pin tasksets?14:49
rburtonRP: i definitely just replicated it on my debian 5.3 kernel14:49
rburtonfullstop: no14:49
RPrburton: oh, interesting14:49
fullstophuh, I'll have to look into that.14:50
RPthe taskset pinning doesn't help with larger builds14:50
RPit was all very odd14:50
RPrburton: I'll have to try again14:50
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RPhmm, perl is using the host gcc for configure tests15:14
*** goliath <goliath!> has joined #yocto15:17
RPhmm, it has build and target modes. Something is confused though15:21
JPEWRP: I think I saw that also15:22
JPEWRP: Part of the non-reproducibility in perl was it trying to figure out how to generate valid code for the host compiler15:26
RPtgamblin: yes, we should retest your patch. Sorry about the confusion15:31
tgamblinRP: No worries15:31
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cmtptrcreich, fyi, i came in this morning and asked the guy who put this thing to gether.  he gave me an answer i didn't like (basically "just duplicate the whole recipe for the target-specific case"), so i started digging a little harder.  long story short, i found "MYCOMPANYNAME_IMAGE_INSTALL_COMMON" where i was able to conditionally add my package, and i got it working!  thanks again for your time, and for the15:34
cmtptrtip last night to look for the words "IMAGE_INSTALL"15:34
Pixhi guys, i'd like to host a public mirror of yocto tarballs, is there a contact/guidelines/info on space used, needed, etc ?15:35
RPJPEW: the opkg issue is its reordering the files in the ipks15:35
RPJPEW: so a tar difference :/15:36
* RP suspects we have an old host tar causing problems15:38
JPEWRP: Doesn't have --clamp-time perhaps?15:39
JPEWOr causing the ordering issues?15:39
RPJPEW: --sort option missing15:40
JPEWRP: Ah ya15:40
JPEWRP: getting cross host reproducibility is going to be hard :/15:40
adelcastPiraty: thanks for the heads up! fortunately, the bug is on the OpenWRT fork, is not on code that is shared with upstream opkg, =)15:41
RPJPEW: I thought we had new tar on all the affected machines but clearly not :/15:41
* RP ponders how to find it15:41
JPEWRP: On a related topic: what determines the order anon python fragments are executed?15:42
RPJPEW: they're sorted by their name iirc15:43
RPinternally they get a name based on filename and linenumber15:43
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creichcmtptr: glad you found a solution :)15:44
creichsorry to hear that there is kind of a messup going on15:45
*** stephano <stephano!> has joined #yocto15:45
creichinstead of copying the whole recipe, you could create a new recipe with the name you by now probably already have und instead of copying everythin just set the first line to:15:45
creichrequire <your-original-recipe>15:46
creichand then add the missing package to your MYCOMPANYNAME_IMAGE_INSTALL_COMMON15:46
creichshould make things a bit cleaner15:46
RPJPEW: all have --sort except debian8 and centos7 which should have buildtools15:48
cmtptrcreich, thanks, i'll consider that15:48
creichyw :)15:52
*** lucaceresoli <lucaceresoli!> has joined #yocto15:52
RPJPEW: it also uses tar -T, I wonder if we need to sort that15:57
RPadelcast: looks like we may have some further opkg-build tweaks :/15:57
*** sagner <sagner!~ags@> has joined #yocto15:59
RPadelcast: I think may need an extra "| sort" in it but I can't prove that as yet16:00
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tlwoernerJPEW: done :-)16:09
adelcastRP: I guess the tar OE uses doesn't have --sort support? we could just use | sort as you mentioned, to avoid conditioning reproducibility to gnu tar16:12
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rburtonRP: just as bison merges, khem finds somewhere it breaks!16:22
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JaMaanyone seeing "| make[2]: *** No rule to make target 'oldnoconfig'.  Stop." with the new 5.4 linux-yocto recipes?16:35
JaMazeddii: ^ ?16:35
JaMazeddii: it seems to be broken when gold is enabled, because olddefconfig fails with:16:36
JaMascripts/kconfig/conf  --olddefconfig Kconfig16:36
JaMascripts/Kconfig.include:39:  gold linker 'x86_64-oe-linux-ld' not supported16:36
*** m1ster_r0b0t <m1ster_r0b0t!> has joined #yocto16:37
JaMaintroduced in 5.4-rc1
*** sagner <sagner!~ags@> has joined #yocto16:45
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RPadelcast: I think its the find command output not being sorted which is the issue17:28
RPadelcast: its unclear if --sort to tar would sort the input from -T17:28
RPadelcast: obviously more investigation needed :/17:29
RPrburton: typical :(17:32
*** dev1990 <dev1990!> has joined #yocto17:32
rburtonRP, JPEW: pinning configure invocation to a single random cpu on my machine, building gettext from scratch17:35
rburtonRP, JPEW:
rburtoncurious if the gpm thing was real or just because of how the build paralled but that's all walltime17:36
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rburton(ross/cpu is the hack, a better fix would be to let bitbake do it as a task flag)17:38
RPrburton: it is interesting. could be multiple configures pinned to the same cpu too?17:39
rburtonit randomly selects a CPU so yes, possibly17:39
rburtonrebuilding just that to see what happens17:40
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*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:58
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khemrburton: one of the config is to build in a minimal debian10 container which has minimum set of deps and catches all sort of stuff18:18
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rburtonkhem: useful!18:31
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rburtonok, pushed the meta-gpl2 patches that were outstanding18:41
rburtonwe need a maintainer for meta-gpl2, someone who actually uses it18:41
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fullstopI'm having unexpected difficulty with a layer that was working before a clean.. is there a difference between recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/nativepython3 and recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/python3-native/python3 ?18:59
fullstopIt's the meta-tensorflow layer which uses bazel to build things, so bitbake -c clean doesn't actually clean up the bazel build artifacts.. so this went unnoticed until I attempted to build everything from scratch.19:00
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khemrburton: this error however seems more like a build race to me19:10
khemfullstop: bazel, maven they cache stuff, so its hard to make them repeatable, perhaps find ways to avoid caching19:13
khemalright time to boot into 5.5 kernel19:13
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fullstopkhem: yes, I'm not a fan.. but the layer exists already.19:13
fullstopand I see now that my layer doesn't exactly match what is in git.19:13
fullstopThis stuff takes hours to compile19:14
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gpandersHello all, I'm trying to generate a FIT image using Yocto. I have added KERNEL_CLASSES += "kernel-fitimage" and KERNEL_IMAGETYPES_append = " fitImage" to my image recipe, but when I run bitbake I get the following error:21:34
gpandersoutput: install: cannot stat '/home/gpanders/Projects/yocto/build/tmp/deploy/images/zcu102-zynqmp/fitImage': No such file or directory21:34
gpandersGoogle searches have been fruitless so I'm not sure what else to try at this point21:35
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gpandersI moved those two settings from my image recipe into local.conf and then ran `bitbake virtual/kernel` and that seems to work. So does that mean I cannot specify KERNEL_* configurations in my image? Since my local.conf file is not tracked in version control with my custom layer, is there somewhere I can add that change in the layer itself?21:58
JPEWgpanders: machine.conf?21:58
gpanderscan I "extend" the current machine that way, or do I have to define a new machine, e.g. zcu102-zynqmp-custom ?21:59
JPEWgpanders: I've always defined custom machines.... but there might be other ways22:01
JPEWgpanders: Your custom machine can 'require' the upstream one to make it easier22:01
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: CouchDB Replication / Timeout Error <> || bitbake failed with ExpansionError <>22:55
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RPJPEW: we're only going to get the ipk comparisons when the deb ones pass. I'm testing a patch to fix that23:40
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