Saturday, 2020-02-08

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khemRP: sent a v3 for the cpio QA patch which hopefully works02:13
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alephnullI rather new to yocto. I am attempting to build a k3s image for the odroid xu4. I found and am trying to work from here.09:47
alephnullThe uboot bit is unclear to me. It looks like uboot is fips_create'd during the uboot build. But the xu4 uses an script at the time of writing the image.09:48
alephnullWould someone point me to docs on the appropriate hook (?) like do_compile_append() to make it use when writing the image?09:51
alephnullI'm using zeus, btw.09:53
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beratiksHi guys. I am working on iMX8QX, How can I pinmux? I change from device tree but not change. Please help me?11:56
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marble_visionshi all, i've got some difficulty understanding how a certain yocto syntax works:
marble_visionsSOC_TARGET_foo = "bar"12:25
marble_visionsi guess it's like an if-else-statement... if there are no SOC_TARGET_foo's defined, you go with the SOC_TARGET = "INVALID"12:26
marble_visionsbut if there is foo defined somewhere, this would mean that you'd also get SOC_TARGET_foo autodefined as well, and SOC_TARGET would expand to bar12:27
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Run Raspberry Pi Zero W image in qemu <>13:15
RParmpit: I pushed zeus-next with some things in. Not tested yet, might need patches defuzzing13:40
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armpitRP, Which zeus-next where.  I just refreshed my repos16:27
RParmpit: sorry, pushed16:38
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smurraymarble_visions: the syntax is described here:
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How does BitBake make use of variables like B and SRC_URI? <>19:16
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SilvesterFloHello! Does anyone have experience with wic?21:34
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attiegcreich: no problem, sorry for my delayed response too...23:40
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attiegI think i might be going to look in to building the module in-tree, just because it's working there...23:40
attiegi'll let you know how the other platform goes (haven't had a chance to try it yet)23:40
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