Friday, 2020-02-07

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RParmpit: the zeus release build failed with the runpid bug I just reassigned to tgamblin this morning :/00:06
tgamblinRP: I'll prioritize that one along with oeqa skipTests00:07
RPtgamblin: its a nice easy one, just put a try/except in00:10
RPtgamblin: the process is exiting at an unfortunate time between the code lines afaict00:10
* RP isn't sure how we saw it twice in 24 hours 00:10
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tgamblinRP: Yeah, just recreating it that may take some time00:28
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khempalate: you need to pin your file package to 5.3700:30
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khempalate: sudo  pacman -U /var/cache/pacman/pkg/file-5.37-5-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz and then add IgnorePkg   = file to /etc/pacman.conf00:32
khemthat will downgrade it to 5.37 and then ignore future upgrades, its not best but thats a workaround for now00:32
khemother option is to use docker container, if you are interested then I can tell you about that too00:33
creichattieg: sorry for the late answer. came in very late today ^^00:33
creichif there is no other reason than that, maybe you just find a way to grab the patch and the co-processor firmware within one bb-layer00:34
creicheven though it would be interesting why the out-of-tree build fails and how to maintain such a driver in general00:35
creichdid you make any progress? i'll be unavailable for the next to days at least. so maybe sunday night i might be available, but i can't promise00:35
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emgRP: ah! got it. I was talking about an installer image. So the losetup stuff etc is on the target hw03:35
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BMWEHi all, My solution vendor has provided me some HW with Yocto-Poky. I need there port forwarding via ssh, but can't find the sshd_config file. Any help would be appreciated05:39
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erboBMWE: Do you know if you're using dropbear or openssh?05:45
BMWEno idea05:49
BMWEversion of the Poky will assist?05:49
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erboI don't think dropbear ship any sshd_config, so you might want to look into moving to openssh. There's an "image feature" you can use called "ssh-server-openssh" . Try setting EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES += "ssh-server-openssh" in your image recipe.05:50
erboPoky have both05:50
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BMWEAs I'm not the SW owner, I not sure that I can include it.06:00
BMWEany idea how can I enable port forwarding with dropbear?06:01
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Unable to start bitbake server <>06:40
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palatekhem: are you on archlinux, too?07:09
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palatekhem: Actually docker would not be too bad here (it's not like I need an IDE), but I'll pin the file for now. Just because I don't like the idea of being on arch linux but having to run everything on an ubuntu container xD07:15
erbopalate: I run all yocto builds in an ubuntu docker, even though I'm also using Ubuntu or Debian on the host. It's so little overhead once you're used to it, and ensures that build will work the same regardless of which host system I'm on. I can recommend it.07:18
erboI do all work outside of docker, I just use docker for the shell where I run bitbake07:18
palateerbo: so you mount your working directory as a volume with the same user id?07:19
palateerbo: may I ask how you run the container? I never know how to deal with the user id :/07:20
erboI wrote a blog about it once, in an attempt to convince some colleagues at the time:
erboBasically the CROPS team have solved it for you, if you use the right docker image as a base07:21
khempalate: yes I use archlinux and debian container if you are interested
erboSince that blog I've changed the Dockerfile a bit:
erboAnd I also use -v to mount in a folder where I share sstate and dl_dir for all builds07:24
LetoThe2nderbo: somehow we all kind of use variations of that technique nowadays.07:25
* LetoThe2nd tries to push erbo in front of a webcam to show the world!07:26
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palateerbo: checking you blog :)07:28
palatesstate and dl_dir are some kind of caches then?07:29
erboLetoThe2nd: hehe, I'm not very good with public speaking. But it's a thing I would sort of like to change, so maybe I'll try recording a video as a step :)07:29
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LetoThe2nderbo: neither am i. hint: people expect way higher quality of prepared, recorded stuff than they do of "live" situations. (thats why i do the latter!)07:30
palatekhem: yoe seems pretty cool. May be a nice way to get started with yocto actually07:30
erbopalate: yes, DL_DIR is where downloads are stored and SSTATE_DIR is where the "build cache" are stored. Sharing those between builds will save lots of time.07:30
palategot it07:31
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khempalate: yes docker on yoe should work out of box pretty much07:34
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RPtgamblin_: I wouldn't try, just create a fix07:55
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Bitbake OpenCV 3.4.5 for ArmV7 fails <>09:40
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rburtonRP: have you looked at the latest autobuilder run yet?10:49
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RPrburton: my debug patch wreaked the overnight one, waiting on a fast rebuild11:04
RPah, its failed now11:04
RPrburton: so no11:05
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RPrburton: the list is looking better, libevdev, ncurses-doc, perl-module-config-heavy/perl/perl-ptest, sudo and sysvinit11:10
RPevdev is new, sudo was fixed so may be a new issue :/11:11
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RPrburton: I did find a raft of other issues, a new style of them, last night :/11:27
rburtonlets stop it using sstate again :)11:28
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RPrburton: libevdev looks like generated header sorting issue11:34
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RPsudo is "/bin/mv" vs "/usr/bin/mv"11:37
rburtonhost paths leaking in?11:37
RPrburton: yes, will be a configure setting11:38
RPperl is differing in /usr/lib/perl/ptest/cpan/Encode/Byte/byte_t.fnm with a sorting issue11:38
rburtoni'll take sudo  once i've done some branch cleanup for something else :)11:41
RPrburton: the easy one? :)11:42
rburtondamn straight11:42
rburtonmaybe we should just give alex the perl one after yesterday ;)11:42
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RPrburton: maybe. My guess with sudo is ac_cv_path_MV=${bindir}/mv ;-)11:52
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rburtoni'll check it doesn't look for more paths11:54
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qschulzDo we have the videos of YP summit from ELCE 2019 on Youtube somewhere?11:56
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LetoThe2ndqschulz: not yet because $REASONS12:00
qschulzLetoThe2nd: echo $REASONS12:00
LetoThe2ndqschulz: "scooters"12:00
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hmw1Hi i like to use  some features from modemmanager-qt from the qt-extra layer. but it is locatetd in the $includedir$/kf5/modemmanagerqt and the compilation fails because the kf5 dir inbetween12:35
hmw1what am i doing wrong12:35
LetoThe2nduse, in which form? like, is it an include for a c file? or what?12:38
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK Vs TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK <>12:41
hmw1i try to use it in a c++ file inside qt creator12:50
LetoThe2ndand the kf5 is non-standard, or what?12:53
LetoThe2ndbecause this sounds mostly like static includes instead of pkg-config'ed ones (or whatever one uses there)12:54
hmw1qt uses qt += for it12:54
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LetoThe2ndthis actually suggests that this is the canonical path:
hmw1* i need to do a     QT += ModemManagerQt  for qmake12:56
LetoThe2ndi amno qt user, but it sounds like the qmake as you are using it is not properly looking at the target sysroot.12:57
hmw1any id how to fix that ? other than moving the files manualy ( in the installed13:02
LetoThe2ndhmw1: fix the building system?13:04
LetoThe2ndi mean, if it behaves exactly the same if you are building for ubuntu, then chances are that ubuntu+sdk are right, and your way is wrong.13:05
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hmw1LetoThe2nd: my idea was already that my way would be wrong.13:07
hmw1LetoThe2nd:I think I'm missing a package13:08
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: try to build bsp recipe but an error occured required build target 'sysdig-driver' <>13:11
RPrburton: ok, libevdev and two perl issues sorted. That leaves ncurses, sudo and sysvinit13:12
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rburtonRP: my build failed because i failed to drop my perl and it conflicted with alex's.  rebuilding now to sort sudo.13:19
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rburtonyeah sudo looks more several binaries13:21
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khemRP: cab you stage the bison 2.5.1 upgrade to master-next as well at your convenience ? my builders are green again13:24
RPkhem: ok, been trying to avoid rebuilds to sort these repro issues13:32
RPbut I've changed perl so its probably a moot point now13:32
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RPkhem: queued13:35
RPpatch: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ version `ATTR_1.3' not found (required by patch)13:40
RPThis is new :/13:40
rburtonRP: checking for sh... /data/poky-tmp/master/hosttools/sh13:43
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tgamblinRP: patch sent13:47
RPrburton: fun13:49
RPtgamblin: thanks!13:49
* RP fast tracks that into -next13:51
JaMathe testimage was stuck doing some valgrind test (today I've let it run for over 40000s) and after manually killing drb-amd64-linux couple times the testimage finished with "All required tests passed (successes=47, skipped=14, failures=0, errors=0)13:52
RPJaMa: sounds like bad error handling in valgrind's ptest :(13:53
JaMaRP: I'm still trying to reproduce the issues you reported with the artifacts naming pull request, now using poky directly instead of nodistro build13:57
RPJaMa: I have to admit I didn't dive into them in detail, if you continue to be unable to I guess I can take a look13:58
RPJaMa: just a bit overloaded :(13:58
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JaMaRP: don't worry, I'll continue from my end, the longest delay are e.g. the gold issue in new kernel which was breaking my nodistro builds for a while14:00
RPhmm, I can break sysvinit but not quite the same as the autobuilder difference. "bitbake sysvinit; bitbake sysvinit -c clean; bitbake sysvinit -c package_write_ipk -f"14:02
RPit is the same issue, diffoscope is lying to me14:08
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Can I make MSYS2 suitable for yocto compilation? <>14:11
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rburtonRP: sudo fix posted14:29
rburtonhopefully better than my perl one14:29
RPrburton: thanks, it was late :)14:32
* RP has a fix for sysvinit but it has bad implications14:34
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JPEWYou are all going to get the reproducible fixes in before I get diffscope in to make them easier :)14:59
RPJPEW: I think I know what the ncurses issue issue is btw, its not actually a big issue15:02
RP(0-without-manpages-renames  to configure)15:04
JPEWRP: OK. I haven't been as productive as I'd like on the reproducible stuff this week, had a few fires come up and I had to setup a new desktop15:10
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Cannot change keyboard layout on Yocto/Poky linux <>15:11
RPJPEW: np, I'm just kind of ploughing through them as I figure them out15:11
LetoThe2ndJPEW: old one was on fire? :P15:14
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JPEWLetoThe2nd: No, my work finally sprang for decent machines. Went from 4 cores to 18, so I'm pretty happy15:26
rburtononly 1815:26
rburtonyou should be insulted15:26
JPEWrburton: Ya, I know :)15:26
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LetoThe2ndi'm quite happy to not have such stuff on my desk anymore15:27
rburtonmy perspective is skewed since i did a build on the beasty in the office.  88 cores, core-image-sato in 25 minutes.15:27
rburtonnot sure i want to be within 100 meters of it when its building obviously15:27
tgamblinJPEW: were you distributing the builds over multiple 4-core machines at least?15:27
LetoThe2ndmachines like that ought to go into some server cabinet.15:27
JPEWtgamblin: Ya, there is a reason I have such an interest in icecream :)15:27
rburtonJPEW: does everyone else know they were contriubting to the cluster or did HR have mysterious slowdowns to their desktops15:28
JPEWrburton: I feel like the number of cores you have is always like those fishing stories; each time I ask you have more ;)15:28
tgamblinJPEW: I figured :) I'm considering grabbing either a lot of USFF ThinkCentres/Optiplexes off of Ebay to play around with distributed builds, or maybe a Picocluster15:29
rburtonJPEW: my own machine has 20.  the 88 core beast is half way across the planet which means its not great for interactive building15:29
RPJPEW: I have a similar build machine. I think this is why I don't notice these parsing issues people keep talking of...15:29
rburtonRP: do builds on your thinkpad now and again15:29
RPrburton: I do!15:29
JPEWRP: Heh, I've been meaning to ask about that15:29
RPrburton: mainly when travelling15:30
rburtonin a vm on my laptop bitbake takes minutes to parse :/15:30
LetoThe2ndRP: same here, but i avoid it15:30
RPrburton: I just can't have email and builds :/15:30
LetoThe2ndi'd rather spin up an ec2 instance15:30
RPmy build machine can be remotely woken15:30
tgamblinI'm going to have to benchmark my 2700X to see how fast it can make core-image-sato15:30
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rburtontgamblin: my reference is literally just poky sample conf with dl_dir set15:31
RPthat is that what our buildperf benchmark is on the test machines too15:31
JPEWrburton: It was opt in... we have very few Linux users :)15:31
rburtonJPEW: docker ftw15:31
LetoThe2ndrburton: i still read ftw as f*** the world15:32
tgamblinrburton: RP: good to know. I'll try and remember to spin it up this weekend15:32
rburtonLetoThe2nd: and now i will too thanks for that15:32
LetoThe2ndrburton: YW.15:32
RPtgamblin: I think you could even run the standard benchmark tests from oe-core15:33
RPtgamblin: you can see what does15:33
millonihow to get history of an variable that has an override?15:35
millonifor example, i'm interested in the history of ALTERNATIVE_systemd but all i can see is15:35
milloni#   override[systemd]:rename from ALTERNATIVE_${PN} [expandKeys]15:35
tgamblinRP: interesting. Maybe I'll be indirectly responsible for the cost of AMD CPUs skyrocketing when it turns out they're better cost-to-performance than some other popular options :)15:38
*** rob_w <rob_w!~bob@unaffiliated/rob-w/x-1112029> has joined #yocto15:39
RPtgamblin: we used to joke we were driving cpu sales15:40
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: simlink in eSDK sysroot points to a non existent path <>15:41
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RPLetoThe2nd: back in the old days, pre CoW it was all about driving memory sales ;-)15:50
LetoThe2ndRP: pre-cow.... mhh15:50
RPLetoThe2nd: ;-)15:51
LetoThe2ndRP: tweeting random stuff suits me!15:52
RPLetoThe2nd: its why I'm feeding you ammo :)15:52
LetoThe2ndi shuold note "RPs PR wingman" in my CV15:53
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khemRP: thx, I think one problem I see is that when I use -j N -l XX.YY to make, GNU make ignores BUILT_SOURCES from deps, i cant reproduce it without -l16:59
khemRP: perhaps we should upgrade to make 4.3 ;)17:00
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RPkhem: heh, I think we assume_provided make ?17:02
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lastaidhello there. i am having trouble using yocto on a raspberry pi 4. i used it before on a raspberry pi 3 and it worked quite well, but i am not getting any video output ( official display, hdmi0 and 1) from the pi with yocto. is this a known issue with the rpi4 being quite new?17:03
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khemRP: drop that one, I am sending a  v217:11
khemRP: that will not cause a full rebuild thankfully :)17:11
lastaidmaybe a more direct question. i think the raspberrypi4 machine image uses warrior, how can i use zeus?17:13
*** ctlnwr <ctlnwr!~catalin@> has joined #yocto17:16
rburtonlastaid: checkout zeus for all your layers17:16
lastaidrburton i am really new ... how would i do that? i followed that tutorial
rburtonnever used repo, dunno.  i'd just 'git checkout origin/zeus' in all the layers17:21
rburtonno idea if boot2qt even supports zeus17:21
rburtonask qt17:21
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lastaidok, i'll try17:22
mckoanlastaid: very likely you won't like to use Boot to Qt17:23
lastaidmckoan elaborate?17:23
*** awe00 <awe00!~awe00@unaffiliated/awe00> has quit IRC17:23
lastaidi did it without b2qt before and it was fine, this just looked quite handy17:23
mckoanlastaid: Boot to Qt requires a commercial support from Qt17:23
lastaidwell, thats bad17:23
lastaidisn't it all that gpl stuff, as long as i don't change it or statically link?17:24
mckoanlastaid: learn more from my presentation
rburtonsmooooth :)17:25
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khemalso read
*** ctlnwr_ <ctlnwr_!~catalin@> has joined #yocto17:28
lastaidthanks a lot!!! will be good reading17:28
lastaidso just build qith meta-qt5?17:29
mckoanlastaid: glad to be helpful17:29
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mckoankhem: exactly17:32
lastaidmckoan this is a really good presentation! it is really hard to get any information about the licensing from qt directly17:35
lastaidif in doubt, pay up17:35
lastaidis the message they try to convey it seems17:36
*** ctlnwr <ctlnwr!~catalin@> has joined #yocto17:41
lastaidi just had my build server with 48 gigs of ram start swapping ... :D17:44
mckoanlastaid: thanks17:46
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*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:52
rburtonlastaid: sounds like the legal version of the planning approval in hitchhikers guide17:55
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khemI think the large deployerrs like Automotive Tier 1 vendors should buy commercial so QT company can feed their engineers, it seems desperate attemp from them to get some revenues18:12
khemI think they will back track on it18:12
lastaidwell, i do understand that thez want to get paid for their work. but the licensing cost is quite prohibitive for small or medium companies18:19
lastaidwho do other stuff apart from qt, or want to try qt18:19
lastaidand i just found out the raspberrypi4-64 recipe does not build an image ... i am going home now18:20
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khemlastaid: yes thats my point, in the larger fight smaller ones are also impacted.. not good18:43
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fullstopis "devtool upgrade linux-libc-headers" a bad idea?19:26
khemideally we dont like it19:33
khembut then people have done it, as long as the kernel is unmodified Perhaps is ok19:33
khembut most of times people point it to their heavily modified SOC kerrnels, with 3379 patches changing UAPIs etc. which is not cool19:34
*** awe00 <awe00!~awe00@unaffiliated/awe00> has joined #yocto19:38
fullstopI tried.  It did not work cleanly at all, so I backed off.19:39
*** tgamblin <tgamblin!> has joined #yocto19:39
fullstopMy kernel is 5.5 and I'm trying to build libgpiod 1.5 (which requires 5.5 kernel headers to build)19:39
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fullstopI tried adding do_configure[depends] += "virtual/kernel:do_shared_workdir" but that did not work19:48
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fullstopis virtual/kernel:do_shared_workdir still a thing?19:59
fullstopadding that to the recipe adds _nothing_ to run.do_configure20:32
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Can I make MSYS2 suitable for yocto compilation? [closed] <>21:12
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Here is another type problem of '“do_populate_sdk:Could not invoke dnf. Command” #2 <>22:43
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