Monday, 2020-02-10

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Build gcc-cross failed, nothing provides 'gcc-cross' <>04:22
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: YOCTO:Where does Beaglebone black firmware directory located at core image sato build? <>04:52
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto - File is not present in my image (but present in tmp/work directory in build environment) <>06:52
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mckoangood morning07:42
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Best way to upgrade Yocto Version <> || Change keyboard layout on Linux without X11 <>08:53
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Ad0is there a variable or something for /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward ?09:06
Ad0setting those kind of settings09:07
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ThomasD13Hello, I'm debugging the do_configure task of virtual/kernel recipe. In ../temp/run.do_configure I can see what the build server executes. But what does create/defines the run.do_configure script?10:04
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tolszakHello, I have a case, my custom package A depends on gsl package, it is added to DEPENDS, but when I populate sdk for image that contains package A the gsl-dev is not installed. How to define A so that its build dependencies are added when sdk is populated?11:20
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d_s_eHi, is is possible to output the current revision for svn-based layers in the build configuration similar to git-based layers? for git-layers it shows the current branch and commit-hash, for svn only "<unknown>:<unknown>".11:28
LetoThe2ndd_s_e: not by default, AFAIK11:29
LetoThe2ndd_s_e: but its only software :)11:29
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d_s_eLetoThe2nd: I was hoping that somebody has done this already, so I could save the time:-)11:41
LetoThe2ndd_s_e: sorry to say, but i guess most rather investerd their time in doing the svn->git transition.11:42
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RPd_s_e: - setting METADATA_REVISION to the svn function may work11:48
RP"This only works with older subversion. For newer versions this function will need to be fixed by someone interested"11:49
d_s_eLetoThe2nd: I would prefer do do that, too, but my customer uses svn and won't change this. :-/11:51
d_s_eRP: thnaks, I will have a look at this.11:51
RPThomasD13: bitbake constructs those functions based on the variables set by base.bbclass, and for example autotools.bbclass for autotools recipes11:51
RPd_s_e: most people using svn moved to git a while ago11:51
LetoThe2ndd_s_e: make $YOURCUSTOMER pay for you to be "someone interested"11:52
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d_s_eLetoThe2nd: that's why I'm hesitant in putting to much effort into this topic. I guess, they would pay, but this feature currently has a very low priority.12:00
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ThomasD13thanks RP12:10
LetoThe2ndRP: can i ask you about a kind of brainfart i had this morning?12:10
LetoThe2ndRP: namely - what do you think of dynamically creating recipe data?12:11
LetoThe2ndRP: i mean, from my understanding bitbake takes all those text files and parses them into some kind of in-memory storage. could this in-memory-storage be pre-filled with data, therefore being able to skip the textfile on disk?12:13
RPLetoThe2nd: that is what our cache is!12:15
LetoThe2ndRP: yeah but the cache gets invalidated if the textfile does not match? i'm thinking about inject data there directly, via some form of API12:16
RPLetoThe2nd: how would that be more useful that what we have today? Surely you want it to reparse if the textfile doesn't match?12:17
LetoThe2ndRP: nah. i don't want a textfile.12:17
LetoThe2ndRP: its really just in the brainfart stage at the moment.12:17
RPLetoThe2nd: you could inject data quite happily. You then become responsible for its validity though12:18
LetoThe2ndthats obvious.12:18
RPI just don't understand where the win would be12:18
LetoThe2ndMe neither.12:19
LetoThe2ndSeriously, its more like a "What if"-line of thought.12:19
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tolszakCould you please point me some docs how to fix a recipy so that its build dependencies are installed in sdk?12:45
tolszakFor some reason dev version of package added to DEPENDS is not installed in sdk12:45
tolszakI have image that contains package A, A depends on B, and when I populate_sdk for this image package B-dev is not in sdk12:46
LetoThe2ndtolszak: technically, if A is already built and can be used in the sdk, you don't need the headers of B12:48
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LetoThe2ndso this sounds more like you explicitly want B-dev in the recipe, regardless of A being there or not?12:50
tolszakLetoThe2nd: I want to generate SDK to build A from 3rd party sdk (Qt Creator). How to ensure that A build deps are in sdk12:52
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LetoThe2ndtolszak: i'd guess that the image that you do the sdk for then needs to expand TOOLCHAIN_TASK_HOST12:53
tolszakLetoThe2nd: I see - thank you12:55
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rburtonLetoThe2nd: if you're doing comment in source code you *need* to cover the comments13:32
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LetoThe2ndrburton: pointer?13:33 in oe-core, scroll down to the big comment13:33
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LetoThe2ndrburton: toot long for a tweet.13:34
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moustafahello everybody13:38
rburtonLetoThe2nd: :)13:38
moustafaI am trying to run some qt file and I tar it with tar cfj file name.tar.xv file name13:39
moustafaand when I bitbake it gives me this error => ERROR: dltc-1.0-r0 do_unpack: Unpack failure for URL:13:39
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paulbarkerLetoThe2nd: Nothing beats the "Fuck me harder with a chainsaw" comment in an old version of Linux13:48
LetoThe2ndpaulbarker: blergh13:48
LetoThe2ndi've just had lunch. that was inappropriate.13:49
LetoThe2nd(given the side note that its not too long since i've watched Se7en)13:49
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paulbarkerLetoThe2nd: Or this personal favourite of mine:
paulbarkerIt took me much more than 1hr to figure out how those 2 or 3 assembly instructions worked13:53
LetoThe2ndpaulbarker: now i need to listen to steel panther to recover, and it's your fault!13:53
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moustafaanyhelp ?14:15
moustafaI am trying to run some qt file and I tar it with tar cfj file name.tar.xv file name14:15
moustafaand when I bitbake it gives me this error => ERROR: dltc-1.0-r0 do_unpack: Unpack failure for URL:14:15
LetoThe2ndmoustafa: we've seen it, but the question is lacking detail so probably nobody feels like stepping up.14:17
erbomoustafa: I think you need to describe exactly what you are doing in more detail, maybe put the recipe you're working on in a pastebin etc.14:18
erboAh, I'm too slow14:18
moustafaaha ok14:18
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moustafaI am building custom image and trying to type the name of the app to run it14:19
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moustafai read about some steps by tar the folder and build beside it <folder name> file to describe its root14:20
moustafait was working well14:20
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moustafabut now when I bitbake the file it gives me that error14:21
moustafaERROR: dltc-1.0-r0 do_unpack: Unpack failure for URL:........14:21
moustafaneverpanic ok I'll check it thanks14:22
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neverpanicThe default value does not include the directory that contains the recipe. However, it does include a files/ directory, a ${PN}/ and a ${BPN}/ directory next to the recipe, so maybe you want to place your tarball there.14:22
moustafaaha ok I'll check it14:23
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d_thomasI would like to set VOLATILE_LOG_DIR="no".  I first added this setting to my rootfs recipe, but while dumping the variables showed the setting was changed there was no effect.  I moved the setting to conf/layer.conf file and I achieved the desired effect.  I'm confused why that is the case.  Did I place this setting in the wrong recipe file or does18:52
d_thomasit need to be in a conf file?18:52
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psrcodeAnybody using qemu ppc64 with yocto? I found the layer from Armin (akuster) and adapted it against yocto warrior but I cannot get the kernel to boot, it gets to #Linux... and the crash without much information ... and i'm not that familiar with debugging qemu failure19:08
khemd_thomas: set VOLATILE_LOG_DIR = "no" in local.conf19:10
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khempsrcode: yes I have it working for ppc64le here
psrcodenice, do you think using the big endian would be a lot of workÉ19:13
khempsrcode: especially 2 commits and
d_thomaskhem:  Thank you.  Why the conf file instead of a recipe?  Is it just the scoping of settings in recipes?19:14
psrcodekhem: thanks a lot! I'll try it for sure19:15
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khempsrcode: are you looking for BE or LE ?20:30
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psrcodekhem: ^20:43
psrcodeand ideally it would be a layer on top of base oe-core but this is work that can be done on our side later on. We are mostly interested in this to ensure that lttng works in weird scenario were userland and kernel are differecent (64 bit/32 bit)20:45
psrcodean correclty on ppc6420:45
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psrcodewe know userspace is okai since we do have worker with old ubuntu on it but still yocto would be a goot fit for our testing infra internally20:45
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winotuo/  Hi20:49
winotuI'm trying to find why some dependecy is not causing rebuilding dependent components in my image. bitbake -g shows proper dependecies. Issue occurs when I change preffered version variable.20:51
winotuit looks like some bitbake runtime race condition in checking which version of recipe use and based on that use object from sstate cache20:53
winotucan I find some data in workspace how bitbake resolved which recipe it should use for which component/recipe?20:56
khempsrcode: yeah it works with BE too, thats what I got going first but ppc64le is more of a thing20:57
psrcodekhem nice20:58
khemyou might have to create new defconfig or perhaps just add a .cfg with BE kernel config options and add it to SRC_URI20:58
psrcodek, i'll get LE working first and them work my way up to BE20:58
psrcodethanks a lot again!20:59
armpitkhem, we most likely need BE machine to include a BE kernel fragment21:00
armpitthere is a bug open for arm64 regarding the same issue21:01
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armpitwonder if those kind of generic machines should sit in core21:03
roussinmI would like to create a virtual package, but one of the package is in poky, and the other one in meta-oe. I guess it doesn't matter right? That's what virtual is for?21:06
roussinmI think it's going to break if people doesn't set the preferred_provider, so I should set a default to not break current builds. Where would I write such default provider? piko.conf? Maybe if there is only one provider it just works?21:07
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