Monday, 2020-02-17

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justCheckinhey guys, quick question: I'm having trouble cloning the yocto repos. Is the git server down for maintenanceor is there any other reason?07:22
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mckoanjustCheckin: it's OK07:38
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justCheckinstrange. now I get a connection timeout07:55
justCheckinthank you!07:55
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wertigonGreetings, having a bit of trouble with sem_timedwait() and was hoping anyone could help;08:59
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wertigonpretty much, need sem_timedwait() to run on CLOCK_MONOTONIC instead of CLOCK_REALTIME, is anyone familiar with any patches that do this?09:01
gaston4hello, I am trying to set ssh connection between my host windows machine and my linux embedded board system ( which I build with yocto project ) . I installed the ssh in my image. I m following these steps09:02
wertigonIt's fine if there is a sem_timedwait_monotonic function instead, but I need to be able to reset CLOCK_REALTIME without it affecting sem_timedwait09:02
gaston4but when I try to copy the public key to linux using this command09:02
gaston4scp %USERPROFILE%\.ssh\ user@hostname:09:03
gaston4it tells me , ssh: could not resolve hostname sama5d27-som1-ek-sd: H\364te unknown09:04
wertigonCan you ping the host?09:04
gaston4user@hostname:  is  root@sama5d27-som1-ek-sd:09:04
wertigonping sama5d27-som1-ek-sd09:04
gaston4it is fine with ping09:05
gaston4no problem09:05
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wertigonOk, then garbage characters at the end probably09:09
wertigonTry typing the line manually09:10
wertigonOh, before that, try ssh user@hostname09:10
wertigona lot of hosts does not allow remote root logins as well, could be that.09:11
gaston4ssh root@sama5d27-som1-ek-sd  tells me that :09:12
gaston4ssh: Could not resolve hostname sama5d27-som1-ek-sd: Temporary failure in name resolution09:12
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wertigonThere you have the problem then09:42
wertigonIt's a DNS issue09:43
wertigonSorry for late reply, busy at work09:43
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gaston4wertigon No problem. What's matter with the DNS, How can I fix it ?09:48
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justCheckinok nevermind. we had an issue with our firewall. Thanks again for checking the status and bye bye10:18
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abelloniBAm I the only one getting spammed by MSC?10:24
LetoThe2ndabelloni: hm?10:24
abelloniI'm getting an email from them for every patch I have in meta-freescale, oe-core and meta-qt510:25
LetoThe2nddidn't note anything, but i also don't have patches in there, methinks.10:26
kroonabelloni, me too10:31
abelloniI tried to reply to postmaster but it rejects the mails10:31
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JaMaanyone from MSI here? You're sending git commit notifications to outside e-mails and marked as confidential.. I got over 2000 today, please stop10:33
LetoThe2ndMSI? like, the HW vendor or what?10:34
* LetoThe2nd goes to check if they are a YP member....10:37
JaMait even includes colorful git diffs instead of regular plain text.. how knows how much bigger it is :)10:37
LetoThe2nda German saying basically goes like "If I could only work with pros ONE TIME..."10:38
mckoanunfortunately in .tw they are at the end of the working day now10:39
mckoando you know if there has been any progress on the procedure to remove busybox from the final image?10:45
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* RP has stared at reproducibility and hashequiv for a few hours and already has a headache :(11:07
RPJaMa: I saw those for my meta-oe commits, I dread to think how many you/khem get11:07
gaston4Hello, I have a problem with IP adress of my embedded board which booting with Linux image build with yocto project . In fact, when I enter " ifconfig " command in the board terminal, it gives me localhost IP adress which is and not the public IP adress11:08
gaston4How can I find the other IP adress please ?11:08
LetoThe2ndgaston4: if ifconfig doesn't give you another address, then the board doesn't have one.11:09
LetoThe2ndgaston4: having said that, usually one should prefer "ip a" these days.11:10
qschulzLetoThe2nd: `ip addr` even, more explicit :)11:10
LetoThe2ndqschulz: explicit++!11:10
qschulzgaston4: do you have another interface than lo on your defice?11:10
LetoThe2ndprobably the board just doesn't bring the interface up, if its not told to do so.11:11
gaston4qschulz eth0 and inet11:11
gaston4qschulz I mean eth0 and lo11:12
qschulzis eth0 up?11:12
LetoThe2ndgaston4: which form of network management are you using?11:12
gaston4how can I verify if it's up or not ?11:13
gaston4qschulz ^^11:13
LetoThe2ndip a tells you.11:13
qschulzgaston4: also... have you run any dhcp client on your interface?11:14
qschulzudhcpc -i eth0 for example11:14
mckoanI mean that i read an interesting thread about removing busybox in ML and I was wondering if this topic has been discussed by the TSC11:14
LetoThe2ndmckoan: i remember the thread. it been a while, right?11:15
gaston4qschulz udhcpc: started, v1.27.2udhcpc: sending discoverudhcpc: sending discoverudhcpc: sending discover11:15
qschulzgaston4: FYI many things in embedded systems aren't as automatic as they are on desktop distros11:15
gaston4does this have any relation with SSH ?11:16
qschulzgaston4: define "this"11:16
mckoanLetoThe2nd: yes, Feb 1911:16
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gaston4qschulz the unfound IP adress11:17
LetoThe2ndgaston4: ssh doesn't work if you don't have an ip address. thats the relation.11:17
LetoThe2ndmckoan: 2019?11:17
gaston4because I can find that ssh is running on my board11:17
qschulzgaston4: where is your eth cable connected to?11:18
qschulzgaston4: most likely listening on, i don't think it matters11:18
gaston4Jack port11:19
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gaston4of the embedded board11:19
qschulzgaston4: the other side of the ethernet cable I meant11:19
qschulzdo you have a DHCP server on the network you're connected to?11:19
LetoThe2ndqschulz: have fun.11:19
qschulzLetoThe2nd: it can apparently be called jack or socket as well as Ethernet port :)11:21
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qschulzLetoThe2nd: sigh, you scared them away11:26
mckoanLetoThe2nd: yes11:27
LetoThe2nd\m/ O \m/11:27
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LetoThe2ndmckoan: i have not noticed any follow-up activity so far.11:39
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tolszak_Hi, I want to create custom machine basing on raspberrypi4 so that I can put uboot paramets configuration in git not in local.conf11:49
tolszak_How to change machine name and still inherit all the config of e.g. raspberrypi4-64. When I require this file it still fails at building kernel etc11:50
JaMatolszak_: only the uboot parameters? why not .bbappend for recipes which use them instead of whole new machine config?11:56
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JaMaor override them in your distro config with machine override11:57
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tolszak_JaMa: Seems like overriding is the safest option then12:08
tolszak_JaMa: I want image to be machine agnostic12:08
wertigonHmm, I wish I could specify the proper clock with sem_timedwait...12:13
wertigonOr rather, I wish I could specify CLOCK_MONOTONIC or CLOCK_MONOTONIC_RAW with sem_timedwait12:14
wertigonAnyone know if the RT patches fix this in some fashion?12:14
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qschulztolszak_: you can't change the u-boot parameters from the image recipe anyway. You can do as JaMa suggested. If you want to do more changes wrt the machine, you will want to have your own layer with a new machine in there (conf/machine/mymachine.conf). This one will "require raspberrypi4-64.conf" and then you just need to override the variables from your file. That should do it.12:19
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LetoThe2ndwhere does this "#yocto" come from lately on the ML?12:35
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erboLetoThe2nd: hashtag everything #hastag #youngster #newbehavior12:36
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RPaahrhg, fix one repro issue and then the gstreamer one pops up again12:37
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wertigonThis is... Actually pretty bad, how the *bleep* can you even use sem_timedwait in any capacity with CLOCK_REALTIME?12:39
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wertigonIt's a DoS waiting to happen, all you need to do is set the system clock to now+a year and the entire system caves12:40
stuom1how do I set the directory where CMakeLists.txt is searched? I thought it's S, but I keep getting the same error12:41
wertigonProof of concept:12:41
wertigonthread1() { sem_timedwait(&sem, 5000); }12:42
LetoThe2ndstuom1: it should be, AFAIK12:42
wertigonthread2() { sleep(3); set_system_clock(now - 300000); }12:43
wertigonthread1 wakeup time: 302000 ms from now12:43
LetoThe2ndwertigon: i understand the need to vent, but how shall we help if the api currently just is like that?12:43
wertigonYeah, that's the thing - are you even supposed to use the sem_* API, like, at all?12:44
LetoThe2ndwertigon: what does man7 say about it?12:45
wertigonI can probably hack something userspacey together using sem_trywait or something like that12:45
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LetoThe2ndi mean, its often problem domain specific - but in my daily life any form of RT requirement and a semaphore don't go together anyways.12:46
wertigonYeah, in this case a sync protocol is used to constantly adjust the realtime clock12:48
stuom1LetoThe2nd: thanks for confirmation. Now, the problem is that why is my S not changing whatever I put there...grepping from bitbake -e I can see it remains the default12:48
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wertigonWhich means we need to use the CLOCK_MONOTONIC12:48
LetoThe2ndstuom1: you inherited cmake, and no other magic is invoked?12:48
qschulzstuom1: you'll be interested in checking what;s above ^S= in bitbake -e12:49
wertigonAnd this "feature" seems to have been known for at least 8 years, too12:49
qschulzstuom1: this will give you which line in which file your S is appended/prepended/set etc...12:49
stuom1qschulz: there is nothing above12:51
qschulzstuom1: there sure is12:51
stuom1bitbake <recipe> -e | grep ^S= gives just one line output12:53
qschulzyes, because you grep for it12:53
qschulzpipe it into less/more/a file12:54
LetoThe2ndstuom1: don't grep, use less and read whats noted above that one line.12:54
LetoThe2ndqschulz: hi512:54
qschulzLetoThe2nd: hi5 :)12:54
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tolszak_JaMa: When I bbappend rpi-config I got: "do_rootfs: The license listed GPLv2 was not in the licenses collected for recipe linux-raspberrypi"12:56
tolszak_JaMa: and it fails on "No such file or directory: '*/tmp/deploy/licenses/rpi-config/recipeinfo'"12:57
qschulztolszak_: what's your change?12:57
tolszak_Currently it only contains:
tolszak_I tried to set different LICENSE with the same output12:59
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tolszak_qschulz: ^12:59
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wertigonBah, humbug. I'll just do a trywait solution in user space instead :)13:01
tolszak_qschulz: Sorry I'm still newbiew with yocto13:02
qschulztolszak_: why do you change the license? what's the name of the file with the pasted content?13:02
wertigontolszak_: Try LICENSE=GPLv3?13:03
wertigonWithout =13:03
stuom1qschulz: from output it seems it is overwritten by externalsrc.bbclass, why is that?13:03
tolszak_qschulz: I just tried to overcome error, when I set not license it is the same, the file is rpi-config_%.bbappend13:03
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tolszak_It failes on function license_deployed_manifest13:05
qschulzstuom1: because externalsrc replaces it :)?
qschulzset EXTERNALSRC instead13:06
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tolszak_I removed the rpi-cinfig_%.bbappend file and it is the same13:07
tolszak_probably cached got corrupted13:07
tolszak_I will rebuild everything from scratch just to double check13:07
qschulztolszak_: don't forget the \ at the end of each line in RPI_EXTRA_CONFIG13:08
qschulzand don't change the license. Never :)13:08
stuom1qschulz: yes but why :) I've never before seen this problem, and I dont inherit externalsrc13:09
qschulztolszak_: bitbake -c cleansstate rpi-config and rebuild your image, no need to remove everything13:09
qschulztolszak_: maybe even bitbake -c clean rpi-config would be enough?13:10
qschulzstuom1: you might be inheriting a class which inherits externalsrc13:10
qschulzbut from what you're saying, externalsrc is definitely inherited somewhere13:11
tolszak_qschulz: cleansstate on image was not enough, I haven't tried do it explicitly on rpi-config13:11
stuom1qschulz: there is only cmake inherited13:12
tolszak_qschulz: but I have all caches in separate dirs and sata 4 ssd so no I'm on 13% of image creation13:12
qschulztolszak_: cleansstate needs a recipe. If you're doing it on the image recipe, you're cleaning only the sstate-cache of the image recipe, not all the recipes built to make the image.13:13
qschulzstuom1: Yocto apparently tells us the opposite. Send the content of your recipe if you can13:14
tolszak_qschulz: good to know, seems like when I tried to change machine name I corrupted something13:14
tolszak_qschulz: Everything works as exptected, I should have been do clean build before I go to you. I'm really sorry for taking your time13:14
LetoThe2ndtolszak_: throw money at qschulz! or beer!13:15
tolszak_qschulz: I initially tried to make custom machine and put config there and inherit raspberrypi4-64.conf machine13:15
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tolszak_LetoThe2nd: I just found him on github :)13:20
LetoThe2ndtolszak_: :)13:21
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*** jero is now known as Guest1719513:22
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stuom1qschulz: it's very barebones at the moment
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LetoThe2nddo ww have any built-in magic for getting core dumps to a specific location, like an sd card?13:33
RPLetoThe2nd: we'd like magic ;-)13:36
LetoThe2ndRP: so nothing there yet?13:36
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like2wiseRP: Regarding the recent work on reproducible (great work!), is WIC covered as well?13:38
RPlike2wise: I doubt that is tested by the current tests13:39
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like2wiseRP: Also, can the community help to reproduce one specific commit on a variety of build environments?  and assert we end up with the same string of bits in the resulting images?13:42
like2wiseRP: I think currently mainly the time and paths indifferences are tested on your test setups?13:43
RPlike2wise: certainly open to help. the autobuilder shares the milestone release artefacts so it could be an idea to compare against those?13:43
like2wiseRP: yes, sounds like a good plan.13:44
RPlike2wise: we test on different distro hosts which is the main cause of pain13:44
RPlike2wise: they are all fairly minimal installs so larger installs may reveal more "fun"13:44
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qschulzstuom1: have you used devtool with your recipe by any chance?13:59
stuom1qschulz: yes13:59
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qschulzstuom1: there you go :)14:03
qschulzstuom1: devtool makes use of externalsrc14:04
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qschulzstuom1: and until you do devtool reset <recipe> the "devtool-ed" recipe will be used14:04
*** mihai- is now known as mihai14:04
stuom1qschulz: ok, but i still dont understand what is wrong. I have used devtool with tens of recipes the same way. Bitbake it, get error, modify until works. Is it something specific to S that I cannot change that?14:06
qschulzstuom1: or let's say it this way, devtool creates bbappends for your recipes where externalsrc is inherited14:06
qschulzstuom1: but then you ran devtool reset when you finished your work, or didn't modify S14:07
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stuom1qschulz: probably I didnt before edit S. Now I know that is the one variable I cannot change :P thanks for help! That bbappend seems to be the culprit14:09
qschulzstuom1: EXTERNALSRC path is hardcoded in the bbappend created by devtool14:09
qschulzwhen you're finished with devtool, always run devtool reset :)14:10
qschulzI don't know unfortunately how devtool creates those variables so can't say if there's something we could do better14:10
qschulzmaybe we could use S from the original recipe and strip WORKDIR from it and append the workspace directory from devtool14:12
qschulzso that modifications to S in the original recipe are propagated when devtool is used14:12
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JayrajputHello Guys,14:19
JayrajputJay Rajput here. I came across the Yocto Project via Community Mentorship Guidelines. I have applied to the project and wish to contribute to it. I was told we will have to undergo an assesment. Can anyone please guide me on the same? Thank you14:21
*** awe00 <awe00!~awe00@unaffiliated/awe00> has quit IRC14:21
qschulzhalstead: hi. fyi, returns 50014:23
qschulzand before that, the default branch (when ?h= is not passed in the URL) was some very old branch (something like 1.1). Will report accordingly once I can access the git repo again :)14:24
nayfe@qschulz poky is not the only repo down :)14:26
qschulznayfe: has it been reported publicly/privately to halstead so he does not have to test each and every of them :) ?14:27
LetoThe2ndtlwoerner: ping... do you know about GSOC particularities?14:27
*** ljep <ljep!c1b6a603@> has joined #yocto14:28
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*** yann <yann!> has joined #yocto14:35
*** awe00 <awe00!~awe00@unaffiliated/awe00> has joined #yocto14:37
ljepIs there a problem with the git repo?, I can't clone
qschulzljep: yes14:39
LetoThe2ndout git repo is picky about its firends today, it seems.14:41
*** JBook_SE <JBook_SE!a434f282@gateway/web/cgi-irc/> has joined #yocto14:42
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*** ericch <ericch!> has joined #yocto14:47
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RPljep: yes, there is :(14:48
RPljep: clone using git:// which works14:48
*** yann <yann!> has quit IRC14:50
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*** mirzak <mirzak!sid303002@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto14:55
*** lukma <lukma!> has joined #yocto14:56
mirzakAnyone seen the "Internal Server Errors" on ?14:58
qschulzmirzak: yes. clone using git://14:58
mirzakqschulz: Was this an intentional change, that is https will not be supported anymore?14:58
LetoThe2ndmirzak: bad karma on the wires.14:59
qschulzmirzak: AFAIK, no. sysadmin is not in this EU TZ so we have to wait :)14:59
LetoThe2ndhalstead: is doing some voodoo dances, but to no success so far.14:59
mirzakThanks for the quick update15:00
tgamblin_LetoThe2nd: When you were making that video series and building for BBB, did you have any connectivity issues with the meta-ti layer? My build machines can't seem to reach git.ti.com15:01
LetoThe2ndtgamblin_: pick a number.15:02
LetoThe2ndtgamblin_: bad karma is upon our repo servertoday.15:02
tgamblin_Ah, I was hoping the TI site was more fortunate :)15:03
*** roussinm <roussinm!> has quit IRC15:04
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ruru4143_can somebody help me to run qemu without runqemu wrapper?15:20
*** WillMiles <WillMiles!~Will@> has joined #yocto15:21
RPruru4143_: we wrote runqemu so we didn't have to remember all the options!15:26
*** super <super!c5f00f98@> has joined #yocto15:27
*** JoeR <JoeR!~JayBee@> has joined #yocto15:27
superHello, after building the linux image using yocto project, I have build now SDK. But I want to know the PATH of toolchain file of this SDK. Does anybody have an idea please ?15:28
JoeRYou tell it where to put the sdk when you run its installer15:29
LetoThe2ndsuper: source the environemnt script that comes with it, it sets all the necessary things.15:29
JoeRAnyone got issues seeing the poky repo this afternoon?15:30
LetoThe2ndJoeR: everybody.15:30
JoeRCool. As long as it's not just me :-)15:30
nayfeqschulz halstead > nop, meta-java still has https access down15:31
JoeRShan't try and fix a problem that isn't mine!15:31
*** Guest89322 <Guest89322!d8a598e2@> has joined #yocto15:31
superit's /opt/poky-atmel/2.5.315:32
*** Jayrajput <Jayrajput!67dc506c@> has quit IRC15:32
superbut when I use this path in visual studio 2019 in order to compile my c++ program using this sdk it tells me that there is no toolchain file in this directory15:33
qschulzsuper: I guess you need to give the full path to g++15:33
LetoThe2ndsuper: are we really talking about *visual studio*, not *visual studio code*?15:34
LetoThe2ndsuper: because if windows is involved, well then.. have fun, and get a pack of painkillers for your upcoming headaches.15:35
superyes it's visual studio 2019 under windows15:35
superand want to use the sdk to compile the c++ code15:36
*** goliath <goliath!~goliath@> has quit IRC15:36
superwith CMake project15:36
LetoThe2ndsuper: i'd rather try and construct a mingw toolchain. having said that, 2.5.3 is not exactly up to date either.15:36
LetoThe2ndsuper: and no idea if VS can actually use a toolchain that only work in the WSL subsystem.15:37
LetoThe2ndsuper: on the other hand, if you get it to work, post a tutorial on youtube and become famous real quick!15:38
JoeRActually lol'd at that.15:38
LetoThe2ndi'm not kidding this time.15:38
superhahaha you are making me so optimistic ;)15:39
JoeRYou'd be better off spinning up a linux VM and doing it all in there.15:39
LetoThe2ndyeah, a vm  and the vs remote extensions might be easier. maybe.15:40
LetoThe2ndif you get it that to work, post a tutorial on youtube and become famous real quick too!15:40
ruru4143_RP: oh. that makes sense... then i will figure it out myself15:41
superThat's making me laugh of myself now15:41
RPruru4143_: I'd look at the command runqemu generates and then tweak as needed15:42
LetoThe2ndsuper: seriously. we're having enough hassles with the linux only workflow already, we're not exactly involved with windows at all. so there's really business to be had, if you care. yet, its also a fair share of work probably. so much of it that most just resort to getting their stuff done in linux.15:42
ruru4143_RP: the problem is that the runqemu script is broken, but i will handel this, i think15:43
RPruru4143_: what is wrong with it? should it be fixed?15:43
ruru4143_RP: my bitbake broke (on manjaro), its my everyday laptop... so bitbake -e doesn't work15:44
superLetoThe2nd I will make a try and we will see15:44
*** Net147 <Net147!~Net147@unaffiliated/net147> has quit IRC15:47
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dl9pferror: Cannot fetch poky from
*** Guest89322 <Guest89322!d8a598e2@> has left #yocto16:02
qschulzdl9pf: yes. git:// should work16:03
armpityes, its a known issue16:03
armpitits being worked on16:03
halsteaddl9pf, It should work at the moment. Lots of intermittent failures with http:// until we've solved the issue.16:03
*** roussinm <roussinm!> has quit IRC16:03
*** champagneg <champagneg!> has quit IRC16:04
armpithalstead, maybe http has today off for Presidents day ; )16:04
halsteadarmpit, that is my current working theory.16:05
qschulzhalstead: https cgit works again for poky for me and I can't reproduce the weird branch redirection I was talking about so please ignore :)16:05
halsteadqschulz, It will work off and on for the next bit. Still troubleshooting.16:06
*** vineela <vineela!~vtummala@> has quit IRC16:08
*** TobSnyder <TobSnyder!> has quit IRC16:14
mcfriskLooking into TI chip support in yocto, and meta-ti and meta-arago-distro. Does everything depend on binary toolchains and SDKs and blobs, or do the yocto source code toolchains also work?16:14
*** yocon <yocon!~quassel@> has joined #yocto16:22
RPfray: you might like
RPin fact this should give some nice memory usage wins for everyone16:25
*** frsc <frsc!~frsc@2003:a:e7a:6200:95fa:d6c1:d741:b36a> has quit IRC16:26
JPEWRP: Awesome! I'm going to try that right now16:28
RPJPEW: I should warn I've not widely tested yet :)16:28
RPIn related news, I love tracemalloc, its just what I needed/wanted to fix this kind of issue16:29
*** algorhythm <algorhythm!a5e15100@> has joined #yocto16:29
* RP needs to write up a HOWTO on that16:29
JPEWErr, poky git seems to be down?16:30
JPEWor just me?16:31
algorhythmoh good, it's not just me then16:31
RPJPEW: use git:///16:31
algorhythmwell, not good, but *shrug*16:31
RPhalstead is working on it16:31
JPEW$ git remote -v: upstream        git:// (fetch)16:31
mihaifatal: remote error: access denied or repository not exported: /poky16:32
RPJPEW: ah, I thought it was just my push access :/16:33
RPhalstead: looks like git access is now down too :/16:33
mihaiit worked now16:33
algorhythmlooks like nothing hosted on is currently accessible :/16:34
mihai"worked", branch references show up as [deleted]16:34
RPIts not right, repos have disappeared on the backend16:34
*** Bunio_FH <Bunio_FH!> has quit IRC16:35
halsteadRP, I had to move the repos on disk. It should be back now.16:36
RPhalstead: looks better thanks. Let me know if I should stop pushing at any point! :)16:38
halsteadRP, Okay. Pushes should have failed for about 5 minutes there.16:39
halsteadAnd back up again.16:39
RPhalstead: no problem16:39
*** sveinse <sveinse!> has joined #yocto16:40
*** Klox <Klox!> has joined #yocto16:41
sveinseHow come pixz has been removed from later versions of poky?16:41
RPsveinse: doesn't xz have threading support itsself now?16:42
algorhythm@halstead still getting some errors when cloning via cgit/https:16:44
algorhythmremote: fatal: failed to read object db6ba9cc294eb2d0405c953bfca6bda7774c8431: Permission denied16:44
halsteadalgorhythm: which repo is that?16:45
algorhythmtrying to start of a toaster-based build, and that's the first thing it tries to clone16:45
sveinseRP, qschulz: ok, thanks. Pity thou. I will probably need to make a pixz shim or reimport the recipe into own layers. Our product upgrade is dependent on pixz('s interface) and it must be available before and after upgrade.16:47
hpsyWe are also experiencing issues with cloning poky over http.16:47
halsteadhpsy: http is unreliable at the moment. Working on a fix. git:// will work for now.16:48
RPsveinse: adding the recipe to your own layer should be fine. Going forward we don't need it though16:48
*** goliath <goliath!> has joined #yocto16:48
hpsyhalstead: Ok, thanks.16:49
algorhythm@halstead thanks, i'll retry the build later on in that case :)16:49
sveinseRP: yep. The trouble with that is that will be forgotten. The beauty of using "official" recipes, is that they are alive and maintained. (Well, that's almost always the case, but that's a diffent discussion)16:49
*** algorhythm <algorhythm!a5e15100@> has quit IRC16:50
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has joined #yocto16:53
RPsveinse: well, we have to move forward, its obsolete and likely won't see fixes even upstream :/16:58
*** m1ster_r0b0t <m1ster_r0b0t!> has joined #yocto17:00
sveinsexz doesn't seem to use all cores by default like pixz, so you'll need to add additional options to tar to use it. :(17:00
sveinseRP: oh, is pixz an obsoleted tool?17:00
RPsveinse: if support is in xz itself, why would it be needed?17:01
sveinseRP: because it has a different interface17:02
denixmcfrisk: source code toolchain works for the most part17:02
*** mihai <mihai!~mihai@unaffiliated/mihai> has quit IRC17:02
RPsveinse: that may be but I can't see someone maintaining pixz just for that17:03
sveinseIt breaks compatibility. Perhaps backwards compatibility is perhaps not the foremost priority in Yocto? (Not intending the comment in a flippant way, but out of interest)17:03
RPsveinse: we have to follow the upstreams really, we can't afford not to change17:04
sveinsejep, understand17:04
RPsveinse: we had interfaces using pixz but we migrated everything17:05
JPEWRP: So much better! my 5 multiconfig parse took less than ~2GB of working memory instead of 20!17:07
RPJPEW: cool, thought it should help :)17:08
sveinseRP: yep, I see that when grepping the code. This is just /a/ tool, so there not reason to sulk over it. The unfortunates is that this hits straight home in the product upgrade logic. The change triggers extensive validation tests as I have to change /something/ -- which I of course don't have time for now. Oh well.17:09
RPsveinse: I feel for you with that :(17:10
*** LocutusOfBorg <LocutusOfBorg!~LocutusOf@ubuntu/member/locutusofborg> has quit IRC17:17
sveinseRP: is there a similar story to pigz too? Or isn't that tool equal to gz as pixz is to xz?17:17
*** LocutusOfBorg <LocutusOfBorg!> has joined #yocto17:18
*** LocutusOfBorg <LocutusOfBorg!~LocutusOf@ubuntu/member/locutusofborg> has joined #yocto17:18
sveinseGrepping the layers and bitbake, it seems pigz is still a relevant tool17:20
*** LocutusOfBorg <LocutusOfBorg!> has joined #yocto17:20
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RPsveinse: gzip doesn't have inbuilt threading?17:27
qschulzRP: all i know is that we migrated to pigz recently because it was way faster17:29
*** yann <yann!> has joined #yocto17:31
RPpigz is fine, its just pixz which was obsoleted17:31
sveinseThese two are perhaps completely unrelated tools? Just sharing same naming scheme?17:32
*** yann <yann!> has quit IRC17:37
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mischiefhi. is anyone using devicemapper under systemd-udevd? i find that if i don't install lvm2-udevrules, devicemapper stuff hangs waiting for notifcations. this seems like a bug..19:31
*** opennandra <opennandra!~marek@> has joined #yocto19:37
opennandrahi, I have one issue with do_rootfs which took ~50 minutes. I enabled buildstat to find out this info. IS there some possbility to debug it what is causing such slowdown?19:37
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rizihello all. i need some advice. i am cross compiling and running a deep neural network on a target (qemux86-64). it is taking 3 minutes for a very small network. at the moment i am not using any framework(opencl, darknet) just opencv::dnn module(high level API to implement DNN). what can i do to increase processing speed of this?19:47
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rizisorry i was logged out. if someone answered could someone some copy paste again:]20:01
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paulbarkerrizi: You're better off asking in a forum related to opencv20:53
riziyeah okay thankyou20:54
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dl9pfhalstead: could you give a nudge to
denixdl9pf: what do you mean?21:07
dl9pfdenix: error: Cannot fetch meta-ti from
denixdl9pf: ah, repos are missing on, sure21:07
*** champagneg <champagneg!> has joined #yocto21:07
halsteaddl9pf, Should be good until the next push at least.21:08
dl9pfhalstead: tnx !21:08
denixhalstead: what's wrong with pushes? I have another one pending in few minutes... would I lose repo again?21:10
denixhalstead: btw, that's not the latest... missing at least one push21:11
*** rizi <rizi!> has quit IRC21:11
halsteaddenix, Not totally sure yet. When new entries are added to refs/heads the cgit and the http backend have errors. git gc, packs everything and it works again until the next push.21:12
halsteaddenix, I'm building out a new server and testing at each step to try to find the issue.21:14
denixhalstead: ok, thanks, keep us posted21:14
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denixhalstead: I pushed one more change and it lost zeus branch and master is from daisy period...21:30
halsteaddenix, Repaired,
denixhalstead: thanks!21:32
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RPJPEW: hmm, new perl repro build failure :(22:24
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JPEWRP: link?22:29
RPJPEW: question is whether its from -next or an underlying bug22:30
lukmaRP: Maybe you would know - is there a more easy way to setup common timestamp for Yocto/OE builds for several machines?22:32
lukmaNow I do use22:32
lukmaFOO_TIMESTAMP_VAL=$(date +"%Y%m%d%H%M%S"); \22:32
lukmaFOO_TIMESTAMP=${FOO_TIMESTAMP_VAL} MACHINE=imx6 bitbake image-full22:32
halsteaddenix, dl9pf I think http clones are good to go now. Thank you RP for pointing me in the right direction.22:33
JPEWRP: That one looks like one where the encode module is trying to use the host compiler to figure out if it should do `int foo[16] = { ... }` or `int foo[] = { ... }`22:33
lukmaAnd in that way I do have the same timestamp for several builds (and yes, I've tried ${DATETIME} but it changes as each bitbake invocation)22:33
JPEWI thought that was fixed22:33
JPEWRP: Hmm, thats a big diffoscope diff.... I thought it would break it up into multiple files22:34
RPJPEW: it is a huge diff, yes :/22:38
RPlukma: other option would be to read the timestamp from some metadata file I guess22:38
RPhalstead: glad we may have it fixed! :)22:39
lukmaRP: The problem is that after updating from rocko to zeus - I do see some errors regarding hash mismatches22:39
*** wertigon <wertigon!8addfa13@> has quit IRC22:40
lukmaRP: For images which were build correctly22:40
RPlukma: it did get become a lot more careful about a few things iirc22:40
lukmaRP: I do guess that zeus added some extra checks support for caching the sstate/22:40
RPlukma: we've found and fixed a few correctness bugs, yes22:41
lukmaRP: Ok, I will poke around22:41
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RPJPEW: I wonder if we have some kind of data leakage from old builds or it really was fixed :/23:14
RPJPEW: half tempted to wipe the hashequiv data23:14
* RP sleeps on it23:14
armpitjust do it23:14
RParmpit: what, sleep or wipe the data?23:14
RPalso I'd love it if someone wants to fix the webkitgtk float128 issue that seems to have appeared by enabling api-docs in qemux86-world-alt...23:17
* RP changes qemux86 world to 64 bit, that may even fix it23:18
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