Friday, 2020-02-21

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Why is there an error when executing bitbake commands in the Yokto project? <>03:51
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mischiefhow do i use the kernel image as a DEPENDS in a recipe? i've tried virtual/kernel.. kernel-image.. etc. nothing ive tried adds my zImage to the sysroot.04:01
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khemmischief: IMAGE_INSTALL += "kernel-image-bzimage"04:49
khemah I means kernel-image-zimage04:49
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stuom1what is the shorthand of "this package in the destination image", i mean i want to copy something under ${D}/path/to/this/package07:13
stuom1must be something simple but i just cant figure it out, i blame the morning07:13
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stuom1Is anybody using multiconfig builds?07:46
stuom1Why does it quite randomly choose that it needs to rebuild a bunch of packages that have not been changed at all?07:48
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stuom1It basically does not work07:48
LetoThe2ndstuom1: can't confirm that.07:48
stuom1I have common downloads dir but others are separate07:49
LetoThe2ndwe're not exactly power users, but here it does pretty much what it is expected to do.07:49
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stuom1now it decided that I need to recompile chromium, I could use that 4 hours for something else07:50
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LetoThe2ndstuom1: if you can share the configuration one can have a look. beyond that, no idea.07:52
LetoThe2ndstuom1: plus, no need to keep seperate sstates. the only things that should be seperate are the TMPDIRs, as i understand it.07:53
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mckoangood morning07:57
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kriiveHi guys! I wrote a simple recipe that compiles and installs a shared object library. In do_install() I wrote oe_runmake install DESTDIR=${D} PREFIX=/usr08:31
kriiveThe resulting .so are found under /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libargon2.so08:32
kriiveIn another recipe I set DEPEND = "argon2", but it fails compilation stating that ld cannot find -largon208:34
LetoThe2ndkriive: because your prefix doesn't include ${D}, probably08:34
LetoThe2ndor is the path that you gave inside the image?08:35
kriiveLetoThe2nd: are you referring to the argon2 recipe or the one that depends on it?08:37
LetoThe2ndkriive: here is the source of your headache:
LetoThe2ndkriive: hooray for another project that thinks hand-carving Makefiles is the way to go, and nobody ever needs to cross compile08:38
kriiveDo I need to set LIBRARY_REL to plain lib?08:39
LetoThe2ndyou can try passing in LIBRARY_REL, but generally i'd call that broken.08:39
kriiveSorry if I don't get it, but is it the x86_64-linux-gnu that breaks it all?08:40
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LetoThe2ndkriive: invoce address please :)08:43
kriiveLetoThe2nd: Thank you so so much08:43
kriiveYou won a beer for one of the live coding videos08:43
LetoThe2ndreally, this is almost a poster example why handwritten Makefiles are stupid and ugly.08:44
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gtristan20Hi, I'm working with a poky version from a couple of years ago, and dealing with a (typical enough) situation where the organization has some different install prefixes, or at least libraries and apps end up in different prefixes09:09
gtristan20I've found that they've strongarmed the system to achieve this by adding do_populate_sysroot() functions to their recipes09:10
LetoThe2ndgtristan20: sounds pretty hackish to me.09:11
gtristan20So do_install() installs to the real intended location, and do_populate_sysroot() stages to the normal prefixes, for the purpose of the build (header files and libraries can be found in /usr/lib instead of /opt/foo/lib)09:11
gtristan20Yes, so the result of this is that the sstate files for populate_sysroot tasks are empty, and the sstate cache is not usable (builds break if you try to reuse the cache)09:12
gtristan20I'm trying to fix this by removing the do_populate_sysroot calls, and adding a custom class which informs the dependencies of extra link paths, setting up LDFLAGS09:13
gtristan20And cleanly defining the alternative prefixes09:13
gtristan20But I ran into a snag09:13
gtristan20Basically at least in my version of poky, the staging.bbclass (which implements do_populate_sysroot()), is hard coded in such a way to be picky and selective about which files to choose09:14
gtristan20So I only get the header files (which we leave under /usr/include for builds and SDKs), but /opt/foo stuff gets left out and never staged to the sysroot09:14
gtristan20there appears to be no way to configure this, short of patching staging.bbclass and implementing a tad of flexibility there09:15
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gtristan20looking at master:, it appears that I would be able to work around this by appending my paths to SYSROOT_DIRS09:19
gtristan20But not in this version09:19
gtristan20Maybe I should backport that to my version of poky09:19
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gtristan20Any thoughts ? I usually don't work with yocto/poky, so maybe there is a better approach ?09:20
gtristan20I've considered overriding prefix/exec_prefix in the recipes which get installed to separate locations, but I fear this will not only affect the installation prefix variables, but also variables used to discover dependencies09:21
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gtristan20e.g. ${libdir} would end up being my installation one, but would be passed the the compiler in -L${libdir} instead of the regular libdir (as opposed to in addition to it)09:22
gtristan20same with pkg_config_path etc09:22
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gtristan20I found this thread
gtristan20which introduces SYSROOT_DIRS, and shows me patches of "the old way"09:27
gtristan20Which uses these preprocess functions09:28
LetoThe2ndgtristan20: hum. what version are you an?09:30
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RPgtristan20: I'd try and use the methods that were there before SYSROOT_DIRS rather than backporting the other changes09:36
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gtristan20Hmmm, alright so that works !09:38
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gtristan20SYSROOT_PREPROCESS_FUNCS += "libfoo_sysroot_preprocess" <-- like that09:39
gtristan20and define a function of that name which stages just the alternative prefix09:39
gtristan20But, this is a bit generic, do you think I can define this sysroot preprocess func in a .bbclass and just inherit it in any of the recipes which install to a custom prefix ?09:40
* gtristan20 is only unsure of this because it's defining a function, and in upstream poky I'm seeing individually named per-recipe functions being used for this purpose09:40
LetoThe2ndgtristan20: again, what version are you on? there has been a massive change in sysroot/staging, so if you are pre-pyro then you totally should not refer to current master.09:42
gtristan20Maybe I can define the function like: ${PN}_sysroot_preprocess() {...} ?09:42
gtristan20LetoThe2nd, nah I'm referring to the poky I have I mean, I'm about 3 to 6 months behind the massive change which causes recipes to build safely in their own separate sysroots09:43
gtristan20When I mean "upstream poky" I mean the stuff I have here that is not custom, I did check the git sha a while back but couldnt tell you off hand the exact version09:43
gtristan20That said, referring to current master is exactly what lead me to find SYSROOT_DIRS, which in turn pointed me to the ML discussion, and caused me to discover the "old way" of doing it, which works with this version :D09:46
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mischiefkhem: no, i need this for a build time dependency as part of an image recipe. i don't wan the kernel binary in my imagine, but i want to do some stuff with the kernel image. does that make sense?10:07
mischiefugh terrible english10:07
kriiveGuys do you have guidance on how to write .pro (qmake project file) suitable for cross-compile? Because I don't see any variable ready to use and I often have seen hardcoded install paths and ugly stuff like that10:17
kriiveAdvice like move to cmake and burn qmake with fire are totally accepted10:18
LetoThe2ndkriive: i hereby suggest the latter. just for the fun of setting something on fire.10:19
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: CMake project using external SDK toolchain file cross-compile error <>10:23
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto:, error perf-1.0-r9 do_compile: oe_runmake failed from bitbake image <>10:53
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blarzhi, I just updated to the latest warrior version (2.7.3), and now builds against meta-boundary or meta-freescale-3rdparty fail because they provide a linux-firmware_git.bbappend, but the was renamed in poky with the following commit
blarzwas this intended?10:59
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LetoThe2ndblarz: its basically a version bump, so the other layers should bump too. but i agree at the the filename change is unfortunate.11:02
frosteyesHi Folks. Do you know of any license.manifest parsing utilities. E.g. currently it is a sorted list of packages, but what if I want to get this is the licenses, this is the packages with this license.11:03
blarzLetoThe2nd: indeed it is. but yeah, I will need to wait for the other layers then. thanks!11:11
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rburtonLetoThe2nd: do you have millions of followers on twitter yet?11:15
rburton is a bug i just filed, would make an interesting little project for someone who wishes to learn and do something concrete11:15
yoctiBug 13807: enhancement, Undecided, ---, unassigned, NEW , Add support for elfutils debuginfod11:15
LetoThe2ndrburton: not yet, unfortunately.11:15
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LetoThe2ndrburton: i can put it on if you'd like, but i don't expect any outcome to be honest.11:19
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Understanding Yocto Project sstate-cache functioning <>11:23
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perdmannhi, if i try to ubifsmount an ubifs volume which was created with Linux i get BADMSG -74 ECC errors13:47
perdmannIs it possible that Linux Ubifs is not compatible with Uboot ubifs?13:47
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kriiveWhat's the best way (security-wise also) to initialize a MariaDB password randomly in Yocto?14:00
kriiveI don't want every device to have the same root pwd14:00
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Frog_deparmenTHi all14:30
Frog_deparmenTAre there any tips on how to debug the "sstate mirror object availability"?14:30
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Frog_deparmenTWhen it loads for a long time and at the end everything gets fetched and build from the ground14:31
Frog_deparmenTI've tried running bitbake with -vvv14:32
Frog_deparmenTBut that didn't result in a change14:32
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kriiveFound pkg_postinst_ontarget_${PN}, is a valid method to initialize root passwords?14:39
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rburtonkriive: no14:49
rburtonkriive: google 'yocto set root password' gives you
* RP wonders if we could get the first green master-next in two weeks15:03
* RP wills the build onward15:03
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JPEWRP: We used to have a in-house build system written in perl that I had the ignominious glory of hacking on... the ongoing joke was that it only worked because I willed it to continue15:15
JPEWI was *so* happy when we got rid of it15:15
JPEWRP: btw, did my master-next build of mingw pass? I don't think I got a link...15:16
kriiverburton: Pardon me, I meant root mysql passwords15:16
kriiveI am well aware of usermod and extrauser methods15:17
kriiveSorry for not clarifying15:17
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giovannism20hi everybody, so i have a forerunner 225 from garmin and the inicial idea is put steroid os on her15:26
giovannism20i've discovered that i need to write a layer and i found octo15:27
giovannism20and my new idea is "only" run linux on him15:27
giovannism20brazilian kriive15:27
giovannism20him* yocto*15:28
kriivesaw giovanni, thought italian nvm :) beautiful country, sorry for the ot15:28
giovannism20that's okay15:29
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rburtongiovannism20: my understanding is that asteroidos is only for watches that run android out of the box15:33
giovannism20garmin 225 is a wath but with a propietary software15:34
rburtonunless you know how to get access to the bootloader and what the hardware specs are, you're a long way from needing a bsp layer15:36
giovannism20you have some tip of how can i find hardware specs ?15:37
rburtonwell garmin won't tell you15:38
rburtonyou'll need to reverse engineer the port on the back and see if you can get a console to the watch15:38
rburtonlook at the install instructions on asteroid, step 1 is always 'turn on android development mode'15:39
giovannism20well, sure15:48
giovannism20i'll try to do that15:48
rburtonbut if your watch isn't running android then that won't work...15:48
giovannism20and can i install android or put another system15:49
giovannism20cause i trying to change because he not connect at satellites15:49
rburtoni doubt changing the OS will solve that15:50
rburtonGPS is slow to sync unless you have assisted-gps15:50
rburtonyou won't be able to 'just install android' on a watch that doesn't run android without a huge amount of effort15:51
giovannism20uhmm sure15:51
giovannism20i'll try to solve this satellites problem15:52
giovannism20and if still not working i'll try another alternatives15:52
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matthewzmdhi rburton, is there any update regarding the psplash screen?
yoctiBug 4339: normal, Medium, 3.99, matthew.zeng, IN PROGRESS REVIEW , psplash doesn't work with systemd15:52
rburtoni thought that was integrated already15:52
matthewzmdthe patch you asked me to test has not yet been merged15:54
*** TobSnyder <TobSnyder!~schneider@> has quit IRC15:54
rburtonRP: ^15:54
*** giovannism20 <giovannism20!c9115a8f@> has quit IRC15:55
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armpitrburton, I think he is taking some time off16:18
khemRP: I see this kind of msg when runniing core-image-sato-sdk-ptest
khemRP: how are ptest errors reported16:23
kriiveAre pkg_postinst_ontarget_${PN} () commands used in qemu?16:25
*** JaMa <JaMa!~martin@> has quit IRC16:26
kriiveShould I expect them to run also on qemu virtualized image?16:26
rburtonif you mean in a qemu-system then yes, that is the target16:28
kriiveYeah, sorry qemu-system16:28
rburtononly use a ontarget postinst if you can't run a normal one (that executes on the build host during rootfs)16:30
*** faildev <faildev!> has joined #yocto16:31
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kriiveMaybe that was an XY question. My need is to initialize random passwords and crypto nonces at boot time.16:31
kriiveOnly the first time after the system has been booted16:32
rburtonontarget is what you want then yes16:33
kriiveFor example mysql (mariadb) root password and db password, and also seed an initial db (but I think I can do that at build time)16:33
kriiverburton: Oh ok, thanks16:33
armpitkhem, I think RP is taking time off16:40
*** Bunio_FH <Bunio_FH!> has quit IRC16:45
*** tomeccles <tomeccles!~tomeccles@> has joined #yocto16:48
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RParmpit: my connection is struggling :/17:15
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:17
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paulbarkerwic-tools seems to be breaking for me again on thud17:30
paulbarkerFor some reason extend_recipe_sysroot() is trying to pull in both libgcc-initial and libgcc17:31
*** kriive <kriive!~kriive@> has quit IRC17:33
paulbarkerIt worked on the first build but then fails on subsequent builds in the same tmpdir17:33
RPpaulbarker: :(. I have some half memory of debugging that but nothing specific :(17:34
paulbarkerRP: It looks to be very intermittent. I know dl9pf hit it when building AGL at FOSDEM17:35
paulbarkerI'll look into it further over the weekend17:35
paulbarkerThe connection to my build machine seems to be playing up17:36
RPpaulbarker: I'm seeing a lot of connection turbulence today :/17:36
paulbarkerRP: Mine is likely my error somewhere, wireguard works and I can ping my home machine over the encrypted tunnel but ssh files17:37
*** nerdboy <nerdboy!~sarnold@> has joined #yocto17:38
*** nerdboy <nerdboy!~sarnold@gentoo/developer/nerdboy> has joined #yocto17:38
paulbarkerI'm pretty sure I've narrowed this down to the wic-tools recipe calling extend_recipe_sysroot but I need to see if I can reproduce it on master17:38
paulbarkerAh excellent there's a bunch of commented out bb.note calls in that function. I'll uncomment those and re-run the build later so I can see the whole dep tree17:40
RPpaulbarker: Try adding
RPpaulbarker: that may make it fail consistently17:41
paulbarkerWill do17:41
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RPmatthewzmd: I've queued that, thanks for the pointer, I'd wanted to merge it18:04
*** WillMiles <WillMiles!~Will@> has joined #yocto18:04
RPJPEW: I did get various passes and merged things as a result18:04
RPJPEW: I think your toolchain test did pass, I didn't merge though as I wasn't sure what you wanted18:05
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kanavin_homeRP: ptests started passing when they shouldn't
kanavin_homepossibly related to the parsing fix of yours?18:24
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[Sno]RP: thanks to the config.log I can now reproduce the root cause and it's exploding a bit ...18:49
[Sno]RP: take a little while18:49
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mischiefRP: the other day you said i can DEPENDS += virtual/kernel, but that doesn't seem to work - i don't get a kernel in my recipe sysroot. any clue how i can do it?19:00
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matthewzmdI see that the perl5 upstream already has 5.31.9 release, is there a reason why yocto still keeps it at 5.30.1?19:18
matthewzmdi think kanavin_home upgraded it to 5.30.1 on december19:20
*** matman1122 <matman1122!268c1a9c@> has quit IRC19:20
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Bitbake: "The metadata is not deterministic and this needs to be fixed" <>19:24
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matthewzmdI try to upgrade it myself, but dunno how to generate the perl-cross.md5sum and sha256sums19:29
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rburtonmatthewzmd: they're the checksum of the perl-cross tarball20:46
rburtonwhich hasn't made a new release since 1.3.120:46
matthewzmdrburton: thank you, i ended up backporting a commit from upstream20:46
matthewzmdi figured 5.31.* is not a stable release20:47
rburtonthat does support perl 5.31.6 so feel free to try upgrading to that without touching perl-cross20:47
rburtonah fair20:47
rburtonthat odd/even thing is relatively commo20:47
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RPmischief: that will add a dependency on the kernel, you didn't specify what bits of the kernel you wanted. Look at some of our module examples22:08
RPkanavin_home: what makes you say it shouldn't have passed?22:09
RPkanavin_home: I guess confirms its bust22:10
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*** amaury_d <amaury_d!> has joined #yocto22:16
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kanavin_homeRP: I sent a patch :)22:21
*** [Sno] <[Sno]!> has joined #yocto22:21
kanavin_homeRP: it's not supposed to pass because I know very well not everything is fixed yet!22:21
*** WillMiles <WillMiles!~Will@> has quit IRC22:21
kanavin_homeparticularly, mdadm and valgrind22:21
*** sagner <sagner!~ags@2a02:169:3df5::edf> has joined #yocto22:23
RPkanavin_home: right, was just wondering what to look for but its obvous from the report :(22:23
RPkanavin_home: thanks, what a silly mistake :/22:24
kanavin_homeRP: cheers22:24
*** vmeson <vmeson!~rmacleod@> has quit IRC22:29
RPkanavin_home: added to -next and tests restarted22:35
RPkhem: I dropped binutils again as the perf issue remains22:35
RPzeddii: ^^^22:35
zeddiiI only fixed it for 5.422:37
zeddiido you have a link to the failure ? it definitely worked here.22:37
RPzeddii: pick from any failures in
khemRP: I have clean world build locally so I think perhaps zeddi's pull did not include ?22:41
zeddiinope. it certainly does.22:42
zeddiiunless the SRCREVs are wrong, the patch is in the kernel. I can easily check the commit. sec.22:44
zeddiilooks ok on that front. My SRCREV bump includes;
zeddiisomething is off on that build22:46
zeddiiit doesn’t seem to have my PV fix22:46
zeddiiits building recipe linux-yocto-5.4.1522:46
zeddiibut that should be .2022:47
RPzeddii: have a look at -next and tell me what is missing?22:47
zeddiipulling. sec22:47
khemah I am also doing build on master-next and its passing world build too for qemux8622:47
khembut next maybe stale22:48
zeddiiRP: they all do look to be there, but yet the .15 is wrong. my commit: “linux-yocto: fix PV”, let me see if something is undoing that in -next.22:49
*** hpsy1 <hpsy1!~hpsy@> has quit IRC22:49
*** palate <palate!~palate@unaffiliated/palate> has quit IRC22:50
khemzeddii: in my checkout of master-next I am getting 5.4.20 and I can see the commit is in22:54
khemRP: I wonder if this build which failed missed the kernel bump ?22:54
khembut had binutils in22:54
zeddiilikewise, I just refreshed and started again. and see the .20 coming out.22:55
khemRP: Just nor rebuilt perf on master-next + binutils patch and it built fine22:56
khemRP: so I think something went wrong on AB perhaps22:56
RPkhem: it was what was in -next + binutils22:57
khemyeah I just updated 2 mins ago so to ensure I am on same master-next22:57
khembut I am on OE-core if that makes difference22:58
khemRP: does poky lock revs differently22:58
RPkhem, zeddii: Does poky change kernel versions?22:58
khemmeta-yocto-bsp does have its own mind22:59
khemdont know if thats causing it22:59
*** dv_ <dv_!> has quit IRC23:00
zeddiiRP: no version setting in poky that I know of, the qemu* is straight from oe-core and has always followed the PV + SRCREVs that I set.23:00
*** palate <palate!> has joined #yocto23:01
mischiefRP: i need the kernel image itself, so that i can build a fit.23:02
mischiefi don't need the headers and makefiles, etc23:02
RPmischief: you probably want a do_xxxx[depends] = "virtual/kernel:do_deploy" and then pull it from the deploy dir then?23:03
khemmischief: add kernel-image-zimage to IMAGE_INSTALL23:05
khemthat should put it in /boot in rootfs23:05
RPzeddii: there is a pattern to the failures - all real hardware reference platforms you haven't moved to the new version?23:05
zeddiiright. they are probably on 5.2, which I was leaving for my next series, and yes, it doesn’t have the same commit.23:05
RPzeddii: hence the failures23:06
RPapart from pkgman-non-rpm which is alsa-utils23:06
zeddiiwe’d either need to bump their 5.2 srcrevs (I could port the fix), or we need to move their default to 5.4 and update the SRCREVs23:06
zeddiioh wait23:07
zeddiiit’s already building 5.423:07
zeddiiit just needs a SRCREV bump. I can send that.23:07
zeddiiRP: patch to the yocto list for the SRCREV bump.23:10
RPzeddii: thanks. I'll queue and retest23:11
*** robbawebba <robbawebba!~rob@> has joined #yocto23:14
* RP stops and starts a new build23:14
RPzeddii: we're going to get a lot of questions about this patch :/23:18
*** dv_ <dv_!~dv@> has joined #yocto23:18
mischiefkhem: no no. i do not want the kernel in my root file system. i want to use the kernel image as an input to a recipe.23:21
mischiefRP: i can try that if it is not possible to get it into a recipe sysroot.23:21
RPmischief: Its either that or try the module style approach and see if it gets into STAGING_DIR_KERNEL, I don't remember23:22
mischieffwict there is no such variable in poky23:25
RPmischief: sorry, I'm getting flashbacks from older times :(23:32
*** agust <agust!> has quit IRC23:34
RPmischief: have a read of for ideas23:35
* RP -> Zzzz23:35
khemmischief: then do what RP suggested23:41

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