Saturday, 2020-02-22

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mischiefthank you!00:22
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto Bitbake Recipes for Nvidia Jetson Nano for Python whl files not on PyPi <>00:25
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Adding nativesdk-qt4-tools to my yocto SDK <>06:57
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RPkhem: I think the binutils change causes a selftest failure :/08:50
RPkhem: confirmed, the _x86-64 overridden line breaks oe-selftest -r sstatetests.SStateTests.test_sstate_32_64_same_hash09:07
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dv|2how can I choose BRANCH based on MACHINE name in my own recipe?10:58
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RPdv|2: BRANCH_machine1 = "A" BRANCH_machine2 = "B" and use ${BRANCH} ?11:43
dv|2RP, exactly!11:43
paulbarkerRP: I think I may have tracked down my extend_recipe_sysroot issue from yesterday. It was my mistake but a subtle one11:56
RPpaulbarker: what was it out of interest?11:57
paulbarkerI had `do_image_wic[depends] += "u-boot-bbe:do_build"`, should have been `do_deploy` at the end there instead11:57
paulbarkerAll works fine until you inherit rm_work11:58
RPpaulbarker: ah, I can imagine how it could break11:58
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paulbarkerThen you get a graph like `u-boot-bbe:do_build` -> `u-boot-bbe:do_rm_work_all` -> `glibc-initial:do_rm_work` -> `glibc-initial:do_populate_sysroot`11:58
RPthe dependency code is all rather interesting :/11:58
paulbarkerAnd suddenly extend_recipe_sysroot is trying to add both glibc and glibc-initial11:59
RPpaulbarker: which then breaks since the code which blocks both together then doesn't trigger12:00
paulbarkerI wonder if we can make it drop do_rm_work & do_rm_work_all in the "Create collapsed do_populate_sysroot -> do_populate_sysroot tree" section of the function12:01
RPpaulbarker: I think there would be other implications of the issue so that probably would create more confusion than it could solve :/12:02
paulbarkerOk. Maybe a warning if we see do_build in the dependencies of a task like that?12:03
RPpaulbarker: maybe. I think only do_build should depend upon do_build12:03
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khemRP:what does that test do, compare target binutils or cross13:58
RPkhem: compares binutils-native on a 32 and a 64 bit host14:00
RPkhem: I have a fix in -next14:00
khemah yes was reading the testcase14:01
RPkhem: fix mailed14:02
RPas well as fix for zeddii's kernel change and a fix for the psplash race issue14:02
khemlooks good14:03
khemI was thinking to enable-targets=all for all kind of binutils as well14:04
RPkhem: i was wondering about that. Could we even drop binutils-cross in favour of binutils-native and just symlink?14:04
khemwhich would make binutils build a bit longer and perhaps bigger but will account for14:05
RPkhem: we build -native anyway though?14:05
khemRP: in that case perhaps yes14:05
khemyeah native is not always built I think but we can if we think of dropping cross14:06
RPkhem: it'd be worth measuring the size/time difference14:07
khemin clang thats what I do, build one and symlimk for cross but clang driver supports it so any issues we can fix, not sure about binutils case, we might have to try14:07
khemRP: another problem I am seeing is that when I build musl/glibc in same tmpdir for same machine, it deletes content from core2-32-yoe-linux-musl when build is happening for glibc while it decides to do sysroot cleanup14:11
khemI thought core2-32-yoe-linux-musl will be unknown to glibc build14:11
khemso it should not even touch *-*-musl* dirs, no ?14:12
RPkhem: It depends. Which dir exactly?14:12
RPkhem: there is code which records what a given MACHINE built last time, then if its no longer reachable in a new build it can remove it14:13
khempackages under above are cleaned14:13
khemwhen doing glibc build14:13
RPkhem: I'm slightly surprised it would clean musl from glibc14:13
khemI am too,14:13
khemeasy to reproduce, TCLIBC=musl bitbake core-image-minimal && bitbake core-image-minimal now check musl/ dir under work/core2-32-yoe-linux-musl its removed14:14
khemand its surgical about it, not whole core2-32-yoe-linux-musl is removed14:15
RPkhem: have a look at sstate-control/index-<machine>14:15
RPkhem: I suspect something odd is going on with the indexes14:16
RPkhem: my local ones don't look right to me at a quick glance14:16
RPkhem: if those indexes aren't right it will remove things when it shouldn't14:16
RPkhem: we have this behaviour so things like switching sysvinit to systemd work14:17
RPkhem: it is there to clean up systemd ipks from the feed if the systemd recipe is disabled for example14:17
RPkhem: I think it will also trigger to remove musl if you switch to glibc and vice versa14:18
khembut musl is different tuple unlike system/sysvinit case14:19
kanavin_homeRP: is the wayland build issue caused by ninja update by any chance?14:19
khemI see that index names dont encode TARTGET_OS14:19
RPkanavin_home: possibly. Not sure if its deterministic yet or not14:19
kanavin_homeRP: what I see in the failure is that it's trying to build tests ahead of everything else14:20
RPkanavin_home: so its racing with broken dependency information?14:20
kanavin_homeRP: looking into source code now14:21
RPkanavin_home: I haven't really looked into that one, I decided to file it as its out my area of knowledge14:22
khemRP: index-core2-32         index-machine-qemux86  index-qemux86 they should also have TARGET_OS in their name IMO14:22
kanavin_homeRP: let me try to build it with new ninja14:22
RPkanavin_home: there were three other issues for me to be going on with :/14:22
RPkhem: I'm not sure they should14:23
RPkhem: where do the files end up under tmp/deploy/ipk ?14:23
RPkhem: I suspect if we change this code you'll get both glibc and musl ipks together14:24
khemhmm thinking about it from feeds point of  view it seems you are right14:25
RPkhem: so the code is actually doing the right thing and preventing you hurting yourself14:25
khemso best is to use different tmpdir ?14:25
khemlike oe-core defaults?14:26
RPkhem: I think we'd have more work to do to make parallel glibc/musl builds work in the same tmpdir14:26
RPIt does "work" only because we have code which detects and tries to handle it14:26
RPbut to do that it has to clean up lots of stuff14:27
khemyeah i see that especially when you do world builds one after another you can see it cleaning up for long long time14:27
RPkhem: separate tmpdir is simpler14:28
khemRP: with combined tmpdir, I have been able to catch some allarch bugs though14:29
khemso its not all in waste, but I guess I should change my distro defaults14:29
khemI have bigger fish to fry14:29
RPkhem: right, I do see some value in it but I don't think its top of the agenda14:30
RPkhem: In some ways I'm surprised it works at all! :)14:30
khemit works because I have been using it :)14:31
kanavin_homeRP: nope, it's not ninja :-/ and the dependencies look right14:31
kanavin_homelocally the tests build after everything else14:31
RPkanavin_home: hmm, so some kind of race? :/14:32
kanavin_homeor a malformed ninja file14:34
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kanavin_homeRP: I ran ninja -j 100 and the race still doesn't show up :-/14:37
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RPkanavin_home: I wonder if we still have that builddir, would that help?14:40
kanavin_homeRP: yes, particularly the generated ninja file, but everything else too so I can compare to local build14:41
RPkanavin_home: we have it, one second and I'll share14:42
RPkanavin_home: is the cut down version14:44
RPkanavin_home: creating wayland2.tgz with recipe-sysroot and everything14:44
RP(also now done)14:44
RP200MB vs 1MB :)14:44
kanavin_homeRP: right, let me see14:47
RPhmm, does anyone know systemd unit files? We're seeing psplash-systemd[134]: Error unable to open fifo even with my patch in -next :(14:52
kanavin_homeI'll get some food now, then prepare the patch :)14:56
RPkanavin_home: cool, thanks!14:57
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RPhmm, the dependencies just look wrong to me :/14:59
kanavin_homeRP which dependencies?15:08
RPkanavin_home: sorry, for psplash systemd15:14
kanavin_homeRP patch for wayland is on the list15:31
khemRP: for sysvinit psplash fifo is export PSPLASH_FIFO_DIR=/mnt/.psplash15:36
khemis it different for dir for systemd15:36
RPkhem: it is, should be in /run for systemd15:44
RPkanavin_home: thanks15:44
smurraygithub has (temporarily?) disabled archive downloads, just in case anyone needed a better reason to stop using them:
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RPsmurray: gitlab or github? it sounds temporary to address a DoS attack?16:08
smurrayRP:  sorry, indeed gitlab.  Yeah, hopefully temporary16:09
smurrayRP: I posted that pre-coffee16:10
khemRP: I see perhaps add ConditionPathIsReadWrite=/run as well to deps16:10
RPkhem: won't that mean it just skips the unit ?16:10
RPThe ConditionPath stuff sounds one shot16:10
RPA path unit file with PathExists sounds better but means a path unit file afaict16:11
* RP isn't systemd literate though, what do I know16:11
khemRP: if that happens then we know the problem is that its mounted but not writable yet16:12
smurrayI can't remember if systemd does watches so ConditionPath will trigger at runtime.  It does seem more likely to be one shot16:12
RPkhem: the problem is more likely the other service hasn't created it yet16:13
RPsmurray: I found it hard to tell with google but one shot seemed more likely from the impression I got16:13
smurrayRP: yep16:14
RPkhem: we might get to drop a patch eventually:;a=commitdiff;h=d6f420d98126ac51396b89fbe287a32287cd92ed :)16:14
khemRP: saw that, my gcc10 patch (when upgraded past this commit) will drop it16:17
khemhow many years it took I wonder16:17
RPkhem: filed in 201316:17
khemheh, so almost 716:18
RPJan 2013 so over 7 years to get a simple fix in16:18
khemcontributing to clang is so easy, write a patch and push it to fabricator or now github pull request16:19
RPkhem: I should really find the time to go through our gcc patches and see if we can do something with some of them16:19
khemon systemd thing you added RequiresMountsFor so that should take care of /run being mounted isnt it16:20
khemRP: most of them are config related and some are relocatable install related noneof them are ustream worthy16:21
RPkhem: right, which makes me thing its a dependency issue16:21
RPkhem: we should talk to upstream about relocatable install though16:21
RPkhem: or see if we can do it better16:21
smurrayRP: some spelunking in systemd source confirms that indeed it's only on unit start16:22
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RPsmurray: thanks. Do you happen to know if there is a "service is started when file X exists" parameter for a unit file?16:23
khemRP: perhaps 8 or so might be interesting to upstream16:23
RPkhem: that would be 8 less to carry16:23
khemRP: yeah but who will sign legal papers which they never respond back16:23
smurrayRP: as a prerequisite for starting, or do you mean something that indicates it has been started?16:25
RPsmurray: basically service X creates file A and I want service Y to start when file A exists16:26
RPsmurray: X=psplash-start and Y=psplash-systemd16:26
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smurrayRP: hrm, I think that ConditionPathExists=A  might work if Y has After=X in its unit file, since the conditions are only checked on start16:29
RPsmurray: there can be a delay between exec(X) and A existing though16:30
RPthe irony being I thought systemd was designed to handle these races16:30
smurrayRP: interesting. What type of service is psplash-start set as?  Just simple?16:31
smurrayRP: I always have to reread the systemd unit docs for this stuff.  I could see how that might race, as for "simple" units it considers it started as soon as it forks to run whatever's in ExecStart16:36
RPsmurray: that is my worry16:37
smurrayRP: I've not looked at psplash in a long while, does it slap up the image and exit, or stick around?16:37
RPsmurray: sticks around with progress bar, the fifo is used to drive that16:38
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smurrayRP: if it daemonizes, then Type=forking is more correct, and may fix the race16:39
RPsmurray: don't worry too much, I was just hoping there was someone systemd literate around who could say "oh, just do ABC"16:39
RPsmurray: I'd have to check to see if it does16:39
RPsmurray: doesn't deamonize :/16:40
RPThis isn't funny, every new build has more failures we haven't seen before or don't understand :(16:42
smurrayRP: yeah, that's going to be impossible to keep from racing unless psplash-start gets patched to use sd_notify, or perhaps there's a game that can be played with ExecStartPost in the psplash-start unit to wait for the fifo16:44
smurrayRP: ouch.  I'm about to step out, but I'll take a look at Bugzilla when I get in later and see if there's something I can help try to debug tomorrow16:45
RPsmurray: thanks. I need to file them16:46
RPsmurray: some I can't reproduce and am not sure its worth filing :(16:47
RPsome we're seeing for the second time so they;re going to be problems16:47
RPsmurray: an interesting one is executable bits disappearing from files in /lib/systemd/systemd-XXX :/16:54
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smurrayRP: yikes17:01
yoctiBug 13810: normal, Undecided, ---, unassigned, NEW , systemd file executable bits disappearing17:06
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smurrayRP: if the psplash thing is a blocker, I can whip up a patch to try adding a sd_notify call in psplash-start when building for systemd17:39
RPsmurray: thanks. We're lucky with that one in that its not in master yet. I'm now torn on merging it as my last fix appears to be working even if it still theoretically  has a race17:42
RPsmurray: also wondering about a unit path file and PathExists to avoid messing too much with it, the sd_notify call is probably going to be a pain to do17:43
* RP is now staring at a basehash changed error and wondering if hashequiv breaks it17:43
smurrayRP: I’ll take a look tonight/tomorrow17:44
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RPhash equiv can't break a basehash though, so I should stop being silly :)17:44
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RPI wonder if this is actually an inconsistent logging issue17:48
armpitso its not bash the hash then17:49
RParmpit: hashequiv is the new sstate for any bug we don't understand :)17:50
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RPNot logging but maybe data leakage between tests18:00
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palateWhat is "WKS_FILES"?22:27
palateit's complaining that it is not set appropriately, but I can't find documentation about it22:27
palate(I'm trying to make an *.ubi image)22:28
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