Monday, 2020-02-24

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Db_helpHello any 1 here today?02:38
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: YOCTO:Where does Beaglebone black firmware directory located at core image sato build? <>03:06
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bernardoaraujoI'm doing some experiments with a ROCK64, using the meta-rock64 BSP. I have a Poky core-image-base running.06:44
bernardoaraujoProblem is that after boot, eth0 is never up by default. I need to run "ifup eth0" to bring it up. If ethernet cable is disconnected when I bring it up, it will not start a DHCP transaction after I plug it in. I only get a local IP if I bring it up WHILE the ethernet cable is connected.06:44
bernardoaraujoI would appreciate any tips on how to get eth0 up on boot.06:44
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LetoThe2ndbernardoaraujo: add/enable whatever network manager you like. popular choices these days are ifupdown, nm, systemd-networkd, connman.08:17
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bernardoaraujohi Josef! I checked the manifest, "init-ifupdown aarch64 1.0-r7" is there08:21
LetoThe2ndbernardoaraujo: then do your configuration in etc/network/interfaces08:23
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bernardoaraujothis is the wired section of it, without doing any customizations08:27
LetoThe2ndwell i'm no ifupdown user, hence i can only guess. but "technically" this looks correct, given the assumption that ifupdown is started08:29
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bernardoaraujoI just went mobile, but when I get home I'll double check whether ifupdown is starting as a service at boot... good point, thanks!08:32
LetoThe2ndhave fun.08:33
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angelo__hi , what is exactly yocto read-only rootfs doing ?08:49
LetoThe2ndangelo__: it makes the rootfs read-only.08:49
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angelo__LetoThe2nd, mm, i can mount it rw08:52
kanavin_homethe idea is basically security: if rogue agents can't write there, their ability to do damage is limited08:52
LetoThe2ndangelo__: well of course, by manual intervention you can do almost anything08:52
angelo__LetoThe2nd, so it is thought to be used as RO08:53
LetoThe2ndangelo__: but it comes up as RO, and the build process incorporates some tweaks needed to do that.08:53
angelo__ok, so mainly tweaks related to system settings that should be not persistent or things like that ?08:53
LetoThe2ndangelo__: for example ssh key generation.08:54
LetoThe2ndangelo__: the first and foremost tweak of course being "ro" in the fstab instead of "rw" :P08:54
angelo__mm no clear fstab thing ... isn't mount mode defined by the kernel params ?08:58
LetoThe2ndangelo__: its more like fstab defines it and kernel overrides. embedded is a bit special there.08:58
angelo__LetoThe2nd, ok09:02
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Where are bitbake python functions documented <>09:07
ernstphowdy, trying to learn more about WIC, WKS, bmap etc, haven't looked at it before09:17
ernstpfeels like I'm missing something. with meta-freescale and imx7dsabresd I get a wic.gz and wic.bmap...  what do I do with those?09:18
LetoThe2ndernstp: you should be able to just zcat the wic.gz to sd-card, or whatever medium you use.09:19
LetoThe2ndernstp: bmap is (AFAIK) a config file for some flasher tool, ask google about it.09:19
ernstpdoh, I was stuck on 3.16. Creating Partitioned Images Using Wic in the manual, didn't see 3.17. Flashing Images Using bmaptool :-)09:20
ernstpLetoThe2nd: I think you're supposed to use bmap-tool in there...09:20
ernstpI'm guessing that it does a little bit more than just dd/zcat09:21
LetoThe2ndernstp: i have no idea, never used it. my targets are "different" (TM)09:21
ernstpLetoThe2nd: yeah same here, but working with the Sabre reference board now a bit09:22
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paulbarkerbmap-tools is excellent, the bmap file says which blocks in the image contain actual data and only those are copied to the target device09:23
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Chruselbmaptool is really excellent and worth to look at it! Using the tool may speed up the flashing time significantly.09:30
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perdmannI want to use ubifs for the kernel image, but when i create the image in Linux i cannot mount it in uboot. i always get ECC Errors (-74) . Is there a solution to this?09:45
perdmannIt looks like uboot uses another ECC then kernel...09:45
LetoThe2ndperdmann: if you're using raw nand and setting up ecc manually (as opposed to emmc, for example), well then, this is certainly possible.09:46
LetoThe2ndsolution: look at the ecc setups :)09:47
[Sno]JaMa: I checked Friday evening - all 4 build fine09:48
perdmannLetoThe2nd i want to use ubifs to get management for bad blocks etc.pp.  Its not an emmc, its a raw NAND09:52
LetoThe2ndperdmann: then you also want to look at both your uboot and kernel config to make sure things match09:52
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perdmannWhere do i need to search for that? I already compared the MTD and UBI configs, they looked okay09:54
LetoThe2ndboard setup routing might eb a good start09:55
perdmannrouting? Or did you mean routine in uboot?09:56
LetoThe2ndi meant routine, sorry for typo09:56
perdmannNo problem. I just wanted to ensure that i understand you correctly :D09:57
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perdmannmaybe i should add that: as far as i understood our Processor, in Linux we use a hardware ECC …10:04
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LetoThe2ndperdmann: then you should myke sure that uboot also sets up and uses that hw ecc.10:05
perdmannLetoThe2nd actually i totally did not remember this fact -.-10:09
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sivai am getting the below error for my recipe10:16
sivado_package_qa: QA Issue: No GNU_HASH in the elf binary10:16
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LetoThe2ndsiva: does apply to your case?10:18
sivait fixed the issue10:24
LetoThe2ndsiva: where can send my invoice? i take 5€ per google.10:25
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ChrisStuartHi, I'm trying to build an image with GCC installed on it and can't quite work out why I'm not getting that! Working on thud, I have packagegroup-core-buildessential in my IMAGE_INSTALL list, is that not the right way to do it?10:30
LetoThe2ndChrisStuart: it probably should do, but adding "tools-sdk" to IMAGE_FEATURES (as indicated in the template local.conf) should be easier10:31
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ChrisStuart@LetoThe2nd I will give that a go, thank you. Thought I'd popped that in before!10:32
mcfriskhow to re-use machine config snippets from other layers? requires directive doesn't work. Should I copy all config files from generic BSP layer to device specific one?10:49
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LetoThe2ndmcfrisk: require doesn't work, why?10:54
mcfriskLetoThe2nd: requires works for the first level dependency. Then the SoC specific bits need more config files which are not found from the search path. It snow balls into complex setup..10:55
LetoThe2ndmcfrisk: hmmm10:55
LetoThe2ndmcfrisk: from my understanding the require-nesting should support an arbitrary depth. if it doesn't, then i'm not sure if that is by intent or by bug10:57
mcfriskfrom meta-ti the machine configs find poky/meta/conf/machine/include/ correctly. From my custom layer the machine config can't find the meta-ti .inc files which I'd like to re-use. Maybe I'm missing some machine search path magic across layers..10:58
LetoThe2ndmcfrisk: i'd guess that there is just a relative path in there somewhere, as opposed to requiring the full inside-layer path10:59
mcfriskLetoThe2nd: between meta-ti and poky the relative paths work for but I can't get the same working from custom BSP layer to meta-ti. must be missing something really trivial..11:02
LetoThe2ndmcfrisk: maybe but i can't put my finger onto it too, sorry.11:03
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration equivalent in opkg <>11:08
mcfriskLetoThe2nd: found it, typo elsewhere in include files...11:08
LetoThe2ndmcfrisk: \o/11:08
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to create recipe (Yocto build environment) for Nodejs modules <>11:38
RPmcfrisk: was going to say, that should work11:38
* LetoThe2nd hi5es RP11:39
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sivai am getting the below error for my linux-imx_%.bbappend changes12:12
sivasources/meta-fsl-bsp-release/imx/meta-bsp/recipes-kernel/linux/ failed with exit code '1'12:13
sivamake[2]: arm-poky-linux-gnueabi-gcc: Command not foun12:14
sivai have commented out all the SRC_URI12:15
LetoThe2ndsiva: put your append on a pastebin, please.12:15
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gaston53Does anyone help me here ?12:17
gaston53I have errors related to SDK12:18
sivai have added a new machine type imx6uloib12:20
LetoThe2ndsiva: that looks kind of weird. not really like a machine bbappend, or only partically.12:22
LetoThe2ndsiva: i mean, why are you setting EXTRA_OEMAKE for all kinds of stuff?12:23
LetoThe2ndsiva: so again, my advice from last week repeated: comment out stuff until the breakage goes away.12:24
[Sno]RP: preview of make compiling with mingw is available at
sivathis error goes away only if i change the name of linux-imx_%.bbappend to linux-fslc_%.bbapend12:25
LetoThe2ndsiva: i explained already last week why that is.12:25
[Sno]RP: final will come when I submitted the patches upstream and add remarks :)12:26
sivapls check this one12:26
LetoThe2ndsiva: and?12:27
sivabasically this bbappend was working with jethro version. when i tried to migrate to SUMO, i am getting this build erros12:28
LetoThe2ndsiva: in that case i would guess that something in your patches is buggy. that it is hard-setting things. like arm-poky-linux-gnueabi somewhere, which is not true anymore.12:30
sivaok, i have compared my machine.conf with imx6ulevk.conf. but couldn't find any thing obvious12:32
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LetoThe2ndthats not what i meant12:33
LetoThe2ndlook at your defconfig, does it set CROSS_COMPILE?12:34
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gaston53hello, does anyone read my post12:38
LetoThe2ndgaston53: yes.12:39
gaston53I am missing some thing in my SDK12:40
LetoThe2ndgaston53: i have read it, no more and no less. that what you asked.12:40
gaston53what is this  " real-ld "12:42
gaston53and how can I install what is missing ?12:43
LetoThe2ndprobably the real, actual linker binary.12:43
gaston53he is saying that there are some missing files inside it12:43
gaston53but it is not a directory12:43
gaston53I can't access to it12:43
gaston53to see what is there12:44
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gaston53bash: cd: /opt/poky-atmel/2.5.3/sysroots/x86_64-pokysdk-linux/usr/libexec/arm-poky-linux-gnueabi/gcc/arm-poky-linux-gnueabi/7.3.0/real-ld: Not a directory12:44
gaston53LetoThe2nd do you have an idea about it ?12:47
LetoThe2ndgaston53: none right in the first 5 seconds.12:48
gaston53LetoThe2nd hmmm12:48
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erbogaston53: real-ld is not a directory, is a binary. That binary is saying it can't find those files.12:56
RP[Sno]: cool, thanks12:57
gaston53erbo ah okey, so my problem is, that files are non installed, or the path is unclear for it12:57
gaston53erbo How can I install those files in my SDK ?12:58
erbothe problem is that your VS setup doesn't work well with the yocto cmake toolchain config12:59
erboIt's not a Yocto problem, it's a VS problem12:59
erboI've tried to help you out it the SO question, but don't really have any more idea12:59
erboPeople here will not be able to provide the answers either, since they have so little information. The SO question at least have details on what you're trying to do.13:00
gaston53erbo i see .. thank you anyway13:00
gaston53erbo =(13:01
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erboHere's a link to the SO question, if anyone wants to read to get more context:
erboI'm assuming that's your thread gaston53, seemed to close to be a coincident :)13:04
gaston53erbo haha it's me ;)13:04
gaston53the pseudo is an old one " Gonn "13:05
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erbogaston53: did you watch the video on VS and Yocto SDK I mentioned last week?13:11
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kriiveHi guysss, what would be a good way to initialize a database? Using a self-deleting systemd oneshot service?14:35
kriiveI mean Initialize a mysql/mariadb schema14:35
kriiveOr are there better Yocto best practices?14:35
LetoThe2ndkriive: why can't you just deploy a readily initialized db?14:36
kriiveUgh, can I do that?14:36
LetoThe2ndwhy not?14:36
LetoThe2ndi mean, its just some files in the end, or not?14:36
LetoThe2ndof course it depends a bit on your memory layout etc... but it certainly worth considering.14:38
kriiveYes, it's surely worth considering, I am now wondering if I can do that and have a random password at first boot14:39
kriiveGonna dig in mariadb docs brb14:40
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rburtonhaving a recipe that builds the database and just ships the file seems like a sensible idea15:24
rburtonassuming that binary format is portable15:24
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rburtonif its not then either run it in a qemu or do it on first boot15:24
LetoThe2ndrburton: it for sure depends a bit, but thats an option.15:25
LetoThe2ndi personally rather favor having the db creation bundled with the application that actually needs it in the end, but YMMV15:26
LetoThe2ndalso, remember migration strategies etc.15:26
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rburtonright bundling the database creation with the app makes absolute sense if there's just one recipe that touches it15:33
rburtonreason not to do that is if you want to do package upgrades15:34
rburtondon't want to delete the database when you upgrade15:34
rburtonso a postinst 'if database doesn't exist, create' makes sense15:34
rburtonbut again, at rootfs time if possible15:34
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millonii'm going to have some time to look into
yoctiBug 5305: enhancement, Medium, Future, bruce.ashfield, IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION , Make sanitized kernel headers available15:56
milloniis the approach outlined in the bbclass posted by Peter Kjellerstedt still good?15:57
millonithat is, do we want to add a class that puts the headers in the ${WORKDIR} for each recipe that wants to use them15:57
millonior do we want to stick them into the staging sysroot in /kernel-includes or similar?15:58
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LetoThe2ndrburton: if. in my standard case for example the db storage is not available at rootfs time, and i have one middleware app thats reponsible. hence, this one ships the creation and migration schemes.15:58
zeddiimilloni: there’s already something in progress for that, I need to udpate that bug.16:07
zeddiijsut install them to usr-alt and be done with it is the answer16:07
zeddiinothing can really go into the shared workspace, it’s just a set of nasty bugs waiting to happen, and the sizes are small, so they jsut need to be per-recipe in their sysroots16:08
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zeddiiI’ll put some updates in it shortly, I’ve just been distracted with wrestling 5.4 into master.16:08
* LetoThe2nd notes: "zeddii has been distracted with wresting."16:09
zeddiiin fact, I need to go through and bodyslam all of my bugs, they are almost all out of date16:11
* LetoThe2nd hands zeddii a cheap foldable plastic chair.16:12
zeddiinow you are talking!16:12
LetoThe2ndwant a cheap yellow shirt, too?16:13
zeddiiyah. plus arm and head bands.16:13
*** T_UNIX <T_UNIX!uid218288@gateway/web/> has quit IRC16:13
* LetoThe2nd now imagines showing up like that at OEDEM.16:14
* zeddii makes a mental note to work that into dublin16:14
LetoThe2ndgo go go!16:15
LetoThe2ndyour presentation shall be named: "zeddii knows best!"16:15
RPJPEW: we have another of the corrupt hashequiv issues rearing its head again16:18
smurrayzeddii: having fought with kernel fragment issues across various BSPs while taking AGL to zeus, I'm wondering if getting fragment support hoisted into kernel.bbclass is moving any closer to feasible?16:18
*** derRichard <derRichard!> has joined #yocto16:20
derRichardwhat happened to
*** sstiller <sstiller!> has quit IRC16:21
millonizeddii: OK16:22
millonizeddii: one more question then, is /usr+alt already packaged in a package?16:23
milloniif not, what package should it go to16:23
zeddiiit doesn’t really need to be packaged at all. to be honest.16:23
milloniwont the QA checks complain about files not being packaged?16:23
zeddiijust a class that you inherit that installs the headers into your sysroot, since fundamentally it is something that can conflict very easily.16:23
zeddiiI said installed into sysroot, not deployed.16:24
zeddiismurray: i have a patch that does just that, it just won’t make this release. I can point you to it, I just have to make sure it still works with the latest juggling we did.16:24
*** rcw <rcw!~rcw@> has quit IRC16:24
*** Bunio_FH <Bunio_FH!> has quit IRC16:26
smurrayzeddii: no, that's fine, AGL won't want to carry a custom kernel.bbclass, just hoping it gets in at some point so I can remove/simplify various hacks16:26
millonizeddii: when i did it for my build, i did it like this: oe_runmake INSTALL_HDR_PATH=${D}${HEADERS_PATH} headers_install16:27
milloniwhat's the right path to install them? (i assume ${D} isn't)16:27
*** kriive <kriive!~kriive@> has quit IRC16:32
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*** palate <palate!> has joined #yocto17:14
rcrudoI've avahi-daemon installed in my image but I'm not installing it explicitly. Is there a way to find out which recipe is installing it?17:14
armpitzeddii, I am seeing a 5.2.29 build failure on yocto-tiny on zeus.
armpitI see 5.2 has been updated but no patches on list17:16
rburtonrcrudo: easy way is to remove it with rpm or whatever on the target and see what complains17:17
armpitalso on yocto-linux17:19
JPEWRP: Oh? Whats the symptom?17:24
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has joined #yocto17:25
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*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:27
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RPJPEW: consider , , and
RPJPEW: i.e. bad maintainer data got in, now despite it being fixed, its still there17:37
RPJPEW: how do we get rid of it?17:38
*** sagner <sagner!> has quit IRC17:41
*** sk_tandt <sk_tandt!> has quit IRC17:54
RPJPEW: thinking we may just have to bump a version into the checksum and invalidate all the output hashes? :/18:01
xyzzy42Is it still the case that a variable set in a .bbclass can't be changed in another layer?
*** fl0v0 <fl0v0!> has quit IRC18:12
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smurrayxyzzy42: it's still the case that you can't bbappend a bbclass, but instead need to overlay it completely, if that's what you're asking18:19
xyzzy42smurray, It seems I can use _append and _remove in the machine configuration to modify variables set in a bbclass.18:20
*** rcw <rcw!~rcw@> has joined #yocto18:20
smurrayxyzzy42: yes, that's always been the case18:21
smurrayxyzzy42: _append and _remove are processed at the end of parsing, so they'll pretty much always work18:21
xyzzy42smurray, but you can't have one recipe modify variables used by another recipe, right?  I gather that's because processing one recipe does not include all other recipies.18:23
smurrayxyzzy42: which class are you trying to over-ride some variable from? And yes, recipe specific variables are local to that recipe18:23
xyzzy42smurray, mender-part-images.bbclass,
xyzzy42I've used _remove in my machine config, which is also where the bootloader is chosen with preferred_provider virtual/bootloader, to fix this.  It seems like this a good way to do it.18:26
smurrayfor image bootloader dependency tinkering like that, that's probably reasonable18:27
*** LocutusOfBorg <LocutusOfBorg!> has joined #yocto18:27
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xyzzy42the firmware I've inherited had a "do anything to make it work" design, no kludge was too much.  I'm trying to actually do things right.18:28
xyzzy42I think the truth here is that the mender layer has a flaw and should have added the u-boot dependency in a different way18:28
smurrayxyzzy42: might be worth pinging the Mender folks to see if they can make it more easily configurable with e.g. a variable that has the bootloader dependency18:28
*** rcrudo <rcrudo!> has quit IRC18:29
xyzzy42I think this isn't even the real bootloader dependency.  They added a hack because using some kind of grub-efi boot on arm still needs u-boot.18:30
*** sagner <sagner!~ags@2a02:169:3df5::edf> has joined #yocto18:30
xyzzy42But I've never used grub and EFI on arm (why?) so I'm not totally sure18:31
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JPEWRP: Is the maintainer a whitelisted variable?19:01
JPEWOh, right I see, it was a bug that they weren't included in the taskhash19:02
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*** linuxjacques is now known as jacques19:13
JPEWRP: So is this an example of a "diverging hash", where the same taskhash (pre bug fix) produces two different output hashes?19:14
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tgamblinJPEW: RP: have you recently run into an issue with reproducible builds where oe-selftest passes .ipk tests, but subsequently complains about a nonexistent build-st/tmp-glibc/deploy/deb path?19:58
tgamblinI saw it once and I'm trying to confirm whether or not it's just me19:58
armpitzeddii, Ill give the 5.2 update a try on zeus. thanks20:04
bernardoaraujoLetoThe2nd: solved my networking problem from this morning... My build is based on warrior, and systemd-networkd couldn't find config files for wired interfaces20:11
bernardoaraujofollowing this helped
bernardoaraujobuilding on zeus didn't show the same issue.. but I'm adding the bbappends to my distro layer anyways20:12
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JPEWtgamblin: I haven't see that20:21
*** kroon <kroon!> has joined #yocto20:23
tgamblinJPEW: Hmm. Might just be me. Here's the output for the record, though
kroonJPEW, would you by any chance know how to override SDE_FILE in a recipe ? (
metalMajorHello, I have a question about the populate_sdk task. I am using the installer to install the generated SDK, and that works very well, but actually for my use case, I am only interested in the target directory "aarch64-poky-linux". This is because I am using a cross compilation toolchain that runs on macOS and so I only need the “target”20:27
metalMajorsysroot. Is there a way that I can get the target directory in one go, instead of having to create and install the sdk first?20:27
JPEWkroon: Ya, I saw your email... let me take a look20:27
JPEWkroon: Out of curiosity, why do you want to override it?20:28
kroonJPEW, its for a recipe that doesn't have any sources, it just creates an ext4 file-system using files it DEPENDS on. But I'd like to use ${SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH} in the recipe to set file timestamps to a reproducible date20:32
kroonBut the code in reproducible_build.bbclass falls back to fixed_source_date_epoch() = 020:33
JPEWkroon: Ya, I always though that was weird :)20:33
JPEWkroon: Ok, right. We change do_deploy_source_date_epoch() to fix a race condition, which makes that comment a partial lie20:35
JPEWIt's a little more complicated that it indicates20:36
JPEWHmm, I have an idea20:37
JPEWkroon: Try this:
JPEWMaybe that should be the first check....20:46
kroonJPEW, ok, testing20:47
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JPEWkroon: Ok... hopefully it works because I didn't really even make sure it parses :)20:48
kovalevskyHi there, when I run bitbake <my-recipe>, does this will build other recipes that will require or do I have to build them separetely?20:52
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kroonhmm I'm drawing blanks.. isn't it possible to set a bitbake variable to the output of some shell command ? is only embedded python supported ?20:54
kroonJPEW, thanks for the proposed patch; at least it parses, but a lot of stuff needs to rebuild, so I wont have a results right away20:55
JPEWkroon: Hmm, I wouldn't think that would cause a lot of rebuilds...20:57
JPEWUnless you have SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH set somewhere20:57
JPEWkroon: No, I don't think you can set a variable to shell output20:58
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kroonJPEW, i'd expect if we change how SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH is calculated, it should lead to lots of rebuilding.. no ?21:05
kroonJPEW, but maybe not for the -native ones..21:05
kroonassuming -native doesn't care about reproduibilty21:06
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RPtgamblin: not seen that either21:22
RPJPEW: yes, it is another example21:22
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mischiefis it possible to chain image/conversion types together with more than 2 levels? e.g. IMAGE_FSTYPES = "" ?21:28
*** aidanh <aidanh!~aidanh@unaffiliated/aidanh> has quit IRC21:29
*** aidanh_ is now known as aidanh21:29
JPEWkroon: Doesn't yet. I guess I would be suprised if that patch *actually* change the SDE value21:34
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kroonJPEW, first try and it does looks like I can set SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH directly in the recipe21:39
mischiefi guess another question.. im trying to figure out how to add something to my rootfs (e.g. via an image class) but only for a particular machine.. but it's not clear how i can avoid getting that applied to my initramfs image too.21:43
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kroonJPEW, time for sleep, will do some more testing tomorrow21:47
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paulbarkerRP: Is there any info around on how to run the bitbake tests?22:39
RPpaulbarker: "bitbake-selftest"22:41
RPbitbake-selftest --help has info22:41
paulbarkerRP: Ok I'll dig into the source of that command22:42
paulbarkerAh I need `bitbake-selftest bb.tests.blah`, it's not quite the same as `oe-selftest`22:43
RPpaulbarker: ah, yes. Sorry, wasn't sure what you were asking22:45
* JPEW wonders why bitbaker-layers doesn't seem to work well with multiconfig....22:47
paulbarkerRP: Looks like we're missing a test for fetching git submodules from a mirror even without enabling git shallow tarballs22:50
*** BCMM <BCMM!~BCMM@unaffiliated/bcmm> has quit IRC22:51
RPpaulbarker: that could well be true :(22:54
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kovalevskydoes somebody know if I run bitbake <my-recipe> if this will build first other dependent recipes first ?23:00
bluelightningkovalevsky: correct, it will23:00
kovalevsky@bluelightning, thanks23:02
kovalevskyIf there is a way that I can take a closer look at what's inside a do_compile task for an specific recipe?23:02
kovalevskyCurrently I am building a rust application and it looks to me that all the dependencies are build without any issue, however, when I try to build the recipe that contains my application, I think I got an issue with libloading v0.5.2 that I am not quite understand yet, and the issue happens at do_compile.23:04
bluelightningkovalevsky: probably the best way is to let it fail like you have and then look at run.do_compile in temp under the workdir for the recipe23:05
bluelightningkovalevsky: if needed you can find the recipe workdir using bitbake -e recipename | grep ^WORKDIR=23:06
kovalevskybluelightning, got it. I can see now the run.do_compile23:07
kovalevskyHowever, I see several ones that the only difference is a number appending23:08
kovalevskyprobably due the fact of compiling several times and having each record?23:08
bluelightningkovalevsky: yep, every time the task runs it creates a new one... there's a run.do_* symlink to the most recent one23:09
kovalevskybluelightning, roget that.23:10
kovalevskybluelightning, thanks that helps a lot.23:12
bluelightningno worries23:12
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