Sunday, 2020-02-23

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RPbingo, BB_SERVER_TIMEOUT = "10" oe-selftest -r tinfoil -j 1 reproduces10:53
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JaMaany known issues with perf rebuilds? Last poky build failed, cleaning perf fixed it, the perf source directory is quite different before and after cleaning (is it known and worth investigating)?11:08
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RPJaMa: there have just been several changes in that area11:36
RPJaMa: new binutils is known to have "fun" with older perf and there were python2/3 sed change11:37
RPJaMa: probably worth investigating, keeping in mind those changes11:37
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moustafaI can't umount SD card11:53
moustafait's in /dev/loop011:53
moustafawhen I use sudo umount /dev/loop it doesn't work11:53
moustafai used /dev/loop not /dev/loop0 to umount all SD11:54
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RPTwo bugs files, both reproducible now, and
yoctiBug 13811: normal, Undecided, ---, richard.purdie, NEW , Memory Resident bitbake has output redirection problem13:18
yoctiBug 13812: normal, Undecided, ---, richard.purdie, NEW , tinfoil tests race issue13:18
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RPkanavin_home: those are nicely reproducible and don't need much machine overhead if you're looking for things to help with :)13:20
RPkanavin_home: I've gotten them as far as easily reproducible now but I should really step away from the computer13:20
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RPor smurray? :)13:21
kanavin_homeRP: I'm right now working to enable ptests for libinput/wayland/weston, are those bugs important to resolve quickly?13:22
kanavin_home(and do step away!)13:22
RPkanavin_home: we're seeing 13812 a fair bit all of a sudden, 13811 is a separate issue, not so probematic13:24
RPkanavin_home: we can probably hack 13812 easily13:24
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palatehello :)17:24
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palateWhat's the difference between .ubi and .ubifs?17:45
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yoconpalate: Hi, UBIFS is built on top of UBI. UBI handles all the memory limitations (bad blocks, wear levelling, ECC). UBIFS depend on the work of UBI to handle filesystem stuff (filenames, permissions, etc)18:09
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smurrayRP: heh, I can at least reproduce those issues, but must admit I've no real idea where I would start in digging in the tinfoil bits19:26
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palateyocon: so Yocto gives me 2 files: image-qemux86-blahblah.rootfs.ubi, and image-qemux86-blahblah.rootfs.ubifs. One is 17M, the other is 16M. Do I need to flash both somehow?19:53
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bernardoaraujopalate why do you want to flash a qemu image? usually you just call runqemu and start the emulation20:01
palatebernardoaraujo: I want to create an ubi image to flash on a real board. I'm using qemu as an example. Is that a bad idea?20:01
bernardoaraujoyes, the binaries will not be compatible... you need to set the MACHINE variable in conf/local.conf to match the board you're building for20:02
palatebernardoaraujo: I have access to this board that uses fastboot, and I can flash an ubi image there. I'd like to create my own ubi image to flash, and therefore I'm trying to understand how to get yocto to build it20:02
bernardoaraujoand make sure the BSP layer is listed in bblayers.conf20:02
palatebernardoaraujo: but say I test with qemux86, it should still create a .ubi image, right? This one I could not flash on my board of course, but that would confirm that yocto can create an ubi image.20:03
palateI have IMAGE_FSTYPES = "ubi", and I set MKUBIFS_ARGS = " -m 512 -e 15360 -c 3600 " and UBINIZE_ARGS = " -p 16KiB -m 512 -s 512 " (no clue what they mean), but I have trouble getting yocto to generate an *.ubi output :/20:04
palateI had an *.ubi in /tmp/deploy, but I removed it and rerun bitbake, and it is not generated anymore, so I'm confused :/20:05
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palateAnyway, with a clean build I can get ubi to build, but I have both `.ubi` and `.ubifs` files. And I'm confused because the stock image I flash on my image is only a `.ubi`...20:20
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smurraypalate: explains the UBIFS -> UBI relationship20:37
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smurraypalate: and this (mentioned in meta/classes/image_types.bbclass) explains how the tools stack to go from ubifs -> ubi:
palatethanks! reading now :)20:42
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palatesmurray: I see... so if I understand correctly, yocto needs to create the ubifs before it can make the ubi, but what I need to flash it the ubi :)21:33
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smurraypalate: yep21:40
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: bitbake can't find constructed function <>22:36
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Piratyadelcast gone?23:54

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