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khembluelightning: There is one review on error-report-web waiting for your re-review, can you take a look
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PinkSnakeMorning all, I have some issue with ( from zeus branch) --> Exception during build_dependencies for LLVM_CONFIGURE_ARCH. It's probably because my target arch is aarch64. How can i remove shark from PACKAGCONFIG ? Thx.08:56
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mcfriskI have some experience with several yocto BSP layers for various SoC families. The best to work with is TI with meta-ti, second best NXP with meta-freescale. Third is meta-intel which has some complications and odd things. Distant fourth is Qualcomm with their non-open meta layers which are really hard to work with.10:12
LetoThe2ndpublic codeshaming!10:12
* LetoThe2nd gets popcorn and beer10:12
mcfriskactually I wanted to thank TI for meta-ti. It is great! Also NXP does a really good job though some high level bbappends are not really needed, e.g. systemd, and I had to BBMASK them away.10:15
LetoThe2ndah dang....10:20
LetoThe2ndi hoped for some real good, entertaining falming.10:21
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kuschky2Hello, I'm using BusyBox v1.24.1 by building Yocto 2.4 for beagleBone black. My problem is that when I change the timezone by exporting TZ the date command while display teh set timezone but not showing the correct local date for the timezone. Is that a missing feature in BusyBox? Or does somebody has an idea what could be the reason?10:31
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millonikuschky2: can you paste us an example?10:46
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millonia while ago, someone here said i can have a read-only sstate-cache (through SSTATE_MIRRORS i suppose), and then push the cache from my local build to that cache11:08
millonianyone have any pointers to that? i can't find anything in the documentation11:08
LetoThe2ndmilloni: hum, what additionally do you need besides building somewhere, putting the sstate into an accessible location and then modifiying the variable in local.conf? there should even be an example included in the template.11:10
millonithat i can do, that's not the point11:11
millonilet me explain the motivation so that it's a bit clearer11:11
LetoThe2ndmilloni: please.11:11
millonii need the artifacts from each "local" builds (they're actually CI builds) to be pushed to a shared cache11:12
millonithis is fine, i could point the build to a shared SSTATE_DIR11:12
millonihowever, i don't trust the local build with access to the shared cache11:13
milloniso hence my question, is there a protocol for pushing new artifacts to the cache, without giving the local build full access to the cache11:13
millonisomeone in this channel suggested there is, but they might have misunderstood my question11:13
LetoThe2ndmilloni: as far as i know, its just not like "build, then push into a repo with some merge protocol". rather, the repo is just the resulting sstate of some build.11:14
LetoThe2ndbut of course i might be wrong.11:14
millonithat matches my understanding11:14
millonithat is, an external sstate mirror is just a dump of SSTATE_DIR11:15
LetoThe2ndthat is my understanding and experience, correct.11:15
millonii'm not speaking so much of a merge protocol, it's more about the fact that i dont trust my local build to have full read-write access to the remote cache11:16
milloniso the protocol would be simple11:16
mcfriskmilloni: we do CI releases which publishes sstate cache. This released cache is then used as SSTATE_MIRROR for all CI builds11:17
milloniit would accept objects with new cache keys and deny objects with existing cache keys11:17
LetoThe2ndmilloni: send patches, then.11:17
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Create a recipe which install the program using make install command in deployment section <>11:17
LetoThe2ndmilloni: publish a server backend :)11:17
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milloni^ (with regard to pushing to the cache)11:17
freezhello, I have a problem using ssh key11:18
milloniLetoThe2nd: so, as of today, no such feature exists?11:18
freezI am following these steps in order to make a remote connection between Windows machine and Linux platform11:18
paulbarkermilloni: I use rsync or rclone (depending on the target) with the command line argument to ignore files which already exist in the destination11:18
millonimcfrisk: right, i'd like to be more flexible than that - for any user branch, i'd like the artifacts of that build become available in the remote cache11:19
freezmy linux platform is working with Linux image build with Yocto project11:19
freezin step 3 , when I cat the ssh pub file , it says he can not find the .ssh/authorized_keys11:20
LetoThe2ndpaulbarker: sync merging to remote sstate work? interesting.11:20
freezwhere should I find it ?11:20
millonipaulbarker: fair enough, although it doesnt get me the results i need11:20
paulbarkerfreez: Do you need FIPS compliance? If not I'd avoid any guide that talks about FIPS11:21
freezyes I need it11:21
LetoThe2ndpaulbarker: the guide looks like FIPS is just a fancy buzzword for "uses ssh" in this case.11:21
freezbesides I added ssh-server-openssh to my extra_image_features11:21
millonipaulbarker: so just to confirm, your local build has its own SSTATE_DIR and after you're done with the build, you rsync the contents of SSTATE_DIR into your remote cache (which is specified in SSTATE_MIRRORS)?11:22
paulbarkerfreez: You should be talking to security professionals for advice to ensure you stay FIPS compliant then11:22
mcfriskmilloni: in our case, sstate mirror for each branch different. You can initially rsync it from the thing where branch was created though. in our case all builds, including new release builds, start by re-using the sstate mirror of the previous release. we wipe sstate chache on build machines between builds and make sure with rsync that sstate mirror is uptodate.11:22
LetoThe2ndfreez: if the file doesn't exist, mkdir .ssh, and touch it.11:22
paulbarkermilloni: Yes (see
freezas simple as that ? LetoThe2nd11:23
LetoThe2ndfreez: seriously, all that FIPSyness in the guide you linked is random buzzwordery. in the end it just talks about setting up a generic, public-key autheticated openssh login.11:24
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millonimcfrisk: isn't that kind of inefficient? between releases every build has to start from the state of the previous release11:25
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mcfriskmilloni: yes, it's not perfect, but it keeps sstate mirror size under control and makes sure all changes are compiled at least twice in CI (once in developers topic build, second time in release) which hopefully exposes all possible race conditions too.11:26
millonimcfrisk, interesting, thanks11:27
mcfrisk(though I know there are many, many ways to add races to builds and break it for all...)11:27
millonia bit weird for my taste but still interesting11:27
mcfrisksimple and stupid, works for +5 years now.11:27
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mcfriskand since yocto 1.4 or so onwards11:28
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millonipaulbarker: thanks, that's probably what we'll end up doing;11:36
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millonione more question - what's in tmp/deploy/sources/mirror ?11:37
paulbarkermilloni: Download mirror populated via the archiver bbclass11:38
millonican you not just rsync the DL_DIR?11:38
kuschky2example for the busybox date problem:11:39
kuschky2root@beaglebone-mb-board:~# export TZ=Europe/Berlin11:39
kuschky2root@beaglebone-mb-board:~# date11:39
kuschky2Fri Jan 24 17:43:09 Europe 202011:39
kuschky2root@beaglebone-mb-board:~# export TZ=America/Aruba11:39
kuschky2root@beaglebone-mb-board:~# date11:39
kuschky2Fri Jan 24 17:43:14 America 202011:39
kuschky2You see the displayed timezone changed but the time is not localized11:40
millonikuschky2: hm, strange11:40
millonimy guess would be it's a bug in busybox, but it's just a guess11:41
paulbarkermilloni: See for the logic11:42
milloniah, so it's a fresh new thing11:42
paulbarkermilloni: Yes, the major advantage for me is that the download mirror still gets populated if a package is rebuilt from sstate11:45
paulbarkerThat doesn't happen if you just grab DL_DIR11:45
milloniis that a big advantage? i would expect in typical cases if you rebuild from sstate, the download mirror had already been populated at some point11:50
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paulbarkermilloni: Yes. It basically comes down to having confidence in the GPL compliance11:54
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paulbarkerIt also helps with customers behind corporate or government firewalls as you can create and send a complete source mirror for a single release11:55
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paulbarkerAnd if for some reason the sync to the download mirror fails but the sync to the sstate mirror succeeds - who cares! On the next nightly build the download mirror will be fixed11:56
paulbarkerWe get belt & braces coverage11:56
paulbarkerPlus if you've got proprietary components the sources will likely end up in DL_DIR but you can exclude them from this mirror by setting COPYLEFT_LICENSE_EXCLUDE11:58
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millonimakes sense12:02
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millonii guess i dont have to worry about this too much because ours is a private location12:02
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kuschkymilloni I tried to disable the busybox date and use the normal one but yocto installs always the busybox version. Can you give me a hint how to integrate the standard date command in the image? I dont know which package contains the standard date command.12:05
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paulbarkerkuschky: Don't you need to change /etc/localtime? That's how I've always set the timezone. Also make sure your image contains the required tzdata packages12:10
millonipaulbarker: interestingly, in kuschky's case, the date command does show the correct timezone after setting TZ12:10
milloniit's just the datetime is wrong12:11
milloniso looks like a bug in busybox to me12:11
millonii could understand if it just ignored TZ completely12:11
paulbarkerWeird. Could be a bug then12:11
millonikuschky: i *think* alternative `date` is in coreutils12:15
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millonikuschky: not sure if that will set /bin/date to use the one from coreutils, but i would try that12:33
milloniIMAGE_INSTALL += "coreutils"12:33
millonibut you might have to remove busybox too12:34
millonii dont know12:34
millonikuschky: so perhaps try this:12:38
milloniin your IMAGE_INSTALL, assuming you append packagegroup-core-boot12:38
millonidon't append busybox12:38
milloniIMAGE_INSTALL += "coreutils"12:38
milloniVIRTUAL-RUNTIME_login_manager = "shadow-base"12:39
millonithe last line should prevent packagegroup-core-boot from pulling busybox12:39
kuschkymilloni: I will try this later and let you know if it works.12:39
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millonikuschky: that line line has to be global though, i.e local.conf or distro config or machine config12:43
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dev1990Is it okay to use OECMAKE_FIND_ROOT_PATH_MODE_PROGRAM = "/usr/bin" like this ?13:00
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LetoThe2nddev1990: no idea, whats the actual use case?13:01
dev1990cmake not finding native tools like git13:01
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dev1990even if DEPENDS += "git-native" i get | -- Could NOT find Git (missing: GIT_EXECUTABLE)13:03
dev1990not sure if this is workaround or acctual proper way13:03
LetoThe2ndhum that sounds very very much like cmake reaching into the host instead the hosttools directory.13:04
dev1990or maybe this is cmake project file fault, but I found that kodi and dolphin-emu is affected the same way13:05
* LetoThe2nd puts his bet onto cmake project file trying to be clever13:05
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mcfriskdev1990: maybe the cmake project file is searching for /usr/bin/git. check what the cmake module does. after git-native in DEPENDS, git is in the build env.13:12
LetoThe2ndyeah, hooray for hardcoded pathes.13:12
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perdmannok i tried to read out the Registers but my board always hangs when i try to read thos registers13:19
perdmannany suggestions?13:19
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dev1990I found that cmake project using GIT_EXECUTABLE variable, but no one setting this (
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paulbarkerperdmann: You probably need to give more context there13:21
dev1990this cmake project is pretty complicated anyway (
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dev1990 should define this and there is no FindGit invoke in xbmc(kodi) cmake, this is strange13:26
dev1990well, I'll create a issue in xbmc tracker, maybe they will explain how it's working13:27
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fl0v0Hi is there a possibility to prevent wic from creating a certain mount point in /etc/fstab but still have the partition in the image?13:44
LetoThe2ndfl0v0: i don't think wic creates the fstab, but it rather is what you supply13:44
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fl0v0LetoThe2nd: ah found it. It adds the entry to fstab if you provide a mountpoint13:48
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Native step in a non native yocto recipe <> || SSH : Problem while setting up a remote Linux connection <>13:48
LetoThe2ndfl0v0: interesting. thanks.13:48
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Native step in a non native yocto recipe [closed] <>14:18
paulbarker^^ Perfect example of why I don't answer things on Stack Overflow - that was a valid question and just gets closed as it didn't have "details"14:21
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* paulbarker adds yocti to my kill file14:22
LetoThe2ndpaulbarker: add SO to killfille :)14:26
rburtonadding a comment just to spite SO14:28
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LetoThe2ndrburton: hrhrhr14:30
rburtondamnit you can't put new lines in comments14:30
LetoThe2ndrburton: i also kinda like the ssh problem one.14:30
Nathan2231Hey all, I'm trying to create a recipe that in the Makefile requires docker to build. I've added `DEPENDS = 'docker-ce'` but when building I'm still getting: `| time="2020-02-26T14:28:07Z" level=fatal msg="exec: \"docker\": executable file not found in $PATH"`14:30
LetoThe2ndrburton: obviously didn't like my answer here a couple of minutes before.14:30
smurrayRP: so I think I have a fix in hand for the psplash race, slight issue is there are other new changes in psplash.git that it's unclear how we want to handle if we bump SRCREV14:31
LetoThe2ndNathan2231: you probably mean "docker-ce-native14:31
LetoThe2ndNathan2231: and, in reality, i guess you *14:31
smurrayRP: i.e. one of the generated images' .h files was removed, so will always be regenerated14:31
LetoThe2nd*ACTUALLY* mean to get rid of docker, but... its a close second :)14:31
Nathan2231Haha. That's a good point. But there doesn't seem to be a docker-ce-native14:32
LetoThe2ndNathan2231: recipe writing time for you, then.14:33
LetoThe2ndNathan2231: but seriously, such a build process is completely busted.14:33
smurrayNathan2231: that's not going to be particularly workable, since docker needs its daemon running to be able to do anything14:33
LetoThe2ndNathan2231: as it would require the build to be effectively root, and not be contained in any form any more.14:33
LetoThe2ndNathan2231: so your best bet is to rather have a build pipeline that, in whichever form, creates binary artifacts, which you package through a recipe in turn then14:34
smurrayas an example, the docker build typically wants to run inside docker, but meta-virtualization goes to great pains to avoid doing that14:35
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* LetoThe2nd rephrases: "completely busted"14:36
Nathan2231Well that's unfortunate...14:36
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Nathan2231LetoThe2nd: Alright as an alternative to docker-ce I can use go-native to build. But I'm getting `error setting certificate verify locations:` in the go build. Any idea?14:42
LetoThe2ndNathan2231: nope.14:43
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bernardoaraujo_Nathan2231: I've solved runtime CA problems with golang packages in the past by adding ca-certificates to the recipe DEPENDS... not sure about build, maybe ca-certificates-native?14:45
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LetoThe2ndmy impression is that all those fancy application package managers are the absolutely utmost PITA when it comes to the reproductible-crosscompilation situation.14:46
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Why is this ptvsd package failing to compile? <>14:48
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Nathan2231bernardoaraujo_: Thanks, I'll give it a go and let you know!14:56
bernardoaraujo_ welcome!14:56
bernardoaraujo_my turn:14:56
bernardoaraujo_how to make sure the user is able to access man pages? I noticed ${PN}-doc packages (when available) contain the man pages, but I can't figure out how to make sure my image installs ${PN}-doc for all packages that provide that option14:56
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paulbarkerbernardoaraujo_: I think you can add doc-pkgs to IMAGE_FEATURES. Check the manuals for the exact syntax14:59
LetoThe2ndpaulbarker: ++14:59
LetoThe2ndalthough, users and manuals, thats generally a way more psychological than a technical issue....15:00
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Nathan2231bernardoaraujo_: Unfortunately no dice. On closer look at the logs it appears to be setting the CAfile in a nonexistent directory15:08
bernardoaraujo_LetoThe2nd: exactly! I wanna make sure I can say RTFM, kinda like paul should have told me15:08
bernardoaraujo_paulbarker: thanks, works like a charm!15:08
LetoThe2ndbernardoaraujo_: hrhr15:08
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: setxkbmap equivalent in a Yocto Project based Distro <>15:18
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khemRP: I think the utils.bbclass patch on master-next is causing
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*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away18:10
khemRP: I wonder if symlinks are issue18:13
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stwcxI've got an odd QA failure I am stuck on.  Working on openbmc and we're still using some python2 stuff and we're in the process of moving it over to python3.19:47
stwcxThere is one recipe that both uses python3 as part of the build (to generate code) and installs a python script into the target.19:47
stwcxIt DEPENDS on both python3 and python3-native and RDEPENDS on python3-core.19:48
stwcxI end up with something like: QA Issue: /usr/bin/sdbus++ contained in package sdbus++ requires .../recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/python3-native/python3, but no providers found in RDEPENDS_sdbus++19:49
stwcxWhen I look at the RPM, it does indeed have a dependency on the *native* python3 even though it is a target package.19:49
stwcxrpm -qpR sdbus++-1.0+git0+67c79b0ca6-r1.arm1176jzs.rpm shows .../recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/python3-native/python319:50
stwcxPrior to the python3 conversion it showed '/usr/bin/env'.19:50
smurraystwcx: perhaps its build process is grabbing the path to python3 and sticking it into a script's shebang line?19:51
stwcxsmurray: I don't think so, but let me 100% confirm that is *not* the case.19:51
stwcxThe original script (in source) has a #!/usr/bin/env python319:51
smurrayI guess try grepping for recipe-sysroot-native in everything in the WORKDIR/package directory, to see if it's getting into something19:53
stwcxOh, wow.  When I look at packages-split/sdbus++ it does indeed have a replaced she-bang!!19:53
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smurrayheh, now you just have to figure out how that happened19:54
stwcxYeah.  Would 'inherit python3native' be causing it somehow?19:54
smurraynot that I can think of, it just sets a few variables iirc19:55
stwcxAgreed to my recollection too.19:55
smurrayseems more likely there's logic in the package makefiles, etc. that's trying to be overly clever19:56
stwcxIt seems to be using some mix of autotools and python-setuptools... I wonder if setuptools is doing it.19:57
stwcxThere's nothing in the autotools/makefile that would be doing it.19:57
stwcxThanks though.  That gives me something to look at at least.19:57
smurraystwcx: no worries, good luck19:58
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stwcxTurns out there is a reported issue with pypa/setuptools on this and OE has some workarounds referenced right in the issue.
stwcxHopefully I can just do some magic "inherit distutils3" incantation and it'll all be solved.  My only trouble is that this is a autotools and distutils3 is meant to be for "standalone" python packages.20:07
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Cannot get matchbox-keyboard to display on kiosk touchscreen <>20:19
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stwcxsmurray: Thanks again for the help.  I just needed another brain to point me in a direction.  :)  I was able to port the distutils3 workarounds into our autotools+python bbclass.20:32
smurraystwcx: cool20:32
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mischiefwhat is the main difference between 'BitBake-Style Python Functions' and 'Python Functions' in bitbake?21:56
adelcastPiraty: nope, still alive, =)21:58
kergothmischief: are you comparing functions defined with 'def' to those defined in the usual function syntax?22:03
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mischiefkergoth: yes. what's the difference?22:07
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khemdef form can be nested22:23
khemand a local function inside function can be used22:23
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mischiefkhem: how would i call a python function from a shell task?23:01
kergothyou can't directly. that is, you can use ${@} to call a def'd python function from there, but it'll be run at expansion time, not the time the task runs23:04
kergothstill does the job more often than not, depends on exactly what you're trying to do23:04
mischiefwell, i am building something :-)23:05
mischiefi could try to do it as a shell task i suppose23:05
kergoththere are a number of options. you could split off a standalone python script and call that, if it doesn't need metadata access, for example23:05
mischiefkergoth: ah, no. i do need access to some variables, and passing them all as cli args seems mildly painful23:09
mischiefbasically i need to template a large string. my thought was to use python's builtin templating23:10
mischiefa heredoc might work instead..23:10
kergothcould do that, iv'e used def'd functions that emit metadata variables in a shell syntax or '| while read' syntax before to do that sort of thing23:13
kergothcould also emit a subsection of hte metadata as json..23:13
kergothor just write your main task as python and have it the shell part and the python part, or write hte whole thing in python, or..23:13
mischiefkergoth: one problem is that this is inside an existing task23:13
kergothdownside to yocto/oe, flexible, but always so many ways you could do things..and it's not always obvious which is the cleanest23:14
mischiefspecifically an image conversion task :\23:14
mischiefi.e. this lives inside CONVERSION_CMD23:14
kergothah, and that's expanded directly, not run via exec_func..23:14
kergothmischief: hacky, admittedly, but.. needs must23:17
kergothreally depends on how many variables are needed, not all approaches would scale well23:17
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: gconftool-2 missing [Yocto] <>23:20
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