Thursday, 2020-02-27

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sivahi all. i was hitting the below error while running "bitbake core-image-base".05:51
siva /nobackup/sikumar3/mynode_sumo/build-ul/tmp/work-shared/imx6uloib/kernel-source/scripts/ line 26: arm-poky-linux-gnueabi-gcc: command not found05:51
sivathis is getting resolved when i comment out "DEPENDS += "bridge-utils"" in my linux-imx_%.bbappend05:52
sivawhat could be the reason?05:52
siva*sorry i was using "DEPENDS = "bridge-utils"05:53
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moustafahello everybody07:17
moustafaI am running qml app on yocto07:17
moustafawith visibility: "FullScreen"07:17
moustafabut it didn't full screen when I run it on target machine and screen07:18
moustafaany help ?07:18
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Gsteamer conflicting declaration in opencv in Yocto build <>07:51
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angelo__hi, gm09:00
angelo__in a "ro" rootfs looks like ssh is not working, inspecting it, looks like ssh port is owned by pid 1 (init)09:01
angelo__tcp6       0      0 [::]:ssh                [::]:*                  LISTEN      1/init09:01
angelo__if any hint, welcome09:01
LetoThe2ndangelo__: on which release?09:02
angelo__is a zeus09:03
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LetoThe2nda couple of observations: you are looking at a tcp6 port. and by default, ssh is socket activated by systemd09:04
angelo__LetoThe2nd, oh ok ...09:06
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angelo__LetoThe2nd, issue seems connected with RO fs09:08
angelo__if [ ! -f /etc/ssh/ssh_host_key ]09:08
angelo__    then09:08
angelo__        echo "Generating keys for the ssh server: "09:08
angelo__        ssh-keygen -q -t rsa1 -f /etc/ssh/ssh_host_key  -C '' -N ''09:08
angelo__so, no ssh folder is there and not created too09:08
angelo__uhm, i can create it manually btw ..09:09
LetoThe2ndangelo__: unless you did mess with it, the read-only-rootfs class should take measures so the key generation works. i've personally used it.09:09
angelo__LetoThe2nd, ok09:10
angelo__ok, there seems to be a good reason for sshd not working09:12
angelo__"/usr/sbin/sshd" is not there, sorry for chaos09:12
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kroonrburton, hey, do you know if Juro Bystricky still works at intel ?09:37
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PinkSnakeHi all, could you please point me how to avoid Yocto to parse specific bb file ? because off openjdk-7 looks boggus with arm64 ARCH :S09:39
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kriiveHi guys, does anyone here use Gitlab CD/CI for their Yocto project?09:46
kriiveAlternatively, what CD/CI solution do you use/have found effective for your workflows?09:47
rburtonkroon: he does09:48
rburtonkriive: any ci works you just need to persist sstate/downloads between runs09:48
kroonrburton, thanks09:49
erbopaulbarker: did you ever write something about that CI setup you had?09:50
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kriiverburton: oh ok, thanks09:50
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PinkSnakeerbo thx for the link ;)09:51
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Jenkins setup to work with different projects managed with the repo tool <>09:52
paulbarkererbo: I got dragged off onto other things :( Should have some more time in March09:52
erbopaulbarker: I know exactly how it is, just wanted to check if I had missed it :)09:53
paulbarkererbo: It's working very well, the CI side is all public on GitLab I just need to write up how to configure Cloudflare & Backblaze B209:54
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perdmannhow are structs mapped to /sys/kernel/debug in Linux?10:27
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto Package have unmet dependencies while installing deb file <>11:52
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retoatworkWhen running "bitbake PACKAGE package-index" - is it guaranteed that package-index will be build after PACKAGE got built?13:18
retoatworkwow - that was quick :)13:18
rburtonboth will be built in parallel13:18
rburtoni actually wrote a class to regenerate the package index after every bitbake if you want to test it :)13:19
retoatworkcalling bitbake twice then - but how would I (easily) prevent "bitbake package-index" from creating an (empty) commit to buildhistory?13:19
retoatworkis this class already in zeus?13:19
rburtonno its not merged, thus the 'test it' comment13:20
rburtontop 3 commits on if you're interested13:20
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retoatworkmmmh, it seems like in 99% of the cases I do not wish the index to be updated13:26
retoatworkactually, it needs to be updated only during CI runs13:26
rburtonyou only need the index updated if you want to use the deploy directory as a package feed outside of bitbake13:28
rburtoneg upgrading on the target using opkg/dnf/ap13:28
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retoatworkI know - my CI pushes them right after building to a server.13:40
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retoatworkI resolved the problem now by fetching the buildhistory repo, building the images, then pushing the updated build history to the Git repo and just after this building the index13:41
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mauz555hello using yocto zeus im trying to build a (meta-freescale) layer depending on git:// I cannot figure out how to add it to my bblayer.conf. there is no conf/local.conf at the root.14:25
LetoThe2ndmauz555: in your build directory, there is a conf directory. this holds local.conf and bblayers.conf14:27
LetoThe2ndmauz555: you do not have to modify anything inside one of the layers.14:28
LetoThe2ndmauz555: plus, core is included in poky14:29
mauz555LetoThe2nd: I have my poky folder with my build folder inside I have a conf/local.conf (where I set the MACHINE) and a bblayer.conf (where I set the absolute path of my meta-freescale layer)14:29
mauz555LetoThe2nd: when I run `bitbake core-image-minimal` it says Nothing PROVIDES 'python-pycrypto-native' so I was thinking that meta-freescale is missing a layer, checking meta-freescale README it says it depends solely on git://
mauz555so is poky/meta, equivalent to openembedded-core/meta ?14:32
zeddiiit is.14:32
LetoThe2ndmauz555: poky/meta is oe-core, yes.14:32
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LetoThe2ndmauz555: i sugegst two things 1) start over with the build outside14:33
LetoThe2ndmauz555: 2) try building without meta-freescale first, maybe for qemuarm, so you get used to the process.14:33
mauz555LetoThe2nd: ty i'll try this and keep trying14:34
LetoThe2ndmauz555: 3) or 0), you decide: watch at least #0, and #8 of
mauz555btw are poky/meta-poky and poky/meta-yocto-bsp mandatory (meta-freescale does not indicate depending on that)?14:35
LetoThe2ndthey are probably not mandatory in themselves, but you need some distro14:36
angelo__mm, looks like the READ_ONLY feature is not installing at all sshd ... is this possible ?14:46
LetoThe2ndangelo__: i am very certain that it works nicely at least with dropbear.14:47
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yannanyone considered uses of debuginfod in the yocto/oe context ?14:47
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erboyann: RP added a feature request bug on that14:48
yoctiBug 13807: enhancement, Undecided, ---, newcomer, NEW , Add support for elfutils debuginfod14:49
erboOh, not RP14:49
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RPerbo: was rburton :)14:50
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erboRP: almost the same initials :)14:51
moustafawhen i use sudo umount /dev/sdb to umount my sd card it didn't work14:51
moustafathe contents on sd card still exist14:51
erbomoustafa: maybe because the partitions was called /dev/sdb<partition number>?14:52
LetoThe2ndmoustafa: *what* are you trying to do?14:52
moustafatry to umount sd card14:52
moustafa@erbo no without partition number14:52
moustafaI've used df -h14:53
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: NOTHING PROVIDES 'virtual/x86_64-oesdk-linux-compilerlibs' <>14:53
erboWhen you say it still exist, do you mean that it's still mounted?14:53
erboUnmounting wont delete anything14:53
rburtonand you'd usually umount the mount point, not the device14:53
rburtonumount /media/sd or something14:54
LetoThe2ndmaybe something still holds a file opne?14:54
erborburton: you can point it to a device too14:55
LetoThe2ndin that case it should delay unmounting until no more things arein use.14:55
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erboumount should complain if it could unmount14:55
rburtonsure but if you point it at the wrong device it doesn't work :)14:55
erborburton: true :)14:55
moustafaok thx14:55
yannerbo: nice, thx!14:55
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kpo_can I add multiple files in SRC_URI using some wildcart characters? i.e.16:05
kpo_FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/firmware:"16:05
kpo_SRC_URI += "file://*.bin file://*.elf"16:05
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kergothit was supported, not sure if it still is. it's almost always a bad idea, though16:12
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rburtonkpo_: i think you can just put a directory name and it will copy the entire contents16:30
rburton(if thats easier)16:30
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sudilavHey y'all, I'm new to Yocto (a few weeks now) and have recently built for a recipe which installs directly from a whl file using similar instructions to:
sudilavBut when I build I get errors that NOTHING PROVIDES 'virtual/x86_64-oesdk-linux-gcc'... I'm presuming the whl file does some compilation - how do I force it to the correct CC flags and so forth. I.e. how do I fix my error :(16:34
sudilavAnd the whl is:
mauz555hello I could not find a way to build meta-freescale on zeus ( python-pycrypto-native is missing. where can I find a layer that provides it ?16:38
JPEWmauz555: Are you sure your not on master of poky?16:40
mauz555JPEW: im on poky zeus16:42
mauz555git branch16:42
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mauz555JPEW: 5e1f52edb7a9f790fb6cb5d96502f3690267c1b116:44
mauz555JPEW: same for meta-freescale im on "zeus" branch 94f4f086c6014cbcfd10bda3540d19558c8bf0b016:45
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JPEWmauz555: Looks like its provided by meta-python (part of meta-openembedded):
JPEWThats probably missing as a dependency in meta-freescale16:47
mauz555JPEW: on meta-freescale (MASTER) they seems to have updated this dependency:
JPEWmauz555: Right, python2 is deprecated :)16:49
mauz555JPEW: YES16:49
mauz555so python2 is drop after zeus ?16:49
JPEWmauz555: From oe-core. It's moved to meta-python216:50
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smurraymauz555: you need to have meta-openembedded/meta-python in bblayers.conf for meta-freescale zeus branch.  Its README probably should get updated to mention that17:11
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JPEWRP: I may have done something terrible: thoughts?17:20
JPEW^^ or anyone else for that matter17:20
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RPJPEW: it would work but its rather ugly :/17:31
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armpitclose your eyes17:39
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zeddiiI was going to suggest only looking at it in a dimly lit room, but realized that wouldn’t work :D so maybe, only look at it in direct sunlight on a glossy screen.18:02
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kergothHmm, apparently the nativesdk glibc we ship in the sdk fails to find its own gconv modules since we bypass its ability to be relocatable as built for an external toolchain.. guessing we need to set at least GCONV_PATH in the environment setup18:36
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angelo__LetoThe2nd, did some more investigation on ssh thing18:55
angelo__system uses dropbear18:55
angelo__launched by socket activation (systemd)18:55
angelo__then i see18:56
angelo__loading /var/lib/dropbear/dropbear_rsa_host_key  Failed18:56
*** agust <agust!> has joined #yocto18:56
angelo__ Early exit: No hostkeys available. 'dropbear -18:56
angelo__R' may be useful or run dropbearkey18:56
angelo__can this be effect of the READ_ONLY option ?18:56
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LetoThe2ndangelo__: not by default. rather something in your stack affects it. but if you want to e completely sure, kick off a pure poky build wir read-only-rootfs for qemu, and test there.19:50
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JPEWWhy are all my -native tasks failing because they can't find gnu-configize?20:19
JPEWDoing bitbake -c cleanall <RECIPE>-native fixes it, but it's annoying :)20:20
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kiwi_2996Hello. I m running an x86 program on x86 based Yocto. However the program gives me "No such file or directory"20:51
kiwi_2996The binary is present with correct permissions20:51
kiwi_2996I m running core-image-minimal20:51
kiwi_2996what could the issue be20:51
LetoThe2ndkiwi_2996: we've had something like that lately, was sometheting with the wrong ldd in the binary or such.20:56
LetoThe2ndkiwi_2996: let me guess, the binary was *not* bult using yocto :P20:56
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kiwi_2996LetoThe2nd yes21:00
kiwi_2996binary was build on some other x86 platform (ubuntu)21:00
kiwi_2996so I have to build binary using yocto?21:00
kiwi_2996as in create a recipe and build it as part of yocto?21:00
LetoThe2ndkiwi_2996: it is definitively the recommended way.21:01
khemits usually wrong ldso encoded in binary21:01
LetoThe2ndit will also help you find crosscompilation problems.21:01
LetoThe2ndah khem , the man!21:01
khemso best is to build an image with multilib if x86 is your target21:02
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khemthat sets the ldso paths like other distros do21:02
kiwi_2996I see...21:02
kiwi_2996what is the image name?21:02
khemeven then you might be bitten by issues e.g. this binary maybe build with newer libraries than yocto21:02
khemand it will gripe about symbols21:03
kiwi_2996so...any source is better to build as part of yocto by creating a recipe?21:03
khemkiwi_2996: you need to enable multilib there is a good howto on yocto wiki for that21:03
khemyes build from source is always better21:03
kiwi_2996ok..thanks khem and LetoThe2nd .. I will try both options21:04
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RPzeddii: this mips issues are there without the kernel upgrade so its something else in -next23:09
RPzeddii: which makes it my problem to find out what I guess :(23:09
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