Saturday, 2020-02-29

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mauz555is the sdcard.bz2 format deprecated for wic in latest releases ?01:05
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moto-timoThat moment when you realize a patch in foo/ will not be picked up by foo-native02:52
moto-timoHow to waste half a day for nothing02:53
kergoththat shouldnt actually be the case. iirc we use ${BPN}, not ${PN} in FILESPATH02:53
kergothbut examine bitbake.conf / base.bbclass for the actual values used02:54
moto-timoat-spi2-atk-native very happily ignored a patch present in at-spi2-atk/02:54
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kergoth["${FILE_DIRNAME}/${BP}", "${FILE_DIRNAME}/${BPN}", "${FILE_DIRNAME}/files"]02:59
moto-timothen WTF02:59
moto-timoblame it on centos-702:59
moto-timowhy is kergoth still online at 3am?03:01
moto-timosleep is for the weak03:01
moto-timowell, so much for that theory03:02
moto-timohow to waste another half a day... I hope not03:03
moto-timoWTF at-spi2-atk why are you ignoring the patch?03:05
moto-timoalso does not work:
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moto-timosmoking gun: SRC_URI = "${GNOME_MIRROR}/${GNOMEBN}/${@gnome_verdir("${PV}")}/${GNOMEBN}-${PV}.tar.${GNOME_COMPRESS_TYPE};name=archive"04:15
moto-timoso SRC_URI += before that is overwritten04:16
* moto-timo shakes fist04:16
moto-timowhy on earth did it work for class-target though?04:17
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RPsmurray: sorry about the delay, I've fixed up the psplash recipe to work with latest git12:55
RP(in -next)12:55
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smurrayRP: okay, I'll rebase off that. Heh, I see you made the same fix to the psplash as I was going to propose14:23
smurrayRP: one thing that I had a question about was that there's still a psplash-poky-img.h in psplash that maybe should be removed if we're always regenerating?14:25
smurrayRP: one benefit of doing that is the .h from the recipe could then be copied to $B instead of $S, which seems cleaner14:26
RPsmurray: yes, that sounds like it makes sense14:41
RPsmurray: I'd been meaning to try and sort this out for a while, just so many different fires to fight :(14:41
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smurrayRP: I noticed that the original patch to the ml removed that .h, but that bit was left out of the actual commit, and only the bar .h was removed14:42
smurrayRP: I'll test a bit more here and post changes later today or tomorrow14:43
RPsmurray: I think I had 'fun' getting various patches to apply together so something probably got lost :/14:44
RPsmurray: I appreciate the help, thanks!14:44
smurrayRP: no problem, this is at least something I can wrap my brain around ;)14:44
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khemRP: sent few fixes to ml based on your email it shoould help fiix ltp and make/mips issues15:25
RPkhem: thanks. I did hack my fix into -next which is in a build that is running. I'll then get to the others after that15:26
RPkhem: we should drop the make workaround to test I guess15:27
khemworks on qemumips15:30
khemI was running into riscv failures as well n qemu so this should be fixed too15:31
khemRP: since one fix is glibc patch upgrade perhaps you should cancel build and restart15:32
khemsince it will rebuild everything15:32
khemwill save some time15:33
RPkhem: well, the current build isn't rebuilding everything! :)15:41
khemok I guess it will test rest of fixes so not bad15:42
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RPkhem: had I know the other patch was coming... :) We'll get there. Things are looking better for the M3 state15:52
khemyeah I was sort of not following up ml so well yesterday15:55
khemwas trying to get get to riscv issue at hand15:55
khemwhich is in bochs-drm crash when x11 starts so was trying glibc syscall patch which did not fix bochs issue but did fix the make issue so good byproduct15:57
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RPkhem: queued up that build with some other fixes in too16:20
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kriiveHi guyss, do you happen to know if InnoDB on warrior's mariadb actually works?17:11
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khemRP: we need to relax GLIBCVERSION as well, I send another patch18:53
khemto fix that alone, please apply it on top of glibc patch18:54
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kriiveCan we use golang new modules system inside a Yocto recipe?21:21
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kriiveTo avoid specify all the dependencies in the Yocto recipe21:21
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RPkanavin_home: the problem is worse than I thought. I left memres enabled in my local.conf and was wondering why selftest was behaving very oddly :(22:07
RPcompletely unusable there :/22:08
* RP wishes he hadn't seen this22:08
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kanavin_homeRP: right, so memres is altogether broken, and maybe the patch should go in after all to at least resolve the selftest failures?22:12
kanavin_homebitbake issues are understood by very few people, and I'm not one of them :(22:12
RPkanavin_home: right, that worries me quite a bit :(22:13
RPkanavin_home: I think if we can find the right place to add the right reset call we should be able to fix this22:13
RPIf the right reset function exists22:13
kanavin_homeRP: what happens when tinfoil shuts down?22:14
RPthe challenge is a loaded system can behave like memres is enabled :/22:14
RPkanavin_home: the bitbake server side should see a new tinfoil clients as a new controlling UI22:14
RPkanavin_home: it looks like cooker's clientComplete() should be called between tinfoil sessions. I wonder if that actually happens though22:18
RPand cooker.clientComplete() doesn't call cooker.reset() which may be an oversight22:19
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