Friday, 2020-02-28

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khemRP: which mips issues ?01:34
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sivahow can i append my kernel config to .config file? i have a defconfig in my linux-imx_%.append06:00
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sivaSRC_URI += "file://defconfig"06:01
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sivai noticed that my defconfig file is copied to the build directory. but .config didn't contain the changes06:07
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tlwoernerextracting an eSDK always fails with: Please set a MACHINE in your local.conf or environment06:30
tlwoernerregardless of whether a MACHINE is set in the environment, on the cmdline, or both06:30
tlwoernernone of the following succeed:06:30
tlwoerner1$ MACHINE=<m> ./oecore-x86_64-aarch64-toolchain-ext-nodistro.0.sh06:31
tlwoerner2$ ./ MACHINE=<m>06:31
tlwoerner3$ export MACHINE=<m>06:31
tlwoerner3$ ./oecore-x86_64-aarch64-toolchain-ext-nodistro.0.sh06:32
tlwoerner4$ export MACHINE=<m>06:32
tlwoerner4$ MACHINE=<m> ./ MACHINE=<m>06:32
tlwoernerah... the local.conf used to create the esdk didn't have a MACHINE set it in (it was set on the cmdline). setting a MACHINE in the original local.conf fixes this issue. esdk extraction gets further but then fails later on anyway06:44
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angelo__LetoThe2nd, mainly, dropbear is not finding the key when starting, looking for it in /var/lib.. while it is in /etc/dropbear..08:21
angelo__this seems to be done from   poky/meta/classes/rootfs-postcommands.bbclass08:21
RPkhem: see the reply on the list to the make patch08:21
LetoThe2ndangelo__: have you verified that this also applies to a "naked" poky build? in that case it is a bug worth looking into.08:23
angelo__well, looks like without READONLY dropbear works fine08:25
angelo__not tested personally, but this is what my collegues says08:25
angelo__on same repo, without READONLY08:25
angelo__looks like involved code is
angelo__in  poky/meta/classes/rootfs-postcommands.bbclass08:26
LetoThe2ndangelo__: please test it, because it really makes a difference. if its broken for a plain poky build, then its a bug worth looking into for us. if it works there, then its your problem.08:27
angelo__LetoThe2nd, ok, will try08:27
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angelo__LetoThe2nd, in normal build it works08:56
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How can I get the iptables match "ipv4options" working in yocto sumo? <>08:56
LetoThe2ndangelo__: then find out what your secrit sauce does in order to break it. :(08:56
angelo__question: is rootfs-postcommands.bbclass is used only for readonly build ?08:56
LetoThe2ndno, don't think so08:57
angelo__mm ok thanks08:57
angelo__LetoThe2nd, well code above i linked is called in   "read_only_rootfs_hook () {08:58
angelo__so issue comes from there08:58
angelo__the dropbear key can't be in rootfs generated since is created by dropbearkey.service, that's the issue08:59
LetoThe2ndangelo__: but in a plain poky build with EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATUREs += "read-only-rootfs" it works?09:00
angelo__ah, ok, will test plain poky09:01
angelo__now i am in a bsp09:01
LetoThe2ndi've been telling you for two days now. seriously, i'm out now until you've done that. sorry.09:02
angelo__but from a grep, all dropbear occurences are in poky only09:02
angelo__ok, thanks btw, sorry for chaos09:03
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preminuxHello, does anyone know when the sumo-next is becoming an official release like 2.5.4. TIA WP09:15
LetoThe2ndpreminux: hum probably "never"09:15
preminuxOK, that's also a statement :)09:16
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kriiveUhm, I always wondered what *-next releases actually were09:17
kriive*branches, sorry09:18
LetoThe2ndkriive: they are meant for the next releases, but sumo is just "old" and basically out of support, unless somebody steps up.09:18
kriiveOh, got it09:20
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kriiveI also am still on sumo, cause my BSP layer ships with sumo. It has a number of patches against linux-4.14 to make those three leds available to userspace that are a nightmare to port09:21
kriiveI guess I'll wait for them to bump yocto version to warrior09:22
LetoThe2ndif your bsp layer is self-contained and does not bring any nasty dependencies, then you should totally be able to just bump it. there is no magic in shipping warrior or zeus with a 4.14 kernel09:22
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kriiveI tried some time ago (was pretty new to yocto, still am but less lol) but didn't manage to find linux-4.14 in later releases09:23
kriiveI guess it was dropped somewhere warrior and zeus?09:24
kriivesomewhere between*09:24
kriiveBeginning in warrior linux-4.14 is not found anymore, at least here:
LetoThe2ndkriive: it often happens that kernel versions are dropped from poky, but your bsp is free to bring whatever it likes. thats what i meant with "self-containerd"09:28
kriiveAh, ok, then it's not self-contained. It relies on oe linux-yocto, it does not bring its own linux recipe, patches on linux-4.1409:29
LetoThe2ndkriive: you could still copy the relevant bits over and carry them yourself, but yeah, thats a bit more complicated then.09:32
kriiveI'll give it another try09:33
LetoThe2ndour inhouse bsps completely replace the kernel so we are free to move back and forth.09:33
kriivethank you09:33
kriiveLetoThe2nd: that's actually handy09:33
preminuxkriive: you can define PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel = "linux-yocto-custom" in your machine file, create a recipe linux-yocto-custom.bbapend and there you can define the Linux version you like to have e.g. LINUX_VERSION = "4.4"# tag v4.4...  => commit afd2ff9b7e1b367172f18ba7f693dfb62bdcb2dcSRCREV_machine="afd2ff9b7e1b367172f18ba7f693dfb62bdcb2dc"09:34
LetoThe2ndpreminux: thats the core bits, yes.09:34
kriiveThank you guys, I am trying this right now :)09:36
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kuschky2milloni: just a feedback about the busybox date command and failing localization. Using date from coreutils by by append coreutils to IMAGE_INSTALL solved the problem for me. No further action was required. Now date is linked by /bin/date -> /bin/date.coreutils10:01
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kriiveDo you think I can just copy poky/meta/recipes-kernel/linux/ in a layer of mine and use it in warrior/zeus or are there other things I should check?10:18
LetoThe2ndkriive: "just copy" is a high expectation. if you asked for "use as a starting point to transfer into my own layer", then it would be a clear "yes"10:20
kriiveOk, that will be my approach I certainly not have such high expectations lol10:21
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Populating static libraries to SDK in yocto <>10:57
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chabotHi, I set up an overlayFS mechanism updating the fstab file using, the base-files bbappend and it works great. I create the partitions using WIC. However it is difficult to manage several images some using overlayFS and some not. Is there any solution to specify this overlay partition in the wic .wks file directly ? I saw that the overlay fstype is11:07
chabotnot provided.11:07
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shan1Guys quick question. I am using `warrior` for an PHYTEC iMX6 board. I do not seem to have the `/dev/input/event0` interface.12:21
shan1I checked the Device Tree Files and didn't find anything particular there. where does one enable this interface?12:21
LetoThe2ndits only there if 1) the hardware actually permits input 2) the input subsystm in the kernel is activated12:23
shan1it does i transitioned from old layers of the BSP to warrior and previously the `/dev/input/event0` was there. I used it to detect button presses.12:26
shan1how to enable or check if the input subsystem is enabled in the kernel12:27
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: iMX 8M BSP Selection <>12:27
mcfriskshan1: check your effective kernel config from bitbake build or from kernel -dev package (it may have the effective config).12:29
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shan1mcfrisk you mean the menuconfig via `bitbake -c menuconfig linux-mainline` ?12:34
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mcfriskshan1: or run "bitbake -c compile kernel_recipe" and check the effective .config file in build directory. menuconfig will give the menu but not the config file, though it's possible to search there too.12:50
shan1I do not know which kernel recipe to look for12:51
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shan1I think I found it. I used `bitbake -c compile virtual/kernel` in Device Drivers  --> Event Debuggging and Event Input from `*` to `M`. then `bitbake -c compile virtual/kernel` and then `bitbake -c deploy virtual/kernel`13:02
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shan1didn't work :(13:29
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shan1LetoThe2nd or mcfrisk can you tell me if this is a good practice where I used the kernel modules for __EVDEV__ and then used the `fragment.cfg` file within an `linux_mainline_%.bbappend`. I used `SRC_URI_append = "file://fragment.cfg"13:53
shan1I often see that such configuration are part of the `defconfig` file13:53
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JPEWkroon: Hmm, I wonder if that's because it can't figure out it needs to be excluded from the basehash....14:50
kroonJPEW, I dunno.. running bitbake -e for the recipe, I can see that SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH is not in BB_HASHBASE_WHITELIST14:55
kroonstill, bitbake-dumpsig says its listed on the "basewhitelist:" line14:55
JPEWkroon: Weird. What about just `bitbake -e` with no recipe?14:56
kroonJPEW, then it is there14:56
JPEWkroon: Right because there's no recipe to overriding the value14:57
JPEWI suspect if you set SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH in local.conf it would get excluded in the basehash14:58
JPEWBut, that probably means the tricky way isn't an option :)14:58
kroonJPEW, I tried setting it in local.conf but using a pn override, SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH_pn-my-recipe, but I guess thats not what you meant ?15:03
kroonCause its still in basewhitelist: with that15:03
RPThere is the possibility that the whitelist is treated as a configuration wide variable15:05
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* kroon wishes he knew what that meant :-O15:07
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ruru4143_Is there a way to turn this off? i don't want to be in your accesslog15:10
ruru4143_DEBUG: For url git://git.domain.tld/repo.git;rev=f8e4ba37f67ba8a85c8622e1f705d7902b32dbc0 returning
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JaMaruru4143_: define your own MIRRORS variable15:13
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roussinmHow much work would it be take get gcc 9.2 working on Krogoth *only* for our company layer? I realize that I will get two libgcc inside the image, but at the moment this is not a concern.15:16
millonikuschky2: good to hear that!15:21
milloniare you planning to report the bug to busybox? (if not, i can do it)15:22
ruru4143_JaMa: thanks15:34
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JPEWRP: That's my suspicion15:59
JPEWRP: I think I'm confusing the terminology for saying it :)15:59
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: need help installing the program image (BIN-file) to the imx6s device <>16:28
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shan1What is the error mean here?17:25
shan1TypeError: 'float' object is not iterableERROR: Command 'script -e -q -c "recipetool --color=always create --devtool -o /tmp/devtoole8o6tysc ''  -x /home/des/Yocto/PHYTEC_BSPs/yocto_fsl_update/build/workspace/sources/devtoolsrcv1z1l3ys -N buttonflux" /dev/null' failed17:25
shan1I get this error when creating a python recipe using `devtool add python3-buttonflux <github archive url to my repo>17:25
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*** florian <florian!~florian_k@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has joined #yocto17:34
kriiveWill golang project that support modules be easier to build?17:35
shan1I have documented the error as an SE Query [here](
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: devtool throws TypeError when adding a recipe for a python application in Yocto's Warrior <>17:58
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Marexkhem: hey, do you know how the YP is registered as a legal entity in the US ? is it a non-profit ?18:10
MarexI can't find the details18:10
*** yangm97 <yangm97!yangm97mat@gateway/shell/> has quit IRC18:12
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armpitMarex, YP is a Linux foundation project so Its covered by them18:13
Marexarmpit: ah OK18:13
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shan1How does one go about with recipes when devtool/recipetool is broken?18:28
zeddiimeaning, how you’d create one ?18:31
shan1the problem with me is that my devtool is throwing an error and devtool is inherently calling recipetool. I had to write my recipe by hand. There are no others tools to generate recipes in Yocto apart from devtool or recipetool right?18:32
zeddiiright. but I can say that I’ve never used them, so I’m not a good reference. I just copy a similar one, edit it and go from there.18:33
shan1how do you generate the `sha256sum` and `md5sums` for codes. I had to clone the repo, generate hashes manually and then had to insert them.18:34
shan1luckily I package my code with tar and zip balls from github so it is easy. How do you do that for direct git repos?18:34
zeddiior I just bitbake it once, and bitbake spits out the proper value. cut and paste it in :D18:34
zeddiithere’s no shasum for git repos.18:35
shan1Add just the revision hash?18:35
kriiveshan1: for sha256sum I use the cli tool sha256sum18:35
kriiveFor md5 use md5sum18:36
*** nrossi <nrossi!nrossimatr@gateway/shell/> has joined #yocto18:36
shan1kriive Yup used the same for all things. I was just curious if there way something else18:36
kriiveOr else let bitbake as zeddii does it18:36
* zeddii takes the path of least resistance :D18:36
* kriive screams and cries to bitbake waiting for him to build its stuff18:37
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shan1@shan1: Tears off hair when it comes throws errors that even aliens can't understand18:38
*** clementp[m] <clementp[m]!cperonmatr@gateway/shell/> has joined #yocto18:38
tgamblinThat's not a bad thought. Maybe aliens haven't visited Earth because they are afraid we'll ask them to debug our code!18:41
kriiveBut hey guys, I found a dev branch on my BSP github that supports warrior!18:42
*** T_UNIX <T_UNIX!uid218288@gateway/web/> has quit IRC18:42
kriiveAnd it actually works!18:42
shan1And their first ever PR will be rejected by Linus because they didn't add enough documentation in the commit18:42
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khemzeddii: I see you have been teaching wrong things today :)19:06
*** rburton <rburton!~rburton@> has quit IRC19:06
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paulghas zeddii ever taught "right" things?19:07
*** yann <yann!> has joined #yocto19:07
* zeddii cannot deny the charges19:08
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watchd0ghi there,19:19
watchd0gdoes anyone ever experienced someting like19:20
watchd0gERROR: object '' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded (wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64): ignored.19:20
watchd0gwhen ca-certificates r populating on the do_rootfs ?19:20
watchd0gbranch sumo19:20
paulgIf anyone could help you, it would probably be seebs...19:21
watchd0g:D it would be great19:22
paulgbut from the error message, it kinda looks like a cross compile fail.19:22
paulgwhat is your target deployment, and what is your build host?19:23
khemwatchd0g: are you using 32bit OS on build system19:23
khemor perhaps multilib19:23
paulgyeah, that too - what khem said.  ;-)19:24
paulg[People still have 32 bit build systems?]19:25
khemyou might need to use PSEUDO_UNLOAD=1 <cmd> ...19:26
khemsome tools are 32bit19:26
watchd0gnah, im using  64 bits debian at this moment19:26
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seebswatchd0g: that does look like you're running a 32-bit binary of *some* kind on a 64-bit host19:33
watchd0gthat's a bit strange because when building against thud i didnt have this problem on the same machine20:11
watchd0gbut in the meantime version of ca-certificates changed from sumo to thud20:11
khemits possible new versions require more things20:11
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*** shan1 <shan1!> has joined #yocto20:15
shan1Can `SRC_URI_append` use more than one file as a value or should one write each file as a seperate `SRC_URI_append`?20:17
shan1I have some patches to the Device tree that do not enable a UART port but add EVDEV kernel module for the following `SRC_URI_append = "  file://patch1 \ file://patch2 \ file://my.cfg"`20:18
watchd0gi guess that the good practices tells us to use multilines with \ when using append20:21
watchd0gSRC_URI_append = " file://something \20:21
shan1I tried the same but the patches don't get applied20:21
watchd0gfile://othersomething \20:21
watchd0gare u using = ?20:21
watchd0gor += ?20:22
shan1for more file should it be `+=`?20:24
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*** locutus_ <locutus_!~LocutusOf@> has joined #yocto20:25
watchd0gsomething related to the .bbappend u r using probably?20:25
shan1here is the file
shan1it is so weird I ran the build again and now the evdev module is not added, but the patches are applied. it is either the patches or the cfg20:27
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dmoseleyHas anyone generated XFS images for their rootfs with Yocto builds? I see the utils in meta-filesystems but Google is not showing me anything of note.20:30
watchd0gon the first sight it looks like nice to me20:30
*** tgamblin <tgamblin!~tgamblin@> has quit IRC20:31
watchd0gi always use the PN name like "${THISDIR}/${PN}:" when using patches, but that's not clearly the problem20:31
shan1I am re-writing the SRC_URI_append  on each line and see what happens20:31
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watchd0garen't you missing "linux" folder? dunno if that's relevant tbh20:32
shan1added that. I missed that part.20:33
watchd0glike recipes-kernel/linux/linux-mainline_%.bbappend20:33
watchd0gham ok20:33
shan1:Fingers crossed:20:33
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shan1watchd0g would you happen to know if it would be possible to check if `/dev/input` and a serial port `/dev/ttymxc0` could be checked within the `build` before loading the image on hardware?20:44
shan1watchd0g didn't work :*20:56
shan1oops sorry wrong emoji :(20:56
shan1only the patches get applied not the cfg20:56
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watchd0gi guess i didnt understand your question, but now a days /dev it's just a virtual FS (kinda special)21:03
watchd0git holds no info about your uart nor touchscreen21:03
shan1one last try is I might do a force compile of the kernel and use bitbake -c deploy virtual/kernel21:05
watchd0gyour problem could not be in the yocto "framework" but something related with applying fragments of kernel configuration21:06
*** pohly <pohly!> has joined #yocto21:06
watchd0gi i've always applied defconf files but never a fragment21:06
shan1would you believe it if I told you I tried adding a custom defconfig file too but it still didn't work21:07
shan1via the SRC_URI_append.21:08
watchd0gyou probable have to include the recipe .inc file in order to "extend" it21:09
watchd0gi guess you need something like "require recipes-kernel/linux/linux-mainline(..)"21:10
watchd0gon top of your bbappend21:10
watchd0gor so, something abount the dependencies of what your are trying to include21:11
*** berton <berton!~berton@> has quit IRC21:12
watchd0gbut i know nothing about that topic :s21:14
watchd0glook at this topic21:15
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shan1Can't figure it out. The force run didn't work too. :(21:22
shan1let's see 12 hours at work and still can't figure it out. thanks anyways watchd0g21:23
*** m1ster_r0b0t <m1ster_r0b0t!> has joined #yocto21:24
watchd0gshan1, have you checked the thread i posted?21:27
shan1yes I did21:28
shan1are you suggesting SRCREV_machine = "${SRCREV}" in the recipe?21:30
watchd0gand the inc files too probably21:30
shan1I wouldn't know where to begin with the inc files.21:31
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moto-timodid cleansstate get slower recently or have I just got a bad memory?21:52
*** shan1 <shan1!> has quit IRC22:04
mranostaymoto-timo: those aren't mutually exclusive :)22:05
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JPEWExcellent! I think I have python's hierarchial logging framework plumbed into knotty correctly!22:22
*** sno <sno!> has joined #yocto22:22
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stacktrustIs there a good example of centrally defining version & product brand strings within OE/Yocto, including localization?22:30
*** vmeson <vmeson!> has joined #yocto22:39
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stacktrustOne approach is version strings in local.conf or site.conf22:41
stacktrustAnother approach is a dedicated package which generates a text file that can be referenced from the sysroot of other packages22:42
JPEWFWIW, we use local.conf/site.conf22:43
stacktrustJPEW: do you have any version strings with timestamp of the build?22:43
JPEWstacktrust: Not explicitly; I think /etc/version has that already22:43
JPEWAlthough, I just checked on something I built today and it says 2018, so perhaps thats not working as expected22:45
*** kriive <kriive!> has quit IRC22:48
stacktrustthat's a good point, this is useful:
JPEWOh, ya22:49
JPEWWe put a lot of that in /etc/build22:49
JPEWI can't recall the exact method ATM22:49
JPEW(and you have to inherit image-buildinfo)22:50
JPEWIt's nice because it has the SHA-1 of all the layers your using :)22:51
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TheMrRafus /msg NickServ identify Rafael1323:22
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mranostayheh probably want to change that password23:23
*** TheMrRafus <TheMrRafus!5cb1cf2d@> has joined #yocto23:24
mranostayTheMrRafus: hope you are changing your password :)23:26
TheMrRafusYes, It was a mistake, sorry23:27
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* moto-timo laughing. thanks mranostay23:49
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