Monday, 2020-03-02

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Differences between openembedded-core and poky <>08:09
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PinkSnakeHi all i'm trying to create a bbclass to extend our custom encrypted FIT image but i'm stuck on this curious message ( :S any idea ? Thx08:29
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emriusHi, I'm trying to compile an image where I need support for python3-cryptography. Now, I found the python/recipes-devtools where some bb for python3-cryptography can be found. But I failed to add this to my layer.08:49
emriusHow can I do that?08:49
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emriusIMAGE_INSTALL_append += " python3-cryptopgraphy"08:49
emriusdid not work08:50
emriusspeaking about meta-openembedded, but probably that is clear08:50
PinkSnakeemrius double check recipe name "meta-openembedded/meta-python/recipes-devtools/python/"08:53
PinkSnakeyou should try IMAGE_INSTALL += "python-cryptography"08:54
emriustried that already08:54
emriusdoesnt work08:54
PinkSnakeand ?08:54
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emriusLoading cache: 100% |#####################################################| Time: 0:00:00Loaded 2892 entries from dependency cache.NOTE: Resolving any missing task queue dependenciesERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'python-cryptopgraphy' (but /home/marius/mender-qemu/build/../sources/meta-stargazer/recipes-example/images/ RDEPENDS on or08:55
emriusotherwise requires it)NOTE: Runtime target 'python-cryptopgraphy' is unbuildable, removing...Missing or unbuildable dependency chain was: ['python-cryptopgraphy']ERROR: Required build target 'quakesaver-image' has no buildable providers.Missing or unbuildable dependency chain was: ['quakesaver-image', 'python-cryptopgraphy']Summary: There were 208:55
emriusERROR messages shown, returning a non-zero exit code.08:55
emriusdamn. How can I paste raw code?08:55
PinkSnakego to pastebin or something like that ;)08:55
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emriusAnyway, any other suggestions?08:56
PinkSnakethe message is clear08:57
PinkSnake Nothing RPROVIDES 'python-cryptopgraphy'08:57
PinkSnakeyou have to double check bblayers config08:57
emriuscontains /home/marius/mender-qemu/sources/meta-openembedded/meta-python08:57
emriusdo I have to explicitly add the subdirectory?08:58
perdmannHi, i recently found a "funny" bug (maybe bug?) in the MTD part of the Linux Kernel. I debugged Uboot but now it looks like Kernel is the issue. We have a NAND Flash with 2048 Pagesize and 128 OOB Size. The Kernel sets the oobsize to 128, which is correct. But if i readout the structure and the corresponding CPU Register it is set to 36.08:58
PinkSnakeemrius -->
PinkSnakeand take a look to bblayer.conf08:59
emriusI did that already a couple of times but maybe a fourth time =will help?!08:59
emriusbtw: I can in fact install other python packages from meta-python without problems.09:00
PinkSnakemaybe a little issue in path or something like that :S09:00
emriusany hints on how to debug that?09:01
emriuswhat is the meaning of "recipes-devtools" compared to the other packages in meta-python?09:02
PinkSnakeemrius I have told you, check bblayers, run bitbake on the recipe only09:02
emriusok, hang on09:03
emriusbitbake on python-cryptography seems to work fine09:04
PinkSnakeemrius ok so give us :)09:04
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emriushang on waiting for bitbake to finish first09:06
shan1I found a strange behavior for my Yocto Builds. I have a iMX6 board from Phytec and I added two patches that enable the UART1 peripheral via Device Tree files. The build is successful and the UART1 is enabled but the `/dev/input` virtual fs does not exist.09:07
emriusMight get disconnected soon as I'm working on a german train and LTE coverage in Germany is horrific crap! Thus, don't be offended if I just leave without saying bye09:07
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shan1I removed my layer to see if the core image (default) has the `/dev/input` fs or not and it does. Upon adding the patches something is removing the fs. Any ideas to debug this problem?09:08
PinkSnakeemrius don't worry (y)09:09
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emriusOk, image compilation still fails. Also for core-image-base09:13
emriussame error09:13
emriusI added all dependencies to conf/local.conf. Is that an issue?09:15
emriusI know, that should be added to a dedicated layer but it's just for testing09:15
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emriushow can I list paths that bitbake traverses on invocation?09:19
emriusIs there a reddit channel or something alike? Would be much nicer if I didn't have to stay online waiting for an answer. Also, others are likely experiencing similar issues. Especially beginners09:21
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PinkSnakeemrius as i already said. give us the recipe09:24
PinkSnakeemrius try RDEPENDS_${PN} += "${PYTHON_PN}-cryptography" if you use puthon3 instead09:26
emriusahaa that might help.09:26
shan1 I already have documented how to write python recipes emrius09:27
emriusI'll go through that. I was just confused that I could easily install meta-python packages adding e.g.09:28
emrius329 IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " python3-numpy"09:28
emrius334 IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " python3-cryptopgraphy"09:28
emrius(no matter if python or python3 is used)09:29
shan1what branch are you using?09:29
emriusNot really intuitive...09:29
shan1`thud` has the cryptography recipes already in it. like mentioned previously use `RDEPENDS_${PN} += "${PYTHON_PN}-cryptography" and depending on if you use `setuptools3` or `setuptools` it will add the dependencies accordingly09:31
emriusgreat! Thanks a lot!09:32
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emriuswhile I was just checking that everything was actually on branch thud: Would be helpful if `bitbake --version` would show the branch or version as string like "thud". Would that make sense?09:33
LetoThe2ndemrius: no, because the bitbake versions is pretty much decoupled from the release09:34
emriusMaybe not, I'm still confused about yocto, poky, bitbake, etc....09:34
shan1nope that has nothing to do with bitbake.09:34
emriusthought that bitbake came with poky09:34
LetoThe2ndemrius: and usually a bitbake run gives you the rundown of machine, version, etc right at the beginning.09:35
LetoThe2ndemrius: it came with poky, because poky is (over-simplifying) a wrapper that combines oe-core + bitbake + some gizmos into a nice package09:36
emriusaha so can't `bitbake --version` contain the poky version it came with?!09:37
emriuswould be helpful09:37
LetoThe2ndit just cannot do that.09:37
emriusHmm I don't see why09:37
LetoThe2ndemrius: can the linux kernel print the ubuntu version it came with?09:38
emriusI don't know09:38
emriusbut probably no ;)09:38
LetoThe2ndsee. there you go.09:38
LetoThe2ndbitbake is the engine that runs it all, and it is freestanding. there are projects that happily use bitbake without poky, some even without openembedded metadataas far as i know.09:39
LetoThe2ndso how could it print the version of those?09:39
emriushmm... I see. Thanks for the clarification09:39
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Problem with bitbake function name expansion <>09:40
emriusSo, let me ask again: Is there a way to preserve these findings for others? I mean some might encounter similar questions or problems trying to understand this massive machine...09:40
emriusI mean it's great to have first hand support! Don't get me wrong!09:40
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emriusWhy not start a reddit channel?09:41
emriusit's actually called a subreddit if I'm not mistaken09:41
LetoThe2ndemrius: because we are old angry unix neckbeards and do not like those things cool kids do these days?09:43
emriusHmm... that's a shame. Would be very beneficial for the community09:44
LetoThe2ndno seriously. we have a wiki, and we have lots of documentation that we happily accept patches for. if you want to conserve your findings, pour them into a paragraph that fits the dev-manual and just send the patch09:44
shan1emrius you should also know LetoThe2nd is a star-face for Yocto Project. He is a twitch Streamer/Youtuber now.09:45
LetoThe2ndno, its not a shame. believe me. i've seen come and go about 15 of those so-called "places wher you totally have to be because you are oh so helpful by now" and each and every one is a major pain in the a** if you're working on something that has to last longer than 6months.09:45
emriusThanks for the offer. Maybe I'll do that some day. But as I started just recently I don't feel confident enough to touch some official documentation. Me as a beginner would be muuuch less hesitant to write something on a platform that has more a Q/A or community character09:46
shan1he does good videos on the yocto project channel. He is more fun when he has his share of beer for the live sessions09:46
emriusAh, then actually I think I know your face :)09:46
emriusthanks for the great tutorials! Gave me quite some assistance in the beginning.09:47
LetoThe2ndemrius: we take pride in being very welcoming to new contributors, unlike some others. so if you just give it a try then there will no flaming if things are not super rigth in the first run.09:47
emriusHowever, I'm still convinced that many (less persistent and annoying) starters will give up before coming to the interesting parts of yocto/bitbake etc.09:48
LetoThe2ndemrius: on the other hand, you can always just shoot a mail that describes your finding to the ml. those are happily indexed by google and we make sure that they stay around.09:48
emriusI appreciate your openness but as I said: Many beginners will be more confident on state of the art platforms... Just saying09:49
LetoThe2ndemrius: complicated things are complicated. we know about it, but sometimes complexity is just what you need. i am actually preparing a writeup on that.09:49
LetoThe2ndemrius: the things i have heard (only in the last 4 months) are that we have to be on slack, telegram, reddit. so despite all good intentions, fragmentation is a major problem. we're already having a very hard time with stackoverflow.09:50
emriusRegarding email list histories: Hard to systematically work through and harder to read. There is another psychological issue with email lists: You cannot change the history. When I post a question I want to be sure I can modify or correct details09:50
emriusI agree with that09:50
LetoThe2ndcomplexity is complex.09:51
emriusFair enoug09:52
emriusFair enoug09:52
LetoThe2ndemrius: the non-modification is a major plus. i've had my massive share of things being edited, pulled out of context, outright removed on stackoverflow.09:52
emriusFair enough... hmmm h wasnt working09:52
LetoThe2ndNEVER AGAIN.09:52
emriusJust telling from a user perspective that this will lower the psychological barrier to ask (unqualified, beginners, noob) questions09:53
LetoThe2ndyou are very right, but what good is a lower barrier if nobody competent is there to answer?09:53
LetoThe2ndseriously, i've been flamed on SO more than one time because the correct answer just wasn't to the liking of the (newbie) asker. but i don't see no reason to take the blame for people being stupid.09:54
emriusMaybe a dedicated stackexchange would be great on stackoverflow. Show people where to ask questions on a platform that people feel home.09:55
emriusYeah, but people use it anyhow...09:55
LetoThe2nd"i don't like your answer, you must be an idiot". and thats what happens on those low-barrier platforms. thanks, but no thanks.09:55
shan1I have to agree with LetoThe2nd I am active on all these platforms (like /r/embeddedlinux) on reddit and there is subreddit for yocto too but no one is competent enough to answer queries. Similar is the case for SE.09:55
* LetoThe2nd resorts to hacking and beer.09:55
shan1emrius there is already a bot called yocti that shows Stackexchange queries here if you use the `yocto` tag09:57
LetoThe2nd(just to clarify, i am actually quite a nice guy, but that topic is one of my personal pet peeves by now. feel free to meet me in RL)09:57
emriusOk, I'll try the following in the future: I'll pose my questions on stackoverflow and ping you guys here. I'll except your answers from first hand. I just would like to make sure that findings do not go down the drain once I deconnect09:57
emriusOh cool! i'll do that09:57
* LetoThe2nd is actually just today also riding a train to Essen, speaking at the buildingIoT conf :)09:58
LetoThe2ndand having beer!09:58
shan1LetoThe2nd there you go!! Our lord and savior !09:59
emriussounds great. I'm on a 11 hours train ride Berlin - Grenoble. Will checkout bord bistro at 4 pm. Beer is fairly cheap there09:59
emriusOk, thanks folks!!! Amazing job. I'll try with the `yocti` tag10:00
LetoThe2ndbahnhofsbier immer bei yormas kaufen!!!10:00
emriusgibbet da kaltes bier?10:00
emriusnee 13 uhr in Frankfurt los, da ist das Bier bis 4 warm.10:01
LetoThe2nd13 trinken.10:01
emriusStimmt. Da sollte man vernuenftig bleiben. Kaltes bier pfui10:01
emriuswarmes bier pfui10:01
LetoThe2nd\m/ O \m/10:01
emriuswas schreib ich denn hier? Vollkommen unterhopft.10:01
emriusalso bis denn10:02
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shan1Do you guys know if there are yocto training course in the north of germany? all I see on the website are for the south.10:05
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LetoThe2ndshan1: not sure who's up there10:07
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emriusshan1 Sorry to bother again: How was the prepend for the layer.conf to use python3 again? Sorry, forgot to store that somewhere...10:09
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shan1`RDEPENDS += "${PYTHON_PN}-yourpackagename"`10:10
emriusGreat. I'll try that. Thanks mate!10:10
LetoThe2ndum wait10:11
LetoThe2ndin layer.conf?!?10:11
shan1wait wait wait. I meant in the recipe.10:11
emriusyeah, right. the .bb file10:11
shan1emrius you add RDEPENDS_${PN} = "${PYTHON_PN}-yourpackagename"10:12
LetoThe2ndemrius: ah. ok.10:12
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shan1split the file up into a .inc and .bb and based on whether you add setuptools or setuptool3 the ${PYTHON_PN} will pick the python/python3 version respectively.10:13
shan1I was actually thinking of writing something about this as a way to add to the Yocto Channel. i.e. how to use python applications with yocto?  LetoThe2nd your thoughts?10:14
shan1maybe a simple server that can give some response to the user from the target board?10:15
LetoThe2ndRDEPENDS is a runtime dependency that declares the package named PN need the other thing to be available at the time of execution. DEPENDS says that this other thing must already eb aound when your recipe is being built.10:17
LetoThe2ndshan1: i can't properly comment on python as i don't use it personally, sorry.10:19
shan1I use it more than often. Have used it, deployed it on practical projects and have some idea about it.10:20
shan1I am not a c/c++ guy and write my applications for target boards in python and it works (~99.8%) most of the times10:21
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emrius+1 python :)10:21
emriusThat might be of great help (for me too)10:22
LetoThe2ndshan1: as you know, any contribution is welcome if you are not offended by (constructive) criticism.10:23
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dev1990hi, character _ is commonly used to override thing, but if I introduce in my recipe somethink like KODI_CODENAME ?= "Leia"  or KODI_ADDON_NAME ?= "" is this ok?11:38
dev1990to override things*11:39
dev1990should I avoid _ and use variables like KODICODENAME and KODIADDONNAME ?11:44
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paulbarkerdev1990: Underscores are used in lots of variable names already11:50
dev1990ok, I'll go with underscores then.11:57
dev1990I never seen override that is upper case tho, maybe this not even works and is QA validation.11:58
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PinkSnakeHow could we list recipe tasks order ? not just -c listtasks ( i'm trying to add a task to the image but doesn't parsed :S12:13
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LetoThe2ndPinkSnake: try to rephrase, please.12:18
PinkSnakeLetoThe2nd Sorry, i'm trying to add some tasks to a custom image. I would like to know how to list image tasks but in the correct order :)12:20
LetoThe2ndPinkSnake: good question. i'm not aware of any bulletproof way other than getting and parsing it.12:22
LetoThe2ndclosest explanation is probably
PinkSnakeLetoThe2nd Ok, so it's not really intuitive to add a custom tasks before and/or after an other one if we cannot the order :S12:24
PinkSnakeLetoThe2nd Thx for the graph it's a good point to start!12:25
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dev1990paulbarker: I made test with OVERRIDES_append = ":addon:URI:ADDON", and upper case variables are not resolved by operator underscore12:37
dev1990SRC_URI was not resolved as SRC12:38
dev1990KODI_TEST_ADDON was not resolved as KODI_TEST, only KODI_addon was resolved as KODI12:39
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dev1990so there is perhaps some extra safety measure implemented in operatator underscore to not even try to expand on upper cased variables12:41
dev1990but no warning was generated that I added uppercase overrides12:41
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rburtondev1990: overrides have to be lowercase so you can use THIS_VARIABLE fine13:11
dev1990rburton: is this was always true, I got conversation about this and I'm feeling confused.13:12
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joerghoHi! I noticed that sip3 (meta-oe) needs to be updated to 4.19.19 not only on branch master but also on branch zeus because otherwise building python3-pyqt5 fails.14:02
joergho Original patch:
joerghoWhat is the best approach to request the application of the patch to zeus branch? Send another [patch] email on the mailing list?14:03
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*** hyper_dave <hyper_dave!~quassel@> has joined #yocto14:07
JaMajoergho: see meta-qt5/zeus-next14:15
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*** hamis_lt_u <hamis_lt_u!~irfan@> has quit IRC14:17
*** dexterlb <dexterlb!> has joined #yocto14:20
joerghoThanks, JaMa!14:20
*** sno <sno!> has joined #yocto14:21
Crofton|roadJaMa: any idea when that will merge to zeus?14:23
PinkSnakeSomeone here could explain why in custom class we have to use  ** dirpath = d.expand("${B}") ** but not in bash function ? o.014:24
JaMaCrofton|road: I can merge it now, if someone using pyqt on target can verify that it works fine would be better (I did only build test with these change)14:25
*** comptroller <comptroller!> has quit IRC14:26
Crofton|roadjoergho: can you test this?14:26
neverpanicPinkSnake: Variables are always expanded in bash, but they're not in Python scripts. Also, instead of d.expand("${B}"), use d.getVar("B")14:28
joerghoYes, I'll do14:29
PinkSnakeneverpanic Thx for the info :)14:33
*** comptroller <comptroller!> has joined #yocto14:40
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RPI wish I could get to the bottom of this lockedsigs selftest failure :(15:32
*** comptroller <comptroller!> has joined #yocto15:35
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joergho@JaMO, @Crofton|road As far as I can tell, the gui application I tested (gnuradio-companion 4.0), everything looks fine15:59
Crofton|roadthe qt widgets ran? I think that is what exercises pyqt16:00
Crofton|roadgrc is a pygtk app16:00
joerghoOk, which command shall I run?16:01
joergho(correction: gnuradio 3.8 of cause)16:02
*** forbin <forbin!~cpastore@> has joined #yocto16:03
Crofton|roaduse some of the qt widgets and look at the generated python to verify it imports pyqt16:03
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JaMajoergho: I guess your build has opengl in DISTRO_FEATURES, right?16:07
*** PinkSnake <PinkSnake!51ff1123@> has left #yocto16:08
joerghoyes, opengl is included in DISTRO_FEATURES16:08
joerghoOk, I now greated a little flow graph which uses a button and a checkbox and those elements are visible but no label text16:11
*** yacar_ <yacar_!> has quit IRC16:13
Crofton|roadtake a look at the image recipes for meta-sdr and see if it addess some things to fix that, likely should be RDEPENDS16:18
joergholiberation-fonts is installed and I also added a symlink from /usr/lib/fonts to /usr/share/fonts16:24
joerghoHave to leave now... Crofton|road, you can reach me on Slack16:26
*** joergho <joergho!> has left #yocto16:27
* RP feels slightly happier closing three highs16:29
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millonihi, 63dcfa8f13 re-enables prelink in default local.conf, it was originally disabled due to an issue (see 8debfea81e)16:41
millonihow was the issue resolved? the commit message doesn't say16:41
*** forbin <forbin!~cpastore@> has quit IRC16:45
*** locutus_ <locutus_!> has quit IRC16:45
RPmilloni: that is a very good question :/16:48
RPmilloni: - prelink cross upgrade/fixes ?16:50
*** locutus_ <locutus_!~LocutusOf@> has joined #yocto16:52
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JPEWRP: I'm making good progress on the logging situation17:06
*** locutus__ <locutus__!~LocutusOf@> has quit IRC17:07
JPEWRP: Turns out we can plumb python's excellent structured logging into knotty without too much trouble, which will let you capture whatever logs you want on the AB to a file pretty easily17:07
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*** RP <RP!> has joined #yocto17:23
RPJPEW: that is good to hear!17:24
kergothJPEW: nice.17:25
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*** roussinm <roussinm!> has joined #yocto17:33
RPsmurray: thanks! Are you working on the recipe updates or waiting on those to merge?17:36
smurrayRP: sorry for the delay, I just posted the discussed psplash changes. The psplash-start systemd unit will need Type=notify added when the recipe SRCREV is bumped, so yeah, dependent on merging17:36
RPsmurray: merged, thanks :)17:38
smurrayRP: heh, okay, I'll send an update to oe-core shortly17:39
*** locutus__ <locutus__!> has quit IRC17:40
RPsmurray: much appreciated, thanks. I've just watched it fail on the ab again so very happy to get this fixed17:41
*** ak77 <ak77!c12e4b03@> has joined #yocto17:43
ak77how does one add systemd drop-in in .bbappend ? I have it, but after fresh firmware flash and systemctl restart x, it says x changed on disk17:44
smurrayRP: I guess you'll drop your psplash recipe update that's in master-next?17:45
RPsmurray: that is in master now?17:45
smurrayRP: nm, I'm looking at the wrong tree17:46
smurrayheh, I really need to work out and write down somewhere "good" git-format-patch/git-send-email options, my chaining didn't work the way I thought it would17:51
*** yacar_ <yacar_!> has joined #yocto17:54
RPsmurray: you can stash some of it in git config. We should perhaps document that...17:56
smurrayRP: the basics are documented in the wiki, but I always seem to end up with extra CC's and this time it looks like the ml rewrote the message id on my cover letter, so I'm guessing I missed some tweak for that17:58
*** leon-anavi <leon-anavi!~Leon@> has quit IRC17:58
RPsmurray: ah. It looked ok here if you mean the psplash ones18:00
* RP -> food18:00
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shan1guys would anyone here know if there is an mailing list / channel for iMX6 freescale yocto dev?18:40
armpitis it listed in meta-freescale README ?18:41
shan1I am using boards from PHYTEC, i think they are.18:42
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*** tz <tz!> has joined #yocto19:03
ppavacichello, I am building qt yocto and I it is failing at qt3d and qtxmlpatterns, is there a way I can remove them now during build?19:04
*** tz <tz!> has quit IRC19:04
markaRP: I won't have time during the day but I might take a look at the pseudo issue this evening19:04
ppavacicI am building meta-qt5 *19:04
markaI have poked around pseudo some in the past, so I can at least go in knowing my bearings a little19:05
ppavacichello, I am building meta-qt5 yocto sdk and I it is failing at qt3d and qtxmlpatterns, is there a way I can remove them now during build? Note that I am not using those packages at all at my layer. I have just inherited inherit populate_sdk_qt519:07
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RPmarka: thanks, this pseudo issue isn't really pseudo but linkage issues with libsqlite and how we have sysroots20:53
RPmarka: not trying to put you off, just making it clear what/where the issue is. sqlite used to be static linked, its not any more and that breaks assumptions (and hosts without sqlite)20:54
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ppavacichello, im trying to build qt5 sdk but im failing; I have to inherit populate_sdk_qt5, but it is not working well since a lot of dependencies such as qtxmlpatterns have error building. What can I do?20:58
markaRP no problem, I will at least have a look and see if I can offer any help20:59
RPmarka: I'm thinking a rather nasty "fix" may be to hack do_populate_sysroot for pseudo-native with an injection of a hacky RPATH21:02
RPmarka: pseudo-native is a rather special case21:02
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Renegade85Hi there I was wondering if someone could help me with PATH issue I am having.   I'm not exactly sure how the PATH is generated but its complaining about one part of it.21:43
Renegade85The error I get is:  PATH contains '.', './' or '' (empty element), which will break the build, please remove this.21:44
*** aidanh <aidanh!~aidanh@unaffiliated/aidanh> has quit IRC21:44
*** aidanh_ is now known as aidanh21:44
Renegade85When it dumps the PATH I do see one empty entry,  /bin', '', '/home/21:44
Renegade85The middle one there.21:44
Renegade85My system path looks like:  /usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/bin21:45
Renegade85I am trying to build openembedded for ARM hardware.   My target is bitbake linaro-image-minimal21:46
RPRenegade85: the system is trying to warn you about this since we know if the build continues like that it can cause weird problems21:47
Renegade85How do i diagnose where that empty path is coming from?21:47
RPRenegade85: "echo $PATH" in your shell doesn't show it?21:48
Renegade85tmalnar@tmalnar-VirtualBox:~/openembedded/build$ echo $PATH21:48
Renegade85PATH contains '.', './' or '' (empty element), which will break the build, please remove this.21:49
Renegade85'/home/tmalnar/openembedded/build/tmp-glibc/work/aarch64-oe-linux/defaultpkgname/1.0-r0/recipe-sysroot/usr/bin/crossscripts', '/home/tmalnar/openembedded/build/tmp-glibc/work/aarch64-oe-linux/defaultpkgname/1.0-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/sbin',21:49
Renegade85'/home/tmalnar/openembedded/build/tmp-glibc/work/aarch64-oe-linux/defaultpkgname/1.0-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin', '/home/tmalnar/openembedded/build/tmp-glibc/work/aarch64-oe-linux/defaultpkgname/1.0-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/sbin',21:49
Renegade85'/home/tmalnar/openembedded/build/tmp-glibc/work/aarch64-oe-linux/defaultpkgname/1.0-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/bin', '', '/home/tmalnar/openembedded/build/tmp-glibc/hosttools']21:49
Renegade85I believe the second last entry there is the issue21:49
Renegade85So I am trying to figure out where that comes from.21:50
Renegade85Also I was going to try and disable the sanity.conf as an experiment to see if it would get through, but I am unsure how that is done as well.21:52
Renegade85In it I see:21:52
RPRenegade85: layer.conf:PATH := "${@os.path.dirname(bb.utils.which(d.getVar('PATH'),'bitbake'))}:${HOSTTOOLS_DIR}"21:52
Renegade85BB_MIN_VERSION = "1.43.2"21:52
RPI'm wondering if its not seeing bitbake in PATH somehow?21:52
Renegade85well I didn't put it in the path, maybe that is the issue21:52
RPsince the entry before hosttools would normally be bitbake21:53
RPRenegade85: an easy thing to test :)21:53
Renegade85I was running it like:  tmalnar@tmalnar-VirtualBox:~/openembedded/build$ ../openembedded-core/bitbake/bin/bitbake linaro-image-minimal21:53
Renegade85I'll add to path and see21:53
RPRenegade85: we ask people to source the env script for several reasons21:53
Renegade85doh!   I ran the env script just with ./<script>21:57
Renegade85instead of source <script>21:57
Renegade85Its running now, sorry to bug you and thank you a million21:57
RPRenegade85: sounds like we need to better catch it when someone does that!21:57
RPRenegade85: glad you're sorted though!21:57
Renegade85ha or I need to get smarter ;)21:58
Renegade85thank you21:58
JPEWRemoving the execute bit on oe-init-build-env would prevent being able to run it... although detecting it being run and not sourced might be better21:59
aehs29JPEW: I agree22:00
aehs29Renegade85: Im also not sure how long a build inside virtualbox will take, just fyi probably a while22:01
Renegade85I've done several, one BSP for NXP took 8 hours :)  even with 4 core VM22:02
RPJPEW: I'm sure we tried the detection before and its not as easy as you'd think22:02
Renegade85Its at 136 of 1722 now.   I'm just doing minimal for now.  bitbake core-image-minimal22:03
JPEWRP: RIght, I would expect it's not easy to do in a way that works for all shells22:03
RPJPEW: what would be easier is detecting bitbake not in PATH22:04
RPas if that is the case other things would fail22:04
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Renegade85Just curious has anyone tried these kinds of builds in Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)?  I imagine I'd see much better performance than VirtualBox.  However I have read in some posts bitbake doesn't love that environment22:15
Renegade85If I get through this VM build, I might try same setup in WSL for fun :)22:15
RPRenegade85: we've had issues reported and it will just error out saying its not supported22:16
*** ericch <ericch!> has joined #yocto22:16
Renegade85ah ok, thanks22:16
RPRenegade85: whether it would work now I don't know. We'd need someone to look after it and don't have that22:16
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JPEW if anyone is interesting in looking at what I've done with the logging code to enable structured logging.22:23
*** robert_yang <robert_yang!~robert@> has joined #yocto22:23
JPEWI'll send patches after I've let is soak a little bit.... there's more that can be done but this is a good start; it should allow user configurable logging for anything in the "BitBake" logging domain22:24
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aehs29RP: Renegade85 I am looking into that with WSL2, WSL v1 will simply not be feasible due to IO22:51
RPaehs29: ah, cool :)22:52
*** stephano <stephano!> has joined #yocto22:53
zeddiianyone that has tried a git checkout in WSL v1, could have told you that ;)22:54
kergothRenegade85: docker builds work fine in windows if you use a volume for the tmpdir22:58
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RPJPEW: some of the cleanups in that series look great23:03
*** RP <RP!> has quit IRC23:03
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*** RP <RP!> has joined #yocto23:03
RPJPEW: not 100% sure about the structured logging, we're going to have fun with this I suspect even in the autobuilder context. We probably do need to do something like it though23:04
RPJPEW: I was rather horrified to see yaml being added to the mix :/23:05
RP(I can see why you would)23:05
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tgamblinRP: I am ironically no longer seeing the libmodule-build-perl errors related to coreutils-ptest23:32
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