Thursday, 2020-03-05

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Why is my app a different size on my yocto build server compared to what is installed on target? <>00:22
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xyzzy42is there a way to get poky's systemd-conf recipe to NOT install one of its snippets, without entirely replacing the do_install target?00:49
khemwrite a bbappend and delete it from staging00:50
xyzzy42khem, thanks, that's worked.  I was trying to find a way to not install it, but removing it after the fact is easier.00:54
xyzzy42The file I'm removing is the journald config that directions journald to log to syslogd.  I don't see the point of having two syslogds on the system.00:55
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mischiefxyzzy42: why not just make an override01:02
mischiefjournald has a drop-in dir for its conf01:02
xyzzy42mischief, that was my plan if not installing the original override was too hard.  But I hate decoy config files.  There'd be a 00-systemd.conf that says we're logging to syslogd, but ha, not realy!  Our config is in another castle.01:06
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mischiefthe default config has all options commented.. pretty obvious if you have an explicit dropin somewhere.02:02
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xyzzy42mischief, poky puts an explicit dropin to turn on forwarding to syslog in the dropin dir.  It's not the default config with all the options commented out.  So if I add another dropin, now there are two different dropin files with uncommented options that conflict.  If you just see one, you might think you know how something is configured and would be wrong.02:54
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kergothHmm, should probably submit vim-bitbake to vim-polyglot04:57
kergothand still need to re-align it and the bits in the bitbake repo.. probably move to an official vim-bitbake instead04:58
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mischiefxyzzy42: what recipe does that?05:06
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mischiefah, i see.05:11
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: What OS distribution inside poky? <> || Not able to find dependency for fop command in Yocto <> || How to install yocto on a real machine? <>07:23
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mckoangood morning07:49
erbomckoan: actually true this morning, sun is shining outside and kids are finally healthy and back at kindergarden07:50
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kriiveWhich is the standard way to have a Qt toolchain AND ext_sdk? Do I need to generate them separately or can I inherit populate_sdk_qt5?07:59
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mckoanerbo: I can't say the same due to SARS-CoV2, but let's keep on08:09
erbomckoan: :(  We have some cases where I live in Sweden (Gothenburg), but it seems to still be sort of contained and not publicly spread. Most cases are people who got it while travelling.08:13
kriivehere in italy everything is locked down schools and unis closed till mid march, a nightmare08:15
erboYeah I can imagine that sucks. Let's hope things get better real soon.08:20
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Any pre-built yocto hardware image to test? <> || Jetson Nano: Gstreamer inside docker container <>08:24
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to add ldd utility to bitbake image <>08:54
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Guest97881Hello, Can we get inputs to install Yocto Eclipse Plugin? Followed steps given in It doesn't work(check comments of user:ghalib khan). Not getting response from NXP too.09:35
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qschulzGuest97881: I think it was dropped a few releases ago:
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paulbarkerGuest97881: The eclipse plugin is unsupported09:47
snois there a reasonable example how to install some vendor software in e.g. /opt/$vendor instead of /usr using Yocto?09:56
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qschulzsno: worth reading10:01
qschulzIIUC, if only one recipe needs this /opt dir, you can just add a do_install_append in a bbappend for your vendor recipe and move the things from /usr to /opt from there (surely needs an updated FILES_${PN} and aybe even a SYSROOT_DIRS if your vendor thing is used in a DEPENDS of another recipe. This all is my guess and would maybe be needed because /opt isn't in base-files? All of this to be triple checked10:03
snoqschulz: that's only about later stage of deployment - I have serious trouble using pkg-config and prefix=/opt/foo10:05
snoPKG_CONFIG_SYSTEM_INCLUDE_PATH is set kind-of unexpected in bitbake.conf10:05
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rburtonsno: why are you trying to install something you're building into /opt?10:50
snorburton: it's kind-of 3rd party software which is likely better separated from /usr10:51
rburtonthe entire point of /opt is that someone who isn't the operating system can install software easily in eg /opt/foo.  if you're building software in bitbake then you've got packages and so on10:51
snorburton: a lot of NIH legacy code ...10:51
LetoThe2ndrburton: forwarded the pointers to memory resident bitbake and kergoths bb to the vscode plugin guy, lets see what happens!10:52
snorburton: I'm currently at the beginning of the voyage building this software - but I found some legacy versions of OSS libs, which are required in their old versions (at least for now)10:53
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snorburton: another reason for using /opt is ability to split off parts into dedicated filesystems at a later stage10:53
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rburtonthe easiest way is to just hand-code your configure call or whatever to not use $bindir etc11:04
rburtonyou don't want to change the system paths, ie changing prefix will change where it looks up other libraries11:04
rburtonso just pass --prefix=/opt/foo to configure or whatever, and you're done11:05
snorburton: so you say, overriding --prefix=... over the --prefix setting, bitbake does on it's own?11:05
rburtonthe class you are using does it11:06
rburtonso look there as to how to override it11:06
snorburton: I just wanted to understand where to jump in (for now) - because just modifying prefix variable in recipe fails11:07
rburtonjust read the class that you're using to do the install to find where it sets prefix11:07
rburtonas you say --prefix i'm guessing autotools.bbclass11:08
rburtonarguably the class should split the variables up a bit so some pieces are easier to change11:08
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snorburton: for short fix this seems to be reasonable11:11
snorburton: but this requires doing the package-split on my own (-debug, -src, -dev, ...)11:12
snofor long-term a more generic approach would be nice (I'm happy to send patches)11:12
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rburtonsno: i guess you could have install_prefix?=$(prefix) and use those uniformally11:23
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luckywhoHi, while building, i'm getting error in os.path.join.
snorburton: I mean this could be supported from with-in yocto11:25
luckywhofilename = ${@os.path.dirname(d.getVar('FILE', True))}/python3/python3-manifest.json11:25
rburtonsno: right, i mean bitbake.conf could have install_prefix and friends, and use those everywhere relevant11:25
rburtonof course autotools assumes that if you pass --libdir then that is where libraries are11:26
rburton*and* where to put them11:26
rburtonso you might not actually solve anything in the real world11:26
snorburton: I asked to get a vision (to finally develop a patch) - hacking wasn't the problem :D11:26
snoI'll take a look how to add an install_prefix to bitbake.conf and friends (autotools.bbclass)11:28
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RPsno: isn't that $prefix and $base_prefix ?11:57
rburtonbase_prefix is something else isn't it11:58
snoRP: nearly half entire poky assumes prefix=/usr11:58
snochanging prefix breaks a lot of classes in poky/meta/classes11:58
snochanging prefix was my first shot - and it fails heavily :D11:59
rburtonsno: changing prefix at a distro level should just work11:59
rburtonbut you can't just change it per-recipe11:59
snorburton: but I really want prefix for system libs being in /usr :)12:00
snorburton: that's why I agree on something like install_prefix= ...12:00
snorburton: as you're right - one cannot fix the world, but sometime one might need an old perl, an old python, a very dirty openssl, or a bundle of several of those and more :)12:02
RPsno: I don't see how install_prefix will buy anything that prefix and base_prefix don';t12:02
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rburtonbase_prefix is the prefix for files that are typically in /, so sysconfidir default is base_prefix/etc12:04
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rburtonso you can set base_prefix to $prefix is you want /usr/etc12:05
rburtonwhat sno wants is the ability to drop a specific recipe into /opt/foo12:05
rburtonand setting prefix=/opt/foo in the recipe doesn't work12:05
rburtonexample 1: PKG_CONFIG_PATH uses $prefix12:06
RPI don't think that will end well with the way autotools works, sadly12:28
rburtonyeah that was my hunch too12:30
rburtonit assumes that --libdir is both where to find libraries and where to install into12:31
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snoRP: I have serious reasonable success using dedicated --prefix for some packages - mostly when building for data center some solutions12:49
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snoRP: that typically ends very well :)12:49
snoRP: rburton: I will give that a shot and then share the results - bad or good12:50
snonot today but soonish12:50
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moustafaI'd like to know any info or brief how I can run some app on systemsd  ?13:15
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rburtonmoustafa: the systemd documentation is good for that13:16
LetoThe2ndbasically its just dropping in a service file, and we have lots of examples in the layers.13:16
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qschulzany way to specify the ssh port for a git repo in a Yocto recipe (>= krogoth ideally but thud is fine) other than setting the port in .ssh/config?13:23
fullstopsmurray: I did get the updated kernel headers working yesterday.  I put them in a separate directory with sysroot_stage_all_append.13:29
smurrayfullstop: cool13:29
zeddiiwhich reminds me, I found my patch for that as well. I’ll attach it to my bugzilla and propose it for the next dev cycle.13:38
fullstopthanks, zeddii!13:39
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Gstreamer with Opencv in Yocto Linux <> || How to specify older gcc version in yocto <>13:55
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kriiveIf I have a package that throws Illegal instruction14:35
*** TobSnyder1 <TobSnyder1!> has quit IRC14:35
*** ssajal <ssajal!> has joined #yocto14:35
kriiveand the proposed fix is to set OPTTARGET=i686, should I apply it?14:35
rburtonkriive: you need to give us far more context if you want a decent answer14:36
kriive on an Intel Atom throws illegal instruction14:36
kriiveBoth library and binary14:36
rburtonso the makefile does -march=$(OPTTARGET)14:37
rburtonwhich defaults to 'native'14:37
kriiveIntel(R) Atom(TM) x5-Z835014:37
rburtonwhich has interesting semantics in a cross compiler.  khem, does march=native in a cross compiler do entirely the wrong thing?14:38
rburtoni'd have said it should abort14:38
rburtonif the value for that is passed directly to -march then read the gcc man page and find the best march for your target. ideally, the recipe will patch all that out and let the BSP pass -march -mtune as needed14:39
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rburtonlike if you use meta-intel corei7-64 machine the compiler flags will include -march=nehalem -mtune=generic -mfpmath=sse -msse4.214:41
rburtonbut that makefile probably ignores those because people who think writing a bare makefile is sensible don't think about everyone else14:41
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kriiveA workaround would be to set OPTTEST to 1, am I right rburton?14:44
rburtonyeah, try that and then look at the actual compiler calls14:45
rburtonsee if you get the BSP -mtune used14:45
kriiveOPTTEST is set with := unfortunately, I thought it was ?=14:47
kriiveMake doesn't give a damn, I guess I have to patch it14:47
*** tzsal <tzsal!> has joined #yocto14:47
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rburtonyou can override that14:48
rburtonEXTRA_OEMAKE will pass variables to make for you14:49
*** sgw <sgw!~sgw@> has joined #yocto14:49
rburtonkriive: ^14:49
kriiveAh ok, let's try14:50
tzsalI've got an error related to the incorrect compiler flags. I want to see and override flags for the specific package. Is there any opportunity to do this?14:50
rburtontheres a difference between FOO=bar make and make FOO=bar14:51
rburtonthe former is environment and make won't care, the latter is overriding the value in the makefile14:51
rburtontzsal: bitbake -e [recipe] | less14:51
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kriiverburton, EXTRA_OEMAKE = "OPTTEST=1" seems to trigger the correct BSP flags, trying right now in the actual device15:17
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto: create recipe for SciKit-learn <>15:25
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khemrburton: march=native should not be used in cross compile context, it might pick wrong instruction set and latencies and infact generate worse code16:14
*** rburton_ <rburton_!rburton@nat/intel/x-vtdjrtukalsfccri> has joined #yocto16:16
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khemI think any march settings from Makefile can be removed since we already set an appropriate one via TUNE_CCARGS16:17
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rburton_khem: what happens in gcc if march=native is used in a cross build though?16:55
rburton_i guess if you're targetting the same machine it can use the host to determine, which is pretty evil16:55
rburton_i'd say that should be a fatal error16:55
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skrcmy defconfig configuration which is passed using linux-imx_%.bbappend is  not reflected in .config file17:24
*** nemgti-og <nemgti-og!~nemgti-og@> has joined #yocto17:27
qschulzskrc: 1) how did you create your defconfig? 2) check which paths are searched before the defconfig is found (bitbake -e linux-imx | grep -e "^FILESPATH"; or look into WORKDIR/temp/log.do_fetch (I think?)17:29
skrci copied v7_defconfig and added my custom config17:32
qschulzYou might be missing a subdir for your defconfig that is probably named more or less after your machine17:32
qschulzdefine "added my custom config"? manually or by using menuconfig?17:32
skrci added manually and didn't create fragments17:32
qschulzUse menuconfig. defconfigs/.config aren't meant to be edited manually17:33
qschulzThat's the first thing. Then check 2)17:33
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:34
skrci tried generating fragments (fragment.cfg) and added it in my linux-imx_%.bbappend17:38
skrcalso added the following statement17:38
skrcdo_configure_append() {17:38
skrcnow the my custom changes are appearing in .config17:39
skrcI am not sure whether this is the right way17:39
*** PinkSnake <PinkSnake!51ff1123@> has quit IRC17:39
tgamblinRP: JPEW: reproducibility works fine for me in poky. Looks like it's unique to the manual oe-core + bitbake setup17:40
* tgamblin updates the issue17:40
*** berton_ <berton_!~berton@> has quit IRC17:41
RPtgamblin: good to narrow it down!17:41
*** otavio <otavio!~otavio@debian/developer/otavio> has quit IRC17:41
qschulzYou didn't give us enough info. what is there in do_configure_append()? Are you using fragments now or full defconfig? What is "this" in "I am not sure whether this is the right way"?17:42
qschulzskrc: ^17:42
*** otavio <otavio!~otavio@> has joined #yocto17:43
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skrcsince my defconfig is not getting copied to .config, i generated fragment.cfg using the below steps.17:44
skrcbitbake -c menuconfig linux-imx17:44
*** florian <florian!~florian_k@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has quit IRC17:44
skrcnow i added this in linux-imx_%.bbappend17:46
skrcSRC_URI += "file://fragment.cfg"17:47
skrcdo_configure_append() {17:47
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qschulzskrc: menuconfig creates a .config. I think you need to use diffconfig afterwards to create a valid config fragment.17:50
*** sagner <sagner!> has quit IRC17:53
qschulzwhat do you have in do_configure_append()?17:54
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smurrayfor linux-imx, you should just be able to have a bbappend that does FILEEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/files" (or wherever) and drop your tweaked defconfig in it18:14
smurrayskrc: ^18:14
*** sno <sno!~sno@> has quit IRC18:14
qschulzsmurray: depends if there is already a defconfig in a subdir named after one of the entries in OVERRIDES (hence the check of FILESPATH or log.do_fetch)18:15
qschulzin which case, there is some priority going on18:15
smurrayqschulz: hence the prepend?18:15
*** T_UNIX <T_UNIX!uid218288@gateway/web/> has quit IRC18:16
qschulzsmurray: not enough IIRC18:16
smurrayqschulz: though, yeah, I've not encountered that exact case18:16
smurrayI think it depends on which branch in meta-freescale, they used to just have one, now I think they have a directory for the mx8 override18:17
smurraythe linux-imx recipe doesn't use linux-yocto, so no fragment support unless you add it yourself18:18
robbawebbaHello - I have a question about adding a custom package to the host SDK sysroot. My recipe provides two packages that are both installed on the target. I would also like to install one of those packages in the Host SDK. How might I go about selecting only one package that also gets a nativesdk variant?18:19
robbawebbaI understand that I must add BBCLASSEXTEND = "native nativesdk" to my recipe, but I'm wondering if there's anything else I need to do to only restrict nativesdk support to one of two packages in the recipe18:19
smurrayskrc: if you do try that, I missed the required ':' before the ending quote.18:21
*** meego <meego!~meego@2a01:e0a:1ec:b0e0:3c80:9084:cb90:1ab1> has joined #yocto18:21
smurrayrobbawebba: you'd probably need to do some tweaking of do_install and the FILES_${PN}-package definitions based on _class-target and _class-nativesdk, etc. overrides18:23
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robbawebbasmurray: okay, thanks! Now that I'm fonfronted by installed vs shipped errors in bitbake I see what you mean. I'll start tweaking.18:51
smurrayrobbawebba: might be as easy as a do_install_append_class-nativesdk to rm the files18:53
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sheelbaI suspect this is an easy question but it's Thursday so I'll ask it anyway.  Is there a way to list all available image types within the defined layers?  Happy to keep using grep if that's the way, just wondering if there's something in bitbake for that.19:18
rburton_bitbake -e and grepping for IMAGE_CMD_ will give you a hint19:21
rburton_but some classes need to be inherited first, so that isn't complete19:21
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sheelbaThanks, interesting.  On this poky / freescale project I get zero results grepping for IMAGE_CMD_ from bitbake -e but 'ls meta*/recipes*/images/*.bb' shows a few, and bitbake-layers show-recipes | grep 'image' shows even more.  That's all pretty clumsy but answers my question, thank you.19:28
sheelba...and I do recognize the power of having recipes be functionally agnostic.  Giving up some convenience for flexibility there, I can live with that.19:33
*** sno <sno!> has joined #yocto19:33
rburton_hmm you might want to bitbake -e [image]19:41
rburton_that might be more useful19:41
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sheelbaBut if I'm looking for that initial set of image targets, how could I bitbake -e [image]?19:46
*** gsalazar <gsalazar!> has joined #yocto19:47
LetoThe2ndsheelba: there are a couple of ways that might work if everybody sticks to the canonical way. one is "bitbake-layers show-recipes | grep image", as it is common practise to have image in the name19:50
LetoThe2ndsheelba: you can also grep the layers for "inherit image" respectively "inherit core-image" and work your way from there.19:52
sheelbaOK, cool, thanks Leto-- that first method did show me the most of what I was looking for.  I've transgressed a bit on my own image names but I'll remember that going forward.19:53
LetoThe2ndsheelba: but there is no guarantee that you will catch everything, because at least *technically* it is possible to have a recipe that is called "jeopardize" and use evil magic to avoid the image class, yet provide an image blob.19:54
LetoThe2nd(i do hope though that no such thing exists)19:54
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LetoThe2ndwith great freedom comes great fun.. or what is the saying?19:57
smurraythis is an attempt to list based on IMAGE_CMD: git grep ^IMAGE_CMD | sed 's/.*IMAGE_CMD_\([^ ([{}]*\).*/\1/'|uniq19:57
smurrayoutput is sane-ish in e.g. poky19:57
smurrayit doesn't weed out _append, though19:58
LetoThe2ndsmurray: that lists image types, not images recipes (the initial question was revised just a line later)19:58
smurrayLetoThe2nd: oh well19:59
LetoThe2ndsmurray: apart from that you are totally right!20:00
smurrayLetoThe2nd: ;)20:00
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sheelbaI was probably right with my wording the first time-- after all, isn't an image type just a recipe?20:04
sheelbaI was looking for the set of initial image types, i.e. "fsl-image-multimedia-full"; "core-image-rt" and the like...  How to drill down into an image's recipes-- that I get.20:05
smurraysheelba: it's complicated ;)  In the sense I suspect you mean, yes.  But image "type" means something in OE, it's how to convert the rootfs into some output format20:05
smurraysheelba: generally referring to what's listed in IMAGE_FSTYPES20:06
sheelbaAh, gotcha.  But at any rate it's answered; doing the bitbake-layers show-recipes | grep image does the trick.20:06
sheelbaMost of the trick, that is-- enough of what *I* need.  :)20:06
sheelbaBut yeah, image 'type' should be that set of sdimg, wic, tar.gz, that sort of thing if I understand correctly.20:07
LetoThe2ndsheelba: exactly, thats what an image type is in OE20:08
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mrc3jonmason, where can i send patches to for meta-arm?23:41
*** florian <florian!~florian_k@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has quit IRC23:42
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smurraymrc3: there's a mailing list for it hosted on, probably there23:49
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