Monday, 2020-03-16

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dev1990_Is there a way to avoid "host-user-contaminated" and tell bitbake that some files are intentionally created as user ?00:49
dev1990_my case is that I'm appending to pulseaudio recipe and I'm adding instalation of user systemd service to /home/user/.config/systemd with user privilages00:51
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khemdev1990_:you can add INSANE_SKIP_${PN}-server = "host-user-contaminated" in your bbappend01:12
khemrisca: find out who is installing getty@tty1.service firstly, perhaps search for this file in your build dir01:13
khemthen you can tweak the do_install of that recipe to not install it01:13
dev1990_khem: I have that now (locally), but I'm wondering if there is a way to tell that nicely01:14
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khemdev1990_: you can inherit useradd and then create the needed user using USERADD_PACKAGES = "${PN}-server" USERADD_PARAM_${PN}-server  =  "...."01:17
khemto add your user to system systematically01:18
khemfor some sample01:18
dev1990_this is my user recipe, should I add this content to bbappend?01:19
dev1990_or just add pulseaudio-server to USERADD_PACKAGES ?01:20
dev1990_pulseaudio_%.bbappend pulling retro-user recipe by DEPENDS, is that proper way to make pulseaudio recipe to be aware of user that I'm adding?01:22
dev1990_I ask too many questions, sorry ;-)01:22
dev1990_ok thanks for help, after reading conversation again and checking example I get some ideas how to progress01:28
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: can't open "/dev/mcelog" No such file or directory <>02:12
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mcfrisk_ouch, sstate was hiding host tools compilation issues after switching build container from Debian 9 to 10 buster with glibc 2.28. Target build was already passing until I wiped sstate cache. Any ideas how to fix cross-localedef-native build errors like this: argp-help.c:(.text+0x2001): undefined reference to `_IO_fwide' ?06:56
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mcfrisk_and this on sumo06:56
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mcfriskdoes the pre-build buildtools tar ball fix issues like this?06:58
mcfriskalso a bit scary that update of build container did not invalidate sstate for the host tools like cross-localedef-native.07:02
kroonHow does kernel_do_configure() get hooked into the build process ? I can only find it being declared in kernel.bbclass, but never referenced..07:09
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mcfriskkroon: check output "bitbake -e kernel_recipe", it gets called from do_configure task through some magic.07:12
kroonmcfrisk, yup, question is where that magic is coming from07:14
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mcfriskkroon: now I want to know too :)07:17
kroonmcfrisk, good :-D07:18
mcfriskkroon: seems like all build tool bbclasses have same thing, cmake.bbclass has cmake_do_configure so..07:19
mcfriskeven base.bbclass has a base_do_configure so maybe this magic is in bitbake itself07:22
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kroonmcfrisk, yeah sounds plausible07:30
kroonmcfrisk, yes chapter 3.5.6 in bitbake manual07:31
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mcfriskkroon: yea, could not link that to bitbake side implementation though.. tried to grep various things in poky tree07:38
RPkroon, mcfrisk: Look at EXPORT_FUNCTIONS07:48
kroonRP, thanks07:48
RPmcfrisk: the host tools change not rebuilding is expected when you contemplate the alternative. The alternative is target output being host specific :/07:49
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mcfriskRP: ok, understood. I was expecting some version checks for host tools which would have triggered rebuilds.07:50
RPmcfrisk: Right, I understand why but for better or worse it isn't the way the system works07:51
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mcfriskRP: is mentioned somewhere in the documentation?07:53
mcfriskneed to hack the CI setups to build without caches when updates like this are applied07:54
RPmcfrisk: Indirectly probably. Its an implication that all native sstate has the same hash regardless of which host its built upon07:54
RPmcfrisk: You should not have to rebuild anything and you shouldn't see errors like that. Did you try updating uninative?07:55
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RPmcfrisk: sorry, I was thinking runtime. For build errors you would have to test with a dummy sstate to check things do build on the new version07:56
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RPmcfrisk: you could also use a temporary different sstate version number07:57
mcfriskRP: I picked only pseudo changs to poky sumo. I will check uninative.07:57
mcfriskRP: oh, how does that sstate version work? some kind of distro config PE?07:58
RPmcfrisk: just just a manual number so we can break "ABI" if/when we need to invalidate all sstate07:58
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mcfriskI've even done yocto updates without completely invalidating sstate manualy. I hope it was explicit in source every time.07:59
RPmcfrisk: ever wondered what the :3: in sstate file names is? :)07:59
mcfriskblack magic?07:59
RPmcfrisk: sstate version number07:59
RPmcfrisk: we never really invalidate sstate, the changes release to release are more than enough to do that08:00
mcfriskyes so I hope all host tools too were recompiled due to recipe changes.08:00
mcfriskso basically increment SSTATE_VERSION in e.g. distro config.08:01
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RPmcfrisk: not sure its necessary or recommended but it is there08:01
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mcfriskand it's hard coded in sstate.bbclass without override possibility so maybe I need to add a patch to poky08:02
RPmcfrisk: right, it was really there for core ABI changes :/08:03
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mcfriskSSTATE_VERSION_append = "1" in local.conf adds to it and invalidates the whole sstate cache then. Thanks RP08:04
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mcfriskand for the sumo build failures on Debian 10 buster, I think all needed fixes are in this series:
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to find out GCC -march and -mtune options on installed lubuntu? <>08:13
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mcfriskoh, or maybe I was just  missing the uninative switch from bz2 to xz compression patch..08:25
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mckoangood morning08:46
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: What's the difference between IMAGE_INSTALL and CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL <>09:14
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dev1990Can I have subdirectories in layer/classes directory?13:04
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kroondev1990, yes, just set BBFILES in your layer.conf accordingly13:15
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kroondev1990, not sure about subdirs in "classes" though13:17
dev1990my layer has only *.bb and *.bbappend files added to BBFILES, but bbclass'es still works, should I add *.bbclass ?13:17
dev1990ah ok13:17
qschulzkroon: BBFILES is only for recipes?13:17
qschulzdev1990: 3.create a layer confiugration file. I find the explanation confusing about BBPATH... But from the example it seems it's BBPATH/classes which is traversed?13:19
qschulzso if you had meta-me/classes/classes that might work but the question is why subdirs?13:19
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kroonmaybe "inherit subdir/myclass" works13:21
dev1990qschulz: I just want to organizy stuff, I have classes that can be categorized so I just wondering to put them in subdirs.13:21
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dev1990kroon: your idea works ;-) I'll probably go with it.13:28
kroonoh that was a long shot13:28
qschulzinteresting to know :)13:29
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: yocto recipe gives error -dev package contains non-symlink .so <>14:15
dvhow to conditionaly include one SRC_URI or another (depend on global variable)?14:18
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qschulzdv: ${@bb.utils.contains("VAR", if_true, if_false, d)}? but....... what exactly is your issue/need?14:23
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dvqschulz, I have complex recipe with several includes and i is not convinient to have several copies of the same recipe to separate SRC_URI.14:25
dvso it could be easer to define variable like "bootloader_VER=DEV" in my local.conf and set SRC_URI conditionally14:26
qschulzdv: but they are effectively two different SW since you need two different SRC_URI right?14:26
qschulzdv: I mean techincally you could have two recipes with only require .inc and SRC_URI= in there) and one .inc file with all the rest.14:27
dvno. several groups of software share the SRC_URI, but built differently14:27
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kergothyeah that's what inline python is for14:28
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qschulzdv: then isn't PACKAGECONFIG more what you want? if that is something you can do at configure step for example?14:29
dvqschulz, there are 5 recipes. 3 of them includes the same .inc (that include .inc with SRC) with, 2 includes only 0-level .inc with SRC_URI only14:29
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qschulzdv: what exactly has to be different in SRC_URI? can't you add all the files in SRC_URI unconditionally and use a custom configure task or use PACKAGECONFIG or something? I usually don't like when a recipe's SRC_URI depends on external factors (except machine but I also don't like it that much)14:33
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qschulzdv: I'm pretty sure the direct asnwer to your question is the first one I provided. But that might not be needed depending on what exactly needs to be done.14:34
dvqschulz, thank you for your help14:40
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LetoThe2nd[RFC] what about making a form of build-appliance that, per multiconfig, incorporates the esdk of kind of target-image?20:07
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lucileHello, I've noticed that Eclipse support has been removed since the 2.7 release. Is it possible to download the olde eclipse-plugins or to find instruction to use the SDK toolchain to build project via Eclipse ?20:24
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LetoThe2ndlucile: i doubt that you will find anything better than
LetoThe2ndlucile: best bet is probably to start digging the eclipse cdt and gnuarm plugins, but its probably quite painful.20:29
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lucileLetoThe2nd: thanks, I'll look into it20:34
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opennandrahi, is there some special handling when want to fetch sourec from private repo and ssh is not on port 22 but different one21:44
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