Friday, 2020-03-20

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: What is difference between Yocto Release vs poky release <>03:01
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Point releases vs milestone releases in Yocto <>04:01
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iceawaymckoan|away: thanks for the hint yesterday about autoloading modules. It was not really obvious with all the different names referencing the module, that the actual filename without .ko was suppesed to go into that variable. Everything works now!06:25
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NiniC0C0Hello, I have 2 recipes trying to edit .ssh/authorized_keys to add public key. Yocto doesn't accept that, someone here have a workaround to this kind of issue ? cheers08:27
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kroonNiniC0C0, can you modify both recipes ?08:29
kroonNiniC0C0, change them to install keys in .ssh/authorized_keys.d/, then add a postinsall script that cat's everything to .ssh/authorized_keys08:30
NiniC0C0kroon yes yes both of them a personal recipe. One is always apply (for all board) after that i have to add 1 more key according to the image name :)08:30
NiniC0C0kroon hooo thx for the idea !08:32
kroona postinstall/postremove script that cats' those files should do the trick08:32
NiniC0C0kroon I keep in touch :P08:32
kroonthat should work unless you're on a readonly fs08:33
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kroonerm, that should just work08:37
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stuom1what should I do with my cmake recipe when it tries to find linke from my host? /lib/ No such file or directory09:20
stuom1LDFLAGS_append has no effect09:21
LetoThe2ndstuom1: fix the cmakelists, probably09:21
stuom1what should I put there? It doesnt have any path set09:22
RobertBerger@kroon/NiniC0C0: I guess you could also use a image specific .bbappend to add the image specific stuff to the generic stuff. This should also work with a read only fs.09:26
NiniC0C0RobertBerger the problem with the bbapend is that I don't want to have IMAGE specific dependency :S09:32
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RobertBerger@NiniC0C0: OK I see09:41
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NiniC0C0kroon confirmed ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND made the tricks. Thx for advice, you have save my day :)09:56
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qschulzNiniC0C0: what exactly are you doing? I think what kroon suggested is a pkg_postinst_ontarget task in your package recipe?10:02
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NiniC0C0qschulz hello, yesterday i have followed your advice, put some hidden trouble left. So now I have a recipe to add "golden keys" same for all developers. I have also, but as I have to merge authorized_keys file, yocto doesn't multiple access to the same file so I have followed kroon advice and10:07
NiniC0C0now all recipes put public keys inside a folder and use ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND  to merges all keys. Sounds bad idea ?10:07
qschulzNiniC0C0: not particularly, but you could do everything in your (I think you might need to put an RDEPENDS on ssh-keys-golden if that is a way to make sure this package is installed before by using pkg_postinst_ontarget_${PN}10:10
qschulzwhich runs on the first boot10:10
qschulzon the target10:10
qschulz(first boot after installation)10:10
NiniC0C0qschulz in fact I have just add DEPENDS (needed at runtime ?) I have to take a look the doc because I don't know this command pkg_postinst_ontarget_${PN} :)10:12
NiniC0C0qschulz after reading i think i will keep ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND because all our systems doesn't have persistent memory :S10:15
NiniC0C0So it's always the first boot ^^10:15
qschulzNiniC0C0: mmmmm, you actually don't need to run it ontarget since it's a simple cat10:17
qschulzNiniC0C0: what about pkg_postinst?
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NiniC0C0qschulz D:  Ok, pkg_postinst_ontarget_${PN} sounds better because i don't have to edit all images recipe. That's right ?10:20
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emriusGood Morning, hope everybody is fine especially these days. I'm afraid I'm pretty badly stuck on compiling a recipe for my target architecture (Allwinner H2). I'm getting a warning similar to `/ uses VFP register arguments, libfftpack.a(cffti1.o) does not`. So, I tried enforcing FPU handling in the machine10:22
emriusconfiguration setting `target_FPU=soft` (or hard or neon-vfp). But neither worked and it always fails (after about 30 minutes of heavy compiling) ;(  Any hints how to proceed with this step?10:22
emriusThis is a more extensive description of the issue:
erboemrius: have you seen
emrius@erbo yes that's the recipe I'm using. I asked gpanders for help but he could not help unfortunately
emriusOne step further: turns out that this compiles:10:29
emrius`arm-poky-linux-gnueabi-gcc -Wall -g -march=armv7ve -mthumb -mfloat-abi=softfp -fstack-protector-strong -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 -Wformat -Wformat-security -Werror=format-security --sysroot=/home/marius/mender-orangepi-warrior/build/tmp/work/armv7vet2hf-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/python3-scipy/1.3.3-r0/recipe-sysroot -shared -Wl,-O1 -Wl,--hash-style=gnu10:29
emrius-Wl,--as-needed -fstack-protector-strong -Wl,-z,relro,-z,now`10:29
emriusRemoved the linker arguments.10:29
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Recipe compilation fails due to Floating Point Unit compatibility issue (I assume) <>10:32
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qschulzNiniC0C0: sorry, fighting with a board. pkg_postinst (not _ontarget), yes, sounds better11:15
qschulzNiniC0C0: but I think you might have to do it for both the golden keys and the client keys11:16
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qschulzNiniC0C0: (depends in which order they're installed in the rootfs, and that, I don't know)11:41
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JoeR Hey all. I have a weird problem. I have a pre-existing recipe that hasn't changed (and has no dependencies, it's a little c program) but now fails to get installed into initrd as a result of a complaint that `no package provides /usr/bin/python3`12:09
JoeRI'm in krogoth world, and also fiddling with moving things to thud.12:09
JoeRAnything changed or anything I should know about that could cause what seems to be an environmental failure?12:09
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RPJoeR: we did get stricter about dependencies, that probably means there is a script in there which has a python3 path at the start of it12:24
JoeROK. That's an easy grep. Thanks!12:24
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* Crofton|road grumbles about package going backward ERRORS that do not stop the build annoying jenkins13:30
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JPEWCrofton|road: We made them warnings14:15
Crofton|roadYeah, I suppose I should also14:16
JPEWERROR_QA_remote = "version-going-backward"14:16
JPEWWARN_QA_append = " version-going-backward"14:16
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Crofton|roadI figured there was a solution, I just like complaining14:17
Crofton|roadand thnaks14:17
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Crofton|roadah you mean _remove not _remote, I was scratching my head a bit :)14:30
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JPEWCrofton|road: Heh ya14:42
JPEWcopy-paste doesn't always work with my client, so I re-typed it :)14:42
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RobertBergerIs there a way to access the call stack in with BitBake or so?15:41
qschulzRobertBerger: in which order tasks are executed within a same recipe you mean?15:42
RobertBergerWhat I am after is this do_unpack[postfuncs] += "do_unpack_extract_submodules" but if do_unpack is called from do_unpack_and_patch do something differently in do_unpack_extract_submodules or call another version of it15:42
qschulzRobertBerger: use bitbake <recipe> -g -u taskexp to see dependencies15:43
RobertBergerwell I would like it programatically15:43
RobertBergerin my recipe15:43
qschulzjust have two different fonctions15:44
kriiveUhm, sounds like an XY problem15:44
qschulzbut yes, same as kriive :)15:44
RobertBergerOK let me show you the precise problem15:44
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RobertBergermeta-java and the archiver class are incompatible15:45
RobertBergerIf the archiver is used it calls do_unpack_and_patch15:45
RobertBergerbetween unpack and patch I need a special version of do_unpack_extract_submodules15:46
RobertBergerThis is without the archiver class:15:46
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RobertBergerThis is with the archiver class (and my hack, which I would like to get rid of):15:47
RobertBergerI replaced unpack_and_extract with my own version:
RobertBergerwhich calls now a custom version of do_unpack_extract_submodules:
RobertBergerWhich is this:
RobertBergerIf you compare do_unpack_extract_submodules and do_unpack_extract_submodules_archiver you see that the difference is just the relative path15:50
RobertBergertar xjf ${WORKDIR}/../${CORBA_FILE_LOCAL} instead of tar xjf ${WORKDIR}/${CORBA_FILE_LOCAL}15:51
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RobertBergerIf I could find out somehow that the call tree is unpack_and_extract -> unpack -> unpack_extract_submodules I guess I could come of with a better solution15:53
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qschulzRobertBerger: have you reported tha meta-java does not work with the archiver class?15:56
RobertBerger@qschulz where?15:56
RobertBergerI am not sure I can put this somewhere into the yp bugzilla15:57
RobertBergerI only had some e-mail exchange with one of the meta-java maintainers and he reviewed my hacks.15:58
RobertBergerTrying to clean them up so I can push something upstream15:58
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RobertBergerIt looks like you are lucky if you get meta-java to build ;) It's highly dependent on the host gcc.16:00
RobertBergerSo I guess the archiver class is one of the least concerns of meta-java16:00
qschulzRobertBerger: I think that's the root of your issue, can we start with that? What is happening with the incompatibility? what are the error messages? when you are doing what? etc... Then someone might have more context and give th eproper answer :)16:00
RobertBergerSo where should I report it?16:01
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RobertBergerI do have a pretty good idea what's the problem and have also a hack which fixes it. But my hack is ugly.16:02
RobertBergerApparently no one ever built meta-java using the archiver class as well ;)16:03
RobertBergerit's very easy to reproduce.16:03
RobertBergerIf you use meta-java and activate the archiver and build openjdk-8 it will not be able to extract the sources and apply the patches16:05
RobertBergerbecause the path is wrong for the archiver class16:05
RobertBergerdo_unpack_and_patch() sets WORKDIR itself to ${ARCHIVER_WORKDIR}, which defaults to ${WORKDIR}/archiver-work/16:08
RobertBergerand so the relative paths need to be /../16:09
RobertBergerI would happily report it somewhere just don't know where ;)16:09
RobertBergerI already tried on but I can try again16:14
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qschulzRobertBerger: if you've done it, then good enough :)16:18
qschulzyou can ping gently if there's some ongoign discussion or something16:18
qschulzIt would really make things easier for people if you would point to the whole thread or maybe even give the actual error (people are lazy, they won't try to build meta-java with the archiver class :) ) If you give a log, people are usually more enclined to help16:19
qschulzBUT I suspect I won't be able to help much16:19
RobertBergerI'll try with [meta-java] formatting, maybe this helps ;)16:19
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kriiveGuys, how can I tell bitbake to use a pair of Git credentials in order to let it download from private repos?16:22
kriiveIn a CROPS Docker container can I do this: $ git config --global 'your user name'16:23
kriive$ git config --global user.password 'your password'16:23
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kriiveAnd instead of my username and password pass and env variable with the proper auth credentials?16:24
kriivean env variable*16:24
qschulzkriive: docker takes -e arguments AFAIR for environment variables16:25
qschulzbut why not use SSH keys instead?16:25
qschulzwell, then you have to pass the private key to the container, so... not extremely safe if it's not your container :)16:26
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kriiveBut if I put an ssh key into .ssh/idblahblah in the container, does bitbake in the CROPS container use that key or should I put that key somewhere else so that bitbake recognizes it?16:27
kriiveI use CROPS container + gitlab ci, so I would inject the key before starting bitbake, I hope that is sufficiently secure16:29
kergothbitbake just calls ssh. whether ssh uses that key depends on its filename, your ssh config, and whether an agent is involved (probably not given crops)16:29
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kriiveAlpright, thank you guys!16:32
qschulzkergoth: mmmm, then password asked for every repo requesting the ssh key :/16:32
kergothpassword or the passphrase of the key? see man ssh_config for how to configure which keys are used by default lacking an agent16:32
kriiveYeah, I guess I would not encrypt the key16:33
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Activating High Resolution timer on ARM V7 -Yocto <>16:33
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qschulzkergoth: I meant passphrase16:38
kergothgo passphrase-less or arrange to use an agent on the host and map SSH_AUTH_SOCK into the container, i'd say16:39
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: compiling hardware-accelerated VLC into YOCTO for Raspberry Pi 3 <>17:04
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khemqschulz: Its solved for yoe distro here
qschulzkhem: ?17:34
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kriivekhem, that's super useful!17:37
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khemqschulz: that was for your ssh passphrase issue for docker use18:34
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