Saturday, 2020-03-21

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: meta-oe of meta-openembedded vs meta of Poky <>03:36
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: What is the use of distro less yocto image and how to set it in local.conf file <>08:06
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hpsyAre links created by EXTERNALSRC_SYMLINKS actually needed for external source builds or can I set it to nothing?11:33
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khemRP: any hints on avoiding recheck ( git ls-remote ) when using AUTOREVs ? I would like to checkout once and then not check again the first checkout is good16:47
khemI thought BB_SRCREV_POLICY = "cache" should do it but seems its not doing it16:49
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RPkhem: that would have been my guess as well17:23
khemRP: I think I should work towards a workflow that does not involve AUTOREV17:24
RPkhem: AUTOREV is hard on the system. Its probably been broken by some change as its not likely well tested in automated tests17:25
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khemRP: if there was a policy that checks it out and leaves it at that would fullfil my current need17:30
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RPkhem: that is what cache is meant to do17:34
RPkhem: so really we should fix it17:34
kergothBB_SRCREV_POLICY="cache" has worked in the past, i've used it. been a while since i've tested it, though17:40
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khemkergoth: I am testing master and seems git ls-remote threads are running during parse17:42
kergothhuh, sounds like we need extra unit tests for autorev17:42
RPkergoth: I'm not sure we have any :(17:42
* RP has spent nearly two days chasing a devtool bug which turns out to be in the remote datastore code :(17:43
RPeven seeing the issue I don't quite know what to do about it17:43
kergothi hate autorev when used with remote repos, but i could see using it with local repos as an alternative to externalsrc, since externalsrc still uses nostamp iirc (we should really fix that)17:43
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khemkergoth: I think I agree with you here17:49
khemkergoth: it means a two step process, which means every component first commits the code change to component17:49
khemthen commits the metadata/recipe srcrev bump17:50
kergothhmm, i rather like the idea of using repo/submodules/whatever for actual source repos for in-development components alongside the layers, point the recipes to that, and arrange to pick up the local changes possibly with anonymous python17:51
* kergoth ponders17:51
khemkergoth: that does not scale for large projecrs with 100+ repos17:52
khemwith devtool do we have a way to checkout tip of tree with say devtool modify ...17:54
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kergothdevtool modify runs into the everything-is-nostamp issue though17:58
khemkergoth: thats ok for devs though18:01
khemthey usually work in one or two components/recipes18:01
khemat a time18:01
khemso thinking about what you suggested with git submod design, will it track changes to sourcecode of those components18:04
khemI want to get rid of AUTOREVs18:04
* RP thinks the remotedata code is totally flawed :(18:08
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to build a linux for Intel galileo gen 2? <>18:08
khemand should it use file:// fetcher ? if so then will it copy sourcecode again into tmp/18:08
khemduring build18:08
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kriivehi guys, anyone has examples for a gitlab-ci based pipeline? I am currently using this one:
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khemkriive:that seems to be good start18:29
khemRP: with BB_SRCREV_POLICY = "cache" should I expect it to not reach out to check for revisions on second run ?18:29
khemor will it just mean it wont bump the HEAD but still do all git network operations like ls-remote etc.18:30
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dvI add DEPENDS += "rsync-native" to build-applience recipe, but when I run my rsync action after do_fetch it says "command not found".18:46
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mauz555hello I installed 'mesa' but a specific header is missing when Im compiling my app recipe <EGL/eglmesaext.h>, any idea how to debug ?20:06
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khemdv: it has to be in HOSTTOOLS as well20:31
khemmauz555: are you using some SOC specific OpenGL implementation ?20:32
khemif so you might want to check it there20:32
mauz555khem: yes there is 'mesa' files from poky:zeus and small bbappend from meta-freescale20:38
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mauz555any idea how and where to set a PACKAGECONFIG flag for a specific recipe?20:41
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mauz555khem: ty I found the fix20:47
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khemRP: I think this commit changed the behaviour
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RPkhem: hmm, that does sound like its broken the correct behaviour :(22:23
khemRP: this fixes it22:24
khemfor me22:24
RPkhem: We should probably send email and ask Saur about it22:24
RPThis is why we need more tests22:24
khemI have replied to original email but it does sound to me that its breaking existing behaviour22:25
RPkhem: yes, its incorrect and I shouldn't have merged it22:26
khemshould I send this patch on top to fix it22:27
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RPkhem: I don't understand that original commit, should it be reverted entirely?22:52
khemRP: yeah perhaps it should be reverted completely22:57
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