Tuesday, 2020-03-24

khemRP: how do you run toolchain tests in AB and how often do we run00:00
khemRP: http://sprunge.us/zdiZpP I always get those 5 tests failures on qemux86_64     ptestresult.valgrind.gdbserver_tests/nlcontrolc could be a gdbserver patch that we have added00:04
RPkhem: we run them in any a-full build - you mean toolchain tests or ptest?00:04
khemRP: ptests I think which runs glibc tests and compiler regressions00:05
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RPkhem: https://autobuilder.yocto.io/pub/non-release/20200323-9/testresults/testresult-report.txt00:06
RPkhem: no valgrind ptest failures00:06
RPkhem: the passed tests will be in https://autobuilder.yocto.io/pub/non-release/20200323-9/testresults/qemux86-64-ptest/00:07
khemRP: for toolchain tests will adding tools-sdk add them automatically to image00:12
khemI dont see bash in there, so perhaps thats not part of core-image-sato-sdk ?00:21
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: modpost has source but didn't compile <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/60823725/modpost-has-source-but-didnt-compile>01:18
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Need to use 'tuned' in yocto <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/60824325/need-to-use-tuned-in-yocto>03:18
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* kroon decides to try this "devtool"07:22
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kroonIs there devtool documentation on how to add create and add a patch to an existing recipe ?07:23
kroons/add create/create07:23
mcfrisksome day I will too :)07:30
kroondevtool modify <recipe>; <update sources and commit>; devtool update-recipe <recipe>07:32
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kroonbut it got a little confused with additional bbappends from other layers07:32
kroonstill, definetly better than my old workflow of devshell:ing and quilt:ing07:33
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mcfriskI'm devshell'ing and creating patches manually everywhere, though devshell may be tricky with multiple yocto versions..08:00
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qschulzderRichard: where are you setting your PREFERRED_PROVIDER? This can only be set in local.conf, distro.conf or machnie.conf because recipe data is local and an image recipe IS a recipe.08:13
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derRichardqschulz: problem solved, after some sleep, i realized that yocto is smarter than i thought and cached the compile result of foo for both PREFERRED_PROVIDER variants :-)08:15
derRichardtherefore i didn't see the rebuild08:15
qschulzsstate-cache "magic" :)08:16
qschulzbut for real, where do you set PREFERRED_PROVIDER?08:16
derRichardin my local.conf08:17
qschulzat one point you might want to introduce your own distro.conf. (basically when you're starting to tell people to copy your local.conf, it's usually a good tell :D)08:18
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derRichardqschulz: but then i change my disto from "myimage" to "myimage-debug" just to get a different PREFERRED_PROVIDER, doesn't that trigger a *full* rebuild of everything?08:20
qschulzit does, but once, then you have your sstate-cache08:21
derRichardthat's not an option08:23
derRichard(since rebuild takes for ever)08:24
derRichardwe have chomeium and other horros08:24
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derRichardqschulz: hmm, it does not rebuild that much. good. :-)08:31
derRichardi thought it reuilds every single package08:32
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qschulzderRichard: mmmm, I thought DISTRO was part of the hash of sstate-cache entries08:35
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qschulzderRichard: which YP release are you using?08:35
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derRichardqschulz: i'm on sumo08:38
RPqschulz: its not as simple as that08:39
RPqschulz: the configuration for a given recipe is included in its hash, not DISTRO specifically08:39
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qschulzRP: mmmmm that is very interesting. so any distro actually benefits from the general sstate-cache08:44
qschulzI should have checked with bitbake-dumpsig before assuming :/08:44
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RPqschulz: yes. Its clever enough that even where distro_features are referenced, it will cache whether feature X is enabled or not instead of the full distro_features string08:50
RPwhere it it can anyway08:50
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qschulzRP: that might actually be something I could leverage here. Many thanks for chiming in :)08:51
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RPqschulz: its why you should access DISTRO_FEATURES with bb.uttils.contains()08:57
RPqschulz: I appreciate you helping out here :)08:58
LetoThe2ndRP: taking that into account, i think i really should try and do a session the sigs.08:59
derRichardhmm, why can't i set IMAGE_FEATURES in my disto.conf?08:59
RPderRichard: because its image specific?09:00
RPLetoThe2nd: yes!09:00
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qschulzLetoThe2nd: I think people would greatly benefit from a multi part series on how to debug your recipe/whatever Yocto09:00
qschulzlike, devtool, bitbake -e, bitbake-dumpsigs, -diffsigs, where the log.do_ are, that you can edit run.do_ and run them manually to debug, etc...09:01
LetoThe2ndderRichard: you can, but it makes only sense with IMAGE_FEATURES_append09:01
RPLetoThe2nd, derRichard: IMAGE_FEATURES_pn-my-image-recipe may work too09:02
LetoThe2ndRP: once my upcoming absence is passed i might look into that.09:02
LetoThe2ndRP: good point.09:03
erboLetoThe2nd: yes, do a session on sigs etc!09:03
RPLetoThe2nd: upcoming absence?09:03
derRichardthx. let me check that out09:03
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mamadeushello. i build an image for zc702 xilinx board (custom serie of zedboard) and i added meta-xilinx-tools layers and necessary stuff for building fsbl and etc and the image worked by uart and i see the image booted and everything was ok but now i added ethe in board and connections are assured but i got an error below09:09
mamadeusInvalid bus 0 (err=-19)09:10
mamadeusthe error i searched and related to qspi i know this problem may not ordinary and if you faced that plz help me :)09:13
qschulzmamadeus: If it's not build related, I'm afraid you should contact the kernel community for you board (or your vendor). It's unlikely yocto has some responsibility in this error09:13
qschulzmamadeus: FWIW, -19 is -ENODEV09:14
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: yocto bitbake core-image-sato <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58703657/yocto-bitbake-core-image-sato>09:20
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Ninic0c0Hello qschulz, sorry to ping to ping you directly but I have read your article on u-boot secure-boot and I would like to know if this feature is avaible inside Yocto ? Thx :)09:28
qschulzNinic0c0: <insert oh no comic>09:29
Ninic0c0qschulz :P09:30
qschulzNinic0c0: I honestly don't know. I don't know if and how the signing is implemented for U-Boot recipe.09:30
Ninic0c0qschulz Ok no problem i was sure that the name on diapo and the chat :P  I will take a look :)09:31
qschulzNinic0c0: I also know that if you want the whole chain, it's going to require a bit of fiddling. See my slide on issues with YP.09:31
qschulzespecially the dm-verity part09:31
qschulzit's being discussed recently on the mailing list though09:31
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qschulzlook for threads started by Bartosz Golaszewski09:32
qschulzi think there are three (two RFC implementations and one global question iirc)09:33
qschulzall this mont09:33
qschulzhe's working at baylibre, a consulting company, iirc. so if you're looking for some help under contract, that's a possibility (other companies as well, not linking them specifically)09:34
Ninic0c0Not sure to understand but on my side I have a compressed rootfs, so if use the key to encrypt the u-boot config (kern+dtb+rootf) sould be enough and no need to use dm-verity part. I will check the mailing list thx09:35
mamadeus<qschulz> thank u qschulz09:36
qschulzNinic0c0: rootfs is an initramfs?09:36
qschulzno persistent data?09:36
qschulzmamadeus: when contacting communities, please be a bit more specific. What are you trying to do, what have you done so far, what is the issue you're encountering. When it's kernel specific, try to include a few lines after and before the message you think is the issue, and you might need to send a full boot log at one point, sometimes the error lies ahead of yours (in kernel dev, the rule is, fix the first09:38
qschulzissue that appears in the bootlog)09:38
Ninic0c0qschulz no persistent data :)09:39
qschulzNinic0c0: if the rootfs isn't too big or if your boot time isn't important, yes, that seems like a good solution09:40
qschulzNinic0c0: so just figure out the signing process :)09:40
qschulzhint: kernel-fitimage.bbclass I think is a good place to have a look09:41
Ninic0c0I have already follow your slides and all works like a charm. Now I have to integrate that inside my Yocto conf :)09:41
qschulzmaybe you even want an embedded initramfs (in the kernel) and that might solve some circular dependency that could happen in Yocto (don't remember exactly when/how it happens)09:42
Ninic0c0qschulz In fact I have already made one by myself because I didn't find this one before :S09:42
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qschulzNinic0c0: take the upstream one if you can, less maintenance :)09:42
Ninic0c0As I have already a class to build a FIT image should be simple to add an other classe no ?09:42
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qschulzjust replace it, you most likely don't need yours09:43
Ninic0c0Replace my FIT classe with what ?09:43
Ninic0c0qschulz after taking a look inside kernel-fitimage I will keep mine, juste because I have to integrate some bitstream and firmwares :S09:46
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Ninic0c0qschulz I will follow your advice inside slides "wrote a new image and class to work around this issue09:47
Ninic0c0qschulz As I don't want the kernel inside the rootfs sould be okay. I keep in touch Thx for your support (again :)  )09:48
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qschulzNinic0c0: I was talking about the opposite, the initramfs inside the kernel.09:48
qschulzNinic0c0: don't forget to set the correct dependencies on the recipe creating your fitimage. Most likely you're taking files from the deploy dir? then you need to add do_create_fitimage[depends] += "bitstreamrecipe:do_deploy" or something09:49
qschulzotherwise you might encounter some race :)09:50
Ninic0c0qschulz haha i have spend 2 days to find that :S I should before for the next time ^^09:50
qschulzNinic0c0: hehe, been there done that :)09:54
Ninic0c0qschulz is it better to Update dependencies during parsing, i mean inside anonymous python function ?09:54
qschulzNinic0c0: I don't get your question, what are you trying to do and how?09:55
qschulzspecifically how do you plan to detect the dependencies yourself?09:56
GeneralS1upidHi, i always get "nothing provides ..." error09:58
GeneralS1upidI created a meta layer, which is found by yocto. Then i add a directory and inside that one application.bb file. But if i try bitbake application i get the nothing provides error09:59
qschulzGeneralS1upid: what's the path to your application.bb?10:00
LetoThe2ndGeneralS1upid: theres a high chance that you messed up the meta-*/recipes-*/*/*.bb pattern.10:00
GeneralS1upidLetoThe2nd: i tried it in the console and it displayed my bb file10:01
GeneralS1upidpath is meta-.../recipes-application/application/application.bb10:01
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GeneralS1upidLetoThe2nd: i copied that pattern out of the conf file and tried it with ls10:02
qschulzGeneralS1upid: what did you try in the console?10:02
GeneralS1upidls *meta-......10:02
qschulzGeneralS1upid: are you sure your layer is found by yocto?10:02
qschulzhow do you know10:02
GeneralS1upidbitbake-layers shw10:02
qschulzGeneralS1upid: bitbake-layers show-recipes <arecipeinyourlayer>10:03
GeneralS1upidok, i guess i did something stupid :) the recipe had an underscore in its name10:04
qschulzGeneralS1upid: hehe, classic :)10:04
GeneralS1upidand that will be parsed as version :)10:04
GeneralS1upidThanks for your help10:04
qschulzno underscore, no weird char, no uppercase letter and you're good10:05
GeneralS1upidi think i learned this lesson ;)10:06
qschulzGeneralS1upid: you're lucky, because the uppercase letter issue is not fun to debug :)10:06
GeneralS1upidWhats the issue with uppercases?10:07
*** Dracos-Carazza_ is now known as Dracos-Carazza10:08
qschulzI don't remember, was ages ago for a recipe. But for the name of machines, it breaks the override mechanism: i.e., SRC_URI_Mymachine does not work iirc. SRC_URI_append_Mymachine does though, but SRC_URI_Mymachine_append does not :)10:10
Ninic0c0qschulz Okay i'm going to tell you all the story :)  I have made a classe to create fitimage, my image recipe inherit this class. I have set some variable list to set what i want inside the FIT ( kern, dtb, firmware, bitstream ...) i have use d.getVar to parse variables and call d.setVar("DEPENDS", depends) inside python __anonymous()10:10
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LetoThe2ndndec: too bad you've been cancelled :(10:23
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ndecPostponed, not cancelled.. not sure what’s going on.. hopefully it will be rescheduled soon!10:27
LetoThe2ndndec: yeah got that.10:28
LetoThe2ndndec: i actually found it one of the upsides of the current situation that i can "join" ltd without travel this year.10:29
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qschulzNinic0c0: and I guess this variable list is set in the machine conf file? Have you made your fitimage recipe machine specific?10:35
qschulzthat does not look too bad to me so admitedly it feels hackish10:35
qschulzbut what you're asking should be possible, something like setVarFlags for the recipe10:36
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Ninic0c0Yes each machine provide the list of what we want to put inside the FIT, i will add the secure part today on the same pattern because that seems do the job. After that i will probably paste.bin if you want to take a look :P10:37
qschulzNinic0c0: don't forget PACKAGE_ARCH = ${MACHINE_ARCH}10:40
qschulzNinic0c0: d.appendVarFlag('do_create_fitimage', 'depends', deps) from a quick grep in pocky10:40
Ninic0c0PACKAGE_ARCH = ${MACHINE_ARCH} inside a class file ?10:42
Ninic0c0d.appendVarFlag('do_create_fitimage', 'depends', deps) sounds interesting I have to double check that :)10:42
qschulzNinic0c0: a class is nothing in itself. It's meant to be inherited. When a recipe inherits a class, IIUC its content is basically inserted in place in the recipe (more or less, there's some variable expanding done).10:45
qschulzyour class is inherited by which recipe?10:45
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Ninic0c0qschulz by the image recipe10:55
qschulzNinic0c0: why does the image DEPENDS on package recipes?10:56
qschulzthe big issue with what you're trying to do is you're making an image machine specific and my gut feeling tells me that's not the best idea10:57
Ninic0c0Are you sure ? Inside my image recipe I have just ---  require recipes-core/images/core-image-minimal.bb ---- and inherit fitimage11:02
cjdc2quick question guys: how do I set the image hostname to depend on the machine name?11:03
cjdc2so, from the append file, hostname="myhostname" sets the hostnbame to a static value11:04
cjdc2but if I want to make it dynamic?11:04
qschulzcjdc2: ${MACHINE}?11:04
Ninic0c0cjdc2 maybe a bbappend on base-file recipe11:04
qschulzNinic0c0: why do you have DEPENDS in your fitimage class?11:05
cjdc2qschulz so, hostname="myhostname-${MACHINE}"11:05
qschulzcjdc2: https://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/latest/mega-manual/mega-manual.html#usingpoky-extend-customimage-image-name11:06
cjdc2yes that's exactly where I am11:07
qschulzso the default should be the machine already11:07
cjdc2just want ot be sure that the variable MACHINE is available from the append file11:07
cjdc2y but I need a prefix11:07
*** Ninic0c0 <Ninic0c0!51ff1123@> has quit IRC11:08
qschulzthen follow whatever they say there and use ${MACHINE}11:08
cjdc2ok trying now , ty11:09
*** florian_kc <florian_kc!~florian_k@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has joined #yocto11:10
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: how to reduce packages size for reducing rootfs size in yocto? [closed] <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/60809843/how-to-reduce-packages-size-for-reducing-rootfs-size-in-yocto>11:20
derRichardwhen i write this into my distro.conf: IMAGE_FEATURES_append = " tools-debug"11:25
derRichardi get:11:25
derRichard'tools-debug' in IMAGE_FEATURES is not a valid image feature11:25
derRichardbut tools-debug is an image feature, i'm confused11:25
derRichardahh, stupid me11:26
derRichardthere is a different image which does not inherit core-image11:26
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FrazerClewshi, im using this linter here for bitbake https://github.com/priv-kweihmann/oelint-adv . its pretty good, but there's been a rule that has recently been added that me and my work colleagues are questioning. `oelint.vars.appendop - Use '_append' instead of ' += '`, for what seems to be all cases, even when you intend to have a space, would there be11:34
FrazerClewsa valid reason for this, or could this be a bug or personal preference?11:34
*** berton <berton!~berton@> has quit IRC11:36
*** berton <berton!~berton@> has joined #yocto11:37
qschulzFrazerClews: _append and += are different things11:39
qschulz+= can override ?= ??= if it's parsed before the latter("s")11:39
qschulz_append does not and is expanded after all the += =+ .= =. ?= ??= = are expanded11:40
qschulzSo there are usecases for each, but I feel like _append is usually safer (if one does not forget when to add the space and where)11:40
FrazerClewsthanks for the info qschulz11:42
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GeneralS1upidSo another problem. i use rm and other commands in the Makefile but yocto says "command not found" i12:16
qschulzGeneralS1upid: check your CC or CXX in your makefile, you should have a bit more than gcc in there (--sysroot), I think that's how the staging_bindir_native is passed to recipes but am not sure12:18
*** creich <creich!~creich@p200300F6AF406710000000000000039B.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has joined #yocto12:19
GeneralS1upidqschulz: is there an environment variable which is set by yocto?12:20
GeneralS1upidbecause right now the Makefile is using the path to the yocto SDK...12:21
qschulzGeneralS1upid: yes... CC and CXX variables and CFLAFS and CXXFLAGS and LDFLAGS and plenty other things :)12:26
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qschulzyou should set all those variables (and more?) in your makefile with ?= at best, no :=, no =12:27
GeneralS1upidqschulz: there is one makefile which calls other makefiles :)12:28
GeneralS1upidThis is an important from an older project and it starts to sound like a lot of work12:28
qschulzGeneralS1upid: patch the sources12:28
qschulzor use EXTRA_OEMAKE = "-e 'CC=${CC}'" and other variables. I think that's how you force the use of env variables over ones defined in makefiles, but that might apply only to the first makefile)12:29
qschulzbadly written code always takes time to adjust :)12:30
GeneralS1upidyes that makefiles should be rewritten or at least modified...12:30
rburtonkanavin_home: gtk3 has GSETTINGS_PACKAGE_class-native = "" via you, should that just be in the gsettings class do you think?12:30
*** stew-dw <stew-dw!~stew-dw@2607:fb90:a23f:ce2d:9140:3820:8787:2100> has joined #yocto12:31
rburtonGeneralS1upid: has anyone said not to use bare makefiles yet? :)12:31
SaurRP: Sorry, haven't had time to analyse and comment on the AUTOREV problem. I'll see if I can get to it today...12:31
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GeneralS1upidWhats the env variable for the HOST CC ?13:20
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: can't open "/dev/mcelog" No such file or directory <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/60699525/cant-open-dev-mcelog-no-such-file-or-directory>13:20
RPGeneralS1upid: BUILD_CC ?13:26
qschulzGeneralS1upid: if you have more or less an idea where the file should be, you can always look for it in bitbake -e myrecipe and see where it is put. Sometimes a few variables are defined in WORKDIR/temp/run.do_<task>13:27
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dl9pfYPTM: Jan-Simon on.14:56
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smurrayYPTM: Scott Murray on14:59
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denixYPTM: Denys is on15:05
alejandrohsYPTM: Alejandro joiner15:12
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jpuhlmanRP: You mentioned that there was a bug on centos7 builds. Do you have the number or mail, I don't see it.15:19
RPjpuhlman: its the fact it doesn't warn you to install buildtools15:20
RPjpuhlman: http://bugzilla.yoctoproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1383215:21
yoctiBug 13832: normal, High, 3.1 M4, timothy.t.orling, ACCEPTED , Add script to setup buildtools-extended-tarball15:21
*** mamadeus_ <mamadeus_!~mamadeus@> has joined #yocto15:21
RPSaur: I will probably merge the revert as the change wasn't correct. We do need better test coverage15:22
SaurRP: Yeah, I understand. Seems your use case is different from mine...15:23
luis_Hi, I recently send some patches to oe-core, but I had to superseed them with v2. I guess something went wrong, only 1/5 was superseeded, is there anything I can do to fix this ? https://patchwork.openembedded.org/project/oe-core/patches/?submitter=13375&state=*15:23
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SaurRP: Would a new choice for BB_SRCREV_POLICY be an option (if I can come up with a suitable name for it)?15:24
RPSaur: isn't your usecase already there as clear ?15:24
jpuhlmanRP: Ah okay. Thank you.15:24
RPSaur: sorry if I'm not making sense. The tinfoil dataconnector change is getting to me15:25
kergothI'm curious about how the new policy would differ from clear too15:26
SaurRP:  No. We configure BB_SRCREV_POLICY = "cache" since most of our own recipes are configured to use SRCREV = "<git tag>", but we do not want it to do git ls-remote every time we build since our tags are not supposed to move around. We also do not allow ${AUTOREV} to be used in the recipes that are part of our platform. However, for individual developers and development teams, some want to use ${AUTOREV} while they are working on some new15:28
Saur feature.15:28
SaurRP: Typically they have started with setting SRCREV = "<branch name>" and either found it doesn't work as they expect, or I have told them to use ${AUTOREV} instead. That was until I realized that didn't work any more after we changed BB_SRCREV_POLICY.15:30
RPSaur: I see. That "cache" was simply never designed to avoid the ls-remote calls like that15:30
Saurkergoth: I assume it would match what cache does now, with my fix, i.e., as before but ${AUTOREV} can be used and will update as if BB_SRCREV_POLICY = "clear".15:31
RPSaur: I think I'm going to require more tests15:31
cjdc2sorry for bursting in, but I'm trying to get my head around features and packages. Is this line of thought right? : got a project -> added the meta-virtualization layer -> added that layer to bblayers.conf and appended virtualization to DISTRO_FEATURES -> build15:32
cjdc2now, nothing is installed, so if I just want docker, I: append docker to IMAGE_INSTALL15:33
LetoThe2ndcjdc2: basically right, only addition is: please start with a custom image instead of cramming everything into local.conf.15:33
RPhmm, oe-selftest -r tinfoil fails but only on debian1015:34
RPnot sure I want to know why15:34
cjdc2LetoThe2nd what if Docker has a dependency? will the recipe resolve it automatically? . You say "evertything" into a custom image...but is that really worth just for one appended package?15:35
LetoThe2ndcjdc2: then, yes, yes.15:36
LetoThe2nd(answers in order of your questions)15:36
cjdc2:p  thanks15:36
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ecdheI have a two-file cpython extension module; one c file of hello-world complexity, and a setup.py file.  On my PC, I would run "python3 setup.py build_ext --inplace" to build this module and make it importable by a python interpreter.15:38
khemRP: http://sprunge.us/qFUJwG these are ptest fails I see regulaly on x86_64/glibc15:38
angelo__hi, need to install some files in ${D}/usr/ but do_install is triggering some quality issues15:38
ecdheI would like to include this extension module in the embedded image that I'm building with bitbake.15:38
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*** sashko <sashko!~sashko@c213-89-0-115.bredband.comhem.se> has joined #yocto15:39
cjdc2LetoThe2nd where in the docs are the instructions for these custom images usage?15:40
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*** luis_ is now known as LuisM15:43
*** LuisM is now known as luismartins15:43
LetoThe2ndcjdc2: just copy over the image recipe that you would use into your own layer, rename it and thats it. an example is also in the live coding sessions.15:43
angelo__ok solved using FILES_${PN} +=15:44
cjdc2but then I'm pretty much forking from that repo and losing upstream updates15:45
ecdheI am having trouble putting together a recipe that builds my package.  I used other python-package recipes as a starting point.  I have inspected in my work directory.  There is so much inheritance and redirection that I can't find the line of code that is actually calling "setup.py" for all the other python extension modules (although it must be getting called!)15:45
*** mamadeus__ <mamadeus__!~mamadeus@> has joined #yocto15:45
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LetoThe2ndcjdc2: ?15:45
LetoThe2ndcjdc2: upstream updates to an image recipe?15:45
LetoThe2ndcjdc2: the image recipe defines what your specific usecase needs, there hopefully ain't no upstream for it besides yourself.15:46
cjdc2LetoThe2nd maybe I'm confusing image recipe with recipe?15:46
*** JaMa <JaMa!~martin@> has joined #yocto15:46
LetoThe2ndhave i already pointed out that watching the videos would really explain a lot of those things?15:47
*** mamadeus_ <mamadeus_!~mamadeus@> has quit IRC15:47
sashkoHi folks. I have a huge tarball which content will be used by multiple recipes. I would like it to *not* be extracted in every recipe workdir, but somehow shared among them to save space. Is it possible? Thank you.15:48
cjdc2yes I already went over the bazillion lines of docs at https://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/3.0.2/dev-manual/dev-manual.html15:49
cjdc2creating image recipes is not covered in detail there15:49
qschulzcjdc2: that's not even the biggest doc we have :)15:49
cjdc2looking forward then15:49
Saurgoogle for "yocto mega manual"15:50
qschulzcjdc2: also, this is a manual, LetoThe2nd was talking about the Youtube/Twitch videos15:50
qschulzand I second what he suggested, there's a lot covered for beginners and it helps get through one's first step in using YP15:51
cjdc2y also started watching them, finished the 1st one, but figured out the docs would be a better start15:51
millonisashko: i've seen this be done and i do *not* recommend it15:51
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Guest5299Hi, i still have some trouble with yocto and Makefiles.15:52
Guest5299I get15:52
millonisashko: instead you should install that package as you would do normally and then specify it as a compike-time dependency for the other recipes15:52
Guest5299"whoami" command not found. If i use full paths i will get undefined variable errors15:52
smurraycjdc2: you could try the shared workdir setup that is used for gcc and the kernel source, look for do_shared_workdir in the reference manual15:52
SaurGuest5299: "whoami" is not in HOSTTOOLS or HOSTTOOLS_NONFATAL.15:53
qschulzmilloni: it's still duplicated in the sysroot, and all sources of a recipe don't actually make it to the sysroot..15:53
milloniqschulz: yes, is that a problem?15:54
sashkomilloni: could you please elaborate why on why it's not recommended?15:54
SaurGuest5299: Why do you need "whoami" in the Makefile?15:54
*** goliath <goliath!~goliath@clnet-p04-043.ikbnet.co.at> has joined #yocto15:54
qschulzmilloni: "I would like it to *not* be extracted in every recipe workdir, but somehow shared among them to save space."15:54
*** vineela <vineela!~vtummala@> has quit IRC15:55
Guest5299Saur just for some useless informations. I did not write that but i will try in HOSTTOOLS15:55
milloniqschulz: fair enough15:55
qschulzGuest5299: you know it's going to be root all the time right?15:55
qschulz(IIUC pseudo/fakeroot)15:56
millonisashko: perhaps there's a way to do this properly, the only way i saw this done is this: they pulled and extracted the source code using one tool (outside of yocto), and then pointed yocto to the path of the extracted source code15:56
milloniand it caused a lot of problem15:56
milloniit seems to me that mixing multiple tools is a bad idea15:56
Guest5299qschulz no -.- i didnt know that15:56
rburtonqschulz: not if whoami is invoked during compile, then its the user doing the build15:56
milloniif someone knows a proper way to do it, go for it15:56
ecdheThe cpython module I'm trying to build into poky: https://pastebin.com/00prKHkn15:56
rburtonqschulz: which is why we don't put it in the hosttools, information leakage and reproducibility reasons15:57
ecdheI have a basic recipe to build it based on python3-dbus15:57
Saursashko, milloni, qschulz: Sharing it via a common recipe and the sysroot shouldmean it is copied to each recipe sysroot using hard links, so there should not be any duplication between the recipes.15:57
qschulzrburton: ok, when is this fakeroot/psuedo used then? correct assumption to say under fakeroot/pseudo it's root the user (i think that's the whole point of the tool right?)15:57
qschulzSaur: nice thanks!15:58
ecdheThe only appropriate code was 'inherit distutils3-base'15:58
ecdhePlus a SRC_URI to point to the two files I need, setup.py and cfifo.c15:58
Saurqschulz: pseudo is acctive during, e.g., do_install15:58
ecdheI can see these two files in the work directory.15:59
qschulzsashko: smurray highlighted the wrong person so cp again: you could try the shared workdir setup that is used for gcc and the kernel source, look for do_shared_workdir in the reference manual15:59
sashkoSaur: qschul: thank you for the suggestions; I will take a look.15:59
rburtonqschulz: as saur said, during install/package for most recipes.  images are done entirely in pseudo.16:00
ecdhetmp/work/aarch64-poky-linux/python3-cfifo/0.0.1-r0/cfifo contains both setup.py and cfifo.c16:00
smurrayqschulz: oops, thanks16:00
Guest5299rm into HOSTTOOLS does not fix it16:00
ecdheSo I know that my recipe is pointing to them adequately.  But I can't tell that setup.py is getting invoked.16:00
rburtonrm is already in hosttools16:00
rburtonGuest5299: ^16:01
*** cjdc2 <cjdc2!bc9b05e4@xdsl-188-155-5-228.adslplus.ch> has left #yocto16:01
Guest5299ok but then, why do i get rm: command not found? :/16:01
rburtonGuest5299: how about you share the actual error and the actual makefile fragment?16:01
ecdheI added a print statement to it to print a 16-character unique token16:01
ecdheI do not see this token anywhere in the logs16:01
ecdheSo it looks like it's not getting run.16:01
qschulzecdhe: you can manually run WORKDIR/temp/run.do_<task> and add your debug statements there16:02
qschulzobviously ONLY for debugging purposes16:02
Saurqschulz: If you are in a devshell...16:02
ecdheqschulz: do I just run it from bash, or do I need to invoke bitbake?16:03
qschulzSaur: I'm not using devshell? but admittedly might have always called it from the terminal where I sourced the poky init script16:03
Guest5299rburton http://dpaste.com/26ZRPHH16:03
*** khem <khem!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has joined #yocto16:04
Saurecdhe: Run "bitbake -c devshell <your recipe>", then you can run the run.do_* files to repeat what they did when bitbake ran the task origiinally.16:04
rburtonGuest5299: and the definition of RM?16:04
qschulzSaur: how come I never had to do that?16:04
*** locutus__ <locutus__!~LocutusOf@> has joined #yocto16:04
qschulz(on thud if that matters)16:04
rburtonGuest5299: presumably this is closed source stuff yuo can't share16:05
Guest5299rburton it is just16:05
rburtonGuest5299: basically rm is in $PATH16:05
Guest5299but i have no idea where its defined16:05
rburtonso your makefile or recipe is dong something weird16:05
Guest5299most likely -.-16:05
*** locutus_ <locutus_!~LocutusOf@mob-37-177-5-246.net.vodafone.it> has quit IRC16:07
Saurqschulz: The difference if you do not run it in a devshell is that you run the tasks as yourself, which makes a difference if you run, e.g., run.do_install16:07
Guest5299rburton if i replace the $(RM) with plain rm it is still not working16:07
rburtonis the makefile poking at $PATH?16:08
*** fl0v0 <fl0v0!~fvo@2a01:c22:a859:7f00:7c34:b741:2e17:a51> has quit IRC16:08
Guest5299yes it appends /usr/bin ...16:09
Guest5299a bit ugly16:09
LetoThe2ndwe need a collection box into which everybody having troubles with hand-crafted makefiles has to put at least 5€16:09
SaurLetoThe2nd: We'd be rich in no time... ;)16:09
Guest5299i had a discussion with the guy who wrote that file. He told me thats much better then cmake16:10
LetoThe2ndSaur: thats why we need it.16:10
LetoThe2ndGuest5299: so we can bill that guy, because he knows $BETTER?16:10
Guest5299I get a feeling that he likes 'dirty but worky' solutions16:10
Guest5299of cause you can bill him :)16:10
LetoThe2ndeverybody, i have written proof ^^^^^16:11
LetoThe2ndinvoice address, please.16:11
qschulzGuest5299: most people don't know shit about what they're saying (that includes me :) ). Don't believe them :)16:11
qschulzalways triple check16:11
qschulzSaur: /o\ indeed. I never used it for anything else than configure or compile. thx!16:12
*** mamadeus_ <mamadeus_!~mamadeus@> has joined #yocto16:14
Guest5299i believe a lot. But actually these makefiles call other makefiles... Its not really debugable16:14
LetoThe2ndGuest5299: rule of thumb is: whenever a makefile hardcodes something, it is buggy.16:15
Guest5299no joke. without that stupid PATH its compiling. But i cant find my executable16:15
Guest5299this whole thing is hardcoded16:15
LetoThe2ndGuest5299: as you've already said, it hardcodes an appendix to PATH, which gave you troubles. QED.16:16
*** mamadeus__ <mamadeus__!~mamadeus@> has quit IRC16:16
Guest5299we really need to change that way of coding . I dont like that16:16
qschulzGuest5299: and then you fall on some stupid SW which does not work if you compile it with anything else than -O0... SW are full of surprises :)16:18
Guest5299i had these kind of trouble at my old job a lot. but that was more or less baremetal with good OCD16:18
Guest5299ok now i need to define BUILDSPEC? So if i use write_rpm, do i still need to copy my files into the system root? or will yocto install that rpm ?16:25
ecdheI have been operating under the assumption that yocto project already contains recipes that know how to build cpython extensions and package them.16:25
ecdheBut I am just about ready to give up on that and write my own do_compile, do_install16:26
LetoThe2ndGuest5299: no need to take care of packaging, just make sure you've got proper do_install and FILES_16:26
*** pharaon2502 <pharaon2502!~manjaro-u@cpe-188-129-77-144.dynamic.amis.hr> has quit IRC16:26
RPgah, tinfoil issue is a race16:26
Guest5299LetoThe2nd so i should delete that task ?16:27
LetoThe2ndGuest5299: everything will be installed automagically upon image creation, for the packages in the dependency tree formed by IMAGE_INSTALL16:27
LetoThe2ndGuest5299: unless you have very, very, *VERY* specific needs to manipulate the resulting rpm manually, delete it.16:27
*** NiksDev <NiksDev!~NiksDev@> has quit IRC16:27
Guest5299just because i get this : ERROR: Function failed: BUILDSPEC16:28
*** NiksDev <NiksDev!~NiksDev@> has joined #yocto16:28
*** mamadeus__ <mamadeus__!~mamadeus@> has joined #yocto16:29
LetoThe2ndGuest5299: *sigh* is your makefile trying to manually build an rpm, or what?16:29
LetoThe2ndGuest5299: in that case, please leave your desktop now and give that guy who knows $BETTER a good beating.16:29
Guest5299no no. its 'just' creating one binary16:30
LetoThe2ndGuest5299: then what gave you the idea you need that task?16:30
Guest5299hm i dont added that manually16:30
Guest5299it was in automatical16:31
qschulzGuest5299: which task is failing? Have you overriden/appended/prepend to this task? if yes, what? in all cases, please send the whole line/log16:31
Guest5299maybe because i use oe_runmake ?16:31
*** mamadeus_ <mamadeus_!~mamadeus@> has quit IRC16:31
LetoThe2ndGuest5299: i doubt that.16:31
rburtonshare the recipe please16:31
LetoThe2ndyes, recipe please.16:31
rburtonso hard to debug via shadows16:31
rburtonand the *full* log that breaks16:32
LetoThe2ndno do_install, hence nothing in package, hence fails. my geuss.16:36
Guest5299ok anyway i think there is still something fucked up in my makefile. I cant find the executable16:37
RPzeddii, khem: do I merge the kernel revs or wait?16:37
zeddiimy next ones will be incremental, so I'd suggest merging them. I'll follow up with more in a few hours.16:38
RPzeddii: right, that is what I suspected, thanks16:38
qschulzLetoThe2nd: I'm surprised, I'd have thought the do_install from the base class would have oe_runmake install in it16:39
qschulz(spoiler: I checked, it does not)16:39
Guest5299qschulz maybe but this makefile does not have an install target16:40
Guest5299so even if...16:40
RPqschulz: only autotools.bbclass does that16:40
rburtonqschulz: 'make install DESTDIR=$D' isn't reliable enough16:40
rburtonthat's basically autotools-ism16:40
* LetoThe2nd points at the 5€-Makefile-Box16:41
Guest5299i see all the objects but no binary....16:43
*** ssajal <ssajal!~ssajal@otwaon1146w-lp140-01-64-229-138-221.dsl.bell.ca> has quit IRC16:44
* LetoThe2nd calls ita day then, proud of all his recipes that instantly worked with just inherit cmake.16:45
Guest5299LetoThe2nd bye :)16:45
rburtonGuest5299: i endorse meson when you finally flip out over makefiles16:45
Guest5299cannot find /lib/ld-linux-armhf.so.316:46
qschulzGuest5299: just go see your dude... take the hammer with you16:46
qschulzwe'll not tell16:47
Guest5299we are not allowed at the moment :)16:47
qschulzGuest5299: anthrax by post you're welcome16:47
qschulzGuest5299: but for real... anything that is hardcoded path, flamethrower on it16:48
Guest5299actually thats good to know, he is really fast in finding and fixing stuff, now i know why16:48
qschulzwe've one very respected engineer here, barely readable code, no commit log, but "it works" TM until it does not and you cna't fix it yourself16:49
Guest5299qschulz thats him!16:49
Guest5299he dont want code reviews, he dont want git...16:50
Guest5299i found it, the LD PATH is hardcoded to the one the SDK uses16:50
Guest5299what is the yocto variable for the so path16:50
*** ssajal <ssajal!~ssajal@otwaon1146w-lp140-01-64-229-138-221.dsl.bell.ca> has joined #yocto16:53
Guest5299if i change := to ?+16:53
Guest5299it will work /.16:53
Guest5299sorry, new keyboard :)16:54
qschulzwait, no the path to ld is LD accordin to mega-manual if I read correctly16:54
qschulzit should yes16:54
qschulz(told you, anything :=, get rid of it)16:55
qschulzI mean, hopefully it works, but you know if it does not, it's still the makefile's fault :D16:55
milloniyeah just fix the makefile16:55
millonithis isn't really the most appropriate place for this question but what's the replacement for `iwpriv` in `iw`?16:55
milloniasking here because you guys removed iwpriv saying iw is a replacement for it16:55
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away16:58
Guest5299are there similiar macros for the sdk?17:01
qschulznever compiled the sdk, but I'd assume the content of the variables change but not the actual name of the variable (otherwise you'd need to patch the sources depending on if you're building target or sdk). Was that your question?17:03
Guest5299this is the LDLIB17:04
Guest5299-L/opt/fslc-framebuffer/2.6.4/sysroots/armv7at2hf-neon-fslc-linux-gnueabi/usr/lib/ -ldl -     lstdc++ -lpthread -lrt -lc -lm -lutil17:04
Guest5299so ome of them are still needed17:04
*** vineela <vineela!vtummala@nat/intel/x-ajmksbrnmafbyclj> has joined #yocto17:08
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Guest5299ok i will call it a day :)  see you and thanks a lot17:16
*** Guest5299 <Guest5299!a5e14925@gateway/web/cgi-irc/kiwiirc.com/ip.> has quit IRC17:16
*** nerdboy <nerdboy!~sarnold@> has joined #yocto17:17
SaurRP: An alternative to reverting all of ba093a38 in bitbake would be to just revert the change in get_autorev() (but please keep the updated comment). That way ${AUTOREV} would behave as before when BB_SRCREV_POLICY = "cache" unless you also set BB_DONT_CACHE = "1" in the recipe, in which case you get the behaviour I want. And I'd argue that if you do set BB_DONT_CACHE = "1" in a recipe, then you do not want the SRCREVs cached, regardless17:20
Saurof BB_SRCREV_POLICY...17:20
*** nerdboy <nerdboy!~sarnold@> has quit IRC17:21
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RPSaur: I'm leaning towards a revert and then clear patches for new functionality with tests17:36
RPtests are the only way we'll document and maintain this17:36
SaurRP: Fair enough. But what do you think of allowing BB_DONT_CACHE to override BB_SRCREV_POLICY = "cache"? I think it makes sense. Then I think a new policy is still a good idea, to make using ${AUTOREV} simple for the developers.17:40
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SaurRP: Btw, unrelated to this, but something I noticed while testing ${AUTOREV}: if I set BB_SERVER_TIMEOUT to anything (even ""), the bitbake server stays behind and refuses to die. `bitbake -m` will say "NOTE: Terminated bitbake server." but the server still remains. Only kill -9 works...17:45
*** junland <junland!~junland@> has joined #yocto17:45
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RPSaur: That is worth a bug report and debugging as clearly that is bad17:47
SaurRP: It's the same with Zeus for me at least...17:48
RPSaur: I'm not sure the API is very discoverable compared to a specific policy setting17:48
SaurRP: How do you mean?17:48
*** elGamal <elGamal!~elg@> has joined #yocto17:49
RPSaur: I don't think many users would "find" it17:49
RPSaur: its not obvious17:49
SaurRP: You mean that you can set BB_DONT_CACHE to override BB_SRCREV_POLICY = "cache"?17:49
RPSaur: the system has a ton of usability issues but we try to improve that, not make it worse17:49
SaurRP: My plan was actually to update the manual with information on how BB_DONT_CACHE, BB_SRCREV_POLICY, AUTOREV and even BB_SERVER_TIMEOUT affects each other.17:51
SaurRP: I.e., it's not obvious that if you set BB_SERVER_TIMEOUT, ${AUTOREV} will not take effect (with BB_SRCREV_POLICY = "clear") unless the bitbake server is restarted.17:52
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*** lucaceresoli_ <lucaceresoli_!~lucaceres@78-134-25-199.v4.ngi.it> has joined #yocto17:53
RPSaur: with policy clear, a new connection should reset a resident server so that is a bug17:54
SaurRP: Hmm, ok. Will have to run now, but I'll get back to this.17:56
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RPSaur: its not surprising as we've just not thought through the implications but that would be the correct behaviour18:01
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kroonI have a bitbake "Worker" process stuck using 100% cpu. Anything I can do to debug this ?18:41
RPkroon: attach gdb with python extensions and get a backtrace?18:42
kroonRP, ok, let me see if I can this. Using master bitbake/oe-core, my tmpdisk ran out of space, so bitbake sent SIGTERM to the remaining task, but the worker gets stuck18:43
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How can I skip steps in bitbake compilation procedure? <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/60837406/how-can-i-skip-steps-in-bitbake-compilation-procedure>18:52
kroonRP, you know if there is special package in fedora I need to install in order to get the gdb python extensions ?18:52
*** kriive <kriive!~kriive@net-188-216-211-222.cust.vodafonedsl.it> has joined #yocto18:53
armpitkroon, what version of bitbake18:55
kroonarmpit, master18:55
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emriusHi all, I have a recipe compiling a c library which builds fine when invoking bitbake to build only that recipe. But when I add this recipe as a dependency to an image configuration of mine and try to build that it seems to somehow inject a new dependency to dnf which crashes with the following exception: `do_rootfs: Could not invoke dnf.`19:04
*** King_InuYasha <King_InuYasha!~King_InuY@fedora/ngompa> has joined #yocto19:05
emriusdo you have a clue where this extra dependency might come from? I'm pretty clueless19:05
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kriiveemrius: I'm pretty sure the error does not limit to dnf, look again, there should be additional info, if I recall correctly19:11
kriiveMaybe another previous error slipped away19:12
emriushmm probably19:14
emriusI was fumbling with the `TARGET_FPU` (since a couple of days) trying to compile another library which caused a bunch of other issues. Maybe something is conflicting there. I undid a few changes and it's rebuilding right now. Let me see how this turns out...19:15
emriusThe initial problem was actually this one: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/60772241/recipe-compilation-fails-due-to-floating-point-unit-compatibility-issue-i-assum19:16
emriusSo, feel free to have a peek and drop a comment if you have any hint on that issue \O/19:16
kroonRP, I've filed https://bugzilla.yoctoproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1384319:21
yoctiBug 13843: normal, Undecided, ---, richard.purdie, NEW , bitbake worker stuck using 100% cpu on aborted build19:21
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kanavin_homerburton: I honestly don't remember anything about that19:56
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RPkroon: cool on getting a backtrace!20:00
kroonRP, yeah I just needed to "dnf debuginfo-install python3" in Fedora, then "py-bt" was available in gdb. pretty neat.20:03
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smurrayqschulz: caught up on scrollback, I also debug things by running the run.do_* scripts.  devshell is more about setting things up so you can e.g.  go into the build directory and invoke make by hand20:31
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kroonsmurray, qschulz, I thought one were supposed to run the run.do_* scripts from a devshell. sounds like I can run them in a regular shell ?20:36
smurraykroon: it's always worked for me20:37
smurraykroon: though it's usually configure and compile that I've done it with20:37
kroonhmm whatabout the environment pruning that bitbake does20:38
*** florian <florian!~florian_k@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has joined #yocto20:38
kroonwell, seems like devshell doesn't do that either20:40
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smurraykroon: heh20:42
smurraykroon: I believe you can run e.g. 'bitbake -c compile foo' while down inside the WORKDIR, but people do complain about bitbake startup time20:44
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JaMais anyone still receiving e-mail notifications from git hook? I haven't received one in last few days (might be since migration to groups.io) and today I've noticed that there were some new commits21:05
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khemRP: should probably merge and expect another pull from zeddii21:32
kanavin_homeRP: I sent patches for gdk-pixbuf and quilt ptests21:37
kanavin_homeRP: I have to warn though, I did not test them :D but they should do the trick21:37
kanavin_home(basically because building ptest images on the NUC is not feasible)21:38
*** rburton <rburton!~rburton@> has quit IRC21:41
RPkanavin_home: how was patch-wrapper giving intermittent results?21:45
RPkanavin_home: and you mean 2G right?21:45
kanavin_homeRP: no, I mean 2.5G, as 2G is too close to the image size (1.9G)21:46
kanavin_homeRP: I do not have the answer to the patch-wrapper intermittent results mystery :(21:47
RPkanavin_home: I don't understand, we're not living in a ramdisk are we?21:47
kanavin_homeoh wait, I confused the units!21:47
RPkanavin_home: I don't like intermittent mysteries, they tend to come back :/21:47
kanavin_homeignore me :)21:47
kanavin_home"Bail out! GLib-FATAL-ERROR: ../glib-2.62.4/glib/gmem.c:105: failed to allocate 1987968 bytes "21:49
JPEWErg, I just found target recipes (aarch64) that put compiled host binaries (x86) into $DEPLOYDIR... this breaks sstate because the interpreter doesn't get corrected to the new uninative path21:49
kanavin_homethat's 2M, not 2G :)21:49
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RPkanavin_home: was i always fast that was failing? I note that has a much lower ram limit21:50
RPkanavin_home: are we filling a tmpfs again I wonder?21:51
kanavin_homeRP: -fast is 1G, -slow is 2G21:51
kanavin_homeand I can't remember if it is -fast or -slow specific21:51
kanavin_homeand I can't run local experiments :(21:51
kanavin_homejust wanted to look into it by 'static code inspection' :)21:52
RPkanavin_home: I still have  http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit.cgi/poky-contrib/commit/?h=rpurdie/t222&id=b2283ce1521177ec17a90a3bc9ffc54c76acbf6a lying around from the last time we had a problem...21:52
RPkanavin_home: we could run that on the AB on a branch21:52
kanavin_homeRP: yes that's useful, but I think it was mostly mdadm filling the disk and we have now dropped it21:53
RPkanavin_home: or turn it into a proper patch and warn if there is more than X difference21:53
RPkanavin_home: kind of thinking out loud21:53
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RPkanavin_home: both failures were fast, different arches22:03
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kanavin_homeRP: I am looking at what the gdk-pixbuf test is actually doing: it's setting the heap limit to 100M and looks like the test might be hitting that intermittently? https://github.com/GNOME/gdk-pixbuf/blob/mainline/tests/pixbuf-randomly-modified.c#L10022:13
kanavin_homeagain just a guess, but probably closer to the truth22:14
RPkanavin_home: seems possible although 100M seems like a high limit :/22:16
*** meego <meego!~meego@2a01:e0a:1ec:b0e0:648f:2b81:e652:9607> has joined #yocto22:17
kanavin_homeRP: note that jp2 is jpeg2000 and unpacked that may well be hitting that22:17
kanavin_homeRP: also note that it's doing random writes to the data, which means the limit may or may not be triggered22:17
RPkanavin_home: hmm, good points22:18
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RPkanavin_home: is there debug we could put into the test to see how close to the limit it is?22:18
RPkanavin_home: such a fix may be upstreamable if we can show its close22:18
*** locutus_ <locutus_!~LocutusOf@> has joined #yocto22:19
kanavin_homeRP: I think there is, wait a moment22:20
kanavin_homeTRACE in there should be print what we need?22:21
kanavin_homeif that can be turned on for that specific test22:21
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kanavin_homeRP: as for quilt, you're right, the intermittent nature of the failure may mean there is a deeper issue than just the test that's not supposed to be run22:22
kanavin_homeRP: https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gdk-pixbuf/-/issues/14622:25
kanavin_homereally should've checked that first22:25
RPkanavin_home: we should point ross at this tomorrow22:31
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kanavin_homeRP: I think we can simply drop the offending image file from the ptest package for now. The test should gracefully skip. Upstream bug exists, I don't think we're qualified to fix it.22:35
RPkanavin_home: lets give ross a chance to comment tomorrow22:37
RPkanavin_home: we have a lot more info now which helps massively22:38
RPkanavin_home: we have friends who we might lean on ;-)22:38
kanavin_home"On kfreebsd, I see the tests being killed with "out of swap space" on a VM with 16G of ram" ----> this means in the absence of setrlimit corrupted data may cause gdk-pxibuf to swell to over 16G somehow? :-/22:38
kanavin_home(I thought of raising the limit, but now I think it's better to just drop the problematic file)22:38
RPkanavin_home: freebsd doesn't have setrlimit ?22:39
kanavin_homeRP: I have no idea, but that comment implies it doesnt?22:39
RPkanavin_home: if freebsd has setrlimit it probably means the author of the bug may just not have spotted it22:40
RPso it was just hitting the 100M, same as us22:40
kanavin_home"Checking for function "setrlimit" : YES " - yes it does22:41
RPkanavin_home: might be worth spelling this out in the bug and suggesting raising the limit?22:42
kanavin_homeRP: I did just that?22:42
kanavin_home"Note that it fails when loading and randomly modifying the jp2 image, which in rare cases hits the 100M data limit the test sets for itself: https://github.com/GNOME/gdk-pixbuf/blob/mainline/tests/pixbuf-randomly-modified.c#L100"22:42
kanavin_homeRP: should I add something else?22:43
RPkanavin_home: that the kfreebsd failure would also run into the same 100M limit regardless of the 16GB VM22:43
kanavin_homeyeah, just commented about that22:44
kanavin_homeI am not sure how this happens though, as the jp2 loader is not even enabled for us22:44
kanavin_homemaybe the corruption somehow triggers some other large allocation22:45
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kanavin_homeRP: going to bed  :)22:47
kanavin_homeI like working from home, but dont want to mess up the sleep22:47
kanavin_home(or in rare cases the corruption turns jp2 into plain jpeg and kaboom - no idea really :)22:49
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto Bitbake Recipe for Custom Python Script and PyTest <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/60840310/yocto-bitbake-recipe-for-custom-python-script-and-pytest>22:53
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RPkanavin_home: get some sleep, I'd like to talk to ross tomorrow22:58
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zeddiibuild passed. sending the kernel pull request.23:01
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derRichardjust run into the same issue on zeus: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=95055123:14
derRichardcryptsetup starts multiple threads for argon2i and crashes badly because libgcc_s.so is missing ;-\23:15
derRichardkhem: you maintain that? is this a known issue?23:16
*** leon-anavi <leon-anavi!~Leon@> has quit IRC23:16
khemadd it as rdep then23:16
derRichardso i'm the first one that runs cryptsetup on a smp machine with zeus? :)23:19
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khemperghaps maybe23:36
derRichardhehe :-)23:36
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