Monday, 2020-03-23

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: No rule to make target, needed by '__build'. Stop <>01:44
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nacknickHi. Someone can help me to understand the structure of `install -m` command? I know that it should get *2* argument after the mode argument (`install -m <MODE> <???> <???>`) - Why 2?07:52
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erbonacknick: source and destination07:58
nacknickerbo In my case I don't need source and destination, just changing the mode of a specific file, should I use `chmod` instead?08:00
erbonacknick: yes, that's what chmod is for08:01
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: lightest version of packages for reducing rootfs size in yocto <>08:15
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mckoangood morning08:19
LetoThe2ndhowdy mckoan08:20
mckoanLetoThe2nd: hi, how's going?08:20
LetoThe2ndmckoan: mostly fine i would say. how about there?08:20
mckoanLetoThe2nd: still hard but OK so far, thanks08:21
LetoThe2ndmckoan: glad to hear08:21
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vermaeteI'm have a hard time moving a GStreamer recipe from-the-days it GStreamer was using Autotools to today, where they are using Meson.08:47
vermaeteIn the past, we started from the gst-template git repo.  And the BB recipe was rather simple.08:47
vermaeteNow, I have restarted from gst-template, but my bb does not do anythiing.08:48
vermaeteThe 'do_compile' in the run.do_compile is empty.08:48
vermaeteBon, any good pointers how to write a bb for meson?08:49
LetoThe2ndvermaete: hum, inherit meson?08:49
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vermaeteyep, did that.08:50
vermaeteinherit meson pkgconfig08:50
vermaeteat the first line08:50
LetoThe2ndthen, unless you overwrite it specifically below the inherit, this should provide the do_compile/install etc functions..08:51
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vermaetedo_compile() {08:53
vermaeteI'm just wonder how to debug this?  bitbake -e?08:53
vermaeteremoving the build directory and restarting did help a bit, a little bit :-(08:57
qschulzvermaete: out of curiosity, have you had a look at how gstreamer recipe got updated to use meson? It was migrated recently, look into master :) Maybe that'll help?08:57
qschulzvermaete: bitbake-layers show-appends myrecipe to check that do_compile isn't overriden by some other bbappend? Otherwise, if you have your do_compile before the inherit meson (or some other inherit) you might have some weird behavior. Same for multiple inherit in the same recipe, sometimes the order matters08:58
vermaete@qschulz: I'm at the master (2 weeks old) .  I'll check your bitbake stuff.  Tnx09:01
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LetoThe2ndmckoan: saw the LI post, nice you're getting it started!09:59
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mckoanLetoThe2nd: times are changind and we have to adapt, thanks10:05
LetoThe2ndmckoan: ye.10:06
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: lightest version of packages for reducing rootfs size in yocto [closed] <>10:15
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LetoThe2ndmckoan: here you go11:17
nacknickIs there a way to print package recipe's path by its name? (with bitbake etc.)11:18
LetoThe2ndoe-pkdata-util probably in some way.11:19
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qschulzor find -name "myrecipe_*.bb"?11:27
nacknickqschulz I thought that there is a more elegant way11:28
nacknickIf I run `bitbake <recipe_name>` it runs the recipe. How does it know where is it? I guess not using "find"11:29
LetoThe2ndnacknick: you can use fd instead of finde for higher performance (-> more elegance! :P)11:29
qschulzLetoThe2nd: BUT don't forget to put -I in an alias for fd :)11:30
LetoThe2ndqschulz: :)11:30
nacknickI think that too much hours at home don't make better with you11:33
LetoThe2ndnacknick: i'm not gonna dig into the sources, but i *guess* that bitbake first parses everything into an indexed format, and then just looks up "myrecipe" in that and executes what it finds there. no pathes involved.11:34
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rburtonnacknick: bitbake-layers can tell you what is being parserd11:42
LetoThe2ndrburton: "tell"?11:43
* LetoThe2nd imagines connecting bitbake to alexa.11:44
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rburton$ bitbake-layers show-recipes systemd --filenames11:45
rburtonwell formatting went wrong, but thats what you want to do11:45
rburtonnacknick: ^11:45
nacknickexactly, thank you rburton11:47
LetoThe2nd"alexa, bitbake a core-image-minimal for qemuarm"11:48
nacknickmaybe in the future11:49
LetoThe2nd"alexa, bitbake a core-image-minimal for qemuarm in the future."11:50
nacknickAnother question please, some packages create their binary file under `/usr/bin` and some under `/usr/sbin`. Is there a way to get the binary path by env var or something else?11:51
nacknickI want to make a general solution for many recipes and want to get the binary file path in advance11:52
LetoThe2ndnacknick: you mean like a magic invocation "bb-tell-me-where-binary-ends-up myrecipe" ?11:53
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nacknickletothe2nd: yes11:54
nacknickMaybe not so magical as you say11:54
LetoThe2ndnacknick: if that, you can (again) look at the output of oe-pkgdata-util, i think it can output where stuff ends up.11:55
LetoThe2ndbut again, there are packages which do not put anything into one of those, into both, multiple things into either or both, or even other places...11:55
qschulznacknick: but aren't /usr/bin and /usr/sbin in $PATH?11:55
LetoThe2ndso geussing which "binary" you mean actually would be definitively "magic"11:55
qschulzMy point being, why do you need to know this?11:55
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nacknickqschulz because I'm replacing the final binary with mine11:56
nacknickmine "patched" one11:56
* LetoThe2nd sighs and resorts to useful things again.11:57
qschulznacknick: bbappend11:57
nacknickyes. this is how I do it11:57
nacknickbut I want to know what to write into the "append"11:57
qschulzhow do you create your binary?11:58
nacknickI'm taking the original one, modify it and return the modifed11:58
qschulzhow do you modify it12:00
qschulzwhat are you doing12:00
nacknickwith a server I built. it sends the original binary to the server, I'm doing my thing and returning a patched binary file12:00
qschulzwhat is your issue (the original one, which warranted this change)12:00
rburtonnacknick: have a class that does the signing in a piece of py or whatever, and then that can at runtime find the binaries and know their path12:01
rburtondo_sign_binaries() { for file in os.walk($bindir) + os.walk($sbindir) { ... })12:02
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nameclashhello gents, does anyone know how to "finish" a devtool modify session without having actually modified any sources?15:24
LetoThe2nddevtool reset?15:26
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nameclashyou might ask why one would want that: for instance when I want to provide some ready to apply patch or just want to add/modify some supplementary files to the recipe. I just like the comfort of devtool sorting the correct recipe path for me and creating the boilerplate directories and the bbappend file...15:27
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keysersHi all, I'm trying to build a Beaglebone image that will run just docker containers. For this I'm using the toaster webinterface. I've build several successful custom images starting from core-image-base. Now I want to try starting from container-base. However, as soon as I try to build it I always get the error that nothing provides /bin/sh.15:27
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nameclashLetoThe2nd, let me try that out15:29
LetoThe2ndkeysers: probably because container-base is meant to be *inside* the container, where you don't want /bin/sh.15:29
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keysersderp, that makes sense yes15:29
keysersthank you15:29
cjdc2hi guys. I couldn't figure out from the docs HOW to target specific recipes from a layer? Basically, I want to build a RPi image that uses meta-virtualization, BUT, I only need the Docker packages/recipes from that layer...15:31
cjdc2is this possible? Or am I obliged to always run all the recipes in a layer?15:31
LetoThe2ndcjdc2: that question doesn't make sense.15:31
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LetoThe2ndcjdc2: if your image pulls in the docker packages, then those recipes will be built. no more.15:32
cjdc2sure, but I don't want to build all the others (
LetoThe2ndcjdc2: like i said, they won't be built.15:33
zeddiiyah. they'll be parsed, but not built.15:39
* LetoThe2nd hands zeddii a "i just want to"15:40
nameclashLetoThe2nd, that didnt work as expected... I also tried devtool update-recipe -a instead of reset but nope15:43
nameclashmaybe I should rephrase what I actually wanted15:43
LetoThe2ndnameclash: are you, in a nutshell, just trying to apply the patch to the upstream sources?15:44
nameclashI'm just looking for a convenient way to create an append recipe (and its enclosing directory) in the right recipes folder in my downstream layer15:45
nameclashhere for instance I want to add an existing patch to libgpg-error15:46
LetoThe2ndnameclash: hm, i don't thing that devtool has mechanisms for working on appends. i might be wrong of course, but i don't know of any.15:46
nameclashlibgpg-error is normally located in recipes-support15:46
nameclashand when I do devtool modify, then add a newline to some random source file, commit that and do devtool finish libgpg-error MY_LAYER_DIR it creates the directory MY_LAYER_DIR/recipes-support/libgpg-error, creates a patch from my commit and puts it inside that dir along with an minimalistic bbappend file that just pulls in that patch15:49
keysersAgain using core-image-base running: docker run hello-world result in "docker: Cannot connect to the Docker daemon at unix:///var/run/docker.sock. Is the docker daemon running?." Is this a side-effect of the warning "You have included the meta-virtualization layer, but 'virtualization' has not been enabled in your DISTRO_FEATURES. Some bbappend15:49
keysersfiles may not take effect. See the meta-virtualization README for details on enabling virtualization support."? I tried adding it as a bitbake variable in toaster "DISTRO_FEATURES" value "virtualization" but that results in an error: "ERROR: ParseError at15:49
keysers/home/olivier/poky/_toaster_clones/_git___git.yoctoproject.org_meta-virtualization_warrior/conf/layer.conf:41: Could not include required file"15:49
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nameclashwhat I'm looking for is a tool that does nearly the exact same thing but without having me to create a dummy commit that yields a dummy patch15:49
LetoThe2ndkeysers: without actually verifiying, it is certainly possible.15:50
LetoThe2ndnameclash: like i said, i don't know if its there. you might want to implement it and send a patch to devtool :)15:51
LetoThe2ndkeysers: maybe try and get it working without toaster first?15:52
nameclashLetoThe2nd, hey maybe I'll even do that -- that would be my first opensource contribution ever :)15:52
keysersIs my method to enable 'virtualization' correct? appending the variable "DISTRO_FEATURES" with value "virtualization" correct?15:52
keysersLetoThe2nd using cli bitbake?15:53
LetoThe2ndkeysers: you have to do this in your distro config file.15:53
qschulznameclash: so basically you want a patch for libgpg-error but with no commit log (since no commit, no commit log)?15:53
zeddiiyah, since I'm not seeing any issues with warrior meta-virt, and I hope if that parse error was happening to everyone, someone would have shouted on the mailing list.15:54
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LetoThe2ndzeddii: i guess its just being sticked in there in inappropriate places.15:55
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zeddiiI mean, I never rule out stupid bugs. But I definitely built and tested all that on warrior.15:55
LetoThe2ndkeysers: heh, if you use _append then it has to be " virtualization". mark the space. += inserts one, _append doesnt15:55
zeddiiI always have a paper bag handy, in case I do something really dumb in one of my commits.15:56
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LetoThe2ndzeddii: beer? wine? vodka?15:56
zeddiipro tip: don't just cut eye holes, do a nose and mouth one as well, so you can drink the old contents of the bag15:56
zeddiihaha. you beat me too it.15:56
* LetoThe2nd should encourage CUI. just for entertainment purposes.15:57
nameclashqschulz, I want to apply this patch here to libgpg-error:
nameclashit's nothing about the patch actually15:58
nameclashit could also be just providing a custom fstab file for the base-files package15:58
nameclashor providing an to glibc15:59
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nameclashit's just about the comfort of having a tool create the appropriate directory/file tree in your layer so that I have a bbappend recipe for that package in my layer16:00
cjdc2maybe I misunderstood the docs, but I expected it to be like: add layer to bblayers.conf -> run bitbake targetMachine -> bitbake will run all the .bb files in all recipes, in that layer16:02
LetoThe2ndcjdc2: no. it will parse all, but only build those needed.16:04
keysersLetoThe2nd typing the space there did nothing( Value " virtualization"). Making the value "+=virtualization" started the build. Did I undestand you correctly?16:04
cjdc2but then what's the criteria to defined those which are "needed"16:04
LetoThe2ndcjdc2: may i suggest you invest some time in our wonderful live coding sessions?
LetoThe2ndcjdc2: please note the excellent and only slightly drunk host!16:05
nameclashbut as said, I'll put a sticky note on my monitor to create a patch for devtool16:05
LetoThe2ndkeysers: i don't know what *exactly* you are doing. i just pointed out one of the main differences between += nad _append.16:05
LetoThe2ndcjdc2: and the criteria is a dependency tree with its root being what you specify as the build target :)16:06
qschulznameclash: it's actually "risky" to automate it, because unfortunately the OVERRIDES mechanism plays a role in which file is taken. Even if it comes from a bbappend, the file might not have priority because of that variable.16:07
cjdc2LetoThe2nd: thanks for the playlist. I have a look16:09
nameclashit thought I'd just hitch hike on the normal devtool modify + git commit + devtool finish behavior, but allowing for a scenario without a git commit16:09
nameclashso that I'd end up with an empty package directory and a bbappend in the right place, that's all16:10
nameclashin the end, that would be what I'd do if I wanted to supply my additional/modified files manually16:11
qschulznameclash: I don't follow everything you're saynig but I'm a very scarce use of devtool16:12
qschulzso, if you feel like people could benefit from it, please do so and contribute :)16:12
nameclashwill do! :)16:13
qschulzkeysers: what did you change and in which file?16:13
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keyserson the Toaster page "EXTRA CONFIGURATION/BitBake Variables" I used the Add Variable feature to add the Variable "DISTRO_FEATURES" with value "+=virtualization"16:17
qschulzSorry, cli guy here, I don't use toaster :/16:21
keysersThx anyway qschulz16:23
keysersThe build finished but the warning remained. So to answer my own question, NO it is not the correct way to enable it.16:24
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tlwoernernameclash: is it possible that "devtool update-recipe" might help?18:08
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khemRP: FILERPROVIDES how/when are they calculated ? I am missing it for a library package so was looking into why18:58
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bluelightningkhem: do_package time... they come from running rpmdeps on each file19:40
bluelightningthen they get saved into pkgdata and are read back from there19:40
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khembluelightning: the problem is recipe name is foo-src and kicks in and ignores it20:23
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bluelightningkhem: ah yes we have a few problematic name-based checks around the place like that :(20:29
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derRichardi have a package which can be built with "--enable-debug" to have many self-tests enabled at runtime. what is the best way to have an image (say where the packges is installed without debug and another one (say where the same package is installed but with --enable-debug?21:06
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RobertBerger@derRichard: You mean --enable-debug is something like a compiler flag?21:24
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derRichardRobertBerger: --enable-debug is configure flag21:24
derRichardso the produced code with be different :)21:25
RobertBerger@derRichard: So basically you want to configure your app differently for debug and release.21:25
derRichardwell, differently for different images21:25
RobertBerger#derRichard: Let's say you have a debug and a release image.21:26
RobertBerger@derRichard: You might introduce your own feature.21:26
derRichardyou mean a feature for IMAGE_FEATURES?21:27
RobertBerger@derRichard: something like DISTRO_FEATURE=my-special-debug-feature21:27
RobertBergerand then check in your recipe for this DISTRO_FEATURE and build accordingly21:27
RobertBergeror an IMAGE_FEATURE, if you prefer21:28
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RobertBerger@derRichard: look into PACKAGECONFIG21:29
*** locutus_ <locutus_!~LocutusOf@> has joined #yocto21:30
RobertBerger@derRichard: inherit pkgconfig in the recipe, PACKAGECONFIG ??= "" # disabled by default:21:30
derRichardhmm, is this really the right way to do it?21:30
derRichardPACKAGECONFIG cannot be set in an image recipe, right?21:31
kergothimage feature only affects how the image is constructed, not how the other recipe is built. the problem is you're not going to be able to build one recipe two different ways and then install the different package sinto the images21:31
derRichardkergoth: exactly!21:31
kergothyou have to remember how we build images. ther ecipe is built and emits binary packages, then those binary packages get installed into the image21:31
kergoththere's no tight association between image and package other than the name of the package21:31
kergotheven if you were to create two variants of the recipe to build it two different ways with two different package names, and then pick those in the individual images, bitbake would complain, as it built two packages that provide the same files, it'll produce a conflict in the pkgdata21:32
derRichardyeah. but how to solve my issue?21:32
derRichardi bet i'm not the first person with that use-case?21:32
kergoththe ideal would be if the debug build just added files rather than changing how the binaries are built, then you could just split it off into a separate package that's additionally installed in the debug image21:32
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derRichardkergoth: --enable-debug in this case is not about just adding debugsymbols21:33
RobertBergerwith a DISTRO_FEATURE you could build the package differently21:33
kergothi think the only real option is what i suggested, two recipe variants with different names, then use the variable to tell bitbake to ignore the conflict. i don't recall the name of it offhand, though, or just make it a build configuration option / distro feature that changes how the recipe is built for all images, and do two different builds with differing configurations21:33
kergoththe latter is simpler, but is a different workflow than you were thinking21:33
kergothbut is also probably the most common approach to that sort of problem21:33
derRichardit is also not only --enable-debug. same use-case is also present for the linux kernel. in the debug image i want lockdep enabled21:34
derRichardkergoth: you mean playing with PROVIDES?21:34
RobertBergerfor kernel it's different21:34
kergothi think you're going to need to use different builds with differing local.conf configurations, rather than trying to shoehorn it into the image level. you're crossing the boundaries between our generally orthogonal distro/machine/image boundaries21:35
derRichardkergoth: makes sense21:36
kergothyou could do the multiple variants of the recipe thing, but you'd have to keep doing it, and if they're used at build time you'll run into sysroot conflicts too, ex which recipe gets built to satisfy the need for the headers/libs/etc, if both get built bitbake will get unhappy again21:37
kergothin theory it complains more than it needs to now that we have per-recipe sysroots, the conflict won't be a problem unless both get installed in a single dependency chain or a single image21:38
kergothbut it's still probably more trouble than its worth to take that approach21:38
kergothinstead you might just want a debug variant of your DISTRO which adjusts recipe packageconfigs as appropriate21:39
kergoththen the second build uses that other distro. could even use multiconfig to kick off both in the same build directory21:39
kergothyou *could* do it all in local.conf, but a distro will be easier to maintain21:39
derRichardwell, i have already tooling to generate local.conf, that's not a big deal :)21:40
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tlwoernerderRichard: your question does come up fairly often, i don't think there's a consensus (or "correct" answer yet)22:50
tlwoernermaybe this is still applicable?
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derRichardtlwoerner: thx. i found this thread already but it is not 100% what i need. i'm currently playing with virtual providers. looks good so gar22:51
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rimadHi guys, anyone got trouble with bluetooth on rpi 4? Can not enable it, hciattach says bcm43xx_init Failed to reset chip, invalid HCI event23:04
rimadI am using meta-raspberrypi23:04
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mischiefso uh, how are licenses on npm packages supposed to work23:28
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mischiefi have an odd situation where some thing we have is in JS, but when using the NPM fetcher, the license file of one of its dependencies seems to bounce around between different directories and fails the build23:29
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derRichardhmm, i have a package foo which depends on virtual/bar. after changing the prefered provider of virtual/bar i would expect that foo is rebuild, but this is not the case. do i miss something?23:35
derRichardmaybe i miss some sleep. ;-\23:35
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khemRP: whats your opinion around the bitbake revert I sent23:49
RPkhem: I was hoping for something from Saur but I'll merge23:49
khemyeah, ok23:51

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