Monday, 2020-03-30

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alejandrohsyohboy: last I checked cross compiling any BLAS library was really painfull, I got Scipy working properly with ATLAS on some x86 architectures but not on ARM, this was years ago btw05:21
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LetoThe2ndmcfrisk: kudos for writing that answer!07:13
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: what is a reference distribution? <>07:25
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mcfriskLetoThe2nd: thanks!07:53
LetoThe2ndmcfrisk: i just am pretty much convinced the asker will be dissatisfied because it doesn't involve direct copy-pasteable instructions. but the effort shall be appreciated, hence, thank you for doing it!07:55
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erboLetoThe2nd: But why can't you just tell him the exact steps required?! :-)08:10
LetoThe2nderbo: yeah i know. its all my bad, because i'm an arrogant elitist.08:11
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erboNot arrogant elitist, just "not that much helpful" :p08:14
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LetoThe2nderbo: its just the usual for me, the one less-than-average-gifted guy who ruins it for many.08:16
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stefanOffred123hi guys, I have a problem with my bitbake server, when I run bitbake commands it says: NOTE: Retrying server connection (#1)...08:53
stefanOffred123I'm not using containers, and the only hints I found on google are containers related, anybody has some tips?08:53
LetoThe2ndstefanOffred123: since a particular event, maybe?09:01
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stefanOffred123thanks, Leto, no seems not a particular event. I simply add a custom recipe with devtool to Poky, I have previously run bitbake core-image-minimal, and bitbake <myrecipe> without problems.09:06
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stefanOffred123can I do something as clear bitbake cache or something similar?09:06
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LetoThe2ndstefanOffred123: my gut feeling is that some background process is stuck or such. are you intentionally using a memory resident bitbake server or such?09:07
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mckoangood morning09:10
LetoThe2ndmcfrisk: howdy!09:11
qschulzstefanOffred123: did you by any chance Ctrl+C bitbake multiple times to make it stop :)?09:16
qschulzstefanOffred123: otherwise, ps aux | grep bitbake and see if there's one running somewhere (without you calling one)09:16
stefanOffred123I'm using a remote server on LAN that has enought power, but I can't reboot this machine to restart things from scratch.09:17
qschulzstefanOffred123: that does not answer any of our questions :)09:17
stefanOffred123ps aux | grep bitbake show no bitbake running09:18
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qschulzstefanOffred123: wait, are you saying bitbake server is on a remote server, different from the one you have Yocto on? (I don't know if this is possible honestly)09:20
stefanOffred123no, all is on a remote server, I would only explayn why I cant reboot the system09:20
qschulzstefanOffred123: did any of your SSH connection failed while bitbake was running?09:21
stefanOffred123I'm doing obviusly ps aux on that server :-)09:21
stefanOffred123did you by any chance Ctrl+C bitbake multiple times to make it stop :)? -> could be..09:21
qschulzstefanOffred123: first, I'd suggest using screen/tmux on the server when running bitbake. Or use mosh (you should, mosh is the future)09:22
qschulzor a combination of both09:22
stefanOffred123yes could be that some SSH connection fail09:22
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LetoThe2ndqschulz: are you just trying to start a mosh pit? :P09:22
stefanOffred123@qschulz this is a good hint!09:22
qschulzstefanOffred123: then bitbake was stopped and it can end in a incoherent state :)09:22
qschulzstefanOffred123: go into your build dir, rm bitbake.lock maybe even bitbake.sock if there's one09:23
stefanOffred123I didn't know about mosh, I'll check for it09:23
qschulzDO NOT do it if there is a bitbake running, because that's supposed to happen09:23
qschulz(to not have two bitbake instances fro the same project running at the some time)09:23
stefanOffred123yes, I understood this topic, so maybe the problem is some ssh connection failed bad?09:24
LetoThe2ndand don't ever do anything without a proper screen multiplexer.09:24
qschulzLetoThe2nd: I'd start a mosh cult for sure. That thing is one of the first thing I install when installing servers/personal09:24
qschulzLetoThe2nd: I use byobu BTW, but because I've no knowledge of any other :)09:25
stefanOffred123ok, on your live session I have seen you're using tmux, right?09:25
qschulzstefanOffred123: honestly, could be09:25
LetoThe2ndi'm a tmux guy, yes.09:25
qschulzstefanOffred123: I've read tmux is for the cool kids09:25
stefanOffred123ok, and do you nknow how to escape from this state, without rebooting?09:25
LetoThe2ndescaping from a mosh pit? drinking until reboot.09:26
stefanOffred123hehe, I used in past, but I honestly hate the scroll down that sometimes hang up and clear the stdout.. but I presume that with som tweaking it can be resolved09:27
stefanOffred123ok so I will drink until the end of days :-D09:28
qschulzstefanOffred123: what do you mean which state?09:28
LetoThe2ndthe main reason why i'm using tmux is that it doesn't, by default, clash with the screen keybindings. so i can use screen as a serial terminal inside a screen session.09:28
LetoThe2ndadmittedly, less and less needed these days.09:28
stefanOffred123hum intresting..09:30
qschulzstefanOffred123:  11:23     qschulz| stefanOffred123: go into your build dir, rm bitbake.lock maybe even bitbake.sock if there's one?09:30
stefanOffred123qschulz yes there is one, I'll remove both09:32
ChruselHi my dearest Yocto Community, I refer to, a full wipe of sstate did not solve the problem I have with and dunfell release. I've figured out, the evil part is09:33
Chruselthe symlink called in the generated lib package. My question today: Why is that symlink dangerous here? Do I really have a issue or does bitbake trow a false exception?09:33
stefanOffred123qschulz after removing .lock and .sock still the same problem (Retrying server connection (#1)...), and lock and sock has been recreated.09:34
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stefanOffred123qschulz there is also a hashserve.sock, maybe should be removed as well?09:36
RPstefanOffred123: there is probably a process left behind in memory?09:40
qschulzChrusel: what is the exact command for the symlink creation that you think is an issue?09:40
RPqschulz: I'd recommend never manually deleting those files. Its almost certainly something left in memory that is the issue09:41
stefanOffred123RP how can I find it? ps aux|grep bitbake has shown nothing and I can't find strange prosess running..09:43
LetoThe2ndmckoan: got your mail. will kick off a build in a second and then report09:44
kanavin_homeRP: I am putting my new threadripper box to good use :)
LetoThe2ndmckoan: what poky revision are you on?09:44
kanavin_home(patches are held until late april obviously)09:44
stefanOffred123If can be useful, In other directories other projects can run bitbake correctly on the same server09:45
Chruselqschulz: ln -sf --> fefined in line #3309:47
qschulzRP: how do you suggest fixing the double Ctrl+C which results in bitbake not able to run again? (this fixed it, but that's just by empirism that I found those files, so eager to learn how one\s supposed to recover from this state?09:48
qschulz(which could technically not be what stefanOffred123 is experiencnig, I understand)09:48
mckoanLetoThe2nd: I forgot to mention that, sorry. It is zeus09:49
LetoThe2ndmckoan: np. ok, i'll check09:50
RPqschulz: kill the process left in memory09:52
RPqschulz: if the process is left in memory and you start more, who knows what will happen to cache files etc09:53
qschulzRP: same as stefanOffred123 never had a bitbake in the running processes, so how do I know which one's keeping the lock? Can't it just be bitbake no properly cleaning up its files because it was interrupted? Anyway, that didn't seem to fix stefanOffred123 error:/09:55
RPqschulz: bitbake recovers from the lock files fine. It will only show an issue if there is something left in memory causing a problem09:56
RPlsof on the lockfile might show it?09:56
qschulzChrusel: DESTDIR should be set to ${D}? Otherwise, try to print the exact command run to create the symlink (echo in the makefile and check in the WORKDIR/temp/log.do_install).09:58
qschulzChrusel: also, ll on the symlink to show what it is set to. Might just be you're symlinking wrongly for Yocto09:58
qschulzRP: indeed, too late for stefanOffred123 since I made him delete the files :/09:58
stefanOffred123RP lsof bitbake.lock show noting09:59
stefanOffred123RP files has been recreating each time I run bitbake..09:59
RPstefanOffred123: I'd have a look through "ps ax" and see if you can see the processes that are causing it10:01
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stefanOffred123RP I presume it could be not necessary "bitbake", right?10:03
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Chruselqschulz: DESTDIR=${D} in the install task throws tons of package QA [installed-vs-shipped] issues.10:18
LetoThe2ndthen its time to properly sort out FILES_...10:18
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Chruselqschulz: The exact ln command comes in a few minutes10:19
Chrusells -als tmp/work/core2-64-miipoky-linux/libcryptopp/6.1.0-r0/git/ lrwxrwxrwx 1 g041840 t_adp_cc_user 20 Mar 30 12:17 tmp/work/core2-64-miipoky-linux/libcryptopp/6.1.0-r0/git/ ->
qschulzChrusel: I'd say this DESTDIR is actually what you want. Because this means the files are installed in the correct directoy but you're missing paths/files in the appropriate FILES_<package> variable in your recipe10:22
qschulzChrusel: not this one, the one in package or packages-split for the ls -lah ;)10:23
Chruselqschulz: ok,  I'll check that10:24
rburtoni wonder if we need a 'debug packaging' command10:24
rburton'these files were installed to do_install, the packages were split into these groups' etc10:25
qschulzrburton: isn't it something you could get with oe-pkg-data?10:25
qschulzrburton: but yes, we need tutorials/more tools to help debug :)10:27
rburtonqschulz: oe-pkgdata is only useful once the package has been built10:27
rburtona 'its broken and i don't know why' tool could look at $D to tell you what do_install actually installed, then $PKGD to tell you what got packaged where10:27
rburtoninstead of rooting around temp yourself10:28
rburtonwould actually only be a few lines of bash10:28
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qschulzrburton: good stuff then!10:45
Chruselqschulz: the libcryptopp package contains the library, a symlink to that library called and another symlink with the name Could that make problems to bitbake, having two symlinks pointing to the same library?10:54
qschulzChrusel: ls -lah of those libs please?10:56
qschulzbut no, that is standard. However, so and so.6 should be part of the -dev package IIUC10:56
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RPstefanOffred123: I'd grep for python11:07
qschulzok i'm starting to feel crazy... is there anything done between do_install and do_package for binaries? the md5sum is different in image and packages-split.... (and a .debug appeared)11:13
qschulz(i have update-rc.d and bin_package inherited)11:13
rburtonqschulz: yes, stripping for a start11:15
rburtondo_install drops unstripped binaries into image/ and do_package will strip on the way to packages-split11:16
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rburtonsymbols go to .debug/ in PN-dbg11:16
qschulzrburton: alright, thanks, that makes sense. Just to be sure... stripping cannot have any side-effect at runtime right?11:18
qschulzrburton: thanks!11:19
Chruselqschulz: since do_package fails withWARNING: libcryptopp-6.1.0-r0 do_package: KeyError in ./package/usr/lib/ libcryptopp-6.1.0-r0 do_package: Error executing a python function in exec_python_func() autogenerated:(...)Exception: KeyError: 'getpwuid(): uid not found: 1107'I can't ll on packages_split data.11:22
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Chruselqschulz: I have to dig into project's makefile ...11:24
qschulzChrusel: something's messing up the owner/group of the files (chown or wrong user when running the script)?11:25
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Chruselqschulz: I run bitbake as normal user on a regular Ubuntu 18.04 host ... I will take a look into the cryptic cryptopp makefile ...11:27
Chruselqschulz: "git grep chown" shows no hits -.-11:29
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pharaon2502Hi, is it possible to ship the rootfs.manifest in the image file? Does yocto have a generic command for this, or do i need to write my own?11:48
LetoThe2ndpharaon2502: does it have to be that exact file?11:51
stefanOffred123RP unfortunately no python istance running.. I fear I must make another poky folder and rerun bitbake in a different folder project.11:51
LetoThe2ndpharaon2502: in that case it is probably more like a postprocess command then.11:51
pharaon2502if i don't need the exact file?11:51
LetoThe2ndpharaon2502: then there is
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LetoThe2ndpharaon2502: generally speaking this sounds very much like a xy question anyways. so, what is it that you *ACTUALLY* want to archieve?11:52
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RPstefanOffred123: ps ax | grep python and ps ax | grep bitbake don't show anything? That is unusual for it not to start like that :(11:53
pharaon2502LetoThe2nd: cca 20 recipe Names + srcrev so it would be the easies to copy the whole manifest, and then just parse my content on the web11:53
LetoThe2ndpharaon2502: that sentence does not parse, sorry.11:54
pharaon2502LetoThe2nd: image-buildinfo.bbclass just creates which metas i used, and which is the DISTRO, or am I missing something?11:54
LetoThe2ndpharaon2502: and offers customization through IMAGE_BUILDINFO_VARS11:55
stefanOffred123RP no, sorry. I presume that some ssh disconnection while running bitbake in the past has lesft something wrong in the build folder. so even if no python or bitbake process is actually running, when I run new bitbake command it's not able to recover11:55
LetoThe2ndpharaon2502: but of course it might not fitting. yet, thats what we have in-tree. if you need somethign else, its up to you.11:56
pharaon2502LetoThe2nd: Do you maybe have the list of avaliable variables?11:57
LetoThe2ndpharaon2502: should be anything that is visible in the scope where the class' tasks are being executed.11:58
pharaon2502like, whatever parameter which i can display with bitbake <image-name> -e, that can be added here?11:59
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LetoThe2ndpharaon2502: go ahead and find out.12:00
pharaon2502LetoThe2nd: Thanks!!12:00
LetoThe2ndpharaon2502: have fun. and additionally, you can always use the class as a blueprint for a custom version.12:03
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RPstefanOffred123: what does bitbake-cookerdaemon.log say at the end?12:28
stefanOffred123RP File "/usr/lib/python3.5/asyncio/", line 264, in create_unix_server    raise OSError(errno.EADDRINUSE, msg) from None12:42
RPstefanOffred123: so something is holding the socket it wants. There has to be some process left in memory12:43
stefanOffred123yes, right. I try with  netstat looking for sockets12:44
stefanOffred123RP strange, I guess I would find a bitbake.sock.. but nope12:48
stefanOffred123RP thanks a lot, i've found the problem. Was hashserve.sock. I simply remove it.12:54
stefanOffred123so all the .sock files must be removed from build/12:54
stefanOffred123many thanks guys12:54
RPstefanOffred123: simply having the file present would not break the build so I still maintain something is running12:56
stefanOffred123I have removed .lock and .all sock files. Because I have not found that .sock file in netstat I think that no process was attached to it12:57
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eduardashello, I am having a weird issue with Linux 5.5.12 when i.MX6UL SDMA firmware load fails during boot even though the file seems to be in the right location13:31
*** dev1990 <dev1990!> has joined #yocto13:31
eduardasI have Yocto usrmerge enabled, so I wonder if default kernel loading follows symlinks13:31
sven^heya. Is there a good way to add CXX compile flags to my SDK via the SDK's image recipe?13:32
eduardasimx-sdma 20ec000.sdma: Direct firmware load for imx/sdma/sdma-imx6q.bin failed with error -213:32
eduardasfile exists as /usr/lib/firmware/imx/sdma/sdma-imx6q.bin13:33
eduardaslib is symlinked to usr13:33
*** kroon <kroon!~kroon@> has quit IRC13:36
eduardaslib -> usr/lib13:36
*** JaMa <JaMa!~martin@> has joined #yocto13:37
LetoThe2ndmckoan: i think i found it13:42
qschulzsven^: CXX flags should be passed when you have your SDK .sh sourced13:42
qschulzeduardas: I'm not sure it actually follows link? you can test for yourself I guess13:43
LetoThe2ndmckoan: try adding KCONFIG_MODE="--alldefconfig" right below the require of
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Output of scripts during bitbake missing <>13:56
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sven^qschulz: I think I had this discussion several times already. We are at the point where we are pretty sure we want to enforce it on an SDK basis. Right now we have like 5-10 medium sized projects all developed for the same platform and it's a ton of work to add new warning classes for all targets in all projects. So as a team of developers we decided it would be best to set them in the SDK we all use.13:59
*** rhadye_ <rhadye_!~root@> has joined #yocto14:00
sven^also, from a platform maintainer's perspective this will help to ensure a certain level of code quality on all included projects, which is kind of an important point14:00
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JoeRHi all. I've got a weird problem where the symlink for the image is not being created, but the image is there and the log claims the python method create_symlinks was successful.14:05
JoeRAnything obvious spring to mind?14:05
qschulzsven^: ah my bad, misread. Thought you were asking how to pass CXX flags. I do not know if you can pass CXX flags that is different from the one used to compile all SW. But I have no experience in SDK so I'm gonna stop misguiding :)14:05
qschulzJoeR: actual error? logs? expectations? etc :)14:05
JoeRSo it's a class I modified an age ago to make an sdcard image with a pair of partitions to ping pong between14:06
JoeRThis was wayyyy back in dizzy days. So now I'm moving to thud and this little gremlin has appeared.14:06
JoeRDEBUG: Shell function do_image_ext4 finishedDEBUG: Executing python function create_symlinks14:07
JoeRNOTE: Creating symlink: /home/joer/distros/thud/fsl-community-bsp/ph069-qx/tmp/work/ph069_qx-poky-linux-gnue14:07
JoeRabi/core-image-qx-full/1.0-r0/deploy-core-image-qx-full-image-complete/core-image-qx-full-ph069-qx.ext4 -> c14:07
JoeRDEBUG: Python function create_symlinks finished14:07
JoeRSo it looks like it happily did something, and yet the actual sym link is never created.14:07
sven^qschulz: I actually want (I think) to modify the values exported by the SDK .sh, like CXXFLAGS. I saw BUILDSDK_CXXFLAGS, but the description sounds wrong to me14:08
*** ssajal <ssajal!> has joined #yocto14:08
qschulzsven^: that was my understanding yes. I don't know much about SDK unfortunately /me shrugs14:08
sven^ok.. I'll keep waiting, maybe someone knows. Thanks :)14:09
JoeRHmm no. Maybe scratch that. Maybe I'm being a fool....14:10
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eduardasqschulz: I think I might know  what the problem is14:16
eduardasthis is not set in mainline defconfig for some reason14:16
*** JoeR <JoeR!> has quit IRC14:17
eduardasdon't mainline defconfigs assume using the standard linux-firmware package with its default paths?14:19
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Bitbake - use different toolchain in a recipe <>14:27
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cjdc3guys, if I'm using branch zeus of a certain layer, but I need a recipe that is only available in the master branch, what do you recon is the best way to use it? I want to avoid "checkout master -- recipe"14:55
LetoThe2ndcjdc3: how about creating your own layer and using cp? add some praying to a deity of your choice that backporting is simple.14:55
cjdc3isnt' that even worse14:56
cjdc3I become the owner and maintainer of that recipe14:56
cjdc3I won't be getting future updates automatically14:56
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Gstreamer plugins are not getting compiled on yocto 2.7 <>14:57
LetoThe2ndcjdc3: you become the owner for your state and therefor have a strong incentive to not stick to old versions :)14:57
*** paulg_ <paulg_!> has joined #yocto14:58
LetoThe2ndcjdc3: or approach the layer maintainer to do the backports for you, as well as providing the support. might require inserting coinse.15:00
qschulzcjdc3: if you don't want to maintain recipes, upgrade to master :)15:00
cjdc3qschulz y that's what I'm doing now...but it's quite some hefty work due to all dependencies15:00
LetoThe2ndcjdc3: so you want a magical solution that provides everything you need, in specific revisions you need, on a release you want to define?15:02
LetoThe2ndcjdc3: sounds like work. either do it yourself, or pay somebody.15:02
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cjdc3LetoThe2nd doesn't need to be magical, just smart15:03
LetoThe2ndcjdc3: souds like a smart way to spend money.15:03
cjdc3upgrading everything to master is a smart option...just brainstorming on whether better options exist15:04
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qschulzcjdc3: next release out in a month or so (nothing written in stone as always), will be LTS, so it's a pretty damn good reason to upgrade IMHO15:12
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cjdc3qschulz y thanks for the info. in that case y, might as well upgrade15:13
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: phytec phyBOARD iMX-6 performed poorly when running qt5 opengles application from flash instead of sd card (fps halved) <>15:27
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eliazzz"ERROR: linux-qoriq-4.1-r0 do_fetch: Fetcher failure for URL: 'git://;nobranch=1'. Unable to fetch URL from any source."  I dont find it on git.yoctoproject or  git:// , any suggestions ?15:50
LetoThe2ndeliazzz: screaming at NXP sounds legit.15:51
*** locutus__ <locutus__!> has quit IRC15:52
eliazzzany NXP people here then :D ?15:52
*** ilbelkyr <ilbelkyr!ilbelkyr@freenode/staff/atheme.ilbelkyr> has joined #yocto15:54
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mckoaneliazzz: this is yocto channel, try https://community.nxp.com15:57
qschulzuse code aurora15:58
*** Hauke <Hauke!> has joined #yocto15:58
eliazzzwill do, thx15:59
mckoanqschulz: that's ppc stuff15:59
LetoThe2ndand still not 4.116:03
mckoanLetoThe2nd: indeed :-D16:03
LetoThe2ndeliazzz: so it probably boils down to scream at yourself for using outdated stuff AND at nxp for not keeping outdated stuff online :)16:04
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eliazzzah :) how did that happen...thanks! that looks excellent16:04
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qschulzmckoan: I meant that they changed all repos from to codeaurora and just gave one exmaple :)16:06
*** karlyeurl <karlyeurl!~Karlssel@2001:41d0:8:9a4b::1> has joined #yocto16:06
eliazzzI was using coriq linux recipe from git://
mckoanqschulz: ;-)16:08
qschulzeliazzz: "For QorIQ targets, please use meta-freescale layer for pyro and newer releases. "16:11
yannI have a strange-looking shared-state reuse failure.  I've rsync'd my sstate from CI server as usual, and "bitbake -n <my-image>" starts to show it wants to rebuild tons of stuff.  Taking the kernel as example, comparing one by one the sigdata extracted from both envs using "-S none", bitbake-diffsigs on do_package.sigdata files show nothing (only on do_build.sigdata does rm_work_all introduce some "noise").  Yet bitbake fetch/.../compile/...:package my kernel.16:26
yannWhat am I missing here ?16:26
yann(on sumo)16:26
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away16:27
timemasterHello, I am trying to get s splash screen working on a raspberrypi3 using meta-raspberrypi layer, but no success :( It should be enabled by default according to some bugreports I found, but I can still see only the console log and at the end, just before the loging propt this message: umount: can't unmount /mnt/.psplash: no such...16:30
*** NiksDev <NiksDev!~NiksDev@> has quit IRC16:30
timemasterTried setting up SPLASH variable and also IMAGE_FEATURES += splash, but nothing worked :(16:30
timemasterI am on poky zeus, but even tried master16:31
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: libi2c-dev, libserial-dev how to add to "Yocto"? <>17:27
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problameI was tasked to udpate a sumo-based yocto project, but I'm already stuck building the existing one: when I `bitbake qt5-image -c populate_sdk_ext` and install the resulting SDK, `devtool --help` fails with an error that `/opt/poky/2.5.1/sysroots/x86_64-pokysdk-linux/lib/` is not installed.17:31
problameDoes that sound familiar? Do I need to install the standard SDK before installling the ext-sdk? and if so: why is the location `/opt/poky` baked into the ext-sdk's binaries?17:32
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto: update target with new PHP module <>18:27
yannproblame: yes you need to install the sdk to use it. when you do, you have the opportunity to select an alternate location18:28
yannthat's the whole point of using a sdk, anyway :)18:28
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problameyann: well that's definetly confusing, as I didn't find any hint about having to install _both_ in the docs. It seemed to me that the ext SDK just bundles more stuff for development.18:30
problameyann: anyways, it should be possible to tell the ext-sdk that the standard SDK is installed in a non-default location, right?18:30
yannoh sorry I mis-read you18:30
yannso no you don't need to install the standard sdk first18:31
yannwhen you installed the ext-sdk, it asked you about a location, right ?  you selected a place different from /opt/poky ?18:32
problameyann: well the binaries installed by the ext-sdk need a linker to be installed at /opt/poky/2.5.1/sysroots/x86_64-pokysdk-linux/lib/, otherwise you get `no such file or directory` when trying to start `devtool`18:32
problamethe ext-sdk defaults to `~/poky_sdk`, not `/opt/poky`18:32
problamethe standard-sdk defaults to `/opt/poky`18:32
problame(and that matches with what I read in the docs)18:33
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problameremember: the project is still on sumo (2.5), not the current version of yocto. but honestly: I doubt that these paths changed in the meantime.18:33
yannthat may be a bug somewhere.  I confess I have not started to use the est-sdk yet (although it's on my todo list).  I already started to wonder why those default locations are different, though.  Maybe you can try to create a symlink in /opt/poky to get out of this situation until someone more knowledgeable about this can answer.18:34
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problameyann: yeah, created that symlink, the python interpeter launched, ran into the next error right away: something about locals19:07
problameperhaps it doesn't help that - because it's 2.5 - i need to run the whole setup in an ubuntu:16.04 docker container19:07
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moto-timoRP: sorry for the delay in the install-buildtools second round. I was sick over the weekend :(19:44
* moto-timo is tired of sinus infections19:44
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RPmoto-timo: sorry to hear that, but thanks. I actually did other things over the weekend so its not a problem19:54
RPmoto-timo: I did just mention one small possible tweak, not sure if we want to do that or not though19:54
RPmoto-timo: just glad to have the patches really!19:54
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moto-timoRP: are you thinking the check_gcc_version should be using host_gcc_version ? or do you want host_gcc_version to be updated/fail if < 5.0?20:04
moto-timoRP: or possibly both ?20:05
RPmoto-timo: change host_gcc_version to a new function which returns a version and then have  check_gcc_version use the new function20:09
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moto-timoRP: roger20:09
RPmoto-timo: just wondering20:10
RPmoto-timo: My mind was jogged by a recent patch to fix it20:10
moto-timoRP: serendipity. I wasn't thinking of that function20:11
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RPJPEW: if you have a moment to ponder something,
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RPJPEW: if not I'll ponder tomorrow21:18
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ksprHi there. I cannot build gstreamer1.0-1.16, using zeus. It seems that a recipe for gstreamer1.0-plugins-base (bbappend) has been added, but is just refering to mainline gstreamer, so imx-specific stuff is not included. Specificly, I'm lacking gstimxcommon.h, which is in the Freescale gstreamer repo, but not in mainline. So basicly, gstreamer1.0 for IMX is not buildable in zeus. Anyone know anything? :-)22:02
smurraykspr: meta-freescale has some complicated workarounds in it, it's easy to run afoul of them.  What are you trying to accomplish, actually?  Based on some recent experiments I've done here, the -imx recipes for gstreamer in meta-freescale build fine if you're using the default configuration with vivante22:14
ksprsmurray, thanks, right now I'm just trying to build an image (I'm upgrading from an old Yocto..). I'm using meta-freescale, and building the default version of gstreamer, which is 1.16. It fails when building imx-gst1.0-plugin, as it cannot find imxgstcommon.h22:16
smurraykspr: when you say "building the default version of gstreamer", do you mean you've set PREFERRED_VERSION for the gstreamer recipes to pick up the non -imx versions?22:19
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ksprsmurray, nope, PREFERRED_VERSION for gstreamer is not set.22:19
ksprsmurray, maybe I need to set it to 1.16.imx?22:20
smurraykspr: ah, my bad, I'm looking at master, not zeus branch.  meta-freescale zeus branch has 1.14-imx.  If you need imx-gst1.0-plugin, you'll likely need to set PREFERRED_VERSION_gstreamer1.0 = "1.14.imx" (and gstreamer1.0-plugins-base, gstreamer1.0-plugins-good, etc. that you need)22:22
smurraykspr: the alternative would be switching to master or backporting the 1.16.imx recipes it has22:23
smurraykspr: or dropping imx-gst1.0-plugin if you don't need it22:23
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ksprsmurray, I tried master, it failed the same way. It also seemed that gstreamer1.0-plugins-base actually has 1.16, in the MM_04_05_01+ branches. The issue seems to be that the bbappend for 1.16 in meta-freescale is not refering to that repo, but to the mainline which is not compatible. So for me, it seems that the recipe for gstreamer1.0-plugins-base 1.16 in meta-freescale is just not really finished. But, it's a good idea trying 1.14.imx, I would guess that22:26
ksprit is more stable :-)22:26
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smurraykspr: the bbappend in meta-freescale, i.e: recipes-multimedia/gstreamer/gstreamer1.0-plugins-base_1.16.%.bbappend ?22:27
ksprsmurray, yes22:27
smurraykspr: it only tweaks PACKAGECONFIG_GL, not sure why that would be a big problem?22:27
ksprsmurray, it is a problem because that the bbappend inherits from poky/meta/recipes-multimedia/gstreamer/, which is fetching source from the mainline gstreamer repo. And that repo does not have the imx-specific files (eg. imxgstcommon.h).22:29
smurraykspr: sure, but you probably shouldn't expect imx-gst-plugin to build22:30
ksprsmurray, why not? :-)22:30
smurraykspr: it's in the name, "imx", the error you're seeing clearly shows it needs NXP's hacked up version22:30
ksprsmurray, so what you say is that the issue is that there's no
ksprsmurray, I mean, gst-imx-plugins 1.16 has been included in zeus, and is dependend  on the plugins-base package..22:32
smurraykspr: as I said above, it's present on meta-freescale master branch22:32
ksprsmurray, yes, I know :-)22:32
smurraykspr: dude, it's not my layer, complain to NXP22:32
ksprsmurray, sorry, I'm not complaing at all. Just wanna make sure that I understand :-)22:33
ksprsmurray, but I'll try 1.14.imx and see if that works. Thanks a lot for your help! :-)22:34
smurraykspr: np, good luck22:34
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