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luna_Yocto talk at foss-north now07:02
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: yocto image size gets increased with increase in partition size <>07:04
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LetoThe2ndluna_: thanks for telling, shared!07:09
luna_LetoThe2nd: np07:09
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LetoThe2ndluna_: are the sessions put on YT afterwards?07:11
luna_LetoThe2nd: they will be when Johan Thelin has edited and uploaded them he will start on Friday this week07:12
luna_so yeah they will be, but not directly afterwards07:12
LetoThe2ndluna_: awesome. Chris' Talk contains a lot of good stuff i'd love to be able to reference. sure, no hurry, unless we're talking years otherwise :)07:13
luna_LetoThe2nd: i am pretty sure he don't need years to edit out the talks into one and one and upload the videos07:13
luna_maybe weeks07:14
LetoThe2ndluna_: that would be wonderful.07:14
luna_i am not staff or crew btw, just a person watching07:14
LetoThe2ndluna_: seriously, the last 5 minutes alone perfectly sum up the pro-yocto points we usually need to get across.07:15
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jkimbladIs it possible to rename files in the image directory? I create a rauc file from a custom image recipe that i would like to have a git tag automatically appended to its name.08:52
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LetoThe2ndjkimblad: simplest way is probably to set IMAGE_LINK_NAME08:55
LetoThe2ndin your image recipe, that is.08:55
jkimbladLetoThe2nd: Alright, thank you =)08:55
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Guest52Hi, is there a way to show all tasks of a recipe/package in the correct order?09:12
Guest52listtasks does not look ordered to me :)09:12
qschulzGuest52: bitbake -g -u taskexp <myrecipe>09:13
qschulzGuest52: or bitbake -g <myrecipe> and then use dot on the .dot files to create a graph09:13
Guest52qschulz great09:13
mckoanGuest52: also bitbake <pkgname> | tee gives you a rough idea09:18
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Ninic0c0Hello, I'm still stuck with my question: Could we add an EXT_DTB parameter if the u-boot binary has been built with a dtb inside  ? Thx09:34
fawadHi guys! I am trying to upgrade my project from sumo to warrior and have been trying to compile openjdk-8 using Somehow it breaks while compilation with the following error: arm-poky-linux-gnueabi-g++: error: unrecognized command line option '-m32'; did you mean '-mbe32'?09:35
fawadThis layer is dependent upon meta-openembedded and previously in sumo version it used to compile without any errors or warnings. Is there anyone who has faced such error?09:36
Guest52qschulz do you have a dot command line? its running forever for me09:40
qschulzGuest52: it took 15 hours for a full image for me :p09:41
LetoThe2ndGuest52: don't use dot, it cant handle the graph size. just open the file with a text editor and look09:41
Guest52qschulz i see :)09:41
LetoThe2ndfawad: you bumped meta-java to warrior too, hopefully?09:43
qschulzLetoThe2nd: if it's a rather simple recipe, dot should be fine I guess? But yes, I always check in the file manually09:43
qschulzGuest52: but more specifically, why do you need to know the task order?09:43
LetoThe2ndbecause law and order!09:43
fawadLetoThe2nd yes I did.09:44
Guest52qschulz i want to know where i can add my new task09:44
fawadSurprisingly it compiles till 99% and then gives error.09:44
LetoThe2ndfawad: i'm no user of meta-java, hence i cannot really comment. only idea i have is to search the mailing list archive to see if somebody else already ran into the same problem.09:45
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fawadLetoThe2nd Thanks! I will post there.09:46
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to include git revision of image layer in boot output or /etc/issue? <>10:05
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erbofawad: There's some special handling for different arm versions in openjdk-8. I don't know much about it, but I'd have a look at if your machine matches any of the arm overrides used there.
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: yocto image building - python failed with exit code '1' <>11:05
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fawadHi again guys! I have one question. Since I am in a middle of upgrading my project from sumo. Which version out of these 2 do you recommend, warrior or zeus? They both seem to have the support for linux-fslc-4.1.11:54
LetoThe2ndfawad: dunfell11:58
LetoThe2ndfawad: at the moment is actually a particularly bad moment for massive upgrading.12:02
kroonHmm. I have two different sigdata files for python3-setuptools-native:populate_sysroot, with different checksums, but running bitbake-diffsigs yields nothing. Wouldn't that be odd ?12:03
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: ncurses error iostream.h not found in Yocto SDK do_populate <>12:05
Guest52how is image_types.bbclass connected to the image recipe i have?12:08
Guest52i found this file
LetoThe2ndGuest52: fido? hopefully not.12:08
LetoThe2ndGuest52: 1) your image recipe hopefully inherits core-image 2) which in turn should interit image, 3) which interacts with the image_tiyes.12:09
LetoThe2ndtypes, even.12:09
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Guest52so this IMAGE_CMD_multiubi is called if i used IMAGE_FSTYPES += " multiubi" ?12:11
Guest52So is it possible to redefine them?12:11
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qschulzGuest52: yes, you can define your own image types12:16
fawadI have not heard of dunfell? LetoThe2nd12:20
qschulzfawad: it's not out yet, it's 3.112:20
fawadand why is it a bad moment?12:20
qschulzfawad: it's the first LTS, out ~end of april12:21
fawadI only think from long time support point of view? Does zeus or warrior come with LTS?12:21
qschulzfawad: 14:21     qschulz| fawad: it's the first LTS,12:22
fawadI can only hope they support some old kernel versions.12:22
LetoThe2ndfawad: its more like, is the kernel suffiently new to pass the compiler that comes with it. what version are you on?12:24
fawadlinux freescale 4.112:36
LetoThe2nd4.1 might be problematic unless they added LTSy patches.12:37
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fawadit's marked as linux-fslc-lts-4.1912:37
fawadlike it is used in zeus and warrior both.12:38
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FrazerClewssorry if someone has sent a response down the line but i cant seem to find it so i assumed its been unanswered, im currently linting my work, i have been using oelint-adv, but just saw theres a in meta-openembedded, does anyone know if one is better than the other, or are they both good at13:17
FrazerClewsdifferent things?13:17
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: LIBSDL2 + DirectFB + i.MX 6 - Only software blitting? <>13:35
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JPEWRP: Sorry I haven't had a chance to look the SDE + multilib bug... Have to watch the kids at home so I have far fewer hours each day :(14:30
RPJPEW: no problem. I think I managed to understand the problem but have not looked at solutions yet14:31
eliazzz /quit14:33
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yannI'm wondering if we could integrate in poky the support in mesa for building the va and vdpau gallium state trackers.  Most of the needed work seems to be in meta-amd already, and since it implies a change of dependencies and splitting, it seems cumbersome to have it out ot tree.  What do you think ?14:45
LetoThe2ndyann: you mean, moving stuff from meta-amd into oe-core?14:46
yannyes, more or less14:47
rburtonabsolutely, as long as it doesn't involve a load of amd-specific patches14:47
LetoThe2ndrburton: was about to ask that next, how much of it would be generic?14:47
rburtonif its just enabling options then it makes sense to e.g add the packageconfigs to oe-core so meta-amd just has bbappends that set the right options14:47
yanni'd also love to have vaapi and vdpau as DISTRO_FEATURE, instead of having to enable them one by one in all packages14:48
LetoThe2ndthere is no fixed list of DISTRO features anyways.... so that only makes sense if there are already multiple packages in oe-core which would trigger on it.14:49
rburtona global variable would also work as i'm personally hesistant to add distro features14:49
yannin the case of vaapi it's a bit more, since that makes mesa dependent on libva, whereas today libva depends on mesa to build libva-glx.  So they split the x11 stuff in a separate libva-x11;bb14:50
rburtonbut a VIDEO_ACCEL variable would prove the worth and you can use bb.utils.contains() to check in it14:50
yannweston and ffmpeg already have a PACKAGECONFIG, meta-amd adds one for mpv, and I'm pretty sure other packages would benefit from them14:53
yannsome platforms support both vaapi and vdpau, a single VIDEO_ACCEL could be too limiting14:54
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rburtonyann: not if you allow multiple values14:54
yannright :)14:54
rburtonVIDEO_ACCEL="vdapu vaapi"14:54
yannwe could still use ${@bb.utils.filter('VIDEO_ACCEL', 'vaapi vdpau', d)) in PACKAGECONFIG14:56
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yannwhere would the default VIDEO_ACCEL="" live ?15:03
yann?= rather, I guess15:03
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yannI'll start prototyping that as soon as i've finish updating our layer to zeus/master15:11
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto - how to add empty directory to file tree <>15:36
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: yocto - how to reset image so I can rerun post-install steps <>16:06
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto linux loading wrong dtb <>16:36
yannDon't we have a way to prevent config file changes in a dependency to trigger rebuilds ?  It's always annoying to see how much CPU can get wasted by such changes :|16:40
yannI mean runtime config files, obviously - those changes that get literally into packages without any build impact of dependencies16:41
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moto-timoRP: any docs changes should be on top of poky master-next right? rather than yocto-docs16:44
moto-timoRP: assuming your scripts don't push to yocto-docs master-next yet and that isn't a priority16:45
RPmoto-timo: I just updated yocto-docs so it won't matter which now16:45
RPbut yes16:45
moto-timoRP: ok. thank you!16:45
* moto-timo still waking up apparently16:49
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kergothRP: I'm assuming the testsdk bbclass only runs the runtime test su ite against the target sysroot, yes? It doesn't directly test cross or native components?17:18
kergoth(or anyone else, really)17:18
kergothI'm looking into testing of the toolchain components.17:18
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learningcI want to build with Yocto. Which Linux distro is best supported?17:48
alejandrohslearningc: Hey, the quick start on the YP documentatino might be your best resource right now, there are several distros that are officially supported17:49
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RPkergoth: it tests the nativesdk toolchain, it literally extracts the SDK, then uses the tools therein to run the tests18:06
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kergothhmm, k, will have to examine what those tests are. thanks18:07
RPkergoth: You are probably interested in oe-selftest -a -t toolchain-system (or toolchain-user)18:07
kergothah! thanks18:07
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learningcalejandrohs: thanks!18:30
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kanavin_homeuff patch bomb ready
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kanavin_home(continues on page 2 :)19:19
kanavin_homenow back to 'real' work that I get paid for19:19
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