Saturday, 2020-04-04

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khemRP: sadly the v2 of icu patch failed for me with build from scratch where it use cross AR and RANLIB, so I sent a v3, problem is that I dont have enough compute to detect all these cases took some time, but v3 should be good01:52
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khemplease drop v2 and take v3 at earliest02:15
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RPkhem: thanks, the build did fail badly. Will requeue09:34
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alexb3600Hi! I'm using yocto warrior inside a docker image in order to create an image for my board. I want to create a recipe in order to compile a software of mine. The software is very big and it is based on qt5.8. Usually I compile it using a docker and a qmake command. Here, how can I compile my soft using a yocto recipe? :)14:40
alexb3600Crofton|road: Hum so I just need to download the layer then I build qmake with bitbake and then in my recipe I will be able to do the command15:05
alexb3600Am I right?15:05
Crofton|roadYeah basically, you'll need meta-qt5 layer, not sure what qt version is there, and mayb elook for some qmake based recipes to give you ideas15:07
alexb3600But This should install qmake on the target no? Me I just need qmake for the yocto recipe. Ido not want qmake on the target15:08
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Crofton|roadthere classes should help you use wmake in a recipe15:14
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alexb3600okay I will look at it, thanks :)15:30
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timemasterI am fighting this the whole day, can somebody help please?, I am trying to remove this file : ${D}${sysconfdir}/systemd/system/
timemastertried with do_install_append() in sytemd_%.bbappend, but it says: cannot remove '': No such file or directory16:23
timemasterI couldn't figure out where this file being created :(16:24
LetoThe2ndtimemaster: oe-pkgdata-util is your friend16:39
timemasterLetoThe2nd: haha, another reading..:) thanks for this clue, lets see what is it16:43
timemasterok, this is probably not what I am looking for16:44
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timemasterbecause this search for files, but this one is tricky because it is a symlink and presumably automatically created, somehow somewhere16:46
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Python modules missing in compile-time - Yocto <>16:50
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timemasterso just to confirm, oe-pkgdata-util didn't help, it showed only file, which I would expect to be very similar issue, but is not :( that's why I am lost for so long16:55
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timemasterERROR: Unable to find any package producing path /etc/systemd/system/
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khemRP: sigh, another subtle issue on rebuilds where the filter is not effective, sending a v4 now17:05
* khem ducks17:05
LetoThe2ndtimemaster: maybe related to this?
LetoThe2nd(can't really dig here at the moment, sorry)17:05
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timemasterno problem, thanks for any help..17:08
timemasterunfortunatelly not, if this is related, I didn't find how, this is for the other file called serial-getty@ttyS0.service, which is ok17:09
opennandrahi, I'm adding recipe for this repo: all seems to be find just *.so libraries are put to -dev package ant not to main package17:09
opennandrais there any reason for that?17:09
opennandraif they are not linked with binary then are moved to -dev package?17:09
timemasterbut now I am pretty sure, this file is created by something in the distro, like systemd or agetty, because everything I tried so far ends up with rm: cannot remove, file not found...17:10
timemasterMy last attemp was to create a class with a task and chain this task after do_rootfs17:10
timemasterand even there it failed with file not found error17:11
LetoThe2ndtimemaster: i'd rather guess that this is a systemd default.17:12
timemasterno, I take it back.. if I open the filesystem image (tar.bz2) the file is there.. f*ck :(17:12
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timemasterLetoThe2nd, yes, it seems like a agetty default or sth like that.. :(17:14
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LetoThe2ndtimemaster: have you outright grepped the work directories for it?17:21
LetoThe2nd(thats a simple idea i have without much manuel searching)17:21
timemasteryes, I tried, I was really desperate.. :) no info about this file17:22
timemasterthe name is probably compiled during some script run17:23
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LetoThe2ndbut it should show up i a grp then, (not in a find, probably)17:37
LetoThe2ndwhats the deeper reason behind removing it anyways?17:37
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timemasterI know what you mean, I've tried both, find and recursive grep.. strange18:18
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timemasterThis service breaks my weston image, the image boots up, shows weston desktop and in a few sec it will switches to tty1 because of this service18:19
timemasterand then after some time, switches back to weston.. once I removed this file on the target manually, the behaviour is ok..18:20
timemasterI think this service is not needed at all because systemd starts up agetty on demand anyway18:21
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timemasterFinally moving a little, I was grepping badly :( DEBUG: Executing shell function systemd_preset_all, ln -s /lib/systemd/system/getty@.service ,,,,system/
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timemasterwhich is in IMAGE_PREPROCESS_COMMAND and runs systemctl of course..18:34
khemRP: icu patch v4 is good, I was trying filters with it which are now working seemingly18:44
khemRP: I was seeing musl error, which I sent a separate patch on top18:52
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timemasterLetoThe2nd, solved for now with a custom function written as bbclass and then included in the image definition, not ideal but at least it works :) thanks!18:57
LetoThe2ndtimemaster: care to write a small rundown and send to the ml, so we can properly fix it for weson?18:58
timemastersure, will do..18:59
timemasterno problem19:00
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RobertBergerDid someone out there manage to get golang support into the SDK with poky master?19:03
RobertBergerAs a first shot I added nativesdk-go nativesdk-go-dep nativesdk-go-runtime but like this default golang modules like fmt can not be found.19:05
timemasterLetoThe2nd: which ml would you prefer? Poky,oe-core? I am not sure..19:05
LetoThe2ndah crap, i mean yocto19:05
timemasteryocto, all right then19:05
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RPkhem: ok, I'll need another testing cycle I guess :/19:30
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khemRP: I will send v5, in few minutes, I think one issue is that I should have perhaps used BUILD_CC and tools20:10
khemits failing on one of ubuntu hosts20:10
khemold ones20:10
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RPkhem: ok, I'd not got to the v4 yet ;-)20:39
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khemRP: v5 is already out :)21:43
khemI think I need to take deep breathe21:43
khembut this is very important since icudata is 27M and second largest shared library after browser21:45
khemso kind of trying to get the baseline into core before release21:46
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khemah mips bites again21:57
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khemRP: is there some way where I can ask tar to overwrite existing files ?22:46
khemI have two tarballs, in src_uri second one has newer files which should be used instead of the ones in original tarball22:47
RPkhem: extract to a different subdir, them move the files over yourself?22:53
RPkhem: I'm getting worried about the risk from icu in the release now :/22:53
khemWe are patching a inside the data/ so I have to defer a patch after extract22:54
khemits a simple change22:54
RPkhem: I mean that we're on a v6 of the patchset and seeing issues :/22:55
khemI should wait until my slow mips builder finished before sending22:56
khemI am testing it with and without filter so combinations are a bit overwhelming22:56
RPkhem: I've added v6 to the autobuilder, was that right?22:57
khembut I am seeing end of it now22:57
khemno wait for v7 which I am preparing as we speak22:57
RPkhem: let me stop that build22:58
khemRP: sorry for being so crazy today22:58
RPkhem: it matches the rest of the world atm!22:58
khemRP: this is the diff over v622:59
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RPkhem: ok, I can fire a build with that23:01
khemRP: sent23:03
khemtake v723:03
khemand I will pray nothing falls over this time23:03
RPkhem: musl patch still needed?23:03
khemthats independent even if we dont take the other change its required23:04
khemRP: so its working ok on arm and mips as of now on musl and glibc23:06
khemrest will run through full autobuilder here and see tomorrow as well23:06
khemlooks ok thus far23:06
RPkhem: new build started on the AB too23:07
* RP -> sleep23:09
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kiwi_29hello...I m PXE booting my yocto distro. However it asks for password at login. The same kernel rootfs combination when booted from ssd does not require password for "root" user. Where is the issue23:20
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khemRP: icuinfo says ICU Initialization returned: U_ZERO_ERROR :) on qemumips so I can now sleep in peace23:53
khemkiwi_29: Are you sure its mounting exact samee rootfs in both cases ?23:54
kiwi_29khem ..yes. however I dug more and the kernel boot logs for pxe has numerous systems services failing ... in the end the login service fails too23:56
kiwi_29I wonder if that is the problem23:56
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