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stefandxmiam trying to understand the runqemu approach00:03
stefandxmis there any exhaustive material on how this works?00:04
stefandxmif possible i want to run it outside the yocto enviroment in total00:08
stefandxmbuilding yocto in a dockers container00:08
stefandxmpreferably running the tests outside00:08
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alejandrohsstefandxm: I dont think theres any documentation other than the code itself which is inside scripts/runqemu, it does rely on the data grabbed from bitbake, so you would still need to do that to get the required variables about the system it'll run, a lot of those are inside the qemuboot.conf file on your deploy directory, which are set on the qemuboot class, you can easily share directories between01:09
alejandrohsthe container and your host which would allow you to do something similar to that01:09
stefandxmthats fair01:15
stefandxmponder i want to run 10x tests in parallel taking days01:16
stefandxmhmm, should work01:16
stefandxmsorry, was thinking loud :)01:16
stefandxmbut main question remains tho. albeit its my own fault01:18
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stefandxmrunqemu documentation? i had some difficulties with it yesterday01:18
stefandxmi see now our shell scripts do not export stuff01:22
stefandxmbut pondering this works01:22
stefandxmwe should be able to stage the qemuboot.conf right?01:23
stefandxmwith the image?01:23
stefandxm(iam a bit out of the loop, just a programmer :)01:23
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alejandrohstechnically the qemuboot.conf would still be generated within the build, so inside the container01:29
alejandrohsstefandxm: but if you share the build directory of such container with your host, you can run the same environment that was used to build on your host01:30
alejandrohsand it would grab the correct qemuboot.conf  automatically01:30
alejandrohsthats just AN approach that comes to mind cant say its the most efficient possible01:31
alejandrohsso what I'm saying is you dont have to stage it, from outside the container you can just use the one created inside01:32
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stefandxmyeah we have mounted into the dockers container01:33
stefandxmi want to stage it01:33
stefandxmbut i do it manually with some python scripts01:33
alejandrohsyou would have to source the oe-env from outside and then nothing stops you from running runqemu at that point01:34
stefandxmits mostly because i want many short-tests01:34
alejandrohsas in you are using testimage?01:34
stefandxmi think i will attack runqemu and make it more permanent to our test system01:34
stefandxmin the end i guess its all qemu system right?01:35
alejandrohsstefandxm: please dont attack our code01:36
stefandxmthe reason for staging is because our generic testing system runs 1-~10 tests01:36
stefandxmand we do a dry run, quick test, quick test * 201:36
stefandxmand then some longer tests01:36
alejandrohsyou can define different test suites01:36
stefandxmyeah, but the tests depend on evironment01:37
stefandxmnot talking about the shell environment but databases/perpherials etc01:37
stefandxma complete test takes 2 weeks :o01:37
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stefandxmits nothing advanced. just staging :)01:38
stefandxmin this case the yocto image is an edge device01:39
stefandxmor, even several01:39
stefandxmand each image depends on a production enviroment01:39
stefandxmyocto in total.. i have no idea :D01:41
stefandxmfor what we are using it for it seems a bit over engineered01:41
stefandxmmaybe its time for some separation01:41
stefandxmbut it works great :)01:41
alejandrohsI think its achievable, my one suggestion would just be not to deviate too much from upstream, in case some behavior changes and that way you don thave to rebase your work01:41
stefandxmi will do full copy in the staging though01:42
stefandxmsince you never know what triggers an issue01:42
stefandxmwith yocto so many stages can create new behaviour01:42
stefandxmbut we are in desperate need of emulator to get to valgrind etc01:43
stefandxmthe hardware is just not fast enough01:43
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dpWhen building offline, I notice that yocto really wants to contact a git server in the case of recipes using tags for SRCREV. I see the advice is to "use SHAs instead, silly" but I would like to leave my recipes looking pretty. Is there a way I can get it not to try and fetch tags when offline (e.g. BB_NO_NETWORK)?01:43
dpI understand the problems around tags potentially changing definition upstream, but if I'm building offline I don't 100% care about that from a developer perspective, since I'd have imagined offline builds to use local versions of tags01:44
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stefandxmalejandrohs: you work on yocto?01:49
stefandxmdp: sorry i dont know01:49
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alejandrohsstefandxm: I mean tecnically we all contribute to it02:12
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stefandxmalejandrohs: i just adressed you because of the original comment of yours :) but you are a maintainer no?02:14
stefandxmwe are very happy with yocto02:14
stefandxmiam working for a company trying to get away from some lock ins02:15
stefandxmand personally iam an avid open source contributor02:15
stefandxmhaving some projects on my own02:15
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stefandxmbut we are new to yocto :)02:16
stefandxmand while trying to do some stuff yourself until you learn i love the synergy of asking questions when it can help you02:17
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Config parsing error on xl create for Xen Guest DomU <>02:35
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alejandrohsstefandxm: yes, usually you can get help from the community through these channels05:06
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Installing Mosquitto on Yocto <>07:36
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aurelienbouinHello everybody, I am looking for a yocto build machine, I would like at least 32 threads (16 cores), have you buy something like that ? Do you have a website to advise me ? Thank you very much08:39
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qschulzaurelienbouin: there was a thread recently on the mailing list, let me find it08:41
aurelienbouinqschulz: oh really, yes please show me it ! thank you08:43
qschulzaurelienbouin: ah not exactly... there was discussion on what were the factors for speedy yocto builds08:48
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aurelienbouinqschulz yes interesting, but where to buy ;-)08:57
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paulbarkeraurelienbouin: Are you looking to buy a physical server or just rent one in a datacentre somewhere? I use Hetzner (DE) and OVH (FR/GB) servers09:10
aurelienbouinAs a yocto build machine I was planning to use AMD EPYC 7302P (Lenovo ThinkSystem SR635), but I don't know if it is worth it compare to AMD Ryzen 9 3900X09:11
aurelienbouinpaulbarker : The problem is my internet connection bandwidth, else i would rent AWS or any other machine online, things that i do for my customers ...09:12
aurelienbouinMaybe better to buy two AMD Ryzen 9 then09:13
aurelienbouinpaulbarker: Maybe better to buy two AMD Ryzen 9 then09:14
paulbarkerPersonally I'd take the Ryzen 9.09:14
aurelienbouinIs there a way to split yocto build among multiple machine on a network ?09:14
paulbarkerNot that I know of. Multiple machines would help if you've got more than one build to do at a time though, I often find I have 3 machines running different builds09:15
aurelienbouinpaulbarker: yes the same for me the problem is that sometime we need to wait until a build finished for so small modifications ...09:16
mcfriskaurelienbouin: pool of throw away build machines and jenkins...09:16
aurelienbouinmcfrisk: yes actually using bamboo those times but yes the way to go I guess09:18
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RobertBerger@aurelienbouin: Is there a way to split yocto build among multiple machine on a network ? - Yes you can try icecream09:19
mcfriskaurelienbouin: measure your builds:CPU, RAM, IO, disk, networking.. take machines where you can extend at least memory and disk if needed. our builds are not bound by CPUs nor RAM nor disk or network. It's an annoying combination of them which is hard to optimize...09:20
RobertBerger@aurelienbouin: there is a bbclass for it in poky:
mcfriskI didn't see any build time improvements with icecc...switching from virtual machines to real throw away ones brought the biggest reliability and performance gains beyond rm_work, sstate caches/mirrors, download caches..09:22
aurelienbouinRobertBerger: really interesting ! Reading on it : if you have a better link I am also interested09:22
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aurelienbouinmcfrisk: I prefer to use docker instead of VM,  a lot more convenient to share folders; reproduce builds;move build etc09:23
mcfriskwe use lxc, docker would do as well. but mainly for host contamination and easier portability of all build tools and their versions.09:25
aurelienbouinI share sstate-cache dir and downloads folder through docker, example of a launch : DOWNLOADS_SHARED_DIRECTORY="/media/hddhome/bouin/yocto/downloads/" && SSTATE_SHARED_DIRECTORY="/media/hddhome/bouin/yocto/sstate-cache/" && docker run --rm -it -v ${PWD}:/workdir -v ${DOWNLOADS_SHARED_DIRECTORY}:/workdir/downloads -v ${SSTATE_SHARED_DIRECTORY}:/workdir/sstate-cache crops/poky:ubuntu-18.04 --workdir=/workdir bash09:27
mcfriskdocker images are not reproducible by default...09:28
RobertBerger@aurelienbouin: here are a few notes I made about it:
RobertBerger@aurelienbouin: I use proxmox and lxr containers which docker running in there - much better performance than vm + container09:34
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aurelienbouinmcfrisk: don't you think that buy 2x 12 cores processors combined with icecc won't get better performance than 1x16 cores processor ? of course with RAM and NvME etc09:34
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aurelienbouinThank you all for your time RobertBerger mcfrisk paulbarker qschulz09:43
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emriusHello together, I ran into a strange error:  do_package_qa: QA Issue: non debug package contains .debug directory.12:12
emriusThis is strange 1. because the stated .debug directory doesn't exist and 2. I have no idea why that directory was created.12:13
emriusThe recipe compiles some c code through a makefile12:13
emriusCan anyone shed some light onto 1. or 2.?12:13
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emriusINHIBIT_PACKAGE_DEBUG_SPLIT = "1" fixed that for now. But I'm still a little confused about number 1.12:21
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vermaeteIs there a way to set the compiler options to a more strict was (e.g. -Wall, pedantic, ...) in a recipe or local.conf?12:30
vermaeteI could like to use this in the CI to do some QA measurements.12:30
vermaeteI know there is insane.bbclass, but this seems to be more about yocto itself and not the compiler of some bb recipes.12:31
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qschulzvermaete: CFLAGS += in your recipe?12:35
vermaeteCould work, but if possible I was looking for an option at local.conf that would be used for all recipes.12:36
vermaeteWell, I was just wondering how Yocto/OE of users where doing this.12:36
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mcfriskvermaete: meta/conf/bitbake.conf and *OPTMIZIATION flags, you can change these in distro or local.conf12:41
mcfrisknote that some recipes do overwrite e.g. -O2 optimization with -O3, so for Os builds for example some patches will be needed to make these effective. inspection of buildhistory for sizes with Os or do_compile logs for other flags will be needed.12:42
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qschulzmcfrisk: and if I can add, I got bit recently by a SW that would work with -O0 only :)12:52
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vermaetethanks!  I will check these things.12:59
mcfriskqschulz: I've been there too. it was an expensive bit of SW too. well done from their sales team..13:00
qschulzmcfrisk: signing tool for secure boot from the SoC vendor for me :)13:00
mcfriskoh, those are fun..13:01
mcfriskshould we start the daily/weekly BSP bashing rant?13:01
PatrickEhey i created a simple recipe, now i get ERROR: Function failed: BUILDSPEC any advice?13:05
paulbarkerPatrickE: Can you share the full error via a pastebin?13:05
PatrickEiam already pasting it13:06
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paulbarkerPatrickE: The full bitbake output would make things clearer13:11
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PatrickEpaulbarker its the same13:21
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paulbarkerPatrickE: So you ran bitbake and that was the full output?13:24
paulbarkerWhat was the bitbake command?13:25
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PatrickE error: line 6: Empty tag: Group:13:30
PatrickEThis is the error13:30
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paulbarkerPatrickE: Please share the command you executed and the full output printed, we can't really help from what you've shared so far13:41
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qschulzhas anyone ever had an issue with a file-rdeps issue for lib32-gstreamer1.0-plugins-good-cairo package?14:06
qschulzQA Issue: /usr/lib/gstreamer-1.0/ requires, but no providers found in RDEPEND14:09
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thomas_deeHello, when bitbaking the linux kernel, there might be some unset CONFIG-switches. The build then aborts with an error message stating the missing CONFIG.14:20
thomas_deeThe problem ist now: I have a lot of unset CONFIG switches and I have to run bitbake again and agian to add all the missing swicthes step by step.14:20
thomas_deeIs there a global "set all unset CONFIG switches to [n]"14:21
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thomas_deeAdditional info: we use a custom default-config14:22
*** pi2 <pi2!> has joined #yocto14:24
paulbarkerthomas_dee: How did you generate the custom config?14:26
*** pi____ <pi____!> has joined #yocto14:27
thomas_deeWe used menuconfig and then saved it. BUT, we also "add" cfg snippets in the do_configure_append. And those (there set) CONFIG switches adds some more CONFIG-dependencies which I want to default to [n]14:27
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qschulzwth. So... cairo-gobject package is created but not lib32-cairo-gobject...14:57
qschulzbut there is a packages-split directory for it with the correct lib in it14:57
qschulzhow could this happen?14:57
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nameclashhi everyone, is there anything special in baking meta packages? I want to bake meta-toolchain-qt5 which works fine when passing it directly to bitbake, however when I add it to IMAGE_INSTALL in core-image-minimal.bbappend it fails complaining "No package meta-toolchain-qt5 available" .... I'm confused and can't find anything really useful on this out there15:02
jpuhlmannameclash: Yeah meta packages do not generate packages that can be included in an image.15:02
jpuhlmanmeta-toolchain-qt5 is a build target for generating an SDK.15:03
nameclashok, I see15:03
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jpuhlmannameclash, The target part you want in your image is likely packagegroup-qt5-toolchain-target15:04
nameclashactually that was my ultimate goal anyway, I just needed qmake to be included in an SDK15:04
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nameclashthanks @jpuhlman, that's reasonable info15:05
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jpuhlmannameclash, in a normal case you could add the packaagegroup to your image, and run the image -c populate_sdk or -c populates_ext_sdk and it will give you a working sdk with qt5. However the qt5 toolchain sdk also adds in nativesdk-qttools-tools to make the sdk more usable for qt development.15:08
nameclashI'm running a build with nativesdk-packagegroup-qt5-toolchain-host now and see what I get15:10
*** timemaster5 <timemaster5!> has joined #yocto15:10
nameclashit should include     nativesdk-packagegroup-sdk-host, nativesdk-qttools-tools and nativesdk-qtbase-tools15:10
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jpuhlmannameclash yeah. that will build the packages that are used to assemble the meta-toolchain-qt5 sdk, but it won't actually build the sdk itself.15:13
nameclashsdk creation is already in place, I'm just adding more packages in there15:14
qschulzok, found it. It's a license issue. LICENSE_${PN}-gobject does not seem to work for the lib32 variant for some reason.....15:14
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jpuhlmanYou would need to rebuild the sdk in order for new packages to be added.15:17
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jpuhlmanif you built meta-toolchain-qt5 they should already exist since that is what it keys off of. You have to alter TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK to add new nativesdk packages and TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK to add new target packages to the sdk.15:19
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nameclashI added nativesdk-packagegroup-qt5-toolchain-host to TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK_append15:24
jpuhlmanSo looking at the meta-toolchain task they are doing some extra env output likely to enable additional stuff.15:24
nameclashyeah they're adding the target toolchain and qtcreator, I don't need any of these15:26
nameclashpackagegroup-qt5-toolchain-target and packagegroup-qt5-qtcreator-debug ... dont need em15:27
nameclashthanks jpuhlman, gotta go afk now before my wife freaks out15:28
nameclashhomeoffice around the globe is cool but you gotta know where to make the cut :)15:29
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How do I enable bridged networking in Xen guest? <>15:38
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nameclashjpuhlman, I'm getting "environment-setup.d conflicts between attempted installs of nativesdk-cmake-3.8.2-r0.x86_64_nativesdk and nativesdk-qtbase-tools-5.9.8+git0+82eb6aa08e-r0.x86_64_nativesdk" on do_populate_sdk now, do I interpret this right that the two are populating overlapping artifacts?15:42
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jpuhlmanPerhaps, can you put the error in pastbin?15:47
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: gnome.gtk-doc() gives permission denied error in Yocto (do_install) <>16:08
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moto-timoJPEW: dunfell branch created. thank you for the reminder17:18
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qschulzOK, there is definitely a LICENSE issue with multilib packages.17:39
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The_Pacifistdon't want to dox anyone but is there someone here names phillip who went to VT?17:45
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bluelightningThe_Pacifist: I believe there is yes18:35
bluelightningI will poke him and he will get in contact18:36
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Crofton|roadit is no secret18:39
Crofton|roadThe_Pacifist: I am likely the person you seek18:40
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armpitI would have asked why they are looking for you before raising your hand.18:47
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armpitmaybe that philip is involved in some sort of love triangle18:48
zeddiilets start some rumours18:49
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paulgooh, worked for the giant electronic conglomerate Phillips, I heard.19:13
khemis it equilateral or one-sides triangle19:13
paulgstole top sekrit plans for a new screwdriver too.19:14
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zeddiihad to admit that robertson is superior to phillips19:23
* zeddii wonders if only the canadians got that reference.19:24
paulgfunny, since I was thinking of typing a square head reference too....19:24
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paulgThat should be a Canadian immigration test.   List the robertson colours from smallest to largest.19:26
paulgautomatic fail if you spell colour wrong.19:26
paulggotta keep the heathens out, and we can't afford to build a wall.  ;)19:28
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khemexport Tim Hortons to other countries then you wont need wall :)19:30
mischief1it looks like commit 8946c65c8f0 broke using icecc with a kernel recipe. is that expected?19:30
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mischief1i filed a bug about icecc, i hope using BZ is the right approach..20:18
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nameclashI'm trying to configure a qt based project for my target platform using qmake that I baked into the nativesdk and get this error:21:51
nameclashChecking for Qt using qmake ......... no (Qt include directory "/home/user/work/montavista/meta-user/opencgx-xilinx-2.4/project/tmp/work/x86_64-nativesdk-montavistasdk-linux/nativesdk-qtbase/5.9.8+gitAUTOINC+82eb6aa08e-r0/recipe-sysroot/opt/montavista/sysroots/x86_64-montavistasdk-linux/usr/include/qt5" does not exist)21:51
nameclashsomehow the tmp directory from the build process has found its way into the built qmake. I don't understand what's going on -- does this look familiar to any of you? (maybe also in the context of other recipes?)21:52
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khemnameclash: your SDK vendor should be right entity to help you22:00
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khemif you can reproduce it with master perhaps someone here might be able to assist you better22:01
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Recipe Build Failure for requests-unixsocket <>22:09
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: imx6qsabresd Yocto compile driver selftest/demo application on the linux-imx recipe <>23:39
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