Thursday, 2020-04-09

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alejandrohszeddii: I definitely didnt get the reference01:01
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zeddiialejandrohs, :D we are a strange bunch up here!02:43
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paulgThat damn Phillips dude - wrecking things for Canadians!02:53
paulgcouldn't just stop at contaminating Yocto lists...02:54
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nameclashgood morning! what is the correct way to install prebuilt binaries into the rootfs without having to deal with auto-detected runtime dependencies?07:02
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RobertBerger@nameclash: pebuild packages or just binaries?07:04
nameclashactually it's a directory tree of binaries, cfg etc, so basically a package07:05
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RobertBerger@nameclash: hmm but not a .deb .rpm .pkg package?07:06
nameclashit is a 3rd party suite of ui testing tools I built from source07:06
erbonameclash: I'd say to use the bin_package bbclass, and then override RDEPENDS_${PN} to clear it07:06
erbonameclash: If you have the source, why not build it in Yocto though? :)07:07
RobertBerger@nameclash: but this can get tricky ;)07:07
RobertBerger@nameclash: yes exactly, why don't you build it?07:07
nameclashthe project itself is qt based, but they're using their own awesome commercial binary build engine so I had no chance building it from source within yocto07:09
nameclashI tried it but failed miserably07:09
RobertBerger@nameclash: hehe I think I know what stuff you are talking about ;)07:10
nameclashthey're using their own homebrew build system that uses qmake internally and I got stuck somewhere 5 yards before the finish line07:11
nameclashthen I said screw it, just throw in the binaries (can't be that hard, huh?) and then this pesky auto dependency checker got me07:12
RobertBerger@nameclash: if you can bundle it somehow as a package, you could use, as mentioned above, the bin_package class07:12
RobertBerger@nameclash: otherwise you can write your own recipe, which just copies files over where they belong to07:13
nameclashI did that07:13
nameclashbut some of the binaries link againist and bitbake detects that and says I have nothing that provides this07:14
nameclashalthough I have qt-5 in my image07:14
nameclashI dont understand it. but I guess such things may happen if you're not building everything from scratch alltogether07:16
RobertBerger@nameclash: that's a packaging problem07:16
RobertBerger@nameclash: you did not just copy over stuff, I guess, but more in your recipe07:16
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erboI think the bin_package class handles tarballs as well07:19
erbonameclash: Have you tried just overriding RDEPENDS_${PN} = "" in your recipe?07:19
erboor maybe the autodepenencies are added after reading RDEPENDS?07:20
nameclashfirst, I put those 3rd party sources in a repo and wrote a recipe for it to build it from source. when I got stuck with qmake I gave up and decided to add a tarball with the artifacts I had built by hand and changed the recipe to just untar it in do_install. That gave me a bunch of uid warnings which I didnt like so I unpacked the tarball, put the files in the repo and then just copied them into place in do_install07:20
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RobertBerger@erbo: yes this could be the case.07:21
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nameclashthat gave me 3 warnings about missing dependencies to, so I INSANE_SKIPPED file-rdeps and that actually made the recipe succeed, but RPM got me on do_rootfs07:21
nameclashthat's the whole story07:22
nameclashI'll try something more now, just came in my mind and then I'll look into the links you sent07:22
nameclashthx guys07:23
nameclashI'll ping back07:23
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xavier_deschuyteHi all, I have an issue with bitbake data store manipulation, here is a minimal example:
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xavier_deschuytemyfunc task is using setvar and check that it's applied and myfunc2 (another task running after myfunc) is trying to check it. And it's not working, here is the log:
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xavier_deschuytemyfunc is "OK" but we see in myfunc2 log that setvar was not correctly applied.07:27
xavier_deschuytemy goal is to modify SUMMARY/DESCRIPTION/PV from git repo files.07:28
xavier_deschuyteAny idea how to fix this?07:28
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RobertBerger@xavier: Not sure if DESCRIPTION behaves differently from other variables ;)07:30
RobertBergerI would try a non system variable07:30
RobertBergerand I would also try in my task instead of set07:30
RobertBergeror so07:31
RobertBergerdoes this work?07:31
erboI don't think you can modify variables and have it stored between tasks, IIRC07:31
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xavier_deschuyteI tried it with some success with something like this: SUMMARY="${@myfunc(d)}" but it's not "stable"07:32
xavier_deschuyteDepending of the build order/connection speed, sometimes it worked, sometimes not (apparrently bitbake is not expecting variable parsing to take some time)07:33
RobertBergeryou also didn't clearly define what should run first07:33
RobertBergertry _prepend _append07:34
xavier_deschuyteRobertBerger I tried with a non bitbake variable without success: and output
xavier_deschuyteRobertBerger order is defined with addtask isn't it? and it appears to be correctly working and is not the issue here (I can check it with deb package info that is using DESCRIPTION)07:36
RobertBergerwell with before and after07:36
RobertBergerbut that is not precise07:36
RobertBergeryou could try instead of myfunc207:37
RobertBergersorry append07:37
RobertBergerthen the second one will run after the first07:37
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RobertBergerand take out the second before/after line07:38
erboxavier_deschuyte: I think changes to the datastore is only valid inside the task07:38
xavier_deschuyteRobertBerger even if order issue is not the issue here (you clearly see that myfunc2 is executing after myfunc) so task order is OK. But with your suggestion it's not working neitherrr07:39
xavier_deschuyteerbo : yes that's what I observe here, but that's strange because that's not what the documentation is stating07:39
RobertBergerhehe - let me have a look ;)07:40
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xavier_deschuyteerbo section 3.5.507:42
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xavier_deschuyteRobertBerger thanks for the help! my goal is to change the DESCRIPTION field of the generated deb. I saw in the package_deb class that it's using getvar.. I assumed that using setvar before would do the trick07:45
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RobertBergerI am busy right now, but will definitely try to see what's going on on my mission to demystify bitbake ;)07:46
RobertBergerso I am collecting such things and solutions to it07:46
RobertBergerWhy don't you just write DESCRIPTION="das;dkas;ldk" in your recipe?07:46
erboxavier_deschuyte: yeah I recall having troubles finding this info too. And regarding the anonymous function, maybe those can modify but not regular tasks07:46
xavier_deschuyteerbo yes, anonymous is working as described. But then, I am facing issue with the bitbake task scheduler (because I need to access git files, I need to fetch/unpack and it takes time and apparentlty parsing is not supposed to "take time"07:48
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xavier_deschuyteRobertBerger : because basically I want to set description with a git file content07:48
RobertBergerOK an addition issue ;)07:49
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xavier_deschuyteI suppose that python tasks receive a "copy" of the global context. Would be nice to get a way to access global context07:57
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xavier_deschuyteOK. By putting logs in a python anonymous function. I understood my issue: each bitbake task trigger a recipe parsing. So I assume my setvar is working but is wiped by the next recipe parsing08:05
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paulbarkerxavier_deschuyte: Each task has it's own context. Are you trying to set a value in one task and then get it in another task?08:07
xavier_deschuyteHere is an example: producing
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paulbarkerxavier_deschuyte: It's not technically parsing, more like execution of the code that was already parsed08:08
xavier_deschuytepaulbarker my goal is to set deb package attribute (DESCRIPTION for example). So without modifying bitbake files, only my recipe.08:08
paulbarkerWhat do you mean by "bitbake files"08:09
paulbarkerI'd recommend avoiding package_deb and using either ipk or rpm packages instead as they're much better supported08:10
xavier_deschuytepaulbarker I need to get deb packages (I generate an APT repository)08:11
qschulzCan someone shine a light on the use of LICENSE_EXCLUSION in base.bbclass? It is only used in package.bbclass and the logic is broken for multilib so I'd like to fix it. The easiest is just to axe it but mmmm maybe there's a reason :) ?08:12
xavier_deschuyteand using rpm, ipk or whatever would not fix my issue. I need to set a bitbake variable from a git file08:12
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paulbarkerxavier_deschuyte: I don't know any way to do that neatly, you may be better off asking in an email to the list08:14
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xavier_deschuytepaulbarker I double checked my test and I think your solution could be the correct one "append/prepend".08:17
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xavier_deschuyteBut in fact when I said it was not "working" digging into that means it was simply not executed08:17
xavier_deschuyteI simply declare the task this way: `python do_myfunc_append() {`08:17
xavier_deschuytebut it is not executed08:18
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xavier_deschuytebut I hope that prepend/append are executing without "reparsing" and so context would be the same and it would work08:19
paulbarkerprepend/append fragments are joined together before the code is executed so that should work08:19
xavier_deschuytebut my syntax is not working08:20
paulbarkerLet me check quickly08:20
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xavier_deschuyteI used that: `do_myfunc[postfuncs] += "do_myfunc_append"` that did the trick and context is preserved but would be interrested to fix it with append/prepend08:22
paulbarkerWhat's that `BB_DONT_CACHE` doing there?08:22
xavier_deschuytejust a test... I was afraid that bitbake was "caching parsing" of summary or similar08:22
xavier_deschuytebut it's not the issue here08:22
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paulbarkerxavier_deschuyte: Your append should work. Check what appears in `tmp/work/<arch>/<pkg>/<version>/temp/run.do_myfunc`08:27
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qschulzugh... it seems I can't fix my multilib issue without breaking something else.... Will open a bug then :/08:34
paulbarkerqschulz: 99 little bugs in the code, 99 little bugs in the code. Take one down, patch it around, 117 little bugs in the code08:35
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qschulzpaulbarker: but it's kinda of an issue. I fall in a side effect of PACKAGES having lib32- prepended later than LICENSE_EXCLUSION being computed. If I fix that, all packages depending on this side effect will actually break and there are more than the one impacted by the current behavior....08:37
paulbarkerqschulz: ouch08:37
qschulzpaulbarker: yeah you don't say :)08:38
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xavier_deschuytepaulbarker : prepend is not working neither for my specific case because deb package generation uses "execs" so I am trying right now to put a task after the deb build to edit the control file. Not that ugly in the end.10:02
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x7777Hi guys. Im building poky 3.0.2 with meta-raspberrypi and targetting raspberrypi4-64. Any idea why my TARGET_FPU is empty? Machine raspberrypi4-64 uses tune-cortexa72 from OE. if I understood correctly, cortex-a72 should have vfpv4 support?10:38
qschulzpaulbarker: if you're interested:
yoctiBug 13865: critical, Undecided, ---, unassigned, NEW , mutlilib results in, if package has incompatible license, pulled in rootfs or if package has compatible license, blacklisted from RDEPENDS/rootfs10:42
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qschulzHopefully I'm not drowning people in details in this issue, I've been pretty bad lately at explaining things. Let me know if there is some rephrasing to do :)10:47
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RPqschulz: that bug sounds horrible :(11:18
paulbarkerqschulz: Overly detailed bugreports are much better than missing out some details11:18
* RP wishes we could just drop multilibs and imcompaible_license11:18
qschulzRP: yeah, I'm sorry, always me finding out the weird licenses corner cases :/11:19
qschulzRP: honestly, if we can ditch LICENSE_EXCLUSION in base.bbclass without any repercussion, I think it should be possible to handle the packaging blacklist directly in package.bbclass. It's just that I'm not sure there isn't something I'm missing :/11:21
paulbarkerRP, qschulz: The way LICENSE_EXCLUSION is used does look really messy. I'm happy to take that bug and see if I can come up with a better way of doing it. No guarantees I'll get to it for a week or three though11:22
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qschulzpaulbarker: wait for the goodies, I forgot to add some info to the bug11:37
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Why would a yocto patch fail under devtool but not during a normal build? <>11:42
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nhartman1Has anyone had any luck importing a .wic.vmdk to EC2? Annoyingly, they only allow a select subset of OSs13:17
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khemRP: the musl multilib v2 change I sent lets not consider it, its too close to release14:00
khemRP: secondly, the change you are proposing is going to disable a valid usecase ( 64bit kernel + 32bit userspace-only ) which can be built today for musl bitbake lib32-core-image-minimal14:02
khemRP: so I think if you turn this into a parse warning like we have musl+systemd then perhaps that will be idea14:02
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xavier_deschuytepaulbarker : I managed to get my stuff done by creating a new task after deb creation that modify the control file inside it and replace Description. Not the cleanest stuff, but "OK"14:16
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nameclashhow do I properly set up a recipe that uses qmake?14:38
qschulznameclash: inherit qmake should be a good start (I don't know much more :) )14:39
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nameclashI have TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK_append = nativesdk-packagegroup-qt5-toolchain-host which makes qmake and the mkspecs available in the sysroot-native14:40
nameclashIn the recipe I depend on qtbase-native and the recipe's sysroot gets populated with qmake, however when I try to run ${WORKDIR}/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/qt5/qmake in do_configure(), qmake complains not being able to find its specs...14:42
emriusHey, just to confirm: I'm experimenting with a different kernel version. Thus I changed `PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel` and `PREFERRED_VERSION_linux-mainline` and then started rebuild with bitbake. It seems to kick off linux-mainline kernel compilation but only at task 5600 (plus/minus) of 5944. I would have expected that a change of the kernel14:43
emriuswould require a much deeper recompilation of dependencies...14:43
nameclashqschulz I'll look into that, thanks14:43
emriusDo I have to enforce recompilation or something?14:43
qschulzemrius: not really, mostly kernel modules and the image depends on the kernel sources IIRC. Anything that needs header files from the linux kernel are taken from linux-libc-headers14:44
emriusqschulz great! Thanks for the quick reply14:44
rburtonnameclash: TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK etc is pointless and meaningless in a normal recipe.  you just want inherit qmake.14:49
rburtonsorry, inherit qmake514:49
nameclashrburton, thanks14:50
rburtonTOOLCHAIN_* are all about controlling what goes into the SDK14:51
rburtonif you can share where you thought that would be the solution then maybe we can ensure the docs are not misleading14:51
nameclashok and that's implicitly handled by inherit qmake5 I guess14:51
rburtonjust read the class: it adds depends and defines configure/compile/install tasks14:51
rburtonif you're talking recipes you are *not* using a SDK14:52
nameclashthat makes sense14:53
nameclashwith that information, and looking into the qmake classes I think I should inherit qmake5_base, not qmake514:54
nameclashthe project that I'm trying to build uses its own configure script to setup the build14:54
nameclashit expects the path to qmake be passed as argument14:55
nameclashso I need to override the tasks defined in qmake514:55
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emriusSo, after changing the kernel version bitbake started to compile as expected but ran into a problem. The `package-core-boot` still requires the previous kernel version. Do I have to modify that recipe or is maybe some cache dirty or something else?15:12
emriusThe interested reader may also consult my issue on SO :)
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Upgrade yocto linux kernel fails <>15:13
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qschulzemrius: bitbake packagegroup-core-boot -e | less15:24
qschulzif that works, try to find where kernel-image-4.19.63 is coming from15:25
*** xtron <xtron!> has joined #yocto15:27
emriusqschulz thanks again! I'm on it... but actually it looks fine.15:30
emriusJust to make sure. There are two places a hint on the kernel version 4.19% pops up in the environment.15:31
emriusIt looks about like this:15:31
emrius#   set? /home/marius/mender-qemu-warrior/build/../sources/meta-sunxi/conf/machine/include/     "4.19%"15:31
emriusgrr.... hang on15:32
emriusDo I interprete the questionmark behind set correctly as: "Set the value if it hasn't been set before?15:33
qschulzemrius: yes, ??= is weaker than ?= which is weaker than =15:34
emriusI think the place above where the version also appears basically is the same command:
qschulzemrius: that was not my original question, let me rephrase15:36
emriusqschulz ok, as I thought then. those are the only two places that kernel version appears in `bitbake packagegroup-core-boot -e | less`15:36
qschulzemrius: package-group-boots is requiring kernel-image-15:36
qschulzso it has to come from somewhere15:36
emriusah alright. Now I got it15:36
qschulzwhich variable holds kernel-image that is used in packagegroup-core-boot15:36
emriusthanks. I'll dig into that...15:36
emriusSo, there is `IMAGE_INSTALL=" kernel-image kernel-devicetree  networkmanager networkmanager-nmtui mender"` and `MACHINE_ESSENTIAL_EXTRA_RDEPENDS=" kernel-image kernel-devicetree"` ... *scratching head*15:38
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RPkhem: I agree, your v2 change can be for 3.2? For 3.1 its probably too late to do anything15:39
emriusmmm... What can I do with that information? Sorry for asking potentilly silly questions... I'm a little lost :/15:40
qschulzemrius: did you actually run bitbake -e packagegroup-core-boot or bitbake -e myimage?15:41
qschulzemrius: I don't know what I'm doing as well, just looking for leads :)15:41
emrius`MACHINE=opi-zero-adxl bitbake packagegroup-core-boot -e | less` that one15:41
qschulzand you have IMAGE_INSTALL there?15:42
emriusqschulz I'm pretty sure you know much better what you are doing than I what I am doing :)15:42
emriusoeehm yes...15:43
emriusno good?15:43
qschulzwait... are you setting your IMAGE_INSTALL in local.conf?15:46
qschulzemrius: where is IMAGE_INSTALL coming from? (read the few lines above the line starting with IMAGE_INSTALL). Most prob not the issue but i'm curious now :)15:48
emriusI define an image the inherits core-image. Its coming in there:
emriusI think I followed one of the live coding sessions from LetoThe2nd there. But I'm not 100% sure anymore... Lots of trying ...15:51
*** dreyna <dreyna!> has joined #yocto15:51
qschulzno, in bitbake -e packagegroup-core-boot | less, I don't have it15:52
emriusOk. That's good to know! At least I know now that it shouldn't be in there15:53
qschulzWell I don't know, that's why I'm asking :)15:54
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emriusThe problem might just have vanished. Besides the image recipe I had another one (under a different name) with some other features. I just deleted that and the compilation finished... `IMAGE_INSTALL` is still in there btw :)15:56
* qschulz shrugs15:56
emriusProbably something got tainted from there. A little unsatisfying not to understand where it came from. But at least it seems to be cured now.15:56
qschulzcan you give me the lines above IMAGE_INSTALL15:56
emriussure one sec15:57
emriusof the recipe or the environemtn?15:57
qschulzbitbake -e packagegroup-core-boot you said there is an IMAGE_INSTALL in there15:57
emriusyes. Ok15:58
qschulzand FYI, you might want to create your own machine inherit the Allwinner one you're building now where you would set mahcine specific variables instead of in local.conf, for example PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel and PREFERRED_VERSION_linux-mainline :)15:59
*** guerinoni <guerinoni!> has quit IRC15:59
emriusI actually have that. The machine is `MACHINE=opi-zero-adxl`15:59
emriusI just tested in local.conf. Once things work there I usually deploy them elsewhere15:59
qschulzgreat! remove the IMAGE_INSTALL from that machine then :)16:00
qschulzmmmm nevermind, it seems to be in the official example in the docs... Weird16:01
emriusokay. hmm... alright... I figured that was kinda important to have there. But probably I just copy pasted something from somewhere else :/16:01
emriusOk. I probably have it from there when :)16:02
emriusAnyway. I removed it. It compiles just fine. All good :)16:02
qschulzI'd have thought MACHINE_ESSENTIAL_EXTRA_RDEPENDS or something was more the way to go but it seems I've missed something :)16:02
emriusThanks a lot for your time!!! I'll add you on my "people I owe beer when they are in Berlin" list with a second dash (y)16:03
qschulzemrius: the line you had for kernel-image and kernel-devicetree is to install the kernel and the devicetree in the rootfs (most likely in/boot)16:03
emriusah ok16:03
qschulzemrius: my pleasure, I hope it's not crazy in Berlin right now. Take care. Week-end for me. Happy easter for those who're celebrating/having the day off.16:04
emriusWell, it's alright here. I'm just gonna work till end of easter. It's basically the most exiting thing to do at the moment here. Everything is closed.16:04
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away16:05
emriusand then continue working...16:05
emriusEnjoy easter and weekend!16:05
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emriusBTW: I actually had commented the `IMAGE_INSTALL_append` line in my machine configuration as follows: `# Is the following configuration best placed here?`16:07
emriusThe obvious answer is `No` =D16:07
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nameclashalmost there with the build but qmake still not able to find linux-oe-g++ config16:11
nameclashall relevant paths for qmake seem to be written by qmake5_base to a qmake config file with the path to it exposed as OE_QMAKE_QTCONF_PATH16:12
*** Spock_ncc1701 <Spock_ncc1701!~Spock_ncc@> has joined #yocto16:12
nameclashhowever, I'm not sure how to pass this config file to qmake...16:13
nameclashI've uploaded some additional info on it:16:14
nameclashmy recipe:
nameclashthe bitbake error:
nameclashthe output of the built projects configure script (includes qmake output):
nameclashany pointers on how to pass OE_QMAKE_QTCONF_PATH to qmake highly appreciated16:15
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xyzzy42Is it possible to use SYSTEMD_SERVICE_${PN} to enable a service provided by another package?18:18
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xyzzy42For example, if all users of a package do not necessarily enable to the service in the same way.18:19
*** timemaster5 <timemaster5!> has quit IRC18:36
zeddiixyzzy42. you could hack it into local.conf, but you can always bbappend the recipe in your layer and enable what you want.18:40
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xyzzy42zeddii, so only a recipe which provides the service file is allowed to enable it?18:42
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Hardware acceleration RPI4 FFmpeg <>18:43
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zeddiixyzzy42, it's a recipe variable like anything else.18:49
zeddiiso correct, you can't cross the boundry to muck in one recipe/package from another.18:50
xyzzy42zeddii, it's not the variable's scope in the recipe, but finding the service file18:50
xyzzy42zeddii, e.g., contains SYSTEMD_SERVICE_foo += "bar.service"18:50
zeddiistill a variable18:51
xyzzy42suppose bar.service is not a file provided by, but by bar.bb18:51
zeddiithen you've got some messed up packaging18:51
zeddiiif you are trying to provide service files for another recipe/packages from another.18:52
xyzzy42but beyond that, it appears it can't be done18:52
xyzzy42building foo will complain that it can't fine bar.service18:53
zeddiiright, because it is looking in its own sysroot for it.18:53
xyzzy42and adding bar to DEPENDS should/will put the bar.service file in the sysroot18:53
*** xtron <xtron!> has joined #yocto18:54
zeddiionly if you deploy it from that dependent recipe (and have it in a installed directory that is deployed). You can find the list of directories that are put into the recipe specific sysroot via DEPENDS in the code itself, or docs. I don't recall them all off the top of my head.18:55
xyzzy42and in the end, what happens is the foo package postinst script will call "systemctl enable bar.service", which will work perfectly well, provided it has the rdepends to ensure bar is installed18:55
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xyzzy42I see the file in tmp/work/arch/foo/version/recipe-sysroot/lib/systemd/system/bar.service18:57
xyzzy42so it seems like it is in the sysroot, no?18:57
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zeddiiyep, but if you want to package it in that 2nd recipe, you have to copy it, and make sure it is packaged so the ontarget enable will have it.18:58
xyzzy42oh no, I don't want to package it.  Just enable it.18:58
zeddiiwell, the .service file has to end up on the target. I'd not recommend providing it in one package and enabling it in the other.18:59
xyzzy42why not, if the package which enables it depends on the one that provides it (because it uses the service)18:59
xyzzy42the service is a templated service, so the provider of the service is basically saying you can enable this in different ways and it's not my job to figure them out.19:00
zeddiiyou are splitting the logic over multiple recipes, you can do whatever you want, I'm just saying that it might bite you later.19:00
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zeddiiyou really should have a distro feature, or similar to control coordinated efforts like that.19:01
zeddiithe yocto mega manual should cover some of this. but again, you can do whatever you want, but expect to have to work around the default way that the build and classes work, since that isn't the normal the case.19:01
zeddiior watch some of LetoThe2nd's youtube things, he goes over some of those concepts IIRC.19:02
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xyzzy42what I'd like to be able to do is choose what interfaces a templated service is started on.  Kind of the whole point of templated services is you don't need to know when you create the service what it might get attached to.19:02
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xyzzy42so I'd to be able to have one image that enables interface X, but another image that does not enable it19:03
xyzzy42if I make a debug-mode package, which has the "systemctl enable debug-service@ttyS1.service" postint, then I can include or not include that package in an image19:04
xyzzy42I think this is really the main idea behind templated unit files.  If we knew exactly what bar@.service would be enabled for when we built bar, we'd just hardcode %i in bar.service19:06
xyzzy42but we don't want the restriction, so we create bar@.service which uses %i, and let someone else enable bar@instance.service to provide the value(s).19:07
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xyzzy42zeddii, regardless of the should or why, it doesn't appear to be possible, even if the service is in the sysroot, as only services deployed by the recipe are allowed.19:11
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zeddiiright. I can't say that I know the systemd bbclass really well, but right, it will only look in specific directories for the service files. you'd need to modify it, add your own task, or otherwise, augment it to look in that sysroot directory to find and generate the ontarget snippet.19:14
zeddiigotta bolt for coffee. good luck!19:15
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xyzzy42zeddii, occurred to me that "package foo needs service bar" is very common.  There are tons of things which involve multiple services.  But how it's usually done is foo owns foo.service, which Wants/After bar.service19:30
xyzzy42i.e., if foo needs a service, it uses the systemd unit ordering and dependency system to describe this in relation to another service.19:31
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Run Raspberry Pi Zero W image in qemu <>22:14
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* paulg has a pi-zero W that has been around for several years that hasn't seen an electron of use.22:31
paulgfortunately I think it was only like $13 CDN.22:39
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