Friday, 2020-04-17

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PatrickEIf i want to use a defconfig which is available in my kernel branch, how can i tell yocto to use this config?08:43
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erboPatrickE: I think has the info you need08:51
PatrickEThanks i will try it08:51
PatrickEERROR: ParseError at /home/user/devel/app/company/meta-company-imx6/recipes-kernel/linux-imx_%.bbappend:12: unparsed line: 'KBUILD_DEFCONFIG_KMACHINE ?= app_imx6_defconfig'08:56
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yoctonPatrickE: you need to add double quotes around app_imx6_defconfig => "app_imx6_defconfig"09:10
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Ninic0c0hello all ! I have 2 recipes, recipe2 depends of recipe1. The question is how to pass some output file from recipe1 to recipe2 ? :)09:32
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interruptguyHi. I would like to create a new selftest unitest in Yocto and my test uses a python package (fdt). How can I make sure that that package will be installed in the environment where the test is running. Is the python3-manifest.json file the answer?09:50
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nemgti-ogHello. On a local project and just for fun I am trying to update a qemu recipe (on poky) to a different version. I took the qemu recipes from warrior and put them on thud (removing the original qemu recipes). when creating a standar sdk everythin works execpt that the installer creates two /opt/poky directories (one of them is /opt/poky-some-shit).10:10
nemgti-ogJust for the fun of hacking things while on quarantine.... does anybody knows why is this happening?10:10
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rburtoninterruptguy: no, the python3-manifest controls how the python3 recipe itself splits the packages10:31
rburtoninterruptguy: what sort of unittest are you talking about specificailly10:32
interruptguyrburton, thanks. How should I handle the python dependencies for Yocto tests?10:32
interruptguyI've added a new class (in on the mailing list fit_image.bbclass) and I'm working on creating a unitest for it. The unitest is located in "poky/meta/lib/oeqa/selftest/cases/"10:34
rburtonyour test can just bitbake stuff it needs to be built10:35
interruptguyI want to test the FDT blob generated and `fdt` module seems perfect for that10:35
interruptguyrburton, I have a bit a problem to understand how can I make this module available for my test. You're saying that I should add a recipe for python fdt package and build it natively as a dependency on my recipe that the test is using it?10:38
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rburtonhave a recipe, bitbake it natively, and then call python3-native with a script that imports ftd10:39
interruptguyrburton, just testing the bitbake output from using the class will only test a part of the functionality. I want to be able to test also the content of the FDT blob.10:40
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interruptguyrburton, thanks...I'm not fully understand :) (some example will be great), but I think I can work with the tip that you gave me ... I will try to come back if I need more help :)10:44
nameclashNinic0c0: I think the correct way to do this is to make recipe1 populate the sysroot with the files required by recipe210:54
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RPqschulz: I did some further debugging on that mutlilib issue and its turned into a disaster :(11:14
RPqschulz: taking alsa-plugins as an example, PACKAGES references PACKAGECONFIG which references DISTRO_FEATURES and DISTRO_FEATURES gets set up in anonymous python so the multilib code can't find it at the time it expands PACKAGES :(11:15
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Recipe compilation fails due to Floating Point Unit compatibility issue (I assume) <>11:18
nameclashrburton: getting back to OE_CMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE, looks like it was introduced with 034ee07ed9b2e88272a010dbbdb685c293c09375 which is thud+ ... we're still sitting on rocko here ... I'll try to pick that change and hope it's that easy or do you know of any specific reason why it didn't make it into rocko?11:24
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rburtonnameclash: because its not a bug fix so doesn't get backported11:42
rburtonnameclash: you know rocko is EOL right11:42
nameclashrburton: no I didn't, I knew it was old but not EOL, thanks for the heads-up. I'll continue pushing for an upgrade... :-/11:47
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RPqschulz: is some of the other fallout. Getting a bit too horrible :(13:08
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Unable to put file inside rootfs <>13:48
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shoraganRP, do you think could be applied to zeus as well?15:26
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RPshoragan: I think it could be, needs to be suggested to Anuj/Armin15:43
shoraganok, thanks15:46
shoraganah, i was confused by your committer entry in the poky repo15:47
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shoraganarmpit, do you take suggestions via IRC or prefer email?15:51
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ChrisStuartHello friendly folks. If I have software package A which is a framework (and contains bbclasses for applications built with it) and I have application B for target B_PC and application C for target C_PC that are dependent on framework A, how should I structure these into recipes/layers?16:01
ChrisStuartAt the moment, I have included B in the layer for A because they are related software. But the recipes for B will want to do things like set the hostname for B_PC via a bbappend. Is it more usual to put everything for B and for C into two separate bblayers, or to somehow only activate the bbappend if my local.conf adds package B to IMAGE_INSTALL?16:02
ChrisStuartOtherwise .bbappends related to B and C will clash.16:02
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ChrisStuartincidentally, is not a link that leads to the channel logs (any more?); it redirects to which returns 40416:08
RPshoragan: we have different maintainers to look after the stable series16:08
ChrisStuart is a currently available set of logs16:12
RPhalstead: Should work?16:13
RPChrisStuart: in answer to your question, perhaps you should have two images, one which includes B and one which includes C and those image recipes could adapt the images as appropriate?16:17
RPOne layer due to the dependencies sounds ok. You should avoid anything in local.conf though16:17
ChrisStuartYes that sounds like a more sensible arrangement.16:22
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ChrisStuartThanks :)16:23
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kiwi_29Hello..I have an image based on core-image-minimal. I generate image for target and also qemu. When I PXE boot the target using rootfs from target build, after the boot, I get presented a login prompt. Per my understanding (based on the fact that when I burn the hddimg to target) the root user does not have any password and that after I type the17:31
kiwi_29root user username, I should be logged in. However, I m presented a password prompt when I m using rootfs (core-image-minimal-PLATFORMINFO.ext4).17:31
frayroot user login is only allowed if debug-tweaks is enable din your IMAGE_FEATURES.17:32
kiwi_29However when I PXE boot target using rootfs generated for QEMU (core-image-minimal-QEMU.ext4), I get logged in after entering root user name17:32
kiwi_29@fray for the same image when I burn the .hddimg to target, I am able to login without password for root user.17:33
fraynot sure then17:33
kiwi_29also @fray where can I find debug-tweaks17:36
frayset it in your local.conf17:37
frayimplementation locals very.. look in the classes and image recipes17:37
kiwi_29I see that this exists in my local.conf17:38
kiwi_29EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES ?= "debug-tweaks"17:39
kiwi_29I wonder if this (no password root login) is due to some failed systemd services on bootup using PXE boot17:40
frayas for why it's not working, no idea17:41
zeddiican you ever log in on the h/w target ?17:41
kiwi_29zeddii If I use the rootfs generated for QEMU (same kernel) then I can login using root user with no password17:41
kiwi_29I m trying to understand the difference in the rootfs in both17:42
kiwi_29but not sure yet17:42
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Is there any short A to Z description of how to debug the Linux kernel that has been tested and contains ALL necessary steps ? Esp. for Yocto? <>17:49
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paulgheh, seems like poor yocti is digging the bottom of the barrel for quality questions.17:59
paulg...and yet I'm half tempted to click just to see what kind of bikeshedding it trolls in.18:00
* paulg blames the isolation.18:00
fraypaulg, A - starting adding printks..  B - add more printks.. ... Z - give up18:00
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jpuhlmanfray, Toss it over the wall to a kernel developer. :)18:06
frayya, that was kind of what I was thinking.. really requires experience and specialized knowledge..18:06
fraythe only 'tough' kernel problems I've debugged were found by inspection and specialized tools.. not general "do this" type behaviors18:07
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halsteadRP, I've tracked down and repaired the bad redirect. is available again as expected.18:22
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RPhalstead: thanks!18:43
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paulgfray, I think the post was from jwessel - just trying to troll us.18:46
paulgwho else would use kgdb over serial?   ;-)18:47
RPpaulg: I think I'm going to look at many mailing list questions in a new light now!18:49
zeddiiI support paulg's theory.18:51
jpuhlmanpaulg, I have but I didn't do it. :)18:51
jwesselpaulg: A post from where?19:02
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paulgjwessel,  the stack overflow link that yocti posted about 15 lines up and about 1hr ago.19:03
* jwessel looks19:03
jwesselI am not sure if we have something formulated specifically for the YP.19:04
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jwesselI much prefer using simulators vs trying to debug the real hardware.19:04
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* paulg resembles fray 's "sprinkle printks everywhere" example.19:05
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LetoThe2ndarmpit: you awake├č :)20:04
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rangergordJust wondering, how do you guys compile your Yocto apps (not the Yocto image itself, but the apps you run on Yocto)? No optimization, then strip during build, and keep an unstripped binary around in case you need to debug? Optimized from the get-go?20:37
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rabbit9911Using a yocto kernel with my own branch (in github).  The fetch takes a super long time (and its pretty big).  Any support for shallow clone? BB_GIT_SHALLOW ?= "1"BB_GIT_SHALLOW_DEPTH ?= "1" does not seem to help20:54
rabbit9911on zeus unmodified20:55
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rabbit9911Also looks like the yocto kernel requires a git repo? For patches to work and such it uses git am.21:10
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armpitLetoThe2nd, what day is it?21:55
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invalidopcodein the case where you have different products (aka different packages of applications) would those usually end up being different images?22:05
invalidopcode(new to yocto, trying to figure out how to best organize a project)22:06
neverpanicyes, that would be a good way to do things, unless you want to install stuff at runtime.22:07
invalidopcodegotcha, okay. There shouldn't be a need to install stuff at runtime, except for maybe during debugging22:08
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