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mischiefis it reasonable/sane to change how $WORKDIR is defined for a recipe?00:05
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to compile Makefile based recipe in bitbake? <>06:12
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qschulzmischief: what exactly do you want to do?07:31
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mischiefqschulz: i have a bug in a program that is somewhat out of my control. if the WORKDIR/S contain regexp metachars, it silently fails.07:42
mischiefqschulz: my solution right now was to assign WORKDIR/S to get rid of the git revs inserted by PV and it seems to work...07:43
mischiefand for anyone curious: the program with the bug is spatch from coccinelle :)07:45
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qschulzmischief: I guess it could be worth reporting to coccinelle maintainters? surely something to fix during compilation right?07:56
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mischiefqschulz: yes, perhaps08:13
mischiefits not easy because we use spatch as a host tool right now. building ocaml and then coccinelle in yocto is a huge PITA and we gave up so we are stuck with the host version for now.08:14
mischiefits simpler to try to make sure the workdir doesn't have regexp metacharacters08:15
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clementp[m]Hi all, is there a standard setup-environment script ? looks like everybody is doing this kind of script in there repo11:47
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rburtonclementp[m]: are you sure everyone isn't just wrapping the one in oe-core?11:54
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clementp[m]rburton: I'm new to Yocto and I use mostly NXP/iMX and Mender meta-repo for now and both use different setup script11:56
clementp[m] for Mender11:57
rburtonthe important bit is . ${script_dir}/sources/poky/oe-init-build-env ${build_dir}11:59
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rburtonthey're just repo-specific 'value-add' over the oe-core setup11:59
clementp[m]Yes I'm looking to have a standard / proper way to specify my BBLAYERS12:00
clementp[m]and local.conf12:00
rburtonyour distro layer can ship templates for those12:01
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clementp[m]Haaaaa nice12:04
clementp[m]thank you :)12:04
rburtonRP: something for the usability discussion, add 'how to make a custom distro' to the docs ^^^12:10
clementp[m]clean and efficient exactly what i was lookin for !12:10
rburtonuses submodules obviously, but if you want to use repo or whatever it shows the structure of what you want to do12:11
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clementp[m]Yes i'm using repo12:22
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Crofton|roadI switched to submodules from repo and am so much happier12:32
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* alessioigor waves all12:41
alessioigorHave someone incurred into "AttributeError: module 'platform' has no attribute 'linux_distribution'" building a Python3 package with dunfell on Ubuntu 18.04?12:41
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beat_hitachihello! following up from my troubleshooting yesterday... after starting with a fresh build dir, i still cannot get systemd-networkd nor systemd-resolved enabled as default in a new image for core-image-base. reviewing bitbake -e,  SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE is still enabled by default. In a systemd bbappend recipe i've specified both PACKAGECONFIG to14:05
beat_hitachiinclude systemd + resolved and SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE_systemd-networkd specifically to enabled. I'm suspicious that a systemctl status on these service show them disabled, but vendor preset is enabled... but i'm at a loss as to what to look at next for debugging. could anyone a next step for me?14:05
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opellokhem: i did read through the systemd.bbclass, but didn't see in log.do_rootfs where systemctl enable was called to create say the symlinks under /etc/systemd/system/ (seems like the case *@*) fails when building the image so it's for ontarget only?  but some packages (e.g. nginx) get symlinks created14:07
RPrburton: bugzilla entry?14:14
qschulzRP: the fix for perl worries me a lot on the license+multilib. Because there are many PACKAGES_DYNAMIC which aren't using either MLPREFIX or ${PN} which would mean (IIUC) that all of those will also have issues wrt licensing and mulitlib14:14
qschulzlicense+multilib +bug14:15
RPqschulz: How many are set in anonymous python though?14:19
RPqschulz: this is the consqeuence of that event handler change, it means code in anon python handlers may not be quite correct :/14:20
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qschulzRP: You're right, it seems only perl is doing it in the python anon function (git grep "d\..etVar.*PACKAGES_DYNAMIC")14:22
qschulzRP: unfortunately I have never even looked at how bitbake is working. So all I can do is test the suggested patch :/ I do not understand it unfortunately :(14:23
RPqschulz: its all basically an ordering problem14:23
RPqschulz: multilib does things before key expansion and things after but there was no dedicated event so ordering raced against base.bbclass and others14:24
RPyou can apply various bandaids but the real fix is the one I've shared14:24
RPwe may have to undo or fix other bits to match14:24
qschulzI'm building right now but I can already say there is something else to fix:14:25
qschulzWARNING: lib32-glibc-2.31+gitAUTOINC+71f2b249a2-r0 do_package: QA Issue: lib32-glibc package lib32-glibc - suspicious values 'ldconfig' in RRECOMMENDS [multilib]14:26
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opellokhem: seems like it's do_image calling systemctl (systemd_preset_all()), ty14:35
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Ninic0c0Hello all, little question today: I have 2 image recipes. img2 require img1. What is the best way to set 2 different login/password for each image?14:48
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qschulzNinic0c0: ?14:53
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Ninic0c0qschulz definitely a french reply :P14:59
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qschulzNinic0c0: was not meant to be an RTFM :) it's just that I've never done it and found this one in the documentation which explicits it can be used directly in the image recipe :)15:03
qschulzah, he's gone :/15:03
champagnegbeat_hitachi: they are already in the packageconfig of, you may not to add them in a bbappend. But it seems that it's the systemd build that is not enabling resolved/networkd by default. Look at $(SYSTEMDSRC)/units/meson.build15:03
champagnegbeat_hitachi: adding the .wants path in the resolved entry in in_units makes it auto enable for me. You could patch it to do that, or enable your systemd services manually in a bbappend.15:10
beat_hitachichampagneg thank you for the response! i thought i was enabling them manually in a bbappend with the explicit SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE_systemd-resolved. i will chase this down a little more with your info. i was able to link these explicitly in a bbappend prior. i've been mostly interested in the 'correct' way to enable the services, because i haven't15:16
beat_hitachiunderstood why documented way to enable services was not working.15:16
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champagnegbeat_hitachi: yeah, you're probably right that SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE would workd ideally. But it's handled by systemd.bbclass which mainly works with packages that provide additional systemd services. systemd-resolved is provided by the systemd package itself, which is not included in SYSTEMD_PACKAGES in
champagnegsystemd.bbclass _is_ inherited by systemd because it has subpackages that do provide additional services, but the core systemd services are not affected by SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE from what I understood from the recipe. Maybe you could also make it work by tweaking the variables that systemd.bbclass checks (SYSTEMD_PACKAGES, SYSTEMD_SERVICE_).15:56
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beat_hitachichampagneg: strangely, for me it looks like resolved is enabled and has .wants path in the in_units for ./units/ perhaps i'm misreading this. ['systemd-resolved.service',             'ENABLE_RESOLVE', join_paths(pkgsysconfdir, 'system/dbus-org.freedesktop.resolve1.service') + ' ' + join_paths(pkgsysconfdir,16:44
beat_hitachi'system/')], In any case, i'm attempting to add the SYSTEMD_PACKAGES and SYSTEMD_SERVICE_systemd-resolved in the bbappend to see if it works16:44
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beat_hitachiwell, unfortunately adding the various SYSTEMD variables to the systemd bbappend did not work either. i'm going to have to step away for a little bit. this is baffling16:58
beat_hitachii feel like i'm missing something fundamental because enabling the basic systemd-networkd and systemd-resolved shouldn't be this hard16:59
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