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mcfriskwhoaa, 3.1 dunfell LTS is out! Great! Need to get my projects updated to it and chip in with the maintenance...07:18
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interruptguyMorning. Is there a way to re-run the Yocto `oe-selftest` without deleting the `build-st` directory? I checked the docs but there is nothing bout this. I didn't check the code yet...I thought that asking here is the first easy choice. Any help appreciated!07:19
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to add pre-built package to image in Yocto? <>08:09
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riz46I am noticing that whenever I run bitbake -k <image>, I am not getting a new image built in my "/build/tmp-glibc/deploy/images/intel-corei7-64/" directory. I first noticed it when I would make changes and copy the changed image to my target and no changes would occur. So I deleted the old image to see if a new one was built and sure enough nothing11:55
riz46new was placed in the directory.11:55
kroonriz46, why -k ?11:58
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JaMariz46: are you sure that the changes you did really influence the content of the image? if it doesn't need to generate new one, then it doesn't12:01
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riz46JaMa Yes, I removed splash screens and did noticeable stuff12:17
riz46kroon Just so it continues to build in case there are errors12:17
smurrayriz46: note that if there did happen to be an error, you won't get an image even with -k12:21
riz46smurray There was no error12:22
riz46It is just odd. I have built and deployed many images before. It just started doing this a week ago12:22
paulbarkerriz46: Could you post the bitbake command and the full output via a pastebin?12:27
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riz46I actually originally noticed it because I went from nodistro to a custom distro and the terminal still displayed nodistro while booting12:31
riz46That bitbake was wit no changes to the image. I just deleted the old image to see if a new one would be placed int he deploy folder and nothing was actually made12:33
paulbarkerriz46: If you delete contents from the deploy directory bitbake won't notice that12:35
paulbarkerYou can try `bitbake <image> -c clean && bitbake <image>`12:35
riz46OK, let me try that12:35
paulbarkerriz46: Also, the bitbake version should be 1.44.0 with zeus, make sure you're not mixing stable branches of layers with the master branch of bitbake12:37
riz46What command can I use to check the bitbake version?12:37
JaMait's shown in your pastebin12:38
paulbarkerriz46: It's shown as `BB_VERSION` in the bitbake output12:38
riz46Ahh, it is 1.46.012:38
JaMa"noticeable stuff" bitbake doesn't agree with that statement12:39
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riz46And I did the cleanall and build and it didn't provide an updated image12:39
riz46And am I right by looking at the tmp-glibc folder in build as opposed to just tmp?12:40
JaMadepends on your TMPDIR variable12:41
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riz46@JaMa That is set to just "tmp", but I noticed that I still got an output in tmp-glibc. In fact the one in tmp was 1/3rd the size and didnt work but the one in tmp-glibc seemed to boot fine. I'm not really sure of the difference.12:45
JaMa"I went from nodistro to a custom distro" which possibly changed the TMPDIR and probably other things as well12:46
JaMaand as we don't know what your custom distro sets, it's hard to guess why your image doesn't work anymore12:47
riz46JaMa But I thought the TMPDIR is set in local.conf...12:48
JaMameta/conf/distro/defaultsetup.conf:TMPDIR .= "${TCLIBCAPPEND}"12:50
riz46oh OK. Thanks!12:51
rburtonJaMa: i'd argue for removing that line because its just confusing and serves no purpose12:55
JaMaexcept for people/CI which test multiple LIBCs in the same build directory, but otherwise I agree12:56
riz46Where is TCLIBCAPPEND set?12:56
JaMain oe-core12:56
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rburtonJaMa: they can easily add it back if needed13:38
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darwiHi. What's tha best way to detect the kernel version from a recipe that does **not** inherit from kernel.bbclass?13:56
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darwiLINUX_VERSION works only on kernel recipes14:06
smurraydarwi: what's the context that your recipe needs to know it for?14:07
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darwismurray, remove wireless-regdb-static package from packagegroup-base-wifi RDEPENDS if linux version <= 4.1414:08
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smurraydarwi: there's not really a way to do it that comes to mind.  You can't get at per-recipe variables like that from another recipe14:09
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Core image minimal fails <>14:10
smurraydarwi: I've seen things like that statically managed in machine conf files with the MACHINE_ESSENTIAL variables, but if you want to make it more automatic I don't have a good idea atm14:12
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nacknickHey. I created a recipe that create a library under `/lib`, added its package to local.conf (IMAGE_INSTALL_append), the package was built successfully, but in the final image, I can't find the library under `/lib`. Any idea why?14:19
JaMais it static .a or dynamic, but without version .so ?14:20
nacknickI can see the library file under "work/.../image/lib"14:21 file14:21
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JaMathen it's probably in PN-dev package, not PN which you probably installed14:23
JaManormally .so should be just symlink to the actual versioned library, that's why it's packaged in PN-dev by default, and it should show you QA warning or error when it's not symlink14:24
nacknickJaMa: How to fix it?14:29
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darwismurray, perfect. Thanks a lot14:32
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nacknickJaMa: Thanks for the link, but in my case, we don't build that share library "normally". The recipe is downloading that *.so file from a remote server and copy it as is to `/lib` dir. How to fix it in that case?14:35
rburtonnacknick: you should have got a qa warning14:35
nemgti-ogI have a local file that I want to use in my recipe and that file cannot be found in github or anywhere else. Can I use devtool to create a new recipe that makes use of this file? Can devtool create an initial recipe that places suh file on the FILES subfolder of the recipe folder and make it calculate the checksum?14:35
JaManacknick: or grep FILES_SOLIBSDEV to find the examples of packaging of bad libraries14:36
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Bitbake/Yocto simple script tasks <>15:10
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nameclashwhat is the preferred way to exclude a recipe from a populate_sdk task?16:01
nameclashI have an application that's in IMAGE_INSTALL and when I run bitbake -c populate_sdk, I can see that the application gets compiled, i.e. do_compile is executed16:03
nameclashhow do I avoid that?16:04
nameclashsry, bitbake -c populate_sdk core-image-minimal16:05
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nameclashin the case of an application recipe that inherits cmake, the app even lands in the SDK16:09
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nameclashI could separate the sdk recipes from the image recipes and run different bitbake targets, e.g. bitbake core-image-minimal vs. bitbake -c populate_sdk core-sdk16:11
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nameclashbut what about recipes that provide both image and sdk artifacts? there is a more elegant way to solve this, right?16:12
neverpanicIsn't this the entire point of the SDK, to have the headers and debug symbols for the libraries and applications you deploy in the image?16:13
ingonusHi guys, i'm trying to write some words with special characters like "ã" in yocto bash via ssh, but bash write a "#" and break line instead. If I open vim or tmux, this characters can be written with no problem.16:13
nameclashI dont think it's the point of an SDK to contain applications that play no role in SDK usage16:14
ingonusI also set my locale to pt_BR.UTF816:14
nameclashwhich is the case for me16:14
ingonusvia export LANG and via localectl16:14
ingonusnameclash, you can append the do_populate_sdk task changing what you want, is that what you mean?16:16
neverpanicnameclash: That depends on what you want to do with the SDK. If you want to debug a coredump generated by that application, it does play a role in the SDK usage.16:17
ingonusThe SDK has an entire "chroot" of the image to use for cross-compiling stuffs, so it needs an image as base16:17
nameclashingonus: you mean by deleting the application from the sysroot again after it was installed in do_install?16:17
rburtonnameclash: you must have bad dependencies if the *application* ends up in the sdk16:18
ingonusi think you can do that, but I don't know if the SDK will work without sysroot16:18
nameclashrburton: yes, this is what's happening16:19
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nameclashI have a cmake/qt application thats gets added to IMAGE_INSTALL from core-image-minimal.bbappend. When I run bitbake -c populate_sdk, the application ends up in the same location in the SDK as it does in the image rootfs16:20
nameclashI just noticed that and it kinda smells to me..16:21
nameclashneverpanic: what you say about coredump analysis is definitely a point, but I still wouldnt go so far to say an SDK should contain the entire rootfs of an image. This is not how I'd define an SDK16:24
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ingonusnameclash the SDK needs the entire rootfs as a toolchain to build binaries to target S.O. using libs and everything necessary to build all you have on your S.O.16:28
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nameclashingonus: does it need my application to build binaries?16:30
neverpanicingonus: No it doesn't. Binaries of the rootfs aren't required to build other binaries, only libraries and headers are needed.16:30
nameclashneverpanic: exactly16:30
nameclashI suspect there's something misbehaving, as rburton indicated..16:31
ingonusnerverpanic: yes, but the packages "-dev" depends on the main package witch makes the whole package and dev to be installed in the sysroot16:32
ingonusI thought yocto just put the rootfs as sysroot in the SDK16:34
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rburtonim doing a build myself to double check assumptions16:40
rburtoni thought /usr/bin was ripped out16:40
nameclashrburton: the application is installed at /<AppName>/app/<AppName>16:41
nameclashmaybe that's the misconfiguration?16:41
rburtonquite likely16:41
ant__JaMa, rburton it is indeed like this with nodistro, handy to test musl and glibc16:41
rburtonnameclash: is there anything in /usr/bin/ in the sdk sysroot?16:42
rburtonant__: but with recipe-specific sysroots and so on, does that actually solve anything? also, if you wanted split tmpdir, easy to set tmpdir as such16:42
rburtonbut we periodically do get questions from people wondering why tmp is 'suddenly' tmp-glibc because they changed distro16:43
ant__actually I do set TMPDIR = "/tmp/build/tmp"16:43
nameclashrburton: yeah /usr/bin is quite busy actually16:43
ant__so I keep it in tmpfs16:49
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neverpanicnameclash: Ah, that explains things. Yocto expects you to stick to the filesystem hierarchy standard for your applications. Weird things will happen in multiple places if you don't.16:52
nameclashI'll take that one with me as lesson learned. However still wondering why applications like openssl are also in /usr/bin ...16:54
rburtonmy impression was the target sdk was pruned like we do for sysroots already16:55
rburtonbut maybe not16:55
nameclashrburton: it's rocko over here, to be fair16:56
nameclashso maybe that's something that was improved in later releases?16:57
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rburtonnameclash: yeah usr/bin is fairly full, i thought it was pruned18:32
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Do not understand error with packagegroup <>19:11
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shurelousHi guys, anyone knows how to set the default locale of a image? letting it with locale and keymap set to a specific language and layout?19:23
shurelousI've tried to set IMAGE_LINGUAS, but it just let the locales available, it do not set the current locale19:24
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nameclashrburton: thanks20:13
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nameclashshurelous: maybe this will be of help:
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nameclashthough I'd rather bbappend base-files instead of creating a dedicated recipe for it20:40
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njembIs there any way to remove the terminal boot messages from showing after the OS has booted?20:48
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paulgnjemb, there isn't really anything yocto specific about that -  I'm guessing a google of "tty clear login"  will get you what you want.21:14
paulgthis is one of those "100 ways to skin a cat" things - though.21:15
njembpaulg Yeah, I saw setting CONFIG_FRAMEBUFFER_CONSOLE=n as well as many other things21:16
njembI guess I was just wondering what the cleanest way would be21:16
paulgthere is also a boot arg for linux  "loglevel=<nnn>"21:17
paulgsee Documentation/admin-guide/kernel-parameters.txt21:17
njembI am also unsure what recipe to append for CONFIG_FRAMEBUFFER_CONSOLE21:17
njembWill do21:17
paulgif you set it to the minimum, you'll get no boot messages.21:17
paulgsee also the man page for "dmesg" on your typical linux build host to set the context for what loglevel does.21:18
paulgbasically instead of controlling what the console device is, you are controlling what messages go there.21:19
njembYup. Thanks21:19
paulgThis has no impact on pre-linux stuff, like u-boot or any other boot loader, of course.21:19
paulgfor that, you really do want to send a ^L  (control-L) to the console device if you want to clear off all the boot messages that are pre-Linux.21:20
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yocto_newbcould any body share a hint about compiling with shared headers and g++ cant see to get yocto to find -lpthread -lbluetooth21:43
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khemdescribe your problem a bit more perhaps lot of recipes link with pthreads and other libraries22:23
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Remove ROS to Reduce Image Size <>23:12
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