Thursday, 2020-04-23

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to inherit a class globally in the image recipe - yocto <>05:43
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drkhshhi; i am currently building a yocto recipe for azure walinuxagent (using python3-setuptools). somehow when building it always misses the "_crypt" module when importing "crypt" which should all be part of the the python core libraries07:52
drkhshdoes somebody have a clue how to fix this issue?07:53
mattovskydrkhsh: I had some issue with it (with paramiko I think) and problem was, that it was not supported for python release I used07:58
drkhshmattovsky: hmm maybe; i will check that out! thx07:59
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mous16Hello everybody08:37
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mous16Today I'm struggling with SDK generation: I would like to add to my SDK some coding tools, like clang-tidy (and ccache, cppcheck, doxygen, ...); I need to run them on my host computer, mainly to analyze code that will be crosscompiled. It's correct to add nativesdk-clang (as example) to MACHINE_EXTRA_INSTALL_SDK_HOST?08:52
neverpanicmous16: Yes, but do note that meta-clang doesn't ship clang-tidy by default08:54
kroonmous16, TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK iirc. Havent heard of  MACHINE_EXTRA_INSTALL_SDK_HOST before08:56
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mous16kroon: sorry, the variable I use is introduced by boot2qt (which I'm working with); it ends up adding specified packages to RDEPENDS of a recipe listed in TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK, so I think it does the trick.09:03
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mous16neverpanic: it appears that clang-tidy, with all other clang tools,  is added to sysroots/x86_64-pokysdk-linux/usr/bin/, but have some relocation problems so I couldn't run it. I think I ended up in this trap:
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problameHi all, I'm fighting with the OOM-killer in the `populate_sdk` phase. It kills that `tar` process, pbly. due to xz memory usage. I use ipk packages and already tried limiting PARALLEL_MAKE=" -j1", but that didn't help. How do I reduce the memory usage of the `tar` process in the `populate_sdk` command?09:17
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kroonproblame, git grep XZ_ in oe-core, there are some variables you can tune09:21
paulbarkerproblame: How much RAM do you have?09:26
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sagnerFor local development the default xz args OE uses are quite costly. I use gz or zstd lately to speed builds up during development.09:52
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problamekroon: sry for the late reply: I found kroon:09:58
problameXZ_DEFAULTS ?= "--memlimit=50% --threads=${@oe.utils.cpu_count()}"09:58
problameshouldn't that be : XZ_DEFAULTS ?= "--memlimit=${@"{}".format(50/oe.utils.cpu_count()}% --threads=${@oe.utils.cpu_count()}"09:59
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kroonproblame, that wouldn't look reasonable to me10:05
krooni'd expect the memlimit to apply to the whole process10:06
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto recipe for perl lib Device::SerialPort <>10:14
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problamekroon: ok, I played around with several configurations for XZ_DEFAUTLS in local.conf11:03
problamekroon: even XZ_DEFAULTS = "--memlimit=1G --threads=1" doesn't work11:03
problamethe machine has 32GiB of memory11:03
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problamethis only happened after I upgraded the project from sumo to zeus11:04
paulbarkerproblame: With that much RAM you should be able to produce an SDK with no problems. Have you added many extra packages to the SDK?11:05
problamepaulbarker: the entirety of qt11:05
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problamepaulbarker: but that shouldn't matter, xz acts as a stream processor, i.e. it doesn't need to load the entire image into RAM11:05
problame(the failing build phase is archive_sdk)11:06
paulbarkerproblame: Agreed, the final SDK archive may end up large but the memory usage during the build should be sane11:06
paulbarkerIf you remove qt from the SDK and try again does that build ok?11:06
problamepaulbarker: yeah, but i need a qt sdk11:07
problamehuh, when I get a devshell with `bitbake THE_IMAGE_RECIPE -c devshell` and run printenv, XZ_DEFAULTS doesn't show up11:08
paulbarkerproblame: Ok, so it works with a smaller set of SDK packages but then fails when qt packages are added11:09
problame... where should I override XZ_DEFAULTS? I do it in local.conf ATM, but since it doesn't show up in printenv in the devshell, maybe these changes don't have any effect?11:10
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kroonproblame, you can check its getting applied by inspecting the environment of the image recipe, -e11:21
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ant__problame, I hit this before11:24
ant__it was this patch:
ant__well, it is still there...11:25
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emriusHey everybody,11:25
emriusI read that the kernel configuration is stored on the target at /proc/config.gz11:27
emriusI don't have that file on my image. Do I have to set a flag to include it into the image?11:28
paulbarkeremirus: You'll need the right kernel config option enabled for that, google should be able to find it I can't remember the exact name of the option11:29
paulbarkeremrius ^^^11:30
problameant__: well that looks interesting, I'm actually using OPKGBUILDCMD = "opkg-build -Z gzip"11:31
emriuspaulbarker thanks! I think I found the flag:
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ant__problame: if you revert the patch you get the old behavior,like in sumo11:34
ant__which means slower packaging of kernel modules i.e., otherwise you can try changing it like compressorargs="--threads 0 -O 3"11:35
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problameant__: I just checked the opkg-build in build/tmp/sysroots-components/x86_64/opkg-utils-native/usr/bin/opkg-build , and it doesn't contain that patch11:38
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problameant__: my poky checkout is zeus-22.0.211:40
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problameant__: I think it's 5ef5ece35bffa76b08d038ed0e3ebbdcbaf4b11c in poky/meta/classes/populate_sdk_base.bbclass11:47
problame>        d.setVar('SDK_ARCHIVE_CMD', 'cd ${SDK_OUTPUT}/${SDKPATH}; tar ${SDKTAROPTS} -cf - . | xz -T 0 -9 > ${SDKDEPLOYDIR}/${TOOLCHAIN_OUTPUTNAME}.${SDK_ARCHIVE_TYPE}')11:47
nacknickI'm getting the warning: `<oldpackage>-<oldpkgversion> was registered as shlib provider for, changing it to <newpackage>-<newpkgversion> because it was built later` - even there is no in the whole working directory. What can it be?11:47
problame=> hard-coded xz args11:47
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kroonproblame, looks plausible. its been adjusted in master11:49
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problamekroon: could you point me to a commit?12:00
problamekroon: I am just trying
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kroonproblame, basically what your patch does I think12:33
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problamekroon: lol, yeah, extended my patch a little bit, basically with the exact same var names12:48
dl9pfRP: are there plans to support Ubuntu 20.04 e.g. in a dunfell point release ?12:53
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RPdl9pf: probably. A question for sakoman when he's around13:08
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RPdl9pf: some depends on how much is broken too13:09
dl9pfRight. Tnx!13:16
JaMait works fine for me with dunfell and for zeus I've noticed only one issue in qemu-native (patch sent)13:21
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havok101hi, Like a BBAppend is there something like extending a machine conf?13:32
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problameDo you keep the Yocto layer definition for your proprietary software in the same repository as the software itself? If so, how do you reference the software in the recipe's SRC_URI? `SRC_URI=file:///../../src` doesn't work, and putting an absolute path there isn't a great idea either13:40
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qschulzproblame: externalsrc14:09
problameqschulz: thx, just found it14:09
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qschulzproblame: or git subpath?14:10
qschulzproblame: depends on why you've both in the same repo. BTW, make sure your build directory is not a subdir of your EXTERNALSRC... bite us hard a few months back :)14:10
problameqschulz: thanks for the hint!14:11
problamegit subpath didn't work, and is suboptimal, since I actually want devs to be able to compile the package from a dirty git dir state14:11
qschulzhavok101: no there isn't, though you can create your own machine configuration file and inherit from the original one14:11
qschulzproblame: then externalsrc is really the way to go... But depending on the original need for that, a yocto SDK might have been a better idea. Though.. admittedly, I don't like externalsrc and I have no experience in sdk :D14:12
qschulzproblame: also, devtool/devshell could have been another solution :)14:13
problameqschulz: s/dev/CI system/ although admittedly that should always be using a clean git repo14:13
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qschulzproblame: that's... hum surprising usecase for CI :D but you do you :)14:14
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havok101qschulz: so can I inherit from one in another layer and basically override certain things?14:16
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problameqschulz: especially for devshell, I think externalsrc is the best choice14:17
problame(can edit the source (not the workdir) right from the devshell then)14:18
qschulzhavok101: sure. I chose the wrong word though, it should be require and not inherit (inherit is for classes)14:18
qschulzhavok101: and require takes a path relative to the root of *any* layer14:19
qschulzso you don't need to explicit from where yout ake the file14:20
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havok101qschulz: cool i'm going to play around with that, thanks14:23
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armpitOpen Source Summit + Embedded Linux Conference North America 202014:29
armpitis now a Virtual Experience, happening June 29 - July 2 -14:29
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rburtonarmpit: have fun with the virtual yocto BoF14:42
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zeddiidrinking corona of course!14:59
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problameqschulz: re update on externalsrc: doesn't work with `inherit qmake5`  in do_install15:26
problameapparently qmake5_base_do_install uses ${WORKDIR} but should actually use ${B}15:27
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riz1985Hello. I am getting the following warnings: WARNING: /home/.../poky/meta-intel/recipes-kernel/linux/ is tainted from a forced runWARNING: /home/.../poky/meta-intel/recipes-kernel/linux/ is tainted from a forced run15:37
riz1985Any idea how to get rid of this warning?15:38
qschulzproblame: look if it isn't already be fixed in master, else please send a patch or at least report a bug :)15:40
qschulzriz1985: bitbake linux-intel -c cleansstate for sure but I don't know if there's a more optimal way15:41
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moto-timoRP: I meant to disuss this last week
yoctiBug 13690: normal, Medium+, 3.1 M4, timothy.t.orling, IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION , runqemu with slirp, forwarded host ports are not available on host15:47
* moto-timo slept through two alarms15:47
moto-timoRP: Paul has a change to the test to use SSH with SLIRP, which is the one thing I think was of value in that thread15:48
moto-timoRP: but not sure if that is going to cause breakage or grief?15:48
moto-timoRP: can oeselftest exclude a case if it doesn't have SSH?15:49
RPmoto-timo: We have tests which depend on the ssh connection test passing15:51
moto-timoRP: right15:52
moto-timoRP: maybe two test cases? one with SSH one without?15:52
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RPmoto-timo: that could work15:53
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kanavin_homeIntel's Clear Linux To Divest From The Desktop, Focus On Server + Cloud Workloads17:09
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dedlineJust a quick sentiment grab, everyone bullish on balena?18:01
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dedlineevaluating balena vs DevicePlane vs Mender18:02
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khemdedline: depends on your needs20:04
khemkanavin_home: the standard bar is 2 yrs it seems for initiatives :) has clearlinux has their 2yr run20:05
havok101so there is a recipe and i'm appending it with linux-variscite_4.14.98.bbappend. But it refuses to those as appended when I run bitbake-layers show-appends linux-variscite20:05
khemhavok101: interesting, can you do bitbake -e on the recipe and check changes from your bbappends are in the output ?20:07
kanavin_homekhem: two years ago there was an internal initiative at intel, called one linux, which aimed to replace all the 'shitty distros' (implying, yocto-based) with clear linux for all use cases. This seems to have now failed as many said it would. The damage is that most of the yocto folks (incl. yours truly) left the company over this.20:07
havok101khem: nothing, i have a patch in there and different revision, nothing shows20:09
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havok101kehm: ok.. got it, i needed to put it under the recipes-kernel/linux/<bbfile> directory. earlier it was just recipes-kernel/<bbfile>. I didn't realize it was that strict. I feel like I put my qt append where ever and it works20:14
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khemkanavin_home: short attention span I think oh well20:52
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ant__khem, have you ever benchmarked Clean Linux vs. an optimized OE-based distro?21:34
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khemant__:no not personally, but I know the technologies they are using22:26
khemof all distros I know clear linux gets benchmarked by phoronix along with other major distros like ubuntu/debian/fedora etc. which is quite interesting perhaps phoronix guys are very interested in clear linux for some reason22:28
khemsince I dont see them benchmarking archlinux or manjaro which have way larger userbase22:29
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ant__khem, a friend of mine did it vs. Gentoo on an older i7. Not so much diff22:42
ant__but is not a 'scientific' test22:42
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ant__what is funny is that 'desktop' still means old-design x86 PC hw with many secs needed just for BIOS22:44
ant__so kernel boot time is not all...22:44
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ant__khem, by the way I am looking at that meta-initramfs-image U-A issues22:46
ant__I think I tracked it down to acl pulling util-linux22:46
ant__has nodistro always had acl? must check22:46
ant__armpit, ^ there are the klibc binaries with same name installed. I think you did not have acl in your DISTRO_FEATURES22:48
khemacl is default in nodistro22:58
ant__I suspected...23:01
ant__I can't see how util-linux is called otherwise...23:03
ant__"acl.do_build" -> "util-linux.do_package_write_ipk"23:03
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ant__khem, anyway it is an OR: klibc-utils or util-linux. There isn't any U-A for the former23:17
ant__I don't see any sense in having all that stuff mixed together23:18
ant__maybe for quick build-test of all proggies in meta-initramfs?23:18
ant__armpit, ^?23:18
ant__khem, it is the only buggy recipe of the layer23:21
ant__it was not in the world-builds being EXCLUDED_FROM_WORLD23:23
ant__see: I'm sending a patch at least fixing it...still not graspin23:28
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ant__khem, patch coming, I see culprit is dracut23:53
ant__but I let it not knowing image purposes23:53

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