Saturday, 2020-04-25

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moto-timokhem: pocket dial or trying to call my attention to the interaction?00:48
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Facing issue in yocto zeus u-boot compilation [closed] <>03:53
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roussinmkhem: lldb is not a target. That's why it wasn't that obvious to me.05:05
roussinmwell nothing RPROVIDES it.05:05
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khemmoto-timo: tab completion pressed to quickly, wasnt looking for you06:03
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khemroussinm: buildhistory tells me its in clang package packages/aarch64-yoe-linux-musl/clang/clang/files-in-package.txt:-rwxr-xr-x root       root          3539240 ./usr/bin/lldb-server06:05
khemperhaps we should create subpackages for lldb and related packages, so clang is not such a fat package06:06
roussinmMaybe in master?06:14
roussinmI am on zeus clang-906:14
khemthe problem is on master too06:14
khemI mean binary exists but its packaged into clang package06:15
roussinmBut I don't want clang inside my image, I want lldb :)06:15
khemso if you want just lldb-server then you will get whole shebang06:15
khemexactly, thats why I said we perhaps need to divide the PACKAGE part in clang recipe to have multiple packages06:16
roussinma lldb package seems reasonable, RRECOMMENDS with lldb-server?06:16
khemperhaps you can send a patch :)06:16
khemI think lldb-server should be a separate package lldb should be also seprate06:17
kheme.g. for cross debugging you dont want lldb06:17
khemjust lldb-server is enough06:17
roussinmI'll look into this during weekend, much more free time now with covid-19.06:18
khemso I would think create lldb and lldb-server at minimum06:18
khemroussinm: good deal06:18
roussinmI'll probable send it through if that's fine with you?06:18
khemroussinm: perhaps also seprate out liblldb into its own package06:20
khemyes I prefer github06:20
roussinmshould I follow the same pattern  in, ${PN}-lldb-server or lldb-server, I saw `libclang` as a package without the prefix ${PN}, which I think is not common?06:21
khemyeah libraries usually start with lib06:23
khemI think we should use lldb and lldb-server06:23
roussinmInteresting I would of though that could cause some collision?06:23
khemusing ${PN} helps in multilib case06:23
roussinmHa! haven't looked at multilib much.06:24
roussinmI know poky provides an llvm, wondering if that could cause problem is they build lldb too?06:25
khemno it does not, its only providing libLLVM purely for mesa06:26
khemand that too gets shadowed if you use meta-clang, then the version from meta-clang will be used06:26
roussinmha ok, we are not using mesa, so I guess it doesn't matter then..06:26
khemit would not have matterred even if you used mesa06:27
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khemnow a days I am finding that package compiled fine with clang but has issues with gcc, which are gcc problems I guess tables have turned clang is massively used06:28
khemwas playing with openCV on RISCV06:28
roussinmRight, but latest benchmarks indicated  that gcc as faster compile time on most cases now.06:29
roussinmI don't remember about the runtime performances though...06:29
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khemyes, I think clang has got many optimizations perhaps more than gcc by now so more passes06:29
khemto execute06:29
khemit was fast when it did not do much optimizations06:30
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khemI think runtime is neck to neck06:30
roussinmOne of the advantages I really like about clang/llvm architecture is all the tools that are derived from it.06:30
roussinmtidy,include-fixer, etc.06:31
khemexactly, I have a suite of inhouse tools too06:31
khemthings like reachability analyers which are critical for security06:31
roussinmIt's a learning curve, but documentation is plenty and code examples are pretty complete.06:31
khemand sanitizers are quite useful06:32
roussinmoh ya I haven't had time to convince my team to active sanitizers06:32
roussinmIt took me about 5-6 months to get clang-tidy into the CI pipeline :S06:32
khemI guess compile speed is no more the reason to use clang, althogh I think it still is fast for spaghetti C++ code even today ( think of browsers )06:33
roussinmif you use LTO builds? I guess that has a big impact on compilation speed...06:34
khemgood deal with clang-tidy06:34
khemyou can use thinLTO, its a good compromise fullLTO is slow as you say06:34
roussinmRight, I am able to use fullLto on current builds, application is relatively small.06:35
khemthats good, I think if you want to use distro-wide then I think thinLTO would be easier06:35
roussinmHow can I get it distro-wide?06:36
roussinmI would need to build the whole distro with clang I guess right?06:37
khemadd 'thin-lto' to DISTRO_FEATURES06:37
roussinmoh ok, ya that's already there.06:38
khemthats right you need to set TOOLCHAIN = "clang" globally perhaps in local.conf06:38
khemon arm64/rpi4 I get better framerate with a system built with clang btw.06:38
roussinmhmmm interesting, Qt projects?06:39
khemwhen doing webGL in Webkit06:39
khemno QT is last decade .. its 20s now.06:39
khembrowsers are king06:39
roussinmLast decade?! Are you going to run 60 fps applications in WebKit?06:40
khemand web assembly is future06:40
khemroussinm: yep wpewebkit06:40
roussinmwell, this blows my mind...06:40
khemeasily can do 60fps06:41
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roussinmYou continue to write c++ code, right?06:41
roussinmor c...06:41
khemI think even chromium can do it too06:41
roussinmChromium eats all the memory!06:42
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roussinmI only have 1G on my device.06:42
khemno new code in c/c++, new code is golang or rust or nodejs06:42
khemuse wpewebkit, runs fine on a system with 512MB06:43
roussinmI can't believe that golang/nodejs can go as fast as c++ code... in most cases.06:43
roussinmrust, sure.06:43
khemand has needed bits from blink06:43
khemon the contrary, go is quite fast than tou would think06:44
roussinmI have done some go, I really like it, mostly for web stuff.06:44
roussinmChannels, right?06:44
khemsince most of bad code is written doing memory management and concurrency management, and go runtime takes care of this06:44
roussinmC++ has smart pointers now :)06:44
khemand that makes huge differnece06:44
khemyeah facelift ;)06:45
roussinmWe are going to start a new project06:45
roussinmI might have to pitch the wpewebkit idea.06:45
khemuse go, or rust you will thank me in 5-10 years06:45
roussinmI mean none of the team members knows Go, I'm pretty sure they will be like, nop! I don't want to use web technologies, it's slow.06:46
khemyes wpewebkit, is a good idea, perhaps using wayland if you dont care, use eglfs06:46
roussinmWe tryed using  wayland with our Xilinx SOC, and it's pretty bad.06:46
khemgo is not web alone06:47
roussinmWe are using the libMali propertary blob.06:47
roussinmGo is not only web, but it's really good a web stuff.06:47
khemlearning go is surprisingly easy handful of constructs06:48
roussinmAnd there is a package manager.06:49
khemc++ programmers find it quite easy transition i would think06:49
roussinmI found the transition pretty easy for pet projects.06:49
khemyes go-dep,06:49
roussinmI think their stdlib is lacking right?06:50
khembtw for wpewebkit if you are interested
khemroussinm: I have it all sorted out in yoe-distro06:51
khemwhat do you mean with stdlib is lacking ?06:51
roussinmMissing a lot of basic stuff common operation, it's been a while since last I checked, so they might've put more stuff in it since.06:52
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roussinmkhem: I'll checkout the repository, thanks!06:55
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roussinm3am here, sooo I'm out, later!06:59
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* khem -> sleep ()07:04
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: do_compile of GNU Hello World fails in simple yocto recipe <>07:53
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alexb3600Hi, I want to add openss1.0.0 on my image but there is only a recipe for openssl1.1, does anybody have an idea?09:20
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: What happen if not use FILE in a recipe? <>09:54
Moh3NHi , when my image booting from nfs server , I find temporary filesystem with some MB size , I know thease partitions created in ram dynamically, is there any way to define its size staticly in yocto ???09:56
Moh3Nfor example : devtmpfs 169M /dev09:57
Moh3Ntmpfs  208M /var/volatile09:58
Moh3Nho to change these Ram partition in yocto ??09:58
Moh3Nkhem thank you for your advice, using  IMAGE_ROOTFS_EXTRASPACE_append , it helps me very much10:03
RPLooks like its the sysroot patch in -next which is breaking things. Need to ask the author what they were thinking...10:10
Moh3Nthank you, if we Imagine that they havent any patch and I want to see the result in emulator, how I can do this ??10:15
Moh3NImagine I want to test it with qemuarm machine10:16
RPMoh3N: you need to override the mount options for those partitions, its less of a yocto issue and more of a general linux configuration issue10:17
Moh3Nok, I want to it be as same as my opinion when my board boots up,so I must write an script to do this at startup ??10:18
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: BBCLASSEXTEND="native nativesdk" <>11:54
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khemRP: reminding you of the binutils/gcc patches15:23
khemsince they will need rebuilds so you might want to try them sooner, I am looking for them to be backported to dunfell soonish15:23
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: yocto kernel module recipe <>15:25
RPkhem: aren't they in next?15:26
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RPkhem: sorry, they're not. I really thought I'd pulled them15:29
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kanavin_homeRP: I'm going to start sending the version updates in 15-piece chunks17:07
kanavin_homeRP: as much as I love my bombs, I think sending 63 pieces at once is too much :)17:07
RPkanavin_home: if you have a poky branch with them in, what we could do is just run it on the AB?17:11
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RPkanavin_home: happy to do that17:12
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kanavin_homeRP: there is a branch, but it's several weeks old at this point (the patches are not from AUH, but handcrafted where AUH couldn't update), so I am taking the 15 piece chunks, and update them to the current latest versions17:14
RPkanavin_home: ok, fair enough. The offer is there if it makes sense17:14
kanavin_homeRP: I don't want to overwhelm you, or me really. The AB is certain to show issues. But the goal is still to bring the outdated recipes to a small handful, and try to keep it that way.17:15
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RPkanavin_home: I would hate to lose the position we've got to! :)17:16
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JaMakanavin_home: I know py2 isn't supported by oe-core anymore, but shouldn't this: DEPENDS += "python3-cython-native" in .inc file still use ${PYTHON_PN}?18:00
JaMabut on the other hand python-numpy disappeared completely (isn't in meta-python2) and the recipe I'm carrying isn't using this .inc file, so I guess I don't mind and the .inc file could be integrated into the .bb file18:03
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kanavin_homeJaMa: numpy explicitly dropped py2 support a while ago18:29
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BD24Hi can anybody help me with a problem ??? i'm noob at yocto18:43
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BD24i want to build an image with zeus and i receive following message: Error: Transaction check error:18:45
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