Friday, 2020-04-24

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ant__khem, next patch will be removal. we had an initramfs framework in oe-classic, maybe revamp it..00:10
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vmesonThere seems to be problem with the layer index. The version number for rsyslog and other packages is incorrect:
vmesonalso seen: where the 'Bug Tracker' link is wrong but the 'Recipe File' link is correct.00:57
vmesonseems to be related to the VER and SRCREV from libnfc:
* vmeson reports ^^^ by email to bluelightning, armpit01:04
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armpitI wonder if that may be related to the db move?02:47
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bluelightningarmpit: something this bizarre can only be related to the tinfoil changes I think :(03:32
bluelightningunfortunately I'm not going to have any time to look at it until next week03:32
bluelightningin the mean time I can put up a notification03:32
bluelightningalso created to track the problem03:38
yoctiBug 13882: normal, Undecided, ---, bluelightning, NEW , layer index: recipe fields being recorded incorrectly03:38
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: What files to be specified in IMAGE_BOOT_FILES for qemuarm machine while using wic create command <>05:18
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Connect I2C bus,i2cset: write failed: Connection timed out <>07:49
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PatrickEHi, i wrote a shared object and installed it to the libpath. How can i use this in another recipe?09:59
rburtonDEPEND on the recipe that builds your shared object09:59
PatrickEI have set DEPEND but do  i need to add an include path to the header file manually?10:06
erboPatrickE: Made add a pkgconfig file to go with the shared library?10:07
riz4I am trying to run my image on qemu and I am getting an error that the "Native sysroot directory....doesn't exist". In fact, it does not, but I am not sure why it is not being built or if I am doing something else wrong.10:09
rburtonPatrickE: assuming you installed the library to $libdir and headers to $includedir then compiling it normally wil just work10:10
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PatrickEerbo pkgconfig? :D10:13
PatrickErburton i copied it to {D}${base_libdir}10:14
rburtonlibdir is a better choice instead of base_libdir10:14
erboPatrickE: It's a well used way of providing meta data for shared libraries,
rburtonyou don't *need* that though, it's just helpful10:19
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PatrickEIts fine, maybe its a good help to do so. I think it basically should work like i have it now. I checked that bitbake created my libs in the work directory10:23
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PatrickEI just get an undefined reference . Include is working now10:23
erboPatrickE: do you add -lyourlib to linker flags?10:24
PatrickEerbo i sed -L but the path was not correct . With -l i get an cannot find examplelib10:25
rburtoni'm guessing you're using a hand-coded makefile. don't.10:26
rburtonwhen writing hand-coded makefiles everyone tries to write more than they need, and break them10:26
PatrickEThis is just a testcase... I dont use any makefile atall10:26
PatrickEi call ${CC} in do_compile10:27
rburtonthen you forgot $(CFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) $(LDFLAGS)10:27
rburtonwhich set the search paths10:27
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PatrickEI use CFLAGS and LDFLAGS10:28
rburtondon't forget CPPFLAGS10:28
rburtonalso assuming that you named the library correctly10:28
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PatrickE:)  Ok whats important for naming?10:29 not foo.so10:31
PatrickErburton so i name it and use -lexample ?11:02
* RP can't find whatever in master-next is poisoning master-next builds :(11:16
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PatrickEit looks like a small step forward but i  still get this error:  | /usr/src/debug/exampletool/1.0-r0/exampletool.c:12: undefined reference to `exampleFunc'11:24
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rburtonPatrickE: yes, thats how linkers work.  the latest error looks like you broke your library.11:29
PatrickEyes it looks like11:30
PatrickE-dev package contains non-symlink .so: examplelib-dev path '/work/armv7at2hf-neon-fslc-linux-gnueabi/examplelib/1.0-r0/packages-split/examplelib-dev/usr/lib/libexample.so11:31
rburtonyocto assumes that you're versioning the libraries and makes you do more work if you are not11:31
rburtonmaybe get your library and app working outside of yocto first to reduce the number of things you need to make work11:33
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st3xuperyIs using Rust for application development in Yocto an "ideal" and "well-supported" method? I am aware of meta-rust, but the general discussion of Rust and Yocto seems nonexistant.11:57
st3xuperyI found one mailing list thread from 2017, a blog post that shows how to adjust the Rust compiler to compile for your target machine with values obtained from generating an SDK11:58
st3xuperythat was from 201811:58
rburtonyes, just use meta-rust11:59
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st3xuperyOkay. Let's say I wanted to venture on a Yocto project with some commercial aspiratons, am I much safer sticking to C++?12:09
st3xuperyPerhaps this may sound more philosophical, but I'm trying to gauge what is the more sustainable method to work with Yocto. Should I not be disuaded by the non-existant internet chatter about Rust and Yocto?12:11
st3xuperyThere seems to be a growing Rust-Embedded community, and I don't see Yocto as part of it12:12
st3xuperyDon't get me wrong, I'd be happy to publish my own how to on Rust and Yocto, be the solution to my problem.... but I'd like to know if the Yocto community sees Rust as vehicle to adopting a larger audience12:15
rburtonif you want to use rust, use rust.  meta-rust exists and is still being worked on12:19
riz4What is the best way to reduce the default 10 second boot timeout that OE sets?12:28
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riz14What is the best way to reduce the default 10 second boot timeout that OE sets?12:40
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emriusHey, I want to group certain settings for development such as runtime dependencies and other configurations into a single class/package/recipe, so that I can do something like `IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " mydevtools"` or so13:52
rburtonwrite a pacakgegroup13:52
emriusWhat would be the general strategy for that? Putting everything into a recipe or a packagegroudp13:52
rburtona packagegroup is just a recipe that inherits the packagegroup class, which ensures that it just has dependencies and no content13:52
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emrius65hmm.. got kicked out. A too dumb question maybe :]13:53
emrius65Anyway, thanks!13:53
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emrius65A little followup question: If I gather my dev tools in a packagegroup, can I also configure them from the packagegroup recipe? Let's say I want to configure the `PACKAGE_FEED_URIS` used by `dnf`13:59
emrius65Can I just throw those environment varaibles into the packagegroup recipe or do I need a dnf_%.bbappend kind of approach?13:59
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rburtonkanavin_home: fwiw14:15
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kanavin_homerburton: LOL14:41
kanavin_homerburton: wait a second14:41
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kanavin_homerburton: ta-daa
kanavin_homejust need a bit of time to submit14:42
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havok101Hey, i'm trying to boot my image using runqemu so I do runqemu tmp/deploy/images/imx8mn-var-som/b2qt-image-imx8mn-var-som.wic14:45
havok101and I get ls: cannot access 'build-imx8mn-var-som/tmp/deploy/images/imx8mn-var-som/*.qemuboot.conf': No such file or directory14:46
havok101how do i generate this file?14:46
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Facing issue in yocto zeus u-boot compilation <>15:20
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto, export variable to host <>16:20
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emriusHey, quick question: What do I have to add to `IMAGE_INSTALL` to get the c headers, such as `stdlib.h` onto my target?19:31
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mischiefis there a way i can ensure programs are rebuilt if the kernel changes?19:39
mischiefsomething changed in our kernel and a userspace program wasn't rebuilt and was broken as a result. i want to understand why this happened.19:40
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emriusmischief I'm probably the one with the least experience in this channel and haven't used it mysefl but isn't the `buildhistory` class meant to shed some light into that?19:49
emriusI just read that chapter in the book I bought :)19:49
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zeddiimischief. did the application's recipe have a kernel dependency ? without knowing anything about the application or recipe, we can only guess.19:50
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mischiefzeddii: no - it's including a header for a macro definition19:53
zeddiione of the kernel's headers ? i.e. one that isn't in libc-headers ?19:53
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mischiefzeddii: the recipe isnt using the libc headers20:00
zeddiiall good. so that recipe does have a DEPENDS on virtual/kernel ? if so, it should have picked it up.20:11
mischiefzeddii: it didnt20:13
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mischiefbut even now after i added it and try to rebuild the program doesnt work20:13
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mischiefi think maybe the include paths are wrong and its using the libc headers or something.20:13
zeddiicould be. you'd need to have the shared kernel source dir in the include path to get them directly.20:14
mischiefzeddii: i tried that :)20:19
zeddiiyou aren't giving us much to go on.20:20
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khemI smell a issue when someone says can I rebuild my app when kernel is recompiled21:06
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halifaxHi guys. I'm attempting to build b2qt-embedded-qt5-image as shown as described in this tutorial: But the b2qt-embedded-qt5-image-1.0-r0 do_rootfs function is failing for the command bitbake b2qt-embedded-qt5-image21:27
halifaxThe error is as follows:21:27
*** roussinm <roussinm!> has joined #yocto21:28
halifax* check_data_file_clashes: Package v86d wants to install file /home/ian/dev/yocto-rpi/build-raspberrypi4/tmp/work/qemux86-poky-linux/b2qt-embdedded-qt5-image/1.0-r0/rootfs/etc/modprobe.d/uvesafb.confBut that file is already provided by package * kernel-module-uvesafb-5.0.19-yocto-standard21:28
fullstopHi!  I'm trying to generate signed ipk files and allow opkg to verify the signature. I looked at the opkg recipe and figured that I needed to add PACKAGECONFIG += "gpg" to a bbappend..21:28
roussinmkhem: Hi! I'm trying to get lldb-server into the target, what do I need to activate in the meta-clang layer to get it?21:29
*** mauz555 <mauz555!~mauz555@2a01:e0a:56d:9090:ec47:4cfe:fdff:656c> has joined #yocto21:30
fullstopbut when I do that I get "ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'nativesdk-gnupg'" along with a message saying that nativesdk-gnupg is unbuildable, removing21:30
roussinmfullstop: it looks like it's missing `nativesdk` inside the BBCLASSEXTEND variable.21:32
roussinmMaybe there is a reason why it's not there?21:32
fullstopthe gnupg recipe?21:32
fullstopit is there in the master branch..21:33
roussinmha, I'm using zeus.21:33
fullstopIt is not there in zeus.. so it was added at some point.21:34
fullstopdo I need to bbappend all of those recipes?  dang.21:35
roussinmStart with the one you need.21:36
roussinmHaaa man powershell... why! I can't click on links :(21:36
fullstoproussinm: all needed to be appended.21:39
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khemroussinm: I guess add lldb to IMAGE_INSTALL22:22
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khemhalifax: its a file clash. I wonder why v86d is trying to install uvesafb.conf22:35
halifax@khem: I also don't know.22:35
halifaxCan I rerun all tasks related to v86d?22:35
khemperhaps you can check recipe and see if its doing anything quirky in do_install22:36
khemalso check if there are some bbappends22:36
khemhalifax: why are you using b2qt22:39
halifaxI'm trying to develop with Qt on my Raspberry Pi22:47
halifaxI'm trying to develop an embedded system. Is there a better way?22:51
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kergothYou'll need to give a lot more detail. You haven't said enoughf or us to answer.22:53
kergoth"develop an embedded system" is extremely vague22:53
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halifaxI'm trying to develop a mini touch desktop interface that runs on Yocto. Kind of like a tablet OS. Wanted to use the PC as the host dev system and deploy to Raspberry Pi. I was thinking Qt + Qt Creator22:58
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*** Moh3N <Moh3N!05e8785a@> has joined #yocto23:07
Moh3Nhi. Im new in yocto but I like it :)  I have a problem! I think I have misunderstand. in our company we have a powerPC chip that we have yocto package ready for it23:09
Moh3Nwe build image and now our board boot from nfs23:09
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Moh3Nour boards load kernel and rootfs from nfs server23:10
Moh3Nafter boot up I see in "du" that I have only 12 MB for / and some other partition with 100 MB23:10
Moh3NI want to know how I can change ram partition ??23:11
Moh3Nsorrry for poor English23:11
Moh3NI want to have 50 MB for / for example!! but I dont know how !!23:12
khemMoh3N: welcome and glad you like it23:19
khemMoh3N: you can add extra space to your image23:19
Moh3Nthank you, I want some key words and road map to solve my problem, thanks23:20
halifaxIs there a way I can remove and rerun all the tasks for v86d?23:21
khemMoh3N: in conf/local.conf add something like MAGE_ROOTFS_EXTRA_SPACE_append = " + 64000"23:21
khemMoh3N:that should add 64M to your rootfs23:22
khemhalifax: bitbake -ccleansstate v86d23:22
*** vineela <vineela!vtummala@nat/intel/x-iiiegcmhjvzgsntt> has joined #yocto23:23
Moh3Nthanks a lot :)  and how I can decrease some MB from Other partition and increase another ?? in yocto23:23
*** dedline <dedline!> has joined #yocto23:32
halifaxbitbake -ccleansstate v86d ran successfully, but I'm still getting the same error when I run bitbake b2qt-embedded-qt5-image after that. When I try to run bitbake -ccleansstate kernel-module-uvesafb-5.0.19-yocto-standard, it says ERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'kernel-module-uvesafb-5.0.19-yocto-standard'. Close matches: linux-yocto RPROVIDES23:33
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halifaxShould I be running bitbake -ccleansstate linux-yocto?23:37
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khemhalifax: no, you should first delete it via do_install in one of the recipes23:49
halifaxI should delete v86d and not kernel-module-uvesafb-5.0.19-yocto-standard, right? The latter sounds important.23:50
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khemperhaps yeah,23:51
halifaxhmmm.... "v86d provides a backend for kernel drivers that need to execute x86 BIOS code. The code is executed in a controlled environment and the results are passed back to the kernel via the netlink interface.23:51
khemthat will be easier23:51
khembut I think kernel module should not be providing it either23:54
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khemso perhaps compare uvesafb.conf from both packages and see which one is appropriate for your case23:54
khembtw. what target are you building for23:55
khemhmm then why is it using linux-yocto23:56
halifaxI have no idea. I'm looking for the recipe23:56
khemhalifax: are you open to use some other distro then there are others ways to get QT5 images23:56

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