Wednesday, 2020-05-06

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kroonseebs, hi Peter07:30
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g0hl1nkroon, regarding gcc10's fno-common default: Did you already looked into cpio and binutils? For me they also fail building. If no: I've prepared a patch appending fcommon to CFLAGS, should I send it?08:12
kroong0hl1n, well I don't speak for the yocto project, but I'd personally prefer if we fix the sources instead of adjusting CFLAGS. I know binutils is fixed upstream, OE just need to upgrade or perhaps backport the patch. I haven't gotten bitten by cpio yet, so no comments from me on that08:15
g0hl1nkroon, thanks. ok. Makes sense. Then I'll take a deeper look into cpio & binutils to find an appropriate fix ;-)08:16
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g0hl1nkroon, thanks. Already found it ;-)08:36
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g0hl1nkroon, fyi: patches for binutils & cpio are on the list: &; thanks for your input!08:58
kanavin_homeRP: still sporadic virgl sefltest failures. I note that both tests took very little, so the items probably came from cache and were built on some other distro, and there's some kind of non-determinism issue there. I'll try to reproduce with the AB cache.08:58
kroong0hl1n, oh, didn't know that nickname was you Richard :-D08:59
kroonalthough that branch name should have been a pointer09:00
g0hl1nkroon, yeah, wasn't too much of a secret :D - nonetheless, now you know ;-)09:02
LetoThe2ndg0hl1n: ahnoch i got it too ;)09:08
LetoThe2nd*ah now09:09
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g0hl1n:-D haven't thought my nick/realname wouldn't be such a secret :-D09:15
LetoThe2nddont think people took it as a secret, its just not obvious and now we're pleasantly surprised :)09:16
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LetoThe2ndby the way, have you ever thought about doing a livecoding session? meta-java is certainly a hot topic, and i'm not gonna cover it ever, probably.09:17
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g0hl1nLetoThe2nd, damn I definitely missed the whole livecoding thing^^. That's a great idea. I've only took a quick look now but I definitely will watch them ;-) Nice work!09:28
g0hl1nLetoThe2nd, regarding a meta-java session: I'll definitely will think about it and come back to you ;-)09:31
LetoThe2ndg0hl1n: yeah please do so. its really simple. allocate two hours, grab a beer, talk about stuff you like and know anyways, mess up in front of the cam, and thats it, basically.09:31
RPkanavin_home: thanks. Not sure what is going on there, I've worried it might also be system load. Running in isolation to see09:45
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kanavin_homeRP: right, I haven't started reproducing yet, because the ubuntu host is currently running a build or two09:46
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RPkanavin_home: I reran on the same workers to see what happened as a first step at trying to understand it09:48
RPkanavin_home: we did have two builds in parallel last night and one was particularly heavy (from scratch)09:48
kanavin_homeRP: right - I'm now first doing the virgl test from scratch, then will plug the AB cache into it. I hope to get two sets of binaries, one working, the other broken. On ubuntu1804-1.09:51
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RPkanavin_home: failed the second time too10:14
kanavin_homeRP: is there a link?10:16
RPkanavin_home: so that rules out load. Its either something in -next or "corrupt" sstate10:18
kanavin_homeRP: right - I am running -next now with empty cache.10:19
RPkanavin_home: on one of the workers? Thanks, I'll leave this with you for now...10:20
kanavin_homeRP: on ubuntu1804-1, yes10:20
LetoThe2ndRP: concerning memres again, devtool doesn't seem to utilze a resident bitbake process, right?10:24
RPLetoThe2nd: that would just depend on configuration wouldn't it?10:25
RPLetoThe2nd: memres bitbake is normal bitbake with a non-zero keep alive time10:25
RPkanavin_home: should I pause that worker?10:28
RPkanavin_home: that machine already has a selftest running FWIW10:29
LetoThe2ndRP: thats what i suspected too, yet when i kick off a devtool command right after a bitbake command with nonzero keep alive time, it still starts out with loading cache and parsing recipes, or at least thats what it tells me.10:30
RPLetoThe2nd: Check what the bitbake-cookerdaemon.log file says happened10:31
RPLetoThe2nd: could be the configurtation is seen as different10:31
kanavin_homeRP: yeah, it's not too loaded at the moment, so maybe pausing is unnecessary10:31
LetoThe2ndRP: ok, will do so.10:31
RPkanavin_home: ok10:32
kanavin_homeRP: master-next with blank cache passed on ubuntu1804-110:49
kanavin_homeRP: I'll try to plug the AB cache now.10:49
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kanavin_homeRP: reproduced \0/11:11
kanavin_homeRP: so it seems that one of the distros 'poisons' the cache somehow11:11
RPkanavin_home: that is progress at least! :)11:15
RPkanavin_home: going to try and narrow it down to some specific component subset?11:15
kanavin_homeRP: yes11:17
RPkanavin_home: cool :)11:21
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kanavin_homeRP: a bit of progress. The broken item is libSDL2, which for some reason was built with opengl disabled.12:03
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rburtonkanavin_home: wasn't there  a patch in mingw or something for that?12:11
rburtonswear i saw a patch for that recently12:11
kanavin_homerburton: that was for mingw nativesdk, unrelated12:11
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kanavin_homeRP: I think I found it - SDL checks for gl.h and glx.h, the former comes from mesa-native, the latter falls through to the host. If the host doesn't have it, opengl silently disables opengl.12:20
kanavin_home*sdl silently disables opengl12:20
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RPkanavin_home: ah, that would explain it12:22
kanavin_homeso the fix would be to enable glx in mesa-native I guess12:23
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kanavin_homeRP: patch sent12:58
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OutBackDingois there a wic doc for creating an iso ?13:21
OutBackDingowic help isnt very useful13:22
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LetoThe2ndOutBackDingo: pick your poison:
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OutBackDingoLetoThe2nd: thx13:27
RPkanavin_home: Did you notice the errors between the two machines were slightly different?13:28
RPkanavin_home: Trying to decide if that is significant or not13:28
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OutBackDingoERROR: _exec_cmd: cd ./tmp.wic.hu69n4_v/INITRD && find . | cpio -o -H newc -R root:root >./tmp.wic.hu69n4_v/initrd.cpio  returned '2' instead of 013:32
OutBackDingooutput: /bin/sh: 1: cannot create ./tmp.wic.hu69n4_v/initrd.cpio: Directory nonexistent13:32
OutBackDingoermmm crapp... whatd i miss13:32
OutBackDingoother then that should be in a pastebin13:32
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RPOutBackDingo: you changed directory into ./tmp.wic.hu69n4_v and then ./tmp.wic.hu69n4_v/initrd.cpio doesn't make sense as its now ./initrd.cpio ?13:51
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OutBackDingoRP: all i did was run wic create mkhybridiso -e core-image-minimal13:55
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RPOutBackDingo: not sure. I was just trying to explain why that might be failing like it is14:05
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kanavin_homeRP: I did, I'm not sure about that either. :-/ But both failures happen in the same spot, the SDL test - gtk passes fine.14:12
seebs(in general, i have vague plans to try to get some time to merge changes into pseudo master "any day now" but things Keep Happening.)14:14
RPseebs: that would be awesome if you did have time, I'm all too familiar with the problem14:15
OutBackDingoRP: i got it, fixed now14:28
RPOutBackDingo: what was it?14:29
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gaston95hello, I am using SAMA5D27-SOM1-EK1 embedded board from microchip. I built for it Linux distribution using Yocto. I want to connect my board with WIFI network instead of ETHERNET. How can I do that please ?15:16
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OutBackDingoRP a simple type in IMAGE_FSTYPES = "${INITRAMFS_FSTYPES}"15:44
OutBackDingoRP: a simple type in IMAGE_FSTYPES = "${INITRAMFS_FSTYPES}"15:44
OutBackDingoso wic images were not being properly genned for wic create to properly digest needed data15:45
OutBackDingonext dumb question... any decent installers to go from the iso to disk ?15:47
kanavin_homeRP: bah, I made a patch for mesa, but only tested that sdl builds correctly, and didn't bother with the ensuring the actual virgl test doesn't regress :) now it seems it fails everywhere - I'll look into this.15:51
kanavin_homebut first, a walk outside and some takeaway coffee from a paper cup!15:51
RPkanavin_home: thanks, enjoy15:52
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tjpI need to sed a file that gets placed into the sysroot. hooking a SYSROOT_PREPROCESS_FUNC successfully changed what I needed of the file in ${DESTDIR} but the changes no longer exist after do_populate_sysroot finishes. pointers?16:33
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cdgarrenI'm trying to create a recipe for a set of prebuilt shared libraries. My recipe is working correctly, simply installing the .so files into my RFS. But I can't figure out how to get the headers populated into the SDK. Has anyone done this?16:46
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rpcmehello all members, I am trying to see if there is an existing recipe for 'daemon' usually installed to /bin/daemon, its homepage is at
rpcmethe debian package is here
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cdgarrenrpcme: I can't find any recipe, however there is a recipe for daemonize, which appears to be similar:
rpcmeI understand.  Thank you.  I am a consumer of a system that requires /bin/daemon - for reasons I haven't figured received an answer on yet. so, I will have to write the recipe i guess.17:32
tjpbe sure to get it upstream if it works :^)17:33
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rpcmeabsolutely.  I feel it likely belongs in oe.  I maintain meta-aws where it's needed right now.17:42
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paulbarkerrpcme: If it's needed in meta-aws probably best to keep the recipe there for now, maybe migrate it to meta-oe if other users appear. meta-aws is in the layer index so people will be able to find it if they need it18:10
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bsmerbeckHey guys. Was wondering if anyone here has built images containing nodejs apps? I'm trying to figure how I'd handle fetching dependencies (i.e. yarn install / npm install).18:28
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neverpanicI knew we did something like that, but I didn't know how, so I went and looked. I wish I didn't.18:41
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kanavin_homeRP: I think I've arrived at a more robust virgl setup now, patches sent19:02
kanavin_homethe downside is that dri.pc (from mesa-dev) needs to be installed on any host that runs the virgl oe-selftest - I checked that it's installed on ubuntu 18.04 worker, but not the others19:03
kanavin_home(did not check the other workersI mean)19:05
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kanavin_homethe previous mesa patch is still needed19:06
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RPkanavin_home: thanks, I'll run it through the autobuilder20:09
kanavin_homeRP: full green otherwise!20:22
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RPkanavin_home: next question is whether this issue is in dunfell too :/20:41
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kanavin_homehalstead: remember we talked about upgrading the graphical cards in the AB? How is that going?20:58
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kanavin_homeRP: I think so, one of the distros contaminates sdl-native, and the same issue is likely to happen in dunfell too, if it's tested against the same distro set20:59
RPsakoman: ^^^20:59
RPkanavin_home: changing this in dunfell may be painful :(21:00
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denixRP: there's mcdepends for multiconfig DEPENDS - I guess doing RDEPENDS for multiconfig is not that easy?21:30
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JPEWdenix: I'm not quite sure what RDEPEND for multiconfig would mean?21:34
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denixJPEW: normally I would agree with you for target packages. but then I want to bring in multiconfig sdk components together...21:37
JPEWdenix: Like putting the -dev packages from multiple multiconfigs together into the same SDK?21:39
JPEWpresumably each multiconfig would be a distinctly targetable item in the SDK?21:39
denixJPEW: or puttin together cross tools for multiple multiconfigs21:39
tlwoernervmeson: dreyna: the yocto devday is july 2, which is just after the holiday :-) i can't say the same for the last day of elc ;-)21:41
JPEWdenix: interesting21:41
dreynatlwoerner: so what is the July 1st holiday? I assume that it is Canada only?21:42
denixJPEW: I'm doing multiple cores of a complex SOC via multiconfig - everything builds and deploys for the target. next step is to bring all the corresponding toolchains into a single sdk21:43
JPEWdenix: Ya, that makes perfect sense, and something that would be really useful21:45
JPEWdenix: I wonder if there is a way to do it without multiconfig for RDEPENDS though21:45
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JPEWdenix: The "easy" solution would be to package all the various SDKs together into a single "super" SDK (it's probably not to hard to write a recipe that would do this today). The user could source the environment for the correct SDK to build what they wanted, but it wouldn't be "integrated" at all21:47
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JPEWdenix: I think part of the problem is that the environment setup the SDK generates is taylored toward the target hardware, so there would necessarily be some conflicts if you tried to smash them all together21:48
denixJPEW: well, cross packages already have necessary ARCH and MACHINE suffixes21:51
JPEWdenix: Ya.... if that's all you wanted it wouldn't conflict. The harder part is that they are probably going to have other nativesdk dependencies that would conflict21:53
denixmaybe... I'll keep digging21:56
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RPdenix: you don't need RDEPENDS. You'd need to add the feeds together and then populate IMAGE_INSTALL with a list of the packages you want22:47
paulgsomeday I'll have to google just how Kanuckistan got fetched up into cross compiling by name....22:59
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