Thursday, 2020-05-07

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kroonseebs, ping05:59
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alejandrohsdenix: I have a bug opened for the multiconfig SDK that I havent been able to work on in a while06:45
alejandrohsdenix: I do not know if my last statement holds True still06:48
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mckoanI am experimenting bbclass customization creating a very trivial task called do_foo()
mckoanThe problem is that whenever I modify the task source and I run bitbake I have a lot of recipes rebuilt as result.07:25
mckoanI wonder if there is anything to set to avoid that?07:25
mckoanfor example it was do_package[postfuncs] and now I changed it with do_install[postfuncs] and it is rebuilding 551 recipes :-O07:27
kroonmckoan, have you tried specifying the recipe with -b ?07:29
kroonbitbake -b file.bb07:29
kroonthat should ignore dependencies from other recipes according to the manual07:30
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mckoankroon: seemed a good idea but no, it gives an error Exception: NameError: name 'staging_package_populate_pkgdata_dir' is not defined07:40
mckoanI wonder how are usually tested and debugged the tasks in Yocto/OE, this method is crazy07:40
mckoanI mean the tasks provided by classes07:41
kroonmckoan, I get the same error07:45
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kroonsomething broke07:50
leon-anavihi, I've got a 2nd version of my patch for upgrading LIRC in meta-openembedded/meta-oe submitted more than a week ago. I haven't seen any feedback yet and the patch hasn't made it to master-next.07:51
leon-anaviI see other patches are in the same condition. Guess it is just because overload of too many patches to review, right?07:51
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ant__leon-anavi, that's for #oe, anyway there has been some issue with patchwork, there aren't patches between 4/24 and 5/107:55
leon-anaviant__, thanks. I'll join #oe.07:55
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qschulzI see there is a way to specify the version of a package in RDEPENDS, is it possible for DEPENDS as well? (quickly tried with DEPENDS = "ncurses-native (<= 5)" but didn't seem to work :) )08:18
qschulzthe use case is that we have some native prebuilt binaries that requires
RPkanavin_home: :/08:19
kanavin_homeRP: running a build there now :)08:19
qschulzWell... technically this should be handled by PREFERRED_VERSION but it's warranted by this prebuilt binary which might get updated at one point in time (hopefully?)08:19
kanavin_homeI hoped to have it sorted before you wake up ;)08:19
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RPkanavin_home: fair enough, perhaps I should go back to bed :)08:31
LetoThe2ndRP: back to bed++08:31
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mckoanany further idea about how to test bbclass customization?09:25
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RPmckoan: you can exclude a task from the variable dependencies09:44
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RPmckoan: e.g. do_package[vardepsexclude] += "do_foo"09:45
RPit will rebuild the first time you do that but not each time you change thereafter09:45
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mckoanRP: thanks I knew that only you could know :-D09:48
kanavin_homeRP: in the end mesa on debian 9 is too old, so I added a virgl test skip there, patch sent09:51
mckoanRP: perfect, it works as needed! Thanks09:51
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RPkanavin_home: ok. That means with that master-next is good to merge?09:57
ant__mckoan, I think you can bitbake -g taskexp the image to check what's happening behind09:57
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ant__bitbake -g -u taskexp actually09:58
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kanavin_homeRP: I think so, yes :)10:15
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RPkanavin_home: we're up to date ish then :)12:06
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kanavin_homeRP: nearly, I still have the three patches that enable virgl by default, in a separate branch12:18
RPkanavin_home: right, those were still needing some work12:22
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qschulzRP: also, there is still in OE-core/poky mater-next a multilib fixup commit which would need some love (commit log, separate commits?). Just to make sure it does not get pushed in that state since it's non trivial. (or maybe it's not part of the next master-next merge :) )12:25
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RPqschulz: right, I simply don't know what to do with those patches12:28
qschulzRP: I understand, I wish I could help on that.12:30
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kanavin_homeRP: they needed a fix in meta-mingw, which is already there (but only in master-next last I checked)12:42
kanavin_homeRP: I'll rebase and resend them12:43
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stephanoJust saw this:
stephanoVery awesome.13:36
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ndecstephano: indeed. do you need if it's published anywhere on social media already?14:22
stephanondec, Not sure. Got pulled into meetings before I had a chance to look around. :)14:23
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alejandrohsstephano: :):):)14:31
stephanoalejandrohs, Ciao Alejandro! :)14:32
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stuom1I get error "error: 'build/tmp/aarch64-tdx-linux/PACKAGE_A/0.1.0/recipe-sysroot/usr/lib/', needed by 'PACKAGE_B', missing and no known rule to make it" but that .so is in same directory structure of PACKAGE_B, why is it trying to find it in PACKAGE_A?14:54
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rburtonare you bitbakeing PACKAGE_A or PACKAGE_B14:58
rburtonmore specifically, what recipe emits that error14:58
stuom1B, and it DEPENDS on A, and both DEPENDS on boost14:58
rburtonmost likely some broken libtool or pkgconfig file that A writes with full work directory paths in14:59
rburtoneasily found by searching PACKAGE_B's recip-sysroot for PACKAGE_A15:00
*** fl0v01 <fl0v01!~fvo@> has quit IRC15:00
stuom1hmm nothing looks unusual there, what should I look for?15:04
rburtonif you're in recipe-b's build and it is using paths for recipe-a, then there is either a hardcoding of recipe-a in the recipe itself, or the recipe-b sysroot itself15:05
rburton*or* you're actually in recipe-a's build15:05
stuom1both recipes are just short "inherit cmake", can error be in cmakelists then?15:07
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ndecI just got "| AnnotationList.c:(.text+0x7ad): undefined reference to `rpl_fprintf'", it's a fresh checkout of poky dunfell branch without any change. Any idea what I could be doing wrong? I happened to be on ubuntu 16.04 (don't ask why..)15:46
ndecgot that in bison-native15:46
*** buildbeef <buildbeef!> has joined #yocto15:48
buildbeefhi. i need to run `sed` on a file that exists in ${SYSROOT_DESTDIR} such that those changes appear in the image/ of the recipe i'm making. how could I go about that?15:48
buildbeefor maybe i have a fundamental misunderstanding of the process here. if I write a recipe `myrecipe` and another `myotherecipe` that `DEPEND`s on `myrecipe`, the include/lib paths would look in the /image folder for `myrecipe` assuming the Makefile for `myotherecipe` is configured properly, right?15:50
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kanavin_homeRP: I was overly optimistic about enabling virgl by default :( doing that makes qemu initialize opengl even if it's not going to be used, and at that point opengl expects to be able to find dri drivers. I need to think what to do about it (so that this doesn't get in the way or break existing workflows), meanwhile you can drop the patches from -next15:57
rburtonbuildbeef: why not fix the paths during do_install15:57
*** AkiraMay <AkiraMay!4d410d55@gateway/web/cgi-irc/> has joined #yocto15:57
khemndec: I suspect, the tests for normal fprintf are failing, ubuntu does have some differences in enabling features IIRC, check config.log for why configure is falling back to gnulib versions15:57
rburtonbuildbeef: you're incorrect re image/ though15:57
RPkanavin_home: I was about to mention there are a few failures there :/15:58
buildbeefrburton I guess a more generalized question would be what path from `recipe1` is considered the canonical include path for anything that depends on `recipe1`? Hopefully that makes sense15:58
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kanavin_homeRP: yeah, and reverting to previous way of falling through to host GL libraries is not an option, this needs to be fully opt-in for now.16:00
*** locutus_ <locutus_!> has joined #yocto16:00
qschulzbuildbeef: you shouldn't need this information :) yocto handles all of that for you16:03
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qschulzbuildbeef: but FYI, it's STAGING_DIR_TARGET/HOST/NATIVE (most likely target)16:04
*** dreyna <dreyna!~dreyna@2601:646:4201:b1a0:981b:5704:6ba7:1612> has joined #yocto16:04
buildbeefyeah, that's typically the case but I can't quite just 'set it and forget it' so to speak for the recipe i'm working on16:05
qschulzbuildbeef: all should already be set either in CC (there is --sysroot passed IIRC), CFLAGS/LDFLAGS. SO if you cmake/makefile does not hardcode it you should be good :)16:05
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buildbeefit's for wxwidgets which spits out a `wx-config` script that tells application code where to find wx headers, which for some god awful reason is hard-coded to be `usr/include`, always. this is what I need to `sed`16:06
buildbeefI basically need the include path spit out my wx-config to also have the sysroot path in it16:07
qschulzbuildbeef: I wouldn't use sed but fix the cmake and send a patch upstream so it's fixed (wxwidgets)16:07
buildbeefPart of me wants to be really lazy and just slap a `-I` as part of my .bb, but wx-config is also kinda meta in that it tells itself where to find it's own headers. real fun.16:09
buildbeefthere's quite a few upstream wx recipes that all deal with this in their own unique way, and none of them seem to be applicable anymore as they're all written for quite old version of wxWidgets.16:09
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JPEWkanavin_home: Do you still need the meta-mingw patch?16:18
kanavin_homeJPEW: yes please16:18
JPEWkanavin_home: I don't think it will break anything, but did it happen to get run on the AB?16:19
*** jae1 <jae1!> has joined #yocto16:21
kanavin_homeJPEW: I don't think it did16:22
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ndeckhem: it fails in do_compile(). I switch to thud (I need to finish something quick for now) and it worked fine there.. so it looks like something is not well with dunfell.16:49
ndecsakoman: ^16:49
rburtonbuildbeef: what version of wxwidgets?16:53
buildbeefrburton: 3.0.416:53
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rburtonbuildbeef: can you not use 3.1.3 instead?
rburtonbuildbeef: had this exact discussion with someone here about 9 months ago, who spent an age battling wxconfig's idiocy16:55
rburtonso best thing to do might be to mine the irc log for wxwidgets :)16:55
buildbeefyeah, i've actually seen those exact logs, and it kinda seems like the guy was having my exact issue with my exact wx version, and didn't seem to find a resolution16:55
buildbeefi can try a recipe for a newer wx, I don't believe there would be any major breaking API changes between 3.0.4 and
rburtonthere's one already out there so that's a good motivation to use 3.1.316:56
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buildbeefi will check it out. should note though that my current 3.0.4 recipe builds and I can deploy the sample programs to my target board, I just can't use it to build other recipes. thanks16:59
*** feddischson <feddischson!> has joined #yocto16:59
rburtonthe trick is blasting any workdir paths in the files it installs to the magic symbols that are used to replace the sysroot with17:00
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OutBackDingopffft... is anaconda the only reasonable installer for yocto when building an iso ?17:28
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