Sunday, 2020-05-10

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tlwoernersmurray: RP: sorry, i never meant to imply there was a problem, never mind one that might need any sort of solution02:47
tlwoernerpresumably we use the statistics of the download mirror to track usage and who's still using which branches02:48
tlwoernerbut if a significant portion of those downloads are not yocto-related, then any stats would be useless02:49
tlwoerneri would, further, assume that bandwidth isn't free02:49
tlwoernerif other projects figure out there's this amazing mirror out there serving up tarballs of every gnu/linux package known going back decades for free...02:50
tlwoerneri recently tried to use wget to download something from a site and found that it kept failing, yet when i used a browser it would succeed02:51
tlwoernerinvestigation showed that this side had blocked access based on user-agent, so it made me think that using the same "trick" might be useful if what you're after are meaningful data02:52
tlwoernerfrom what i can tell, we currently have no way whatsoever to tell if there is any non-yocto usage, so nobody can answer that question02:54
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RPtlwoerner: its something to think about and the bandwidth isn't free, I'm just not aware its a problem right now. Stats are a challenge08:42
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smurraytlwoerner: I think you're overestimating the number of people who'd care to download old source.  AFAIK the other significant build from scratch projects have their own mirrors, and distros have package source repos, so it's IMO hard to see imagine any significant non-Yocto use13:51
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rangergordI'm curious, what do you people use for communication between different embedded devices? HTTP? Websocket messaging? Raw TCP? ZMQ? Some broker-based system like RabbitMQ/MQTT?15:43
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paulbarkerrangergord: Depends entirely on the application and the use case16:51
rangergordpaulbarker, sure, but what's your go-to for stuff for inter-device communication, on a LAN?17:00
rangergordI've used HTTP and raw TCP in the past, looking at messaging libs with multi-language clients right now17:01
paulbarkerrangergord: Depends what you're sending, there's no more general answer than that17:01
paulbarkerRight now I'm using ssh17:02
rangergordI was talking about communication between daemons on different embedded devices. There's general answers for that, SSH isn't one, unless your idea of IPC is "I'll ssh to the other device and write to a file that the other device then reads"17:03
rangergordSorry, I assumed it was obvious from the context17:04
paulbarkerrangergord: There aren't general answers. One of my clients right now is using a custom UDP protocol, another uses MQTT, both are appropriate for their use case17:04
rangergordthere you go. That's 2 approaches you used.17:05
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rangergordShould I have phrased it as "what's your personal preference when multiple approaches work"?17:07
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paulbarkerrangergord: I interpreted your question as looking for a universal answer, may have been wrong there17:09
paulbarkerIt really depends on what guarantees you need, what your data rate is, whether you need encryption, etc17:09
paulbarkerAnd whether you need to interoperate with something else17:09
paulbarkerIf I was implementing both sides of the link I'd look at protobuf or cap'n proto17:10
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khemRP: gcc10 is your way now !19:46
khemRP: I have kept defaults to be -fcommon for now, so we can iron out other issues first19:46
khemonce all is well, then we can unplug the default setting and use -fno-common since there will be a lot of recipes which will need to be ported I thought its best to serialize the work19:47
paulg_let the ICE begin!19:48
paulg_well, it is 10.1 and not 10.0 -- so maybe less ICE and more slush?19:52
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khemI have trickled most of patches already19:57
khemso not expected surprises but tough ones for sure19:57
khemlets see what AB throws at us19:57
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khemalready seeing kernel 4.9 build failures but thats BSP problem in core we have 5.x which should work ok19:59
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khemcouple of months ago I had world build successful locally with wip gcc recipes at that time but month is a long time20:00
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RPkhem: this should be interesting :)21:07
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smurraykhem: upgrading my build machine to F32 for use as a potential victim ;)21:30
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RPkhem: master-next running with those in23:32
* paulg_ puts some popcorn on23:33
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