Saturday, 2020-05-09

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tlwoernerhalstead: thanks for the link, that's what i was looking for02:43
halsteadYou're welcome tlwoerner :)02:43
tlwoernerhalstead: the XOrg/freedesktop project is thinking of reorganizing their infrastructure and, apparently, "yocto" downloads are so prevalent it came up as part of the discussion :-)02:44
tlwoernerhalstead: but with the YP's mirror, i told them it's safe to reorganize. old branches can find stuff on the mirror, and newer stuff can be updated to point to the new location(s)02:45
tlwoernerhalstead: i've asked for a list, and if anything's not on the mirror i'll poke you about getting it transferred?02:46
halsteadtlwoerner, I think that should work well. Then we can see how many are building using un-maintained branches based on mirror fetches. ;)02:47
tlwoernernice :-)02:47
halsteadThat is very helpful. Thanks for doing the double check tlwoerner!02:47
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RPJPEW: it was lost, sorry. I thought I'd added to the branch but I had not, probably fear of full rebuilds09:03
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RobertBergerI just discovered that pre/postfuncs behave differently from _pre/_append. Let's say do_unpack_and_patch modifies S, WORKDIR,... if I have a function which uses S and is called via pre/postfuncs the modification to S by do_unpack_and_patch is not being picked up by my function, if I use e.g. do_patch_prepend instead my fucntion gets the modified version of S. Is this by design? Is this documented somewhere?10:18
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RPRobertBerger: I think it depends which function is making the modification and how10:28
RPRobertBerger: most functions do not do that, the archiver ones are 'creative'10:29
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RobertBerger@RP I tried to "fix" meta-java since it it broken when you use the archiver.bbclass.10:59
RobertBerger@RP and this is what seems to work:
RobertBerger@RP what puzzled me for a long time is that so far I could not break the archiver and that meta-java/openjdk up to now for sure was incompatible with archiver11:04
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RPRobertBerger: The archiver code calls into the fetcher and executes the fetch functions directly. It therefore doesn't catch modifications the recipe makes to the fetched sources11:21
RPRobertBerger: you did tell if you wanted the original sources, not any modifications ;-)11:21
RobertBerger@RP: it fails in do_patch ;) since this  extracts sources into the wrong dirs when the modified S, WORKDIR,... are not picked up. So I don't think the problem is the archiver, but meta-java ;)11:38
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RPRobertBerger: I don't understand, the recipe shouldn't see any of that :/12:16
RobertBerger@RP: think about that: without archiver all is good. cd "${S}" followed by tar xjf ${WORKDIR}/${CORBA_FILE_LOCAL} --transform "s,-${CORBA_CHANGESET},,g" works12:19
RobertBerger@RP: now if the archiver moves S to S/archiver-workdir or so tar xjf ${WORKDIR}/${CORBA_FILE_LOCAL} --transform "s,-${CORBA_CHANGESET},,g" does not work anymore, it should be $WORKDIR/../${CORBA_FILE_LOCAL}12:21
RobertBergerand do_patch from do_unpack_and_patch can not patch since the files to be patches are unavailable12:22
RPRobertBerger: Hmm. The better fix may be to have that function use ${S} instead of WORKDIR12:25
RPRobertBerger: although it changes WORKDIR, not S that is what is confusing me12:26
RobertBergerarchiver changes both12:26
RPRobertBerger: It doesn't change S, S contains WORKDIR12:28
RPRobertBerger: depends on how you look at it12:29
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RPRobertBerger1: I think this is the local fetcher being a pain. I think if we 'fetch' the file urls in do_unpack_and_patch this would work better12:52
RobertBerger1You mean hacking the archiver class?12:53
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RobertBerger1RP: if you feel like unbreaking the archiver class I am happy to test. I tried not to touch the archiver class and come up with some minimal intrusive patch for meta-java.13:02
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tlwoernerhalstead: i wonder if it would make sense for the tools in the yocto project that fetch from the mirrors use a "secret" user-agent, and maybe setup the server so it only delivers to the secret agent. in hopes of deterring traffic from using the mirror for non-yocto-related purposes?16:43
tlwoerneror at the very least to track yocto and non-yocto usage?16:43
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smurraytlwoerner: do you think there's actually any non-yocto usage, though?17:41
smurraytlwoerner: it sort of seems like a non-problem unless the hosting cost of the mirror is dramatically higher than expected17:44
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RPtlwoerner: I'm also wondering if this is a problem we need to solve17:51
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JPEWRP: I don't think it will cause rebuilds because I whitelisted the variable20:32
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RPJPEW: true, it was more that I had enough other issues to worry about I guess. Its tested and in now21:21
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