Wednesday, 2020-06-03

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RPJaMa: would you be able to look over the email I sent to OE-Arch and see if you're ok with it please?20:55
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halsteadkiwi_29, JPEW The channel is being logged again. I have logs for the missing days but in a different format that will take a little munging to publish with the rest. Let me know if you need those days.21:02
halsteadThe bot hit an exception in the socket handling code that knocked it out of the channels but didn't kill the process allowing it to auto-recover.21:03
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kiwi_29halstead I m good and do not need any logs ..thank you for your work21:04
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awafaahalstead: you are a scholar and a gentleman21:25
halsteadThank you. It's nice to help out in a few easy ways instead of hard stuff all the time. :)21:26
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RPhalstead: we do seem to manage our share of hard things although I think the backlog isn't anywhere as bad as it used to be at least? :)21:47
halsteadIt's better but still a bit overwhelming.21:48
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RPhalstead: we should probably talk then :/21:52
halsteadRP, Okay. Do you have time on Monday perhaps? It's a little extra pressure now while I'm trying to keep up and documenting more. I can see the relief down the tunnel though.21:55
RPhalstead: Sometime on Tuesday would probably work better? Yes, I can imagine it feeling worse before it gets better.21:57
halsteadRP, Tuesday would be good for me.21:57
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markvHi, new to yocto so excuse the basic question:22:08
markvJust tried `bitbake core-image-base --continue`22:09
markvIt fails with `error: gpg failed to sign the data`22:09
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markvIt looks possible that bitbake makes commits as part of this process but in a custom shell environment.22:11
markvIs that correct? If so, could someone point me to where/how this is setup/manged22:12
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RPmarkv: we don't have enough information to answer the question. pastebin more of the error so we can understand the context. We don't sign things by default so its as if you've enabled some setting to cause that22:18
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bsmerbeckHey guys, tried to solve this issue for another day but didn't get any progress. Basically, I have a recipe that simply unpacks a tar archive into a specific area of the rootfs. On the do_rootfs for the application, I get 4 "nothing prived" errors. They're for `/bin/env/`, ``,``,22:23
bsmerbeckand ``. Any ideas?22:23
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khembsmerbeck: these are prebuilt packages ?22:26
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markvRP: Correct, we setup default signing, but in a way that tries to ensure commits are made only us.  Trying to guard against these sorts of things.  Long way of saying the other error message is concerns the internal environment.22:28
markvRP, what author does bitbake commit as?22:31
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JaMaRP: will do22:33
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bsmerbeckkhem: sorry, VPN just kicked. The recipe doesn't require any installation as it's a node/react app22:39
bsmerbeckkhem: CI handles gathering all the packages and "cross compiling" (as far as node is considered). The recipe just unpacks the archive to the right directory :\22:40
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khembsmerbeck: yeah thats ok but it seems the app is not compiled with yocto tools is that right ?23:11
khemyeah the problem is it has encoded the rutime requirrements against the tools/os where you compiled it23:12
bsmerbeckkhem: any idea how I might workaround or resolve this?23:14
khemhow do you compile your app ?23:14
khemis it compiled on centos or something ?23:14
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bsmerbeckYeah, the host for bamboo (the CI) runs the `npm install` with a target architecture argument for the target machine (jetson nano). The same host also has bitbake which is where I run the build23:15
khemhmmm jetson nano is arm architecture isnt it23:16
khemerrors you posted are for x86_64 and libc.so23:16
khemso it seems your build is not truly cross compiled23:16
khemyour CI host is a intel/x86_64 box but your target is arm23:17
bsmerbeckAh, that makes sense. So I'll need to get that cross compile working to resolve it23:17
khemdo building the npm app this way wont work unless you have a cross build environment for node app to compile for arm23:18
bsmerbeckI think it could be possible, otherwise I could maybe just use another jetson nano in pipeline to handle the compilation. Hey thanks though! Two days of headache and finally moving forward23:19
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khemgood deal23:20
khemyocto also offers a way to cross compile node modules but it can be rabbit hole23:21
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khemsakoman: have you looked at the backport series I sent around aarch6423:31
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khemhalstead: seeing a cert issue on  builders23:48
khemCloning into 'googletest-src'...23:48
khemfatal: unable to access '': error setting certificate verify locations:23:48
khem  CAfile: /opt/poky/3.1/sysroots/x86_64-pokysdk-linux/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt23:48
khem  CApath: none23:48
halsteadkhem, Thanks for the report. I'll install a different version of buildtools.23:49
khemseen it before as well on  centos7 node, it does not happen always23:49
khemhalstead: also seeing anogther cert issue here
khemthis is a debian8 host23:51
halsteadkhem, That one has been difficult to track down. It seems buildtools related as well but I can't reproduce it on the worker.23:51
khemI have seen this few times with meta-oe job23:52
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khemhalstead: I also am trying to see another issue with toybox23:55
khemERROR: toybox-inittab-0.8.2-r0 do_configure: Execution of '/home/pokybuild/yocto-worker/meta-oe/build/build/tmp/work/qemux86_64-poky-linux/toybox-inittab/0.8.2-r0/temp/run.do_configure.1229174' failed with exit code 2:23:55
khem/home/pokybuild/yocto-worker/meta-oe/build/build/tmp/work/qemux86_64-poky-linux/toybox-inittab/0.8.2-r0/temp/run.do_configure.1229174: 105: Bad substitution23:55
khemWARNING: exit code 2 from a shell command.23:55
khemthis happened on ubuntu 2004 box23:55
khemI think its dash-vs-bash issue perhaps23:55
khembut I need to see this do_configure file23:55
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khemis it possible for you to extract it for me23:56
halsteadkhem, Sure. Or get you access to the worker. All the Ubuntu machines have /bin/sh -> dash though.23:56
khemyeah that will be ok23:57
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khemyeah I only see this issue on debian/ubuntu nodes not on centos/fedora23:57
khemso I am thinking its perhaps some bashism somewhere23:58
halsteadkhem, Adding your key now.23:58
halsteadkhem, Was the toybox error on ?23:59

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