Thursday, 2020-06-04

khemhalstead: latest was on debian8-ty-100:01
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halsteadkhem, The load on debian8 is so high this will take a bit.00:18
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tlwoernerzeddii: i'm seeing something interesting in warrior (maybe it's fixed now?) i'm enabling 'KERNEL_DEVICETREE_BUNDLE = "1"' and the kernel+dtb is showing up in ${DEPLOYDIR}, but packages-split/kernel-image-zimage-bundle is always empty06:51
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tlwoernerzeddii: it looks like packages-split/kernel-image-zimage-bundle isn't getting populated?06:52
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ykronsI have a small recipe to add a file into the image folder that is then used by the image recipe to build the final image. That is working if I clear the shared sate cache but not using it and I would like to be sure to do it properly.07:50
Letothe2ndfinally we have a YOP anthem. And even an honest one!
ykronsI copy the file during my do_install into DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE and add a depends on this task in my image recipe. Is it the way to go or did I break the sstate that way? I'm a bit confused by the documentation and I don't know if I have to do something special for standard tasks to use sstate07:52
Letothe2ndykrons: you break sstate, essentially :)07:52
Letothe2ndykrons: never rely on anything to be in DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE07:53
Letothe2ndykrons: if your image needs something, then it is essentially a DEPENDS07:54
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ykronsLetothe2nd: good news I will learn something today!07:55
Letothe2ndykrons: i mean, what is this "file" actually?07:55
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stuom1I started getting out of the blue "do_rootfs: No manifest generated from: X", how to get rid of that?08:10
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qschulzykrons: use do_deploy to deploy in the DEPLOYDIR (or the one with the underscore, I neevr know, check the manual). This makes it okay with the sstate-cache. Then your image task should depend on the deploy task of that recipe to make sure it's always there.08:32
qschulzLetothe2nd: it has some use for example with u-boot binaries. By default you want them in deploy dir but some people also want to use it ina  wic partition for example08:33
qschulzin that case, not part of the rootfs, but still needed for the image.\08:33
Letothe2ndqschulz: neede for the image, yes, but that is wic as you said. the OP explicitly asked for something need by the "image recipe"08:35
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ykronsLetothe2nd,: That file is an archive of the content of a "data partition".  The image then picks that archive, transforms it in filesystem image and include it in the final image package (tezi toradex image that included several fs images)08:40
ykronsI think the need is similar to uboot08:40
Letothe2ndykrons: wait. is it part of the real rootfs-image (e.g. part of the filesystem), or is it only to be included in some form of binary blob output (like fitimage, wic, whatever) but does not affect the filesystem that the build created? that really makes a difference here, and as you explicitly asked about the *recipe* i assumed the former.08:42
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ykronsLetothe2nd: Not sure what you mean by real rootfs-image. It is only files to be stored in the "data partition" that contains default settings and will be mounted at startup, but they will never be part of the fs mount as /08:47
Letothe2ndykrons: then the latter.08:49
Letothe2ndykrons: yet that sounds very much like a custom thing (that tezi), and as i dont know about it i can't/won't comment further08:52
ykrons:( but as you said, I can follow the logic used for uboot08:53
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ykronsMaybe a clarification between the do_install and do_deploy. The install is to store files in the rootfs using $D andthe deploy is to store files in the image folder using $DEPLOYDIR. Uboot have an install and deply because it can store its files in both location, in my case is it find to just have a do_deploy that store files in DEPLOYDIR (inherit deploy and properly add the task) ?08:56
qschulzykrons: it depends... is this "data partition" actually to be used in the rootfs (libraries, data files, binaries, etc...) or just misc stuff (like u-boot or kernel.. something that will not be used in userspace)08:57
qschulzbecause if it is, then it is technically part of the rootfs, just in a different partition. Use wic to separate those files from / and put it into /data or something. That's possible08:58
qschulzykrons: you do whatever you want with your recipe, if it does not produce a package (and/or cannot be used as a DEPENDS by other recipes or RDEPENDS by other packages, only do_deploy seems fine to me but you might be trying to follow an antipattern)08:59
Letothe2ndqschulz: do antipatterns anti-matter?09:00
qschulzLetothe2nd: too meta for me09:00
ykronsqschulz: it is data files that will be used by userspace applications, so that means I have to install them in the rootfs and that then the rootfs will be split09:01
Letothe2ndqschulz: time to listen to our new anthem!
ykronsWe don't use wic but I think it can be adapt to our image format. Is there an example of split rootfs available that I can study?09:03
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qschulzykrons: might have some hints09:10
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ykronsqschulz: ok thanks. As we don't use wic, it will not be easy to intergrate. But in between I have found a recipe similar to mine, that I will use as a temporary solutionnot to break sstate  (using do_deploy). For long term, I will try to split rootfs09:55
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qschulzwhat's the impact of having a distro specific recipe ("normal" recipe) depend on a machine specific recipe. We are considering making sqlite machine specific but it's needed by a shit ton of other recipes which aren't machine specific.10:27
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ilkmc2rHello there, I have built an image using yocto, it boots and works successfully. But I don't want any single character on screen when it booting, just the splash screen and then application screen. Googled it but couldn't find any solution. I can disable kernel output by adding quiet to cmdline.txt but when init(sysvinit) starts it prints some10:55
ilkmc2rIs there any way to do it ?10:56
paulbarkerilkmc2r: Are you using psplash?10:56
ilkmc2rpaulbarker: yes10:56
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Letothe2ndilkmc2r: it depends. but usually something console= on the kernel cmdline defines where the output goes, which should be not your screen then.10:56
paulbarkerilkmc2r: That should cover up most startup output. You could also move the console to a serial port10:57
Letothe2nde.g. if you don't want a console there, do not set it up in the first point.10:57
paulbarkerLetothe2nd beat me to it.10:57
Letothe2ndpaulbarker: nah. i never beat anybody. the worst thing i ever do is serve cheap liqour if i really really hate somebody.10:57
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ilkmc2rAdding SERIAL_CONSOLES="" to local.conf will work ?10:59
Letothe2ndilkmc2r: depends.10:59
ilkmc2rthe machine is raspberrypi3 btw10:59
RPpaulbarker: any thoughts on ? (step2d) ?11:00
ilkmc2rpaulbarker: nope11:01
paulbarkerRP: I spotted that on an overnight rebuild myself. I think it's a bug in the test case I added11:01
paulbarkerRP: That's really dumb. I see what I did11:02
paulbarker`self.assertTrue(os.path.exists(target_path))` should be `self.assertTrue(glob.glob(target_path))` in the failing test11:04
paulbarkerThat's what I get for sending patches after wine, sorry for the breakage. I'll send a v211:05
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RPpaulbarker: no problem, its why we do the testing, glad its straightforward to fix11:08
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BoJonasHi, Is it possible to disallow specific licenses in the final image, but not as a native tool?11:23
BoJonas*for the native tools11:23
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Letothe2ndberton: should be possible, me thinks.11:35
Letothe2ndbut no guarantees, better jsut try and find out.11:35
qschulzBoJonas: ^11:35
Letothe2ndqschulz: heh thanks.11:35
BoJonasLetothe2nd: I just checked base.bbclass, and it looks like it is ignoring the check for -native and other packages.. Hmm.. I must be doing something wrong then11:36
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Letothe2ndBoJonas: isn't that just what you asked for?11:43
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BoJonasLetothe2nd: Yes exactly... My build was just complaining about a GPL3 package, but I only use it as a -native package.. That's why I wrote that I must be doing something wrong.11:44
BoJonasSorry for the confusion11:44
Letothe2ndBoJonas: I admit I cannot follow.11:50
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stuom1I have a problem that I have two cmake recipes and A depends on B, and sometimes B fails because it needs a boost library in the sysroot of A and cannot find it. Why it sometimes fails but after few tries succeeds again? Why is the file there sometimes but not at all times?12:16
stuom1I'm sure there is something wrong with my cmakelists but I'm so puzzled by this indeterministic behavior12:17
Letothe2ndhow can B fail because of something in A, when A depends on B?12:18
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Letothe2ndthis essentially means that B always has to be built before A12:18
stuom1ok, sometimes A fails *12:19
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Letothe2ndstuom1: and the recipe properly states the DEPENDS on boost?12:19
rburtonstuom1: sounds like you're using an older release with a shared sysroot and sometimes boost is in it, and sometimes not12:19
rburtonif B needs boost, B should depend on boost12:20
stuom1both have boost in DEPENDS12:20
stuom1it is yocto 2.612:20
rburtonalso the notion of B using something in the sysroot of A is wrong12:20
rburtonB cannot access A's sysroot12:20
Letothe2ndthere is generally something wrong with the complete error description, as far as i can see.12:20
rburtonA's sysroot may not even exist when B is building12:20
stuom1yeah it looks wrong but sometimes it might exist? Because it usually succeeds12:21
* Letothe2nd bet is on that there is some very essential piece of information missing12:22
rburtonhow do you know B is refering to A's sysroot?  if that's the case then that's the problem12:22
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rburtonand if so then stop referring to other recipes sysroots12:23
rburtonnote, cmake can make this deliberately tricky by hardcoding build paths were you don't expect it12:23
stuom1error is "ninja: error: '/path/to/packageA/0.1.1/recipe-sysroot/usr/lib/', needed by 'packageB', missing and no known rule to make it"12:25
qschulzIIRC, the -mt was removed from the library name12:26
stuom1i suspect cmake but this problem only happens in yocto environment so i wanted to understand why, so i can fix it maybe12:27
stuom1i wish it gave this error always, but every time i fix something, it starts to work, and then few builds later it comes again12:28
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qschulzstuom1: are you sure it's the path to PackageA?12:29
qschulzbecause in that case the path is wrong12:29
*** robert_yang <robert_yang!~robert@> has joined #yocto12:30
qschulzyou cannot depend on a path from another recipe. You can only look within your sysroot12:30
stuom1yes it looks it from the wrong sysroot12:30
stuom1the file exists on its own sysroot but it still looks elsewhere12:31
stuom1(or atleast sometimes exists, i found it with find command, but sometimes i dont find it anywhere)12:31
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rburtonstuom1: A is probably installing a cmake module file and its got build paths in12:50
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stuom1@rburton yes it generates and installs package config so other modules can find it12:53
rburtoncheck the files, i bet they've got build dir paths in12:54
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stuom1thanks, I'll look into them13:00
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stuom1Hmm package B cmakelists has find_package(boost) and find_package(packageA) afterwards, maybe the order matters and it uses the paths found for boost with the latter packageA? Sorry, not really a yocto problem...13:07
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JPEWJaMa: Thanks for getting those python patches sent13:12
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paulbarkerRP: Looks like it's not as simple as I thought, the test case `archiver.Archiver.test_archiver_mode_mirror_gitsm_shallow` succeeds when ran alone, fails when ran as part of the full test suite14:00
paulbarkerI may have to drop that test, it looks like the fetcher isn't creating git shallow mirror tarballs if full mirror tarballs already exist14:01
RPpaulbarker: ah. Maybe set DL_DIR to a subdir for the test? That way we'd get caching but the test could work?14:03
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paulbarkerRP: I have a fix now but those tests take a long time to run as I'm using ovmf as the test recipe (it's the only thing in oe-core which uses gitsm). Would it be better to setup a gitsm test recipe in meta-selftest which pulls a dummy git submodules repository?15:14
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paulbarkerI see we already have, looks like that's a better option to test than ovmf15:21
JaMaJPEW: np, it took me only 3 revisions to solve it at 3 AM :)15:25
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khemthis optee-os is PITA
*** NiksDev3 <NiksDev3!~NiksDev@> has joined #yocto15:44
khemjonmason: ^^ any ideas ?15:45
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jonmasonkhem: ugh.  No idea from a quick look.  email the Linaro guys and cc meta-arm list15:48
jonmasonmaybe they'll fix it if you tell them about it, as they've been pretty responsive15:48
khemor perhaps drop meta-ti from layers15:48
jonmasonthat would make denix happy, right15:48
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denixkhem: PLATFORM=vexpress-qemu_armv8a how is that meta-ti related? :)16:26
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away16:31
khemwell, I build qemuarm64 but I really dont need meta-arm for that since meta-ti depends on it thats why it is in my distro16:41
khemfrom meta-ti, I need beaglebone, which is also there in meta-yocto-bsp16:42
khemwhich looks a good option too given all these hiccups16:43
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denixkhem: growing pains? gcc10 upgrade had many more and much worse hiccups... :)17:09
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denixjonmason, JPEW: we need to start testing meta-arm against musl17:09
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rburtondenix: yes, thats on the todo list17:29
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denixrburton: ok, great! as khem is becoming impatient... :)17:37
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jonmasondenix: rburton isn't joking, we put it on the list earlier today and it's fairly high as a priority.  hopefully that will make khem happy18:45
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markvHi, still trying to workaround the git commit that bitbake makes.  I can only see on place: `scripts/combo-layer` line #396 if that does that sound about right then the patch is to add `--no-gpg-sign`19:07
markvAs best I can tell there is no git verify used.19:08
markvAlso it does not seem that a minimal git version is checked.19:08
markvIf that is all correct then it appears the patch is straightforward.19:08
markvHas this been considered and rejected previously?19:09
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JPEWRP: I've got a lead on , mind if I take it?22:32
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RPJPEW: go for it!22:35
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