Wednesday, 2020-06-10

frayHmm.. I never saw the meta-openssl one.. but if Jason merged, good..00:16
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clementp[m]Hi all, do you know a nice platform for getting logs of IoT devices available in yocto ?08:40
Letothe2nddefine logs, define nice, define iot :P08:40
mckoanLetothe2nd: LOL08:42
Letothe2ndhey at least i think we can agree on....erm wait.08:42
Letothe2ndclementp[m]: please define "platform".08:43
Letothe2ndi think the "yocto" part at least is clear.08:43
mckoanLetothe2nd: more and more frequently nowadays I think I'd need the help of a 'crystal ball'(TM)08:45
mckoanto understand requests for quotation and tech specs :-D08:45
clementp[m]Letothe2nd:  okay i have 50devices on the field and want to check if everything is fine or if they reboot what happened.08:46
clementp[m]They have internet connection and I don't save anything in the flash right now08:46
Letothe2ndclementp[m]: so we are talking about the system logs of the underlying linux, right?08:46
Letothe2ndsysdig, maybe08:47
Letothe2ndshould be in meta-oe08:47
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clementp[m]thanks i will check08:54
Dracos-Carazzamaybe zabbix?08:55
Dracos-Carazzaeventhough this might be overkill :D08:55
Letothe2ndas usual, it "depends".09:06
Letothe2ndone could also just pipe rsyslog out, AFAIK09:07
Dracos-Carazzayeah thats true... I used zabbix during my time at the institute in order to monitor our development VMs09:08
Letothe2ndnothing wrong with that.09:08
Dracos-Carazzawell, "it depends" is really the correct term to describe such a solution :D09:10
mckoanDracos-Carazza: looks interesting, thank you for sharing09:11
kanavin_homeRP: what's the current schedule for running AUH? I couldn't figure this out from the autobuilder.09:19
RPkanavin_home: its manually triggered09:19
RPkanavin_home: We can schedule it if we wanted09:19
kanavin_homeRP: right, I guess  it's not too much trouble to press the button once a month09:20
RPkanavin_home: we can make it work whichever way we want...09:20
kanavin_homeRP: maybe once a month on the 15th would be good, same as before09:21
RPkanavin_home: - not live yet but will get added09:25
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chris_berI try to create a cmake shared library and got the message: "ERROR: libprom-1.0-r0 do_package_qa: QA Issue: -dev package contains non-symlink .so: libprom-dev path '........./usr/lib/' [dev-elf]"09:40
chris_berany idea?09:41
Letothe2ndchris_ber: sounds like versioning is not correct09:43
Letothe2ndchris_ber: i think you need to specify the library version so all the naming and symlinking works properly, then it gets packaged as intended.09:43
qschulzchris_ber: is what your library should be named. Then you can have a symlink and, which will make it to ${PN}-dev package09:45
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Letothe2ndthe key point is that the naming works automatically once you properly use cmakes library versioning09:51
chris_beryou talking about the missing version info in the CMakeLists.txt?09:55
Letothe2ndchris_ber: i haven't looked at your cmakelists. jsut saying that if you do things correctly, then they get packaged correctly.09:57
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chris_beri added in CMakeLists.txt: project(prom VERSION 1.0.0) and got still the saem Problem ->
Letothe2ndchris_ber: can't find it right now, but i guess you need to make sure the SOVERSION and all is set10:08
rburtonwho is arranging the devday at ELC-NA?10:11
rburtoni bet Letothe2nd  knows10:11
Letothe2ndrburton: i do?10:11
rburtonSeemed like the sort of thing you'd know ;)10:11
Letothe2ndrburton: i now whom i would get in touch with if i had something to discuss concerning that, no idea if that also the organizing person :)10:12
rburtonwho is that?10:12
Letothe2ndrburton: david reyna10:13
rburtonI shall hunt him down later, thanks10:13
Letothe2ndhave fun.10:13
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chris_berLetothe2nd: when i execute cmake itself folowed by make the shared library (incl symlink> are created. So maybe i missing something in the recipe? any idea?10:29
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kroonRP, regarding the features_check/warn-if-unused thing, could you elaborate on the parsing hit ? I did some before/after measurements but I can't detect any noticeable differences11:39
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Letothe2ndchris_ber: then are you maybe installing to non-canonical places? but no real idea, sorry.11:44
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RPkroon: out of interest why couldn't you use BBINCLUDED ?11:53
kroonRP, as I see it, I can only warn of those variables are unset *and* features_check is inherited directly in the .bb file. If its in an .inc it could be false positive (which there are in OE-Core). I don't think that information can be extracted from BBINCLUDED11:56
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kroonRP, for instance there is a "inherit features_check" in, but not all xorg bb recipes that include it use the feature check functionality11:58
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RPkroon: the xorg issue looks like its aviodable by checking for None vs "" in the set value?12:01
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RPkroon: I understand why you've built it the way you have but I fear its trying to be a little bit too clever :/12:03
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kroonRP, xorg was a bad example12:06
kroonRP, I think12:06
kroonRP, libva-initial is another one12:06
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kroonRP, it includes, but doesnt set any of the variables12:07
RPkroon: shouldn't that just be cleaned up?12:08
kroonRP, how ?12:08
kroonRP, move the inherit from the inc ?12:08
RPkroon: dropped from ?12:08
kroonRP, id say that depends on how recipes include the .inc file12:09
kroonRP, *how many recipes include*12:09
RPkroon: ok, but looking at the way those recipes use the inc, it can be dropped12:09
kroonRP, then there is glib and glibc12:09
RPkroon: glib doesn't use it at a quick glance?12:11
kroonRP, well, glib should just be fixed, right12:11
RPcan't spot any glibc usage immediately either12:12
RPso we just fix those?12:12
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kroonRP, ya, and bluez512:14
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ka6soxGood Morning, If you want to use cve-check.bbclass what is the best practice for adding cve-update-db in Zeus?13:25
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rburtonthe class is already in zeus isn't it?13:34
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ka6soxyes, the class is there but to use it there is a cve-update-db recipe. what I'm trying to understand is if the parser knows that needs to be run first or you need a separate build to update the db.13:39
rburtonthe class knows to run the tool13:40
neverpanicmcfrisk: ^?13:40
chris_berhwen i have to versions of my recipe: and how can i instruct bitbake to install one specific version?13:46
Letothe2ndchris_ber: PREFERRED_VERSION, see ref-manual13:47
qschulzchris_ber: in your distro conf file or machine conf file, elsewhere it has no effect13:52
Letothe2ndqschulz: hey you just ruined the fun!13:54
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qschulzLetothe2nd: sorry, I foresaw the next question :)13:59
Letothe2ndqschulz: i did too, yet i remained purposefully silent14:03
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armpitI am adding dunfell to patchwork14:21
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chris_berDoes somebody experienced the same? changes in CMakeLists.txt (e.g. changing SOVERSION) are unrecognized. When i update the content of the recipe it will be15:33
Letothe2ndchris_ber: is it still a combined metadata-source thing?15:35
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chris_beryou don't wanna hear this: yes15:36
Letothe2ndthen you screwed yourself.15:36
Letothe2ndeven if you don't wanna hear it15:36
qschulzchris_ber: you probably have used devtool before right and forgot to reset?15:36
qschulzor forgot you reset and still use devtool workspace15:36
Letothe2ndreason: bitbake looks at the recipe, sees no change, decides not to act.15:37
chris_berqschulz: no, i am not using devtool15:37
Letothe2ndif you had followed given advice (separate repo, or at least EXTERNALSRC) it would have worked.15:37
qschulzchris_ber: what do you have in SRC_URI?15:37
Letothe2ndblame your wasted time at your unwillingness to listen, then.15:37
Letothe2ndand with that, i call it a day.15:37
qschulzchris_ber: there is no glob support in SRC_URI15:38
qschulzwe told you yesterday15:38
qschulzfiles or directories only15:38
qschulzthe issue is that Yocto pulls the files correctly the first time (not even guaranteed?) but the files aren't watched over15:39
qschulzwhen you're using a glob15:39
chris_bertomorrow i restart over and do it your way. i am sick of getting results and got stuck in another place.15:39
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qschulzchris_ber: whatever suits you best. You need to give directories and files to SRC_URI only, explicitely, not with glob or regexp. If you just explicit them, you can keep your (bad practice) current way of doing it15:42
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lukmaMaybe a strange question - I'm using podman/docker to build Yocto with some older OSes16:09
lukmaThe problem is that I need to build it as root (as this avoids a lot of issues with UID/GID mismatches on namespaces and mount directories)16:09
lukmaI do know that just running bitbake as root is forbidden and can be fixed with using:16:09
lukmameta/conf/sanity.conf (#INHERIT += "sanity")16:09
lukmaBut is there any plan to make it optional (as use case in containers)?16:09
neverpaniclukma: Running builds as root hides operations that are not properly run under pseudo, Yocto's fakeroot implementation.16:12
neverpanicWhen running builds as user, such issues will be caught by a sanity check.16:12
paulbarkerlukma: Have you looked into the CROPS containers? They're designed to fix exactly that issue16:12
paulbarkerA startup script in the container ensures uids/gids match16:13
smurrayor JPEW's pyrex tooling16:13
JPEWlukma: Pyrex is designed to preserve the proper permissions of your user when running bitbake in a container16:14
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rburtonlukma: also some upstream packages *refuse* to build if root, if you want more reasons to run builds as non-root user18:20
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* Letothe2nd gets beer, starts late shift.18:45
* qschulz should really leave the office now :)18:46
Letothe2ndqschulz: alone there? best time to get $stuff done!18:46
qschulz9pm before a holiday? sure thing I'm alone at the office18:47
Letothe2ndbest time to get $STUFF done.18:47
Letothe2ndhappy dance due to random click: git blame annotations in vs code. /me likes!18:53
khemsmurray: or yoe distro also uses docker container :)19:02
Letothe2ndkas also supports docker19:05
Letothe2ndi think its harder to find proper project not relying on a docker build than those which do these times.19:05
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khemyeah building master I prefer to use archlinux, but for releases docker is so much better, I can still use archlinux of today to build morty19:15
khemits that pill which gets sweeter with time :)19:16
smurrayI do my own tinkering with master on Fedora if it's not broken, otherwise a debian stable container19:17
khembroken ? fedora or OE or both19:18
smurraykhem: e.g. the occasional bleeding edge brokenness like gcc 10 in F3219:22
khemah yes19:23
khemyeah someone has to fix them and unfortunately its some of us at that edge19:23
khemin my experiments I see systemd images have 30MB extra ram usage compared to sysvinit19:24
khemregardless of musl or glibc19:25
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smurraykhem: runtime, you mean?19:33
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khemso certainly not a lot of you have modern machines, but still a lot if you have 32MB flash and 128MB DRAM parts19:42
smurraykhem: yeah.  Is it spread around, or does e.g. journald seem to be larger than expected?19:45
*** vineela <vineela!~vtummala@> has joined #yocto19:46
khemits spread19:50
khemits fresh isntall so journald is not housing much19:50
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paulgv5.2.x SRBDS released, for all those who monitor CVEs.
paulg    <------   CVE-2020-054321:47
paulgthe v5.4.x and v5.7.x can be found in the "normal" integrations of linux-stable that zeddii does.21:49
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armpitpaulg, thanks23:21
paulgarmpit, as always I'm glad to see it used.   There have even been side benefits, like finding backport issues in v5.423:27
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