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chris_berLetothe2nd: qschulz: i am using now an external repo and changes are recognized. :thumbs:08:23
chris_berdo you have an idea why an image contains a shared lib but not the symlink to it? like ->
rburtonchris_ber: because the image doesn't contain the -dev packges by default, and the .so symlink is only needed for development08:34
rburtonif you need it, turn on the dev-pkgs IMAGE_FEATURE08:34
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chris_berrburton: ahh ok. thx08:40
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yannon dunfell I have a strange issue with llvm-config: ".../mesa/2_20.0.2-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/llvm-config9.0.1 --shared-mode" fails with errors complaining about the lack of recipe-sysroot-native/lib/llvm9.0.1/lib*09:44
yannthis in turn causes an exception in meson09:44
yannshouldn't it look in recipe-sysroot/ instead ?09:47
yannwait, when I run it from devshell, it *is* looking in recipe-sysroot, but looks in recipe-sysroot/usr/lib/llvm9.0.1 instead of recipe-sysroot/usr/lib64/llvm9.0.109:49
chris_berWhen using external repo with 'devtool add...' and my recipe needs 'DEPENDS += "3partylib"' shouldn't it be autogenerated from the CMAKELists.txt?09:51
mihaiyann, maybe because the build error is from llvm-native and you're running devshell on llvm for target09:54
yannmihai: it would be surprising that recipe-sysroot-native gets a target binary09:55
yannrather looks like a /usr/lib instead of ${libdir}09:56
yannso we have a patch for llvm-config to use YOCTO_ALTERNATE_EXE_PATH to get an idea of the sysroot to use10:06
OutBackDingo_okay how do i src rev this ?
yannbut then, llvm-config itself munges this and uses lib/, even though we passed a path with lib64/10:06
OutBackDingo_i tried SRC_URI = "
mihaiOutBackDingo_, git://....;protocol=https10:08
OutBackDingo_mihai: odd i tried that before and it failed... worked this time10:17
mihaiOutBackDingo_, nice10:21
mihaiyann, I'm guessing it has something to do with this, in export YOCTO_ALTERNATE_MULTILIB_NAME = "${base_libdir}"10:23
yannmihai: quite sure it's rather a change of how llvm-config locates its libdir10:24
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Dracos-Carazzahmm I need an idea... I have an r-car h3sk  (WS3.0) board and would like to use the the HDMI output. for some reason I'm not able to get an output12:21
Dracos-Carazzathe supported screen modes can be read and the screen is reported as connected12:22
Dracos-Carazzaalso a framebuffer is created12:22
Dracos-Carazzasame kernel with a different device tree is working on an older board revision12:23
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rabbit9911Any plans to have devtool support multiconfig? 'devtool modify mc:target:virtual/kernel' for example cant find the recipe.13:36
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gaston53helloo, does anyone have an idea about Yocto device tree ?13:42
gaston53I want to modify the generated default device tree13:42
gaston53of my embedded board13:42
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JPEWrabbit9911: I think it is a know issue that devtool doesn't support multiconfig yet13:50
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rabbit9911bummer.. Time to get creative..13:51
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rabbit9911gaston53: Do you mean the FIT image? The device tree is not generated just the FIT image.13:52
gaston53rabbit9911 yes it's not generated .. well .. I have a default .dts file that I want to modify and rebuild my yocto kernel13:56
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chris_beris it good practice to create a recipe '' for every tag in an external (selfhosted) repo?14:01
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gaston53rabbit9911 see here what I am talking about14:03
gaston53I want to replace ISC data pins to GPIO pins14:04
gaston53but I don't know what modifications to do there14:04
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rabbit9911gaston53: To modify a file in the kernel (like the dts). You just follow the regular procedure for making changes.
rabbit9911chris_ber: You mean in place of using a pattern match like
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chris_berrabbit9911: what does the '%' do? I mean when i create a new tag in the external_repo i rename the recipe to the tag (e.g. from 0.0.1 to 0.0.2). In that case i know which revsion i am using. -> placed 'SRCREV = "v${PV}"' in the recipe14:24
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rabbit9911chris_ver: The % is used in bbappend files if you have changes that apply to any version of the recipe.  Sounds very different than what you are asking.14:34
rabbit9911chris_ber: The % is used in bbappend files if you have changes that apply to any version of the recipe.  Sounds very different than what you are asking.14:35
rabbit9911chris_ber: The recipe version should match the version of the package in general.14:37
fullstopHi, still loving yocto over here.  I have a new task and I'm looking for suggestions / options.14:38
fullstopI'm using cryptsetup to open a device with a given key file and writing the squashfs image to /dev/mapper/whatever to encrypt the squashfs, and decrypt it in initramfs using cryptsetup there.14:39
fullstopThis requires root to open to file with cryptsetup.. any idea how I can automate this in a recipe?14:39
chris_berrabbit9911: ok, thx14:41
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mabnhdevI'm upgrading to dunfell.  My host server has gcc 4.8.5 and I cannot upgrade at this time.  Docs say I can run poky/install-buildtools to get the necessary tools.  I ran it with default args, it succeeded, but I'm still getting complaints from sanity checker that my GCC is less than 5.0.16:16
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khemmabnhdev: you need to deploy it in your environment16:18
khemsource the env file from whereever you installed it16:18
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briIs there a way to get the distro version from the command line on a target, similar to Debian/Ubuntu's lsb_release command?16:37
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mabnhdev@khem Thanks!  A closer look at my environment setup showed I was not executing that step.16:40
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cold_erHi, would anyone here know what package needs to be added for getconf to work? I already tried glibc, and am still getting "getconf: command not found"18:07
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mihai-cold_er, work where? host or target?18:23
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mihai-glibc-utils for target18:24
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mranostaygah :)19:49
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nameclashhi all. I'm facing a weird behavior with one of my package recipes where a source code change does not show up in the final image. The sources only consist of a few python files that live directly in the ${PN}/files direcory beneath the recipe. when I examine the build output I don't see the do_install task being executed that should populate the changed file to the rootfs. normally I'd cleansstate the package and rebuild but20:06
nameclashin this case I'm more interested in the root cause because I want to learn if I'm "holding it wrong"... any pointers how I could proceed with that?20:06
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paulbarkernameclash: What are you using for SRC_URI in the recipe?20:09
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nameclashpaulbarker: SRC_URI = " file://*.py "20:11
paulbarkernameclash: I don't think bitbake is able to watch for changes when you use a wildcard20:11
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nameclashyou sure about that?20:11
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paulbarkernameclash: I'm not 100% sure. Try it with the files explicitly listed in SRC_URI and see if it works :)20:17
nameclashpaulbarker: google doesnt help on that but I'll make some test runs now to verify what you said. thanks for the headsup20:17
nameclashpaulbarker: I came a second too late :)20:17
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Letothe2ndi am sure, just confirm20:41
Letothe2ndSRC_URI doesn't glob20:41
Letothe2nd*to confirm20:41
rabbit9911Letothe2nd: I have the same issue.. I have been either using externalsrc (which does not support sstate-cache) or I write a python function to walk the source path and add it to SRC_URI.20:47
rabbit9911Would be interested if there was a better solution for those of us that cant pull every package into its own repo.20:47
rabbit9911For the kernel I rsync the source during do_fetch.. make that a git repo..  then add my own hashing function based on externalsrc module. Seems not great but it works.20:51
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nameclashpaulbarker, Letothe2nd: thx all, I ran a test build to verify (and guess what? you're right)21:41
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nameclashIf I may elaborate on that, what about this: SRC_URI = " file://src " ?21:42
nameclashwill this suffer from a similar problem?21:43
nameclash'src' is a directory in the example21:43
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nameclashrabbit9911: where'd you get that from that externalsrc dont support sstate-cache? is that documented somewhere?21:48
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rabbit9911for task in tasks:            if task.endswith("_setscene"):                # sstate is never going to work for external source trees, disable it      , d)            else:                # Since configure will likely touch ${S}, ensure only we lock so one task has access at a time                d.appendVarFlag(task,22:02
rabbit9911"lockfiles", " ${S}/singletask.lock")22:02
rabbit9911yuck sorry about that22:02
rabbit9911This is in externalsrc.bbclass22:03
rabbit9911If I am not reading that right or missing something I would love to find out. I do see that this is the case in practice. Moving to my custom rsync method increased my build speed at the cost of disk space.22:05
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nameclashrabbit9911: yeah I'd interpret that like you. thx for sharing!22:07
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rabbit9911I do set EXTERNALSRC_SYMLINKS = "" to not pollute the src directory. If anyone here knows more about why sstate is not supported on externalsrc I would love to understand that more.22:10
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kergothi think originally it was problematic due to not fully tracking changes to the source repository and working copy on disk for the external sources, so tasks were flagged as nostamp and no sstate was done. I *think* we may be tracking those sources now, but not certain22:25
kergothsstate is highly dependent on knowing exactly what inputs go into a task, between metadata and file checksums22:25
rabbit9911I remember the nostamp days.. That was brutal.22:36
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paulgsaved a bunch on postage, though.22:46
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