Friday, 2020-06-12

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mranostaypaulg: is it open mic night at #yocto? :)00:43
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paulgmranostay, every day is open mic day on #yocto02:30
paulgJust be glad it isn't karaoke.02:30
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SJH22Where are the different yocto variables just like  ${ TOPDIR }?03:47
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SJH22I am looking for other known variables that I can use in my yocto for e.g. THISDIR.03:55
kergothoe-core/meta/conf/bitbake.conf defines most key ones. but there's no defintiive list, any recipe can use any recipe it wants.03:58
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SJH22What are the different functions available in the yocto just like - do_compile_append?06:39
SJH22I am looking for the different functions available in the yocto just like do_compile_append()?06:39
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mckoanSJH22: those 'functions' are called tasks, see here
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guest37where can I find the generated Kconfig file to see what is build into my kernel ?08:12
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mckoanguest37: bitbake -e virtual/kernel | grep ^B=08:45
guest37mckoan thanks ! where can I find a list of bitbake commands like this that might help me out ?08:47
[Sno]RP: I have the perl install / clean loop running for 2 days meanwhile - different architectures, EWONTFAIL :(08:49
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guest37mckoan thanks bro!08:52
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RP[Sno]: typical :(. I wish we could understand what is needed to reproduce :/10:33
RP[Sno]: I appreciate the effort trying. Together all these intermittent fails are a real pain :(10:33
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[Sno]RP: let's keep watching it - maybe we know better what external circumstances trigger it10:36
[Sno]e.g. - all my build systems use ext4 on attached mass storage (hdd, ssd) - no network file system or ccache or distcc10:36
RP[Sno]: right, all we can do really10:36
RP[Sno]: its probably system load dependent10:37
[Sno]Hmm, maybe - I use one buildjob per host and ncpus*2 make-jobs and ncpus*2 bitbake tasks10:39
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paulbarkerRP: Is the test_yocto_source_mirror failure blocking anything?11:57
RPpaulbarker: its causing all autobuilder tests to fail atm12:01
RPnot "blocking" but serious as we can't get a green build12:01
rburtonanyone managed to build gccgo?12:02
paulbarkerRP: ok, let me see what I can do this afternoon. Got an idea where the issue lies12:02
rburtonI just get | ../../../../../../../../work-shared/gcc-10.1.0-r0/gcc-10.1.0/libgcc/../gcc/tsystem.h:87:10: fatal error: stdio.h: No such file or directory12:02
RPpaulbarker: thanks. If you don't have time at least share the hints as I'll probably have to look into it12:03
paulbarkerRP: Will do12:04
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flampyHello, I am trying to use image in a qemu vm. This image has gcc, make, etc. but not cmake. Also when trying to use dnf it doesn't work because there are no repositories. I tried searching for repositories, but didn't find any. How do I12:28
flampyinstall cmake on yocto?12:28
flampyOther methods suggest building the image on my own and adding a layer that contains cmake as far as I understand. But I'd like to avoid that. Is any other way possible which doesn't require me compiling the image myself?12:30
mckoanor if you need cmake in the target image add in local.conf IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " cmake"12:42
flampymckoan: isn't the method suggested in that stackoverflow answer also require me building the image from source unlike downloading the one from the website?12:42
mckoanflampy: yes sorry, I didn0t notice that you were using a prebuilt image12:44
mckoanflampy: so you have to rebuild the image12:46
paulbarkerflampy: What is your use case for that image? It's an old release which is no longer supported and in general Yocto Project is about building images yourself from source12:50
flampypaulbarker: I am using it as rootfs for qemu which I am using as a kernel development environment12:53
flampysimilar to this :
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paulbarkerflampy: I think those instructions are pointing you in the wrong direction. There are other, much better options for a VM image in which to do kernel development12:56
paulbarkerflampy: Choose your favourite Linux distro and run that in a VM instead12:56
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flampypaulbarker: I see, hmm. For more context, I am using yocto to act as host pc for a dsp emulator.13:06
flampyarchitecture diagram :
flampywiki : section "Using the Qemu DSP emulator"13:06
flampyso maybe there might be relevance in using yocto since i read from website it is used in embedded systems, etc. I am a student trying to contribute to this firmware and getting acquainted with the setup.13:07
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paulbarkerRP: I found the issue, may need a bit of a sanity check on how to resolve it13:56
paulbarkergit-submodule-test has bitbake as a submodule twice with different commits. The fetcher runs for each instance. On the first instance it's downloaded correctly13:57
paulbarkerOn the second instance ud.clonedir already exists so try_premirror returns False and pre-mirrors aren't even tried13:58
paulbarkerAs pre-mirrors are skipped it goes straight to checking upstream and fails out as it's an untrusted URL in this test13:59
frayThere are definitely repositories out there that list the same URL with different commits for different checkout locations.  So the test sounds valid, but the behavior doesn't.14:00
paulbarkerThere's two ways to fix it14:00
frayWhat I THOUGHT was happening (at least in the past) it would check the local downloads, see that the commit was or was not present, and then proceed through the premirrors, upstream, mirrors.  I thought that had been working in the past.14:01
paulbarker1) Fix it in the gitsm fetcher, in needs_update() we can check if the desired commit is present instead of just checking the bitbake.srcrev config option14:01
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frayThe gitsm fetcher should be calling the git fetcher (it was in the past) to do that validation.  Perhaps that got dropped, or there is another corner case that was missed14:01
paulbarkerfray: It won't look at the local downloads unless the download method actually gets called. Premirrors is the first opportunity for that14:01
frayYa, the download method itself shold be called for each of the submodules, even if it's a directory that already exists.. (need to know if it's been processed or not)14:02 isn't being called at all for the second instance as premirrors are skipped14:02
paulbarkerThe other possible fix... (2) fix Git.try_premirrors() so that it doesn't return False if the clonedir already exists14:03
fraygitsm itself shouldn't have any knowledge of any premirrors, mirrors, etc..14:03
paulbarkerI'm not sure on what other impacts changing Git.try_premirrors() behaviour will have though14:03
frayit was intended to -always- call git itself, which has that knowledge14:03
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paulbarkerfray: That's correct14:04
fray        try:14:04
fray            # Check for the nugget dropped by the download operation14:04
fray            known_srcrevs = runfetchcmd("%s config --get-all bitbake.srcrev" % \14:04
fray                            (ud.basecmd), d, workdir=ud.clonedir)14:04
fray            if ud.revisions[ud.names[0]] not in known_srcrevs.split():14:04
fray                return True14:04
fraythats what need_update should be doing here..14:04
frayand why git.need_update is called just prior14:04
paulbarkerfray: That's solution (1) of the 2 I said above14:05
frayOk, then I don't understand what isn't right then..14:05
paulbarkerAre you saying Git.try_premirrors() is behaving correctly and we should fix this in Gitsm.need_update()14:05
frayNo, I'm saying that gitsm looks right to me.  So any bugs would be in git fetcher.14:06
frayDo we have any tests for the situation where you have two recipes both pointing to the same git repository but different commit ids (same thing as what gitsm is doing, but at a recipe level instead of a submodule level)14:07
paulbarkerfray: We do now and it's failing14:07
paulbarkerOh no14:07
paulbarkerAt a recipe level I'm not sure there's an individual test but it shouldn't fail14:07
paulbarkerThe issue here is caused by Gitsm for sure14:07
frayI -think- I've seen issues in the past with two individual recipes pointing to the same upstream src_uri but different srcrev that have had problems, but I'd never been able to fully track it down14:08
paulbarkerMaybe I just need to explain it better14:08
fraySo what th system should be doing (gitsm) at a high level is simply iterating (recursively) over each submodule it finds.  Each iteration is a 'new' feetch (recusive call back to gitsm, which in turn calls git fetcher function)14:08
fraySo theoretically it should work in exactly the same way as if someone had specified individual src uris and srcrevs instead of using gitsm.14:09
paulbarkerfray: I'll walk through what's happening14:09
paulbarkerFor our second instance of the same source repo, Gitsm.needs_update() looks for the bitbake.srcrev 'nugget' set by the download operation. That contains the srcrev used by the first instance but does not yet contain the srcrev we want so it returns True (it needs updating)14:10
paulbarkerThe fetcher then calls the try_premirrors() function on that fetch instance. As Gitsm doesn't override that it falls to Git.try_premirrors() which returns False as the clonedir is already there14:11
paulbarkerSo the fetcher doesn't try any premirrors. The download method doesn't actually get called at all14:11
frayok.. so git.try_premirror is only looking for the clonedir and not the contents?14:11
paulbarkerIt then proceeds to trying upstream but bails out as upstream is not a trusted URL in this test14:11
paulbarkerfray: Correct14:11
fraygotcha.. ya, I'd say the bug is git.try_premirror.  It should be verifying what is present has the commit14:12
paulbarkerfray: If it did that, it would see the commit is there and return False. But Gitsm wouldn't see it as bitbake.srcrev hasn't been set with that commit yet14:12
paulbarkerI think Gitsm.needs_update() should be checking if the actual commit is there not looking for some proxy bitbake.srcrev value14:13
paulbarkerAnd maybe Git.try_premirrors() also needs modifying to return True if the clonedir is present but lacks the correct commit14:14
frayYa, I get what you are saying, but I'm still not sure I understand..14:14
frayMy understanding of try_premirrors is it had two states.. either it downloaded something (or it's present) or it didn't.. true/false..14:15
frayin the first case, the thing is present, and should just 'work' then14:15
frayas for the 'nugget' that was added, I need to look at the git logs.. I know this was added tos pecifically to avoid a pathelogical case14:16
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paulbarkerfray: Ok14:16
fraySee (poky) 2030e815bb1ba932c58b0c9318f97602fdd4edfb or bitbake 30fe86d22c239afa75168cc5eb262b880886ef8a14:17
fraythe problem we were having is that we can't actually look into the download contents in the need_update, because things can run in parallel and we were having race issues.. locking was inconsistent.14:18
RPpaulbarker: I think that try_premirror in the git fetcher needs to call clonedir_need_update in that exists() call14:18
paulbarkerfray: That makes perfect sense now14:18
RPpaulbarker: I'd try that and see if that breaks the tests14:18
fraySo instead what we're doing is we should be caching everything we've iterated so that we know if we have to have the git fetcher 'try'14:18
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RPI think the git fetcher behaviour with premirrors is a little deliberate though, if we had a clone, try and update it rather than pulling more from the premirror :/14:20
RPI'm not sure its right or can work like that though14:20
frayHmm.. ya cause updting something will fail if we can't or are not allowed to access the upstream14:21
paulbarkerRP: fray: Sounds like the Gitsm fetcher needs to be able to recurse over the submodules to see if the correct commits are present locally before we try premirrors14:23
JPEWHmm, openssl-native seems to be broken on dunfell14:23
RPpaulbarker: ah, possibly14:24
paulbarkerRP: Basically make Gitsm.need_update() recurse through the submodules and add the bitbake.srcrev values if the commits are present14:25
paulbarkerThen return True if it's found every commit is already present14:25
RPpaulbarker: I've gotten a bit lost along the way but that sounds right (I think you mean False?).14:26
paulbarkerRP: Yes. You're right14:26
paulbarkerIt's easy to get a bit lost in it. I'll try implementing that and see what happens14:27
RPpaulbarker: this is why I started writing fetcher test cases...14:32
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JPEWOk, sorry, openssl-native isn't broken on the latest dunfell. Openssl 1.1.1g work, Openssl 1.1.1f is broken15:20
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RPJPEW: openssl is broken in buildtools-tarball if that helps? :)15:48
JPEWRP: Heh, not really... I was seeing `openssl verify` fail to verify certificates with Openssl 1.1.1f, what wrong with the one in buildtools-tarball?15:50
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RPJPEW: environment isn't set to account for the relocation. sakoman has a patch coming15:52
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RPIf anyone can spot a better way of doing rename detection in buildhistory please do send patches, I don't like mine...15:55
sakomanJust sent the buildtools-tarball patch15:57
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JPEWRP: You could do what git does and diff the files to calculate a similarity index16:05
JPEWIf they are less than 50% difference, its the same file, just renamed16:06
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RPJPEW: we don't have the files, just lists16:09
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JPEWRP: Ah, OK16:38
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paulbarkerRP: I'm pretty sure I have a fix, going to re-run all the tests before submitting it17:56
paulbarkerThere's room for some refactoring & clean up in the gitsm fetcher but I'll come back to that another day17:57
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RPpaulbarker: sounds great, thanks!18:13
RPpaulbarker: getting the autobuilder happy again is a huge help18:13
paulbarkerRP: bitbake-selftest is happy with the exception of a few hashserv tests failing because of an ipv6 issue, that will be unrelated to my changes. Now for oe-selftest18:15
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RPpaulbarker: I'd imagine if bitbake-selftest is good that will have stressed anything in that codepath. I'm happy to take into -next for the oe-selftests18:33
RPpaulbarker: those will take a while :/18:34
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paulbarkerRP: Ok, let me write some commit messages and send the patches18:59
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paulbarkerRP: Patches sent. Let's see what the autobuilder thinks19:16
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RPpaulbarker: thanks19:25
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