Wednesday, 2020-06-17

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sf79I have posted the question in stack overflow on how to build the bootgen utility natively , I have tried a few different options like BBCLASS Extend - native nativesdk but still I get the errors. I am not sure what am I missing. Please help, I have not written the recipes in yocto.00:06
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snoRP: It looks as if Merijn didn't answer to your mail but to something he understood as "user error" :)06:40
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SrijanI get the following error when building with WKS_FILE = "mkhybridiso.wks" option in local.conf07:04
Srijan| mv: cannot stat /build/tmp/work/genericx86_64-poky-linux/core-image-full-cmdline/1.0-r0/deploy-core-image-full-cmdline-image-complete/core-image-full-cmdline-genericx86-64-20200617065924/mkhybridiso*.direct': No such file or directory07:05
SrijanThe image(s) were created using OE kickstart file: /scripts/lib/wic/canned-wks/mkhybridiso.wks07:06
paulbarkerSrijan: Could you post the bitbake command you executed and the full output via a pastebin?07:10
SrijanThe full command was bitbake core-image-full-cmdline07:17
SrijanAnd the output I see is uploaded here:
nameclashdoes anyone know where on the yocto hp actually is the documentation on the eclipse plugin? claims it is in but that page nowhere mentions the word 'eclipse'...?07:19
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SrijanIt gets build if i remove WKS_FILE = "mkhybridiso.wks" from the local.conf.....actually I am trying to build a bootable iso image using wic.07:19
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Letothe2ndnameclash: the eclipse plugin is dead and gone.07:20
nameclashr.i.p. I never liked eclipse anyway07:21
paulbarkerSrijan: Does `/opt/graylog-poky/build/tmp/work/genericx86_64-poky-linux/core-image-full-cmdline/1.0-r0/deploy-core-image-full-cmdline-image-complete/core-image-full-cmdline-genericx86-64-20200617070532/` exist?07:21
SrijanYes it does07:22
nameclashmy ultimate goal was finding any hint on getting qtcreator integrated with eSDK and as I struggled finding info on that, too I recalled that eclipse was mentioned somewhere...07:22
paulbarkerLooks like the mv command is looking for a filename matching `mkhybridiso*.direct` but instead the filename wic created is ``. Not sure why but at least that gives a pointer for where to look07:22
nameclashso my real question is: is anyone aware of a qtcreator kit or plugin for eSDK?07:23
Letothe2ndnameclash: once you create one and publish it, there will be.07:24
nameclashLetothe2nd: that's a very smart answer :) we're currently playing around with a docker based development workflow and if we manage to get this hooked up to qtcreator somehow I'll be happy to share07:27
Letothe2ndnameclash: please do so. if you are actually putting something out I'm happy to help it getting some publicity.07:28
nameclashLetothe2nd: having said that, I must admit I feel a bit unsure now about the one or the other part of the official yocto docs I'm reading... If the current website still advertises something (eclipse) that's dead and gone, I'm not sure what to think when I read other stuff like docker and crops/extsdk-container... you see where I'm getting at?07:34
Letothe2ndnameclash: i do see :)07:34
Letothe2ndnameclash: any particular thing you are worried about? let us know so we can fix it.07:35
paulbarkernameclash: If the Eclipse SDK is still advertised on the website that's a bug07:35
nameclashI posted the links up there07:35
Srijanpaulbarker: I changed the line in the mkhybrid.wks to part /boot --source isoimage-isohybrid --sourceparams="loader=grub-efi,image_name=mkhybridiso" --ondisk cd --label mkhybridiso and that resolved the issue07:35
Letothe2ndnameclash: yeah i'm just looking into that one.07:36
Srijanpaulbarker: But then again when I use wic to build an iso it again comes out to be just 44MB in size which again tells me that the rootfs is not getting attached07:36
Letothe2ndndec: ping - who can make the eclipse plugin disappear here:
nameclashLetothe2nd: cool, thx07:37
paulbarkerSrijan: I guess the mkhybridiso.wks file isn't well tested right now. If you get it working please send patches to the list. If you can't get it working please file a bug07:38
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Srijanpaulbarker: Thanks, Paul. Surely will try to get it running07:41
PaowZ_nameclash: qtcreator, one of the best IDE I've been using..07:41
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SrijanIs there any other way to create a bootable that I can boot image on a vmware07:45
nameclashPaowZ_: not sure if you're trolling, I'm not that UI dev and try to avoid UI related tickets as much as I can :) but my colleagues that are making heavy use of qtcreator have a better yocto SDK integration on their wishlist so that's why I'm looking into it... Other than that I have no emotional bindings to it :)07:46
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PaowZ_nameclash: I'mo not trolling.. I wrote a ssh mod for QtCreator and some fixes for target deployment..08:26
PaowZ_I'm fond of ctrl-k shortcut !08:27
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Letothe2ndPaowZ_: what does it do?08:36
mihai-there's a "4 months" idle time for poky on cgi, I'm wondering what does it watch08:43
Letothe2ndmihai-: ?08:44
mihai-seems like zeus-next is 4 months idle08:44
Letothe2ndmihai-: hum yes, why not?08:44
Letothe2ndmihai-: as far as i can tell, the only relevant -next branch is master-next08:45
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mihai-Letothe2nd, yes, true, but cgi is looking at something else :)08:46
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mihai-I was sorting by idle times to see what layers got updates lately08:47
mihai-but I guess that's broken08:47
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kanavin_homeRP: progress with g-i issue - it's a build race due to missing dependency09:11
qschulzkanavin_home: gobject-introspection?09:12
qschulzkanavin_home: I definitely do not have the context but I had a race in it as well. I was lazy to send a patch but I've one ready. I have a diff for it, I just haven't written a proper commit log yet09:14
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nameclashPaowZ_: I'd also be interested in details on your qtcreator stuff, do you have it somewhere on github to look at?09:19
qschulzkanavin_home: RP: sent the diff in an answer to a BUG mail I sent a while ago (didn't open a bug report in bugzilla because I wanted to debug it on my own and send a patch and nobody seemed affected at that time (only reproducible with icecc enabled))09:21
qschulzI added both of you in Cc09:22
qschulz"[BUG] icecc breaks gobject-introspection do_compile on 2.7.2 and master" is the mail subject09:22
kanavin_homeqschulz: I did not receive any mail09:23
qschulzthe gmail address?09:23
qschulz(I've sent it jsut now)09:24
kanavin_homeqschulz: YES09:24
kanavin_homethat's the issue09:24
qschulzkanavin_home: I feel so bad, I'm so sorry09:25
qschulzIt's non applicable to upstream gobject-introspection because it comes from one of the wrapper script we add in the recipe (inone of the tasks)09:26
kanavin_homeqschulz: actually no, it should be sent upstream, as the wrapper logic is upstream too09:27
kanavin_home(I got it accepted recently after a very long time spent in an open merge request)09:28
RPkanavin_home: good to have a lead! :)09:28
qschulzkanavin_home: why is it constructed in one of the tasks then? (I don't have access to my notes at work unfortunately :/)09:28
qschulzkanavin_home: ah! Good to hear, then can be upstreamed too :)09:28
kanavin_homeqschulz: the wrappers are custom and not upstream but the logic to use them is upstream09:29
PaowZ_nameclash: Well.. back then, I was not pushing my work to upstream.. this was more of a quick win because I needed to reach out target from within QtCreator through SSH..  However, I don't get why no SSH plugin is still out there for this IDE.. as it is so much convenient..09:29
kanavin_homeqschulz: since the missing dep is inside that logic, the fix should be submitted09:30
kanavin_homeI can do that quicker than you perhaps, but you'll not get credit then09:31
qschulzkanavin_home: An additional Co-developed-by/Signed-off-by is enough for me. The point is to get the issue fixed. And you'll probably write a much better explanation in the commit log :)09:33
qschulzkanavin_home: in other words, just add the Co-developed-by/Signed-off-by and go for it :)09:33
RPkanavin_home: I know I have two AUH fails. FWIW the patchelf one should be easy as our patches are upstream, WR are helping with qemu09:34
ndecLetothe2nd: mihai- : right, it looks odd, will check with the right folks.09:34
Letothe2ndndec: i'm more concerned about the eclipse plugin still being linked, thats certainly confusing.09:35
kanavin_homeqschulz: g-i upstream does not use signed off by09:35
ndecLetothe2nd: yeah.. i was about to reply to that one too!09:35
Letothe2ndndec: :)09:35
kanavin_homeqschulz: or actually they don't mind when someone sign offs, so I'll add you09:35
RPkanavin_home: mention by name in the commit message?09:35
ndecI can update the website, just need to make sure that RP is ok with the change.09:35
ndecRP, for the context "09:37:23 <Letothe2nd> ndec: ping - who can make the eclipse plugin disappear here:"09:36
RPndec: what is the question? :)09:36
ndecI know you :)09:36
kanavin_homeRP: right, I had to restart AUH manually though because the scheduled run got interrupted by something in the middle of it09:36
RPndec: yes, lets remove that. Sad but correct09:37
RPkanavin_home: not sure how it would get interrupted :/09:37
Letothe2ndRP: time to cue again.09:37
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RPLetothe2nd: indeed09:38
qschulzkanavin_home: RP: works for me :) Thx for doing it "for me", should have taken the time earlier. I'll try to stop postponing that much patches to send :)09:38
RPkanavin_home: when you're done with that failed builddir can you delete it please?09:39
ndecRP: Letothe2nd : looks like we have an 'archive' component on that page. I suppose I should move it down there, right?09:39
kanavin_homeRP: sure, I can delete it now actually.09:39
ndecit's not like we want to erase it completely from the web!09:39
Letothe2ndndec: aww... but you know i like destroying/erasing stuff!09:40
ndecright. that's why i am asking RP as well ;)09:40
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RPkanavin_home: thanks09:41
ndecwell, it's in the 'archive' section now. that looks good to me..09:41
RPndec: yes, archive is appropriate09:41
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RPkanavin_home: that has to be the shortest AUH report I've ever seen :)09:42
qschulzkanavin_home: FWIW should be a backport candidate for still maintained versions of yocto too09:42
ndecLetothe2nd: ok, so it's done now.09:42
Letothe2ndmihai-: \m/09:42
kanavin_homeRP: yep, my mega update bombs are bearing fruit ;)09:44
RPkanavin_home: its lovely to see! I'll get patchelf sorted out. Bind is already in -next :)09:45
kanavin_homeRP: bind 9.11.latest is in next, but 9.16 is not09:45
kanavin_home(9.11 update is still beneficial for backporting to stable, but we should ping Armin to rebase and resend the 9.16 too)09:46
kanavin_homehe had a patch back in the spring, but it had issues, and was just too late in the cycle09:46
Letothe2ndkanavin_home: make love not bombs!09:47
kanavin_homethose are bombs of love peace and understanding09:47
Letothe2ndkanavin_home: bombing is for peace like....09:48
mihai-Letothe2nd, cool :)09:48
Letothe2ndmihai-: i actually meant nico, but :)09:49
mihai-is this the inception of a "yocto coding mood" radio streaming?09:50
mihai-oh well :))09:50
mihai-sad but true09:53
kanavin_homeRP: that people do not act on AUH emails remains a problem though. Let's wait and see a few days, but I think we should start placing oe-core list for some entries in maintainers.inc09:56
kanavin_homeI have already adjusted AUH emails to not be personal09:56
kanavin_homeqschulz: RP: that was quick :)
RPkanavin_home: nice :)10:05
qschulzkanavin_home: indeed! Thank you :)10:07
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RPkanavin_home: I assume you'll send a backport and I should wait for that before the next test build (and include it in M1)?10:15
kanavin_homeRP: sending right now10:16
kanavin_homeRP: sent10:16
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RPkanavin_home: thanks!10:18
RPkanavin_home: btw, I think dhcp is holding the bind versions and looks to have segfault issues too. I talked a bit with armpit about that yesterday, it gets complicated :(10:20
RPwe may want to split dhcp to use its own bind10:21
kanavin_homeRP: did you consider replacing the original dhcp with kea?
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RPkanavin_home: armpit was saying that would happen sooner or later but its not stable yet?10:50
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kanavin_homeRP: if you scroll down that page, they mark 1.6.2 kea as 'stable'11:33
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RPkanavin_home: might be time to switch if that is the upstream direction...12:24
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chris_berdoes somebody know a good reference (blog, tutorial, etc) for building a library with cmake?13:30
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SrijanI just added the meta-openembedded  layer from git:// and the openembedded-core from git:// and when I do bitbake-layers show-layers it gives me this error:13:39
SrijanNOTE: Starting bitbake server...Traceback (most recent call last):  File "/opt/graylog-poky/bitbake/bin/bitbake-layers", line 93, in <module>    ret = main()  File "/opt/graylog-poky/bitbake/bin/bitbake-layers", line 61, in main    tinfoil.prepare(True)  File "/opt/graylog-poky/bitbake/lib/bb/", line 408, in prepare13:39
Srijanself.run_command('parseConfiguration')  File "/opt/graylog-poky/bitbake/lib/bb/", line 466, in run_command    raise TinfoilCommandFailed(result[1])bb.tinfoil.TinfoilCommandFailed: Traceback (most recent call last):  File "/opt/graylog-poky/bitbake/lib/bb/", line 74, in runCommand    result = command_method(self, commandline)13:39
SrijanFile "/opt/graylog-poky/bitbake/lib/bb/", line 275, in parseConfiguration    command.cooker.parseConfiguration()  File "/opt/graylog-poky/bitbake/lib/bb/", line 437, in parseConfiguration    self.handleCollections("BBFILE_COLLECTIONS"))  File "/opt/graylog-poky/bitbake/lib/bb/", line 1229, in13:39
SrijanhandleCollections    raise CollectionError("Errors during parsing layer configuration")bb.cooker.CollectionError: Errors during parsing layer configuration13:39
SrijanHas anyone seen this before?13:39
yannI have switched an x86-64 target away from multilib, and I'm having a issue: an externally-built binary wants to use /lib64/ which is not there, and on exec gets ENOENT.  Could be normal, and indeed calling ldso explicitly goes a bit further, except that 1. ldd reports "/lib64/ => /lib/", and 2. adding a /lib64/ symlink (as is the case on my Debian host) does13:40
yannnot change the ldd output.  Any idea what lies behind ?13:40
yannchris_ber: if I may allow a suggestion, better go meson if possible - among other things their doc is much better13:41
yann(but it the question is about packaging, "inherit cmake" is usually sufficient)13:43
Letothe2ndyann: meson has other drawbacks if you ask me, but actually the only thing that really matters is that one uses a build system, instead of hand-carved Makefiles.13:43
yannLetothe2nd: for what I've seen for building a project with complex rules (for which I had a complex hand-carved Makefile initially), I found meson vastly superior to cmake, and the meson community much more responsive when hitting a limitation (still waiting for an answer from cmake side after severl months - in fact not waiting any more ;) )13:45
yannas far as i'm concerned, cmake is in the past now13:46
Letothe2ndyann: :) no objection from my side. use wahtever suits your needs and workflows best. just no hand carved makefiles :)13:48
qschulzLetothe2nd: why? :D13:49
* yann still regrets that his make-fu will become useless :D13:49
* Letothe2nd slaps qschulz with a large trout!13:49
frayyann, without multilib enabled (you don't have to use multilibs) the libdir goes to 'lib' and not lib64.13:50
frayso if you care about external binaries that conform to the ABI specs/LSB ABI specs.. then your only option is to enable multilibs, but not actually use multilibs -- just the base configurations13:50
fray(when I was at Wind River this is what we did.. ABI conformance was a big deal for us, so we always enabled the multilib configs to ensure the lib dirs were set the way we wanted, but only a few instances we actually compiled multilib userspaces.)13:52
yannI still don't understand much why it does not load, while obviously someone has taken care of ABI compatibility with this  "/lib64/ => /lib/" translation13:52
yannI have to re-enable multilib someday anyway, if only to followup the bugreport of mine for which it started breaking on me (and which triggered my tentative switch away from it), but I'd like to understand what's going on here13:54
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yannSrijan: use pastebin please, your error is uneadable in the chan13:56
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Srijanyann: here it is.
yannSrijan: syntax error in bblayers.conf ?14:05
yannmissing trailing backslash maybe ?14:05
SrijanNo i checked that and then did some google search and came across this has resolved my issue temporarily14:06
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chris_berDoes somebody have an idea why if got this message by adding a cmake-base repo (with devtool add ...): `#NOTE: the following library dependencies are unknown, ignoring: libprom` although i have such a recipe and i added it with `IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " libprom"` in local.conf14:38
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yannchris_ber: did you add it to DEPENDS  where applicable ?14:41
Letothe2ndchris_ber: if you DEPEND on something, don't add it to IMAGE_INSTALL14:41
yannyou should not use IMAGE_INSTALL_append for this14:41
* yann concedes victory on this to Letothe2nd :)14:42
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chris_beri am confused: where/how should i add the library?14:57
qschulzchris_ber: if it's a build time dependency of your new recipe. in DEPENDS of your said recipe. If a runtime dependency of said recipe, in RDEPENDS_${PN} of said recipe. If "final" package (i.e. nothing that depends on it is installed in the image) then IMAGE_INSTALL or alike in your image recipe14:59
Letothe2ndqschulz: perfect answer.15:00
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Letothe2ndguess i should do a session on that in some form.15:00
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chris_berok, but i thought when i use a cmake-based repo, the generated recipe will automatically include this by extracting it from 'target_link_libraries...'. The recipe-build says explicit it can't find the lib/package but the lib is in sysroot. Sure i can add 'DEPENDS' by myself, but this does not seems right15:06
yannI'd add, usually no need to add it th RDEPENDS_${PN} if it is in DEPENDS, the former will be auto-filled if the lib is linked to your program/lib15:06
yannit has to be in sysroot, that's what DEPENDS is for15:07
qschulzchris_ber: cmake won't magically know which recipes to add to DEPENDS (which will bring headers, libraries, etc.. to recipe-sysroot(-native)), so you need it anyway.15:08
chris_beryann: i got this message in my application when i try to use my own library: '# NOTE: the following library dependencies are unknown, ignoring: libprom'15:08
chris_berqschulz: i am not sure because the note said it at least try to find it15:09
yannchris_ber: you probably confused the image to flash on the target (which you modified with IMAGE_INSTALL_append) and the (per-recipe in recent yocto versions) sysroot used for the build15:10
qschulzchris_ber: well... I can look for you in my office space. Will you be here if I don't ask you to be here :) ?15:10
qschulzchris_ber: if the library is available in the sysroot of your new recipe, then something needs to be fixed. If it's not there, cmake will still look for it obviously but won't find it, so you need to put the library in the sysroot, which is done by using DEPENDS in your new recipe15:11
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qschulzbut maybe I didn't correctly understand your question?15:13
chris_bermaybe i am not good in explaining ;)15:14
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chris_ber1. i build a library "libprom" 2. i added this library with "IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " libprom" (you guys saing this seems is wrong??) 3a. i add with "devtool add --srcrev git_to_my_app" 3b. In the CMakeLuists.txt i use ''find_library(... ... ) and target_link_library"15:18
chris_beri should maybe use bitbin15:18
qschulzchris_ber: you should but I think it's fine for now :)15:19
*** fray <fray!> has quit IRC15:19
qschulzchris_ber: I think yann found what your problem is15:19
*** fray <fray!> has joined #yocto15:20
qschulzIMAGE_INSTALL is for an **image** recipe (so that the package you added in IMAGE_INSTALL makes it to the rootfs). Anything done there can *not* be used in other recipes because recipe data is local.15:20
qschulzso... if you want your recipe to be able to find headers, libraries, etc... from another recipe in your recipe, you need to add it to DEPENDS15:21
yannfurther more, the image is built *after* all individual packages are built15:21
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chris_berok, thx. i understand the issue with the image. But how to make other recipes know that my libprom exists? 'DEPENDS' is for recipes tha uses other dependencies. I mean the recipe-builder tries to find a package/lib15:25
*** nucatus <nucatus!nucatus@gateway/vpn/protonvpn/nucatus> has joined #yocto15:26
qschulzrecipe A needs libprom at build time right?15:26
chris_berso i think there should be an option in the libprom-recipe where i can tell: here is a lib that can use by other parties15:27
qschulzchris_ber: that's done for you by Yocto defaults in 99% of the cases15:27
chris_beri think only the headers, the libprom is shared library15:28
chris_ber that's done for you by Yocto defaults in 99% of the cases <- than i don't understand why the recipe-builder can't find it15:28
qschulz(and that "option" is called SYSROOT_DESTDIR)15:29
qschulzor SYSROOT_DIRS I never know exactly15:29
qschulzand no, /usr/lib is in it15:29
qschulzso... 1) is your lib in recipe A recipe-sysroot directory? a) no => is your libprom recipe in DEPENDS of recipe A? i) yes? then what's the path to your in your libprom package?15:31
qschulzii) no? add it :) and start back to 1) if there is still an issue15:31
qschulzb) yes? then probably cmake does not look at the proper place for your lib, so you might need to add the correct path to LDFLAGS in your recipe A or something along those lines15:32
qschulzbut let's start with 1) :)15:32
chris_berok, just to know what we are talking about
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chris_ber1) No it isn't in recipe-sysroot.15:37
qschulzchris_ber: ok so you're complaining that devtool couldn't automagically find your DEPENDS on libprom actually :)15:38
chris_beradding manually 'DEPENDS += " libprom" --> it is in recipe-sysroot15:39
qschulzso, to fix your problem you need DEPENDS on libprom but I think you've understood now :) I don't know exactly how devtool is finding which recipes to add to DEPENDS15:39
qschulzchris_ber: the output of devtool add is usually just a blueprint for a recipe, you'll mnost likely need changes in the recipe anyway.15:40
*** anonzadas <anonzadas!> has joined #yocto15:40
qschulzI barely use devtool so I cna't say if it's a bug within devtool, if you forgot to do something before doing the devtool  add (have you built libprom with bitbake for the same machine for example?) or if you're missing something in your libprom recipe15:42
chris_beri tried to put more output in 'recipetool/' or even tried to set breakpoints with pdb, but this fails. Using the option '-d' failed too15:42
chris_berqschulz: i tanhk you for your effort. i have 2 books, but not these, manuals or anything else helped me. I try to avoid to do to much manually15:43
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silviofDoes the sorting of layers in the variable "BBLAYERS" play a role? Where exactly can I read about the priorities of the layer and the BBLAYERS variable?17:27
qschulzsilviof: it does. For example for the order in which layers are parsed to find the first occurence of a bbclass (the layer priority isn't taken into account for bbclasses, just the order within BBPATH)17:32
qschulzsilviof: the order matters for layers with the same priority to know which bbappend to apply first or if two recipes with the same name and version, which will be taken17:32
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qschulzsilviof: to be fair... your layer and your build behavior/result should not care about the order in which layers are included, or care but as few as possible. It's a dangerous road to roam if you need to maintain layer priorities and bblayers order in order to be able to build your image. What happens when you need a similarly "broken" layer and it needs to be both after and before another layer?17:34
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armpitkanavin_home, kea is currently in meta-oe17:56
armpitmaybe time to move it along with moving bind forward17:56
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* silviof sent a long message: < >18:14
silviofBy mistake I wrote BBPATH, but I meant BBLAYERS18:16
paulbarkersilviof: I guess Matrix wrapped your message there. It's not helpful though as the user you tagged isn't going to receive any notice if they're not tagged in the actual IRC message18:25
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silviofpaulbarker: Thanks for hitting me. See the result in . thanks.18:29
*** xxx65 is now known as silvio218:29
silvio2qschulz Thanks for the explanation.Until now I have never cared about the BBLAYERS variable.Today, however, I have learned that this is very important. I have in meta-openembedded (layer-1) a recipe A with version 1.0. I have created 2 layers in one (layer-2) I have a recipe with version 2.0 and in the third layer (layer-3) I overwrite18:30
silvio2configuration files for the recipe in layer-2. So bbLAYERS="layer-2 layer-3 layer-1" Now I notice that layer-1 is overwriting the configuration file, and possibly other files. Is there anything I can do to avoid having to re-sort my layers now?18:30
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Letothe2ndsilvio2: i'd try and find an approach that does not rely on the order19:13
Letothe2ndsilvio2: some things to look into are machine/distro dependent appends, for example19:14
silvio2@Letothe2nd That's why I'm asking my questions here. I can't come up with a specific solution.19:16
silvio2... the hope was that there was a general solution for this.19:17
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Letothe2ndsilvio2: the general point is that if your layer needs a specific ordering, it has to be considered buggy19:19
Letothe2ndsilvio2: the solution might need to include changing recipe names, refactoring into includes, all kinds of stuff. hard to give proper advice without seeing the real specific thing19:20
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silvio2@Letothe2nd Oh, that's easy - rename the recipe and you're done. If that's the solution, I'll take it. I just didn't think that was a real option.19:26
Letothe2ndsilvio2: if you control the layers and what consumes them, about everything is viable option.19:27
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Letothe2ndhum, where is the distro compatibility listed? dunfell fails me on debian buster, and i'm wonderein19:55
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mihai-Letothe2nd, see SANITY_TESTED_DISTROS in ./meta-poky/conf/distro/poky.conf20:09
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Letothe2ndsome fun with qemu-system-native, it seems. ASSUME_PROVIDED to the rescue? or what?20:21
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Letothe2ndstrange, now it works.20:30
Crofton|cloudWhy do vendor BSP's suck SO BAD!!!!!!!20:32
Crofton|cloudI'm going to make meta-vendor-shit-that-just-works20:33
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paulbarkerCrofton|cloud: Which one has irked you today? Or is it just collectively all of them?20:40
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Guest53547what exactly happens during the booting of a yocto generated linux image? is u-boot the first piece of binary that is run ?21:44
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* armpit curse you bind... 22:27
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mranostayarmpit: DNS or the syscall?23:58

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