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smurraymranostay: heh, going by the mailing list discussions, the former00:01
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alejandrohsCrofton|cloud: meta-vending-machine01:46
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shreyHow to integrate bootgen utility building in yocto?01:55
shreyDESCRIPTION = "Bootgen application - Xilinx to create boot.bin"01:56
shreyI get the error - g++: error: unrecognized command line option ‘-fmacro-prefix-map=/home/xxx/temp/custom_yocto/build-custom-zynq/tmp/work/cortexa9t2hf-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/bootgen/git-r0=/usr/src/debug/bootgen/git-r0’01:56
shrey'imageheadertable-versal.o' failed01:56
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alejandrohsshrey: I would check where that command is coming from02:11
alejandrohsshrey: and you might be using the HOST compiler which might be old or something02:12
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qschulzsilviof: you might want to have a look at PREFERRED_VERSION_<recipe> to pick a version of a recipe. Because IIRC, the recipe which appears in the layer with the highest priority will win whatever its version number is.08:01
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qschulzalso, accoridng to this paragraph, the first .conf or bbclass to be found in BBLAYERS is taken, no priority taken into account. So you might want to have your conf files named differently (which i assume is for a machine in which case it's a good idea to have a different name than from upstream)08:03
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qschulz@all: just to be extra super duper sure about my intuition.. when recipe A "require recipes-foo/foo/", no bbappend (if they exist) for will be applied when resolving the require, right?08:05
silviofqschulz: Thank you, yes the last clue is how I will proceed.08:05
qschulzsilviof: if it's something you think would benefit all users, send a patch to add your needs to the original conf file :)08:06
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yannSo no-one can clarify the usage on "/lib64/" in a non-multilib build ?08:23
qschulzyann: could it be a leftover from where you migrated to multilib to non multilib08:23
yannwhat kind of leftover are you thinking about ?08:25
yannI see a BASE_LIB_tune-dbfp4 = "lib64", but then it does not look more harmful than BASE_LIB_tune-x86-64 = "lib64" - it even looks completely redundant with the latter08:31
yannand "bitbake -e glibc" shows BASELIB="lib" in the end08:32
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qschulzyann: try without sstate-cache from a fresh repo and check if the symlink is still there? (you can look now with oe-pkgdata-util find-path to find exactly which package has this symlink08:34
yann "bitbake -e glibc" indeed shows no variable with "lib64" in it, apart from unused overrides and BASE_LIB_tune-*, and the functions only use it in tests08:35
qschulzbuild the recipe building this package (glibc I guess) only, it shouldn't take that long from a clean sstate-cache08:35
yannI had nuked the sstate-cache already when I switched08:35
qschulzand the tmpdir and everything?08:36
yannthere is no symlink originally (*I* added one trying to fix the problem) - the thing I'm after is why when BASEDIR="lib" does this "/lib64/ => /lib/" redirect08:37
yann(and why this redirection apparently does not work)08:38
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qschulzfor why the redirection does not work: I've seen some code (don't remember where) not following symlinks when looking for a file08:40
qschulz(not talking about anything close to your problem but jsut so you know, it alreayd happened to me a while ago)08:41
yannqschulz: but there is no symlink in the default setup, just this redirection inside - I added the symlink afterwards to try to override that redirection, with no effect08:42
yannI'll try to play with glibc and see it I can make any sense of this08:43
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polaris-hi, I added a partition in the wks file, but bitbake seems to ignore the modification when I ask it to rebuild the image. can I force bitbake to rebuild the SD card image somehow?09:01
yannqschulz: it' still quite surprising, that "strings /lib/ |grep lib64" turns out empty09:02
yannas well as /etc/*09:02
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qschulzyann: I really don't understand what you mean by ' does this "/lib64/ => /lib/" redirect' but I'm also absolutely not knowledgeable in that area :/09:03
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yannwhen I ldd on an exe that has "/lib64/" as interpreter, ldd shows "/lib64/ => /lib/" : that basically seems to mean that it resolved the absolute path to a different one (which does exist); and despite this launching that exe has the exact symptom of interpreter not found09:06
yannhm, it seems more complicated: if I try a simpler exe (/bin/echo from Debian), it does work when the symlink is there09:12
kroonyann, does readelf on the exe show the same interpreter ?09:13
yannkroon: yes09:16
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yannif I stick with "echo", and I remove the /lib64/ I created, ldd still shows me the rewrite to /lib/ but then the exe does not load09:17
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yannI even rebooted to an image without the /lib64 directory entry, and I have the same issue: the lib64 echo won't run, despite ldd saying otherwise - unless I add an explicit symlink like Debian did.  But the, the real-life monster of an electron app, OTOH, still won't work09:29
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yanna quick test in a small chroot on my debian box does not show such a rewrite - rather more sanely, "LD_TRACE_LOADED_OBJECTS=1 /bin/echo" fails with ENOENT until I create the symlink09:39
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yannwould it be the kernel ELF handler playing this trick ?09:40
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yannso back to multilib for now, testing RP suggestion to deal with
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sven^hey, short question: I have seen DEPENDS += and also RDPENDS_${PN} = in recipes. I understand that DEPENDS != RDEPENDS. My question is: are they handled differently as in is DEPENDS package specific by default and RDEPENDS needs that _${PN} to not pollute the globals?11:44
Letothe2ndsven^: they are not handled differently, they are fundamentally different.11:45
sven^Letothe2nd: .. because DEPENDS is used in an isolated build environment while RDEPENDS influences the resulting image?11:46
Letothe2ndsven^: in a nutshell, DEPENDS refers to something that the recipe needs to be built. note: "recipe", hence for at least *one* of the packages it produces, but there's not distinciton. RDEPENDS on the other hand tells the package manager that a specific package (namely, ${PN} in the canonical case) needs something else to also be installed in the image.11:46
sven^ok, got it11:47
Letothe2ndsven^: its very well possible that only one of the resulting packages of a recipe need an RDEPENDS, while all others do not. in fact, thats a pretty common case.11:47
sven^(kind of) follow-up: it seems sometimes RDEPENDS is resolved automatically and sometimes I need to state it explicitly. Is there a reason for this and should I always explicitly state it? (e.g. I think I have custom recipes containing bash scripts that just "work" and others where I get QA errors)11:49
Letothe2ndsven^: AFAIK they never should be resolved automagically, so you're probably overlooking something.11:52
sven^Letothe2nd: ok, I just checked a few recipes while waiting for your answer and found the RDEPENDS hidden away right at the top11:52
sven^so I guess you are right.11:52
sven^Thanks for your help d)11:53
Letothe2ndthrow money! throw money!11:53
qschulzsven^: if your recipe A have a DEPENDS on recipe B and one of the libraries from A specifies it requires a specific lib, if this lib is part of a package from recipe B, RDEPENDS will be automagically filled11:54
qschulzthis is common11:54
sven^makes sense11:54
sven^throw money where? At my screen?11:54
Letothe2ndsven^: please do so! and post pictures.11:55
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sven^mid throwing? Don't think I'll be quick enough for that11:55
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Letothe2ndawww.... try for me? pretty please!11:56
sven^oh, should I do RDEPENDS_${PN} += or simple =? It should be empty, shouldn't it?11:56
sven^tried 3 times. Failed. Giving up11:58
Letothe2ndi would go for +=, just out of habit. there might be cases when a class already prefills it.11:58
Letothe2ndsven^: :(11:58
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qschulzsven^: we'll need more than "Failed." to help you :)12:40
Letothe2ndqschulz: guess he was referring to the picture-of-money-throwing joke :/12:41
sven^well, I tried to throw the coins with my right hand and held my phone with the left hand. I pushed the "photo" button up to approx. 1.5 seconds before letting go of the coin. I saw the coin flashing by on the phone's screen but it was never in the resulting pictures12:42
qschulzLetothe2nd: me =
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sven^ constructive criticism on my technique is always appreciated12:49
Letothe2ndsven^: i constructively suggest to call ARRI and rent a high speed cam12:50
sven^you'll have to throw some money at me first. No photographs required12:53
Letothe2ndawww :(12:56
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milloniee anyone remember the package name for `file`?13:12
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Letothe2ndmilloni: coreutils?13:13
qschulzmilloni: oe-pkgdata-util find-path /usr/lib/file?13:14
milloniqschulz: useful, thanks13:15
Letothe2ndmilloni: i was just guessing, in doubt use qschulz' advice.13:15
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neverpanic$ dpkg -S $(which file)13:34
neverpanicfile: /usr/bin/file13:34
neverpanicmilloni: ^13:34
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millonineverpanic yeah but thats for debian/debian-derived right?13:56
Letothe2ndneverpanic: very good point.13:59
Letothe2ndmilloni: he hinted that i was wrong, and this applies:
neverpanicYes, but generally various distributions have similar naming for the various upstream packages. For example, you can follow links into the debian tracker:
neverpanicThat then has a 'homepage' link on the right which points to upstream at
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milloniok, thanks everyone14:13
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SrijanCan anyone help my with meta-anaconda...It manual tells the following:14:20
Srijan 3.2.4 Prepare installer build.           $ . <installer-project>/oe-core/oe-init-build-env <installer_build>           The build requires DISTRO = "anaconda", location of target build           and recipe name of target image.           Edit conf/local.conf to use:           $ echo 'PACKAGE_CLASSES = "package_rpm"' >> conf/local.conf           $14:20
Srijanecho 'DISTRO = "anaconda"' >> conf/local.conf           $ echo 'INSTALLER_TARGET_BUILD = "<target_build>"' >> conf/local.conf           $ echo 'INSTALLER_TARGET_IMAGE = "core-image-minimal"' >> conf/local.conf14:20
SrijanI have give the <target_build> as /build/ but somehow when I boot from starts the anaconda installer and then gives an error stating an unknown error has occurred...It stops at the page for selecting County in the background14:21
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Letothe2ndrburton: are you happy now? ;-)14:30
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denixis there any way to tell dnf to skip checking a specific package for linking consistencies when installing it? i.e. there's a black-box prebuilt binary to be installed into an image, INSANE_SKIP disables bitbake QA checks on packaging, but dnf then refuses to install the resulting package into an image. any hints?16:34
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fraywhat is the error?16:40
fraysome errors can be ignored, some can't.. so I need specifics16:40
denixfray: nothing provides needed by package16:41
frayNo, that can't be skipped AFAIK.  You will need to provide that in the package.  You can set a manual provide though, let me look up the syntax16:42
neverpanicYou might be able to prevent bitbake from writing that dependency into the package using some clever setting for PRIVATE_LIBS16:42
frayAhh yes, that might work..16:43
frayFILERPROVIDES_<dfile>_append = ""16:45
fraythe dfile bit I'm not sure what is is.. you may have to use bitbake -e to find the exact value to use..16:45
frayFILERPROVIDESFLIST_<pkg> will have a list of the files in that package16:45
denixah, interesting. thanks!16:46
fraythen you just have to set that on whatever provides that thing..16:46
fraybut the fact it wasn't automatic makes me suspicious it's broken, unless it just doesn't live in a standard lib path or something16:46
denixfray: well, no, it is a broken dependency, which is expected and to be handled at run-time. just need an override for the binary with such missing dependency to be installed upfront16:49
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frayOhh.. that is different..17:07
frayyou want to SKIP the filedeps then, most likely17:07
fraySKIP_FILEDEPS_<pkg> = '1'17:07
fraybut if there are other things that should have file deps, then there is no mechanism to only do partial17:07
denixfray: great, SKIP_FILEDEPS works! btw - :)17:31
khemdenix: SKIP_FILEDEPS will just defer the problem from build time to runtime afaik17:43
khemin this case17:43
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khemthis commit you points out will result in similar runtime failures for test scripts needing ksh and system not having it. so its a calculated risk17:44
denixkhem: that's what needed17:45
khemruntime problem will be obscure17:46
denixfrom above - <denix> fray: well, no, it is a broken dependency, which is expected and to be handled at run-time. just need an override for the binary with such missing dependency to be installed upfront17:46
khemhow is it handled at runtime ?17:47
denixbtw, this is specific to rpm, as ipk does allow such packages17:48
khemthere should be some provider for it I guess and you will know that at build time no ?17:48
khemyeah I think thats one thing thats good about rpm everything else is meh17:49
denixheh, I'm not that familiar woth rpm17:49
denixit's a black box prebuilt binary with whole bunch of INSANE_SKIP flags to bypass build-time/packaging QA tests - so it's already known to not adhere to the rules :)17:51
denixspecifically "file-rdeps", so bitbake already known about missing rdepends. but rpm needs to be told separately17:51
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khembad package I guess18:04
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