Friday, 2020-06-19

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wak-workany ideas why the git fetcher might be writing over my working tree?01:58
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wak-workturns it out was a corrupt git repo in downloads that caused the git fetcher to traverse to the root and rewrite it03:14
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paulgand here I thought the git fetcher just hated everyone....03:22
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wak-worki was definitely not prepared for my git branches to get erased07:05
wak-workbut I figured it out so at least it's not doing it anymore07:05
wak-workthe real problem is the git repo tarball got put into our mirror07:05
wak-workso the corruption affected everyone07:05
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polaris-hi, can anyone help me with meta-readonly-rootfs-overlay? according to the I have to modify the kernel command line. it does not explain which variable to use. is APPEND the right variable to configure the kernel command line parameters?07:47
Letothe2ndpolaris-: ?07:47
Letothe2ndpolaris-: ah, are you talking about that?
Letothe2ndpolaris-: the kernel command line is pretty much machine specific, it depends on where it is being set07:49
polaris-Letothe2nd: yes, that's project I'm trying to use07:49
Letothe2ndpolaris-: if you're on arem, your best chance is to start digging in the u-boot recipes of your BSP07:49
polaris-Letothe2nd: yes. currently, i am using pi. eventually it should run on another ARM platform.07:50
Letothe2ndthen there you go.07:51
polaris-Letothe2nd: ok, that makes sense. thanks!07:55
polaris-Letothe2nd: what is APPEND used for anyway? the documentation is a bit short (or rather my understanding a bit limited) on that part.07:56
Letothe2ndpolaris-: there is no mention of "APPEND" on that readme in the context of the kernel command line, so I have no idea what you are referring to.07:57
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polaris-Letothe2nd: you are right. they don't mention it. I guess I got that idea from googling on how to append the kernel command line and then took for granted it is applicable in my context. nevermind, I'll have a look at the BSP08:02
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Letothe2ndpolaris-: the point is that it differs massively between boards. some do it through the DT, some by u-boot defaults, some by... you get the idea. hence, you have to go hunting yourself for the specific target. and as i've never really used the raspi i cannot comment on it neithert.08:06
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polaris-Letothe2nd: yes, I get your point. I think you pointed me in the right direction. I just found out how the command line is configured in meta-raspberrypi. seems there CMDLINE is used in the linux recipe.08:25
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xtronhi everyone, does anyone experienced running Wayland on qemuarm(32 bit)? previously it wasn't supported due to lack of EGL support in qemuarm09:04
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Letothe2ndxtron: if anybody has, then its kanavin_home09:30
kanavin_homextron: weston on qemuarm is using fbdev backend, not egl.09:41
kanavin_homeand runs quite okay actually09:42
xtronkanavin_home, right, let me configure the build for fbdev, if not already09:45
kanavin_homeit is already09:48
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kriiveHi guys, what is the standard practice to deploy a .wic image?10:17
kriiveDoes it depend on the board?10:18
Letothe2ndit depends, yes.10:18
Letothe2ndin many cases it is something like dd'ing to a sd card, but .. it really depends.10:19
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leitaoQuick question. I am migrating to dunfell but my recipe needs to python2 during build phase. Adding python-native as part o DEPENDS do not seem to help and it fails with "/usr/bin/env: python: No such file or directory". Any idea how to properly add python2 as a build dependency?10:20
Letothe2ndleitao: we di have meta-python2....10:21
leitaoyes, I've added meta-python2. "meta-python2         = "dunfell:e2ef0dd8fa13d6b96e44773b09d07e4817d0a44d""10:21
Letothe2ndso what is the problem?10:21
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leitaoERROR: jack-1.9.12-r0 do_configure: Execution of '/data/users/leit/gizmo-build/tmp/work/corei7-64-gizmos-linux/jack/1.9.12-r0/temp/run.do_configure.3928604' failed with exit code 127:10:22
leitao/usr/bin/env: python: No such file or directory10:22
leitaoand this is my DEPENDS:10:22
leitaoDEPENDS = "python-cython-native python python-native libsamplerate0 libsndfile1 readline"10:23
Letothe2ndleitao: DEPENDS += "python2-native", maybe?10:23
rburtonleitao: there's a perfectly good Jack recipe in meta-multimedia already that doesn't need python2 you know10:24
rburton <-- winning10:24
Letothe2ndbut if something relies on /usr/bin/env python, yet expects it to be py2, then i'd consider taht buggy.10:24
leitaorburton: yea, but this is too new for me,.10:24
Letothe2ndplus, what rburton said10:24
leitaoI need the exact 1.9.12 version.10:24
leitaoLetothe2nd: Nothing PROVIDES 'python2-native'10:25
rburtonwhat if 1.9.15 was released with a really important security fix?10:25
Letothe2ndleitao: then i'd sugegst to look at the recipe rburton linked and backport the required patches.10:25
Letothe2ndrburton: who cares abut security fixes, we are adhering to industry best practises already.10:26
Letothe2nd"exact versions!"10:26
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leitaoit seems `env python` is not able find python inside sysroot-native....10:29
rburtoniirc, easy workaround would be to just invoke that python directly, it's just calling waf which is python10:30
leitao./usr/bin/python-native/python will probably not be in the path10:30
leitaorburton: yea, good idea10:30
rburtonoh yes, of course10:30
rburtonyou need to inherit pythonnative too10:30
rburtonjust inherit pythonnative, that's all you need to do10:31
rburtonno depends, no other changes10:31
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leitaorburton: yea, inheriting pythonnative solves the problem10:32
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sstillerThere is python3 in my image. How can I find the recipe with the runtime dependency to python?12:36
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SrijanGuys I an trying to build an anaconda installer....everything boots up fine and then it hangs at the anaconda start page...with the following error message...13:14
SrijanFile '/usr/lib/python3.7/site-packages/pyanaconda/"and then configparser.NoSectionError: No section: 'Rootfs'13:14
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rburtonSrijan: that suggests that whatever config file its loading, doesn't have a section called Rootfs13:35
rburtoni know nothing about anacoda so can;t help furthe13:35
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Letothe2ndlive coding session starting in 15 minutes at
Letothe2nd(can anybody please realy to the OSS+ELC slack, no access at the moment? thanks)13:46
Letothe2ndrburton: ^^^^13:46
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Srijanrburton: That's what I am not able to figure out. For meta-anaconda we have to set INSTALLER_TARGET_BUILD =   '<target-build-topdir>' and I am not able to figure this out. Will be be the build top directory to the tmp/deploy/images/genericx86-84 as the top directory13:52
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Letothe2ndlive coding session starting in 5 minutes at
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PaowZLetothe2nd: ..15:01
PaowZI wanted to say skoll as well..15:02
PaowZI lost my twitch password, apparently.. shame xD15:02
Letothe2ndPaowZ: Skal!15:02
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PaowZnice beard, anyway..15:02
Letothe2ndnow *THAT* was an intense session.15:02
PaowZI gotta subscribe.. I missed this first one.. still a rookie..15:03
Letothe2ndPaowZ:, as well as theyoctojester on twitter. gets you all the important and not so important news.15:05
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PaowZthks for the tip (y)15:06
Letothe2ndmoto-timo: thanks a lot for the support during the session. i really can't take care of looking up stuff also.15:06
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moto-timoLetothe2nd: you are very welcome. Thank you for running a session not during YPTM :)15:23
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PaowZI'm using ${systemd_system_unitdir} in a recipe.. but doing "bitbake -e pb-startup | grep ^systemd_system_unitdir" seems to show this var is never initialized.. am I missing something ?15:59
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khemPaowZ: meta/conf/bitbake.conf:export systemd_system_unitdir = "${nonarch_base_libdir}/systemd/system"16:08
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khemso search for bitbake -e pb-startup | grep systemd_system_unitdir=16:12
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PaowZ khem: well.. this is what I did in the first place.. with no luck so far..17:38
PaowZI cannot get my package generated.. I get -dbg and -dev.. but not the regular one..17:39
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kergothWhat's the easiest way to get the files actually packaged by a package after the fact, ideally in a way that's not package manager specific? I don't think pkgdata has the actual files lists, only the patterns. I was hoping to gather this info from an sdk sysroot. I don't think our package management classes have a method to get the files in the package at this time18:29
JPEWPaowZ: IIRC empty packages are not generated18:31
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kergothI'm starting work on supporting oe sdks in meta-external-toolchain, figured it'd be ideal to just write out the files lists to the sdk rather than using the ones hardcoded in the layer18:38
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xadeHi, I am using swupdate (tried mulitple versions to v2020.04.0). I have an issue with post/pre scripts. I sometimes have issue (extracting to /tmp/ instead of /tmp/scripts/). Works as expected using SSH19:44
khemdo you have logs or diagnostics19:46
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PaowZJPEW: what do you call "IIRC"?20:42
JPEWPaowZ: If I Recall Correctly :)20:46
PaowZJPEW: well indeed.. that would make sense..20:47
PaowZit's like I can't "install" a file from WORKDIR.. I haven't figured out why, yet..20:48
JPEWRP: Are you around?20:52
JPEWRP: I'm trying to decide if this is a terrible line of thought:
JPEWEr, the commit message is terrible, but you get the idea20:55
JPEWPaowZ: Perhaps another package before ${PN} is consuming the file you are installing?20:55
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PaowZJPEW: interesting.. what do you mean ?? (I'm totally rookie with yocto..)20:56
JPEWPaowZ: Each recipe makes multiple packages (as you've seen with the -dev and -dbg) packages, and each package has it's own set of files it consumes (e.g. FILES_${PN}-dev, etc.). Packages consume installed files in the order listed in the $PACKAGES variables20:58
JPEWIf a package is listed before the base package ($PN) in the PACKAGES variable, and it takes the file you installed, it won't still be there when PN goes to grab it20:59
JPEWEach files installed can only be in one of the packages created20:59
JPEWPaowZ: So, try: `bitbake -e <recipe> | grep ^PACKAGES=` and see if any of the packages listed before the base package might have consumed the file you were trying to install21:00
Letothe2ndPaowZ: :)21:01
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JPEWLetothe2nd: Ah excellent. I really need to watch though those, I have quite the backlog now21:02
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PaowZJPEW: so there is an exclusivity for files so that they can't eventually end up in multiple packages ?21:02
JPEWPaowZ: Correct21:03
PaowZdamn.. ok..21:03
PaowZthks to you both, JPEW and Letothe2nd.21:03
PaowZSkoll  xD21:03
PaowZLetothe2nd: you're Norvegian ?21:04
JPEWPaowZ: And that's not just for the package in a single recipe... if you put the same file path in a packages in different recipes, you'll get errors also21:04
Letothe2ndPaowZ: nope, I just happen to like drinking.21:04
JPEWPaowZ: Or better put, each file on the final root filesystem can only belong to a single recipe21:04
JPEWLetothe2nd: I wish is was time for that here21:05
JPEWPaowZ: OOps s/recipe/packages/21:05
RPJPEW: I think caching found is a no brainer. Caching missing is potentially more problematic21:07
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JPEWRP: Ya, I wondered. It's pretty fast caching both... unfortunately you end up looking for things that aren't there are lot with Hash Equiv, so just caching found isn't quite as nice21:13
JPEWRP: What are the problems with caching missed?21:14
RPJPEW: in the autobuilder context it comparatively likely something could get added in the course of a build21:15
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PaowZJPEW: ok.. I got the package created.. yet, one file is missing.. this file shall be in ${systemd_unitdir}/system, however, when I "bitbake -e pb-startup | grep ^systemd_unitdir", the var is empty..22:16
kergothPaowZ: it's defined in bitbake.conf. it'll only be empty if the recipe emptied it22:36
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PaowZok, tks kergoth..23:17
khemits exported variable your regexp is wrong, I said it earlier too, why did not consider that and not look for ^systemd_unitdir but for systemd_unitdir=23:45
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